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If we train our survival, our Training is MARTIAL.

If we train our Body, Spirit and Mind, our MARTIAL Training is an ART.

If we train really, our MARTIAL ART is a COMBAT.

If we communicate with other Martial Artists, our COMBAT MARTIAL ART is in an UNION.

If we like World contacts in training, recognition and development, our COMBAT MARTIAL ARTS UNION must be a part of INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION.







Thanks for visiting the International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association official Web Site *.


The International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association (ICMAUA) is a non-political, non-commercial, combat and self-defense oriented, multi-styled, independent, martial arts training, education and verification, individuals, organizations and International Combat Martial Arts Unions (ICMAUA divisions), internationally registered organization, established to support all combat oriented martial artists from all Martial Arts.


The ICMAUA was created in 2002 by combat oriented martial artists and organizations small group, who trained in different martial arts, and would like to belong to specialized independent martial arts unions but to be associated in one international independent combat martial arts organization.


We welcome you to the International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association as a Combat Martial Artist. Membership in the ICMAUA has no politics or fees.


As an individual or organizational member you can: send your photo to the photo gallery; write about your combat street experience; publish your MA bio in "Who is Who" International Combat Martial Arts Encyclopedia; publish the info on your own style and your own organization in the Encyclopedias; publish your school's programme or manuals; promote the info on your events; register your rank and your own style; make your trainings more different using Martial Arts Day; send your articles to the ICMAUA Journal; publish your Martial Arts works; take part in the courses for instructors; promote your books or video; send request for awarding your web-site; publish books about your own Teacher. You can recommend very deserved persons to the ICMAUA Hall of Fame. All these activities are free-of-charge.


Your published information and information on your events will be available for all ICMAUA members from 110 countries: for more than 900 organizational members - Martial Arts Organizations and its Head Instructors, and for some thousands of individual members and instructors.



*The International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association is in no way affiliated with any other sites or organizations with similar names. We are not in Facebook, we are not in other social Web-networks, we do not have a blog etc. All those “ICMAUA sites” are fakes. We are here and in a real world only.



Thank You.


ICMAUA Coordinator

Dr. Mihails Pupinsh





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