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The Sword is one with paintbrush for the expression of mind and heart.

SapVaksTIFFMany old Martial Arts Masters were not only Combat Masters but poets, artists, painters, musicians, philosophers, sculptors etc. The ICMAUA continues this tradition. Send please your own original arts works: (vverses, poems, songs, stories, pictures, caricatures, sculptures (photos) for the publishing in a free access in the Arts Journal  "Sword and Paintbrush ICMAUA".

HTM Format: # 1. 2009-2017

For Authors - Martial Arts Masters:

Journal  "Sword and Paintbrush ICMAUA" publishes free original art works of ICMAUA members on all aspects of Martial Arts: verses, poems, songs, stories, pictures, caricatures, photos, sculptures (photos) on all fields of Martial Arts: fights, history, praxis, trainings, education and philosophy. Journal publishes original works "as it is sent by author", without any changes (also grammatical or stylistic) in the basic text. Changes in design are possible.

For the publishing send please your art works: texts in a .doc format (Word) with photos in the text. Use please simple standard Word formatting only (default format of Word). Other works (pictures, sculptures etc.): photos send please as a graphical file (JPEG, BMP, PNG etc.).

All the works will be published in Journal in a free access in a .htm file after receiving. Authors don't receive any money. Sometimes Journal "Sword and paintbrush ICMAUA " will be published in a PDF format (

Disclaimer: All rights and the full responsibility for the information belong to the authors. The publisher, editor, the Journal “Sword and paintbrush ICMAUA “and ICMAUA disclaim any responsibility for any liability, injuries, or damages.