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Combat Martial Arts programs and manuals ICMAUA (CMAPM) publishes original programs and manuals of Martial Arts styles, organizations and schools: trainings, belts (Kyu, Dan) requirements and exams, education and philosophy. CMAPM is published in a PDF format  and is placed in free access in this Library ( CMAPM will be published after receiving of materials from authors - members of the ICMAUA: founders of styles, leaders of organizations, head instructors of schools etc. The information about your program will be available for all ICMAUA members from 104 countries: for more than 800 organizational members - Martial Arts Organizations and its Head Instructors, and for some thousands of individual members and Instructors.



CMAPM publishes original papers "as it is written by author", without any changes (also grammatical or stylistic) in the basic text. Changes in design are possible. For the publishing send please your manuals or programs in a .doc format (Word) with photos and tables in the text. Use please simple standard Word formatting only (default format of Word).


Combat Martial Arts programs and manuals ICMAUA, PDF format, free access:


Keri Waza in Polish Kenpo


Adam Jurczakowski






Polish Kenpo


Adam Jurczakowski



Tsuki – Waza in Polish Kenpo


Adam Jurczakowski

Uchi – Waza in the Polish Kenpo


Adam Jurczakowski




Modern Day Cane Fencing


James Swallow-Gaunt





Encyclopedy R’Guiba-Do Shin Ki


Jagdish Singh Khatri





World Hitboxing organization

Constitution and statute


Mahmood Mahfooz





Pyong Moo Sul


Jorgen Rasmussen



Lethal International Fighting & Training System


Itigbri Ogagaoghene Jesse




Military Combat Ju-Jitsu


Dustin Wilkins






Shaolin Yangsheng Fa. „Shaolin Method of Nourishing Life“


Stephan Breu





Dario A. Fleita




The Spirit of Senshi No Ken Budo. UK. Operation manual


James Swallow-Gaunt