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International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association



1. What is the structure of the ICMAUA and its membership?

The International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association consists of the specialized International Combat Martial Arts Unions. These Unions within the Association are created for the co-operation and service of the Combat oriented Martial Artists of the different styles, so that every Martial Artist could get the support of the Union of the corresponding movement. Every Union has its symbols, patches and certificates. Registration in the ICMAUA is connected with the registration in the concrete Union. Membership is free.


2. There is no Union of my style in the ICMAUA. Can you create it?

Yes, of course. But you have a choice. First, you can join the Union which is most similar and close to you. For example, as the Tetsubo Jitsu Martial Art practitioner, you can join the International Combat Japanese Martial Arts Union ICMAUA or the International Combat Samurai Martial Arts Union ICMAUA. If it does not suit you, write to us and we will create a new Union of your specialization. ICMAUA Unions are created for the Members service.


3. I have been training without an instructor. Can I advance in the Martial Art I have chosen?

Yes, Combat Martial Arts studying is possible without an instructor himself, using books, video, computer instead. This method could be more preferable, if the instructor is not qualified enough or does not suit you in some character traits. It is often very difficult to find an instructor exactly in the Martial Art you want to study. The main aspect in the Combat Martial Art studies is independent work and analysis. Even if you have an instructor, you participate in combat fight by yourself anyway.


4. Do I have to send the copies of the certificates and etc.?

All the relationships between the ICMAUA Members are based on the mutual trust and honour. But you can send the copies by e-mail for our archive if you want. All rights and the full responsibility for the information (members name, rank, title, style, education, skills, instructor qualification etc.) belong to the authors registered members. The administration and ICMAUA disclaim responsibility for any liability, injuries, or damages.


5. Should I break the membership in other organizations?

No. All organizations exist for their Members. Each of them helps with something which is not possible for some other organization. ICMAUA tries to help its Members to the maximal extent. Write to us, if you need the additional service. According our by-laws, all our members are independent. We do not control our members and we do not recommend or forbid any other activities or memberships. All our members may contact other our members about any questions.


6. When the membership can be cancelled?

The ICMAUA is democratic but private organization with our own inner rules. Therefore the membership can be cancelled without any explanations, warnings or letters if member’s claimed data are false or questionable, or his credential are false, or he has serious criminal records, or he is an aggressive person, or in other cases, according our board’s inner decision. The ICMAUA trusts its members; therefore the members need to be loyal, positive and non-aggressive persons, oriented to cooperation, and with good mind and goals.


7. I have lost the certificate of a rank. How it to restore?

At registration send the requirement on the certificate.


8. I have lost the instructor. Can I advance in the Combat Martial Arts?

Yes. Independent combat training is one of the most important conditions in the Combat Martial Arts development.


9. Can I get the Black Belt working independently with the help of books and videos?

Yes. The main thing in the Combat Martial Arts is practice. Of course it is better to work with a partner not on your own.


10. My style hasn’t Belt grading. Can I receive a Belt in this style?

Yes. The Belts system in Martial Arts is not traditional, but modern, very simple, clear, and popular in modern Martial Arts. We will recognize your Belt according your skills or time in training.


11. Am I supposed to know all the technique of the style in order to be conferred a Rank of Black Belt in the ICMAUA?

No. The Black Belt is one of the stages on your Way to Martial Arts. In order to be conferred a Rank of the Black Belt it is not necessary to know all the style techniques. It is more important to know how to use it in a real fight. You can know how to do one kick, one blow and one stance of the style. But if you know and perform them perfectly, so that your block can ward off any attack, and your kick is perfect, then you are a winner in any fight. This means that you are a real Combat Martial Arts Master and the deserved Black Belt of the style. Quality is valued higher than quantity in ICMAUA.


12. I have a Black Belt. I study the new Martial Arts style independently. Can I advance in it in the ICMAUA?

Yes, of course. All the Combat Martial Arts are united. Most of the Combat Martial Arts Masters study other styles in addition. In ICMAUA you can advance to the equivalent Rank in new Martial Art according to the time of studying. For advancement in your next style, send in a request for your next rank/style and include your Name, next Style, Rank (or time of training for Black Belt equivalent) and International Combat Martial Arts Union ICMAUA Name.


13. I have founded my style or school. Can I register it?

Yes. All Martial Arts styles were proclaimed by their founders. But you are to define yourself, is your Martial Art a new school or a style. All the Martial Arts were created this Way.


14. What Rank can I get in my own style?

Naturally, if you are the head of your style, you can get any Rank: Founder, Soke etc. You can have no Degree or have any Degree in your style. You as a founder can appoint your Rank yourself. It happened like that in all existing Martial Arts.


15. What is the difference between your organizations membership from the membership of other organizations?

Every organization tends to help its members. ICMAUA helps everyone who thinks that his Martial Art should be put into self-defense in reality.


16. Does ICMAUA organize some Seminars and Courses?

The ICMAUA is not commercial and not profit organization. We are association of Unions for combat oriented martial artists without any discrimination, also in the Way of Combat development. All our Members follow philosophy of the ICMAUA. All our Members are fully free and independent in their own methods of training, styles and other memberships. Therefore we essentially do not spend any seminars etc, only web-based Courses for instructors. About the seminars and courses (in many Martial Arts) contact please any our members directly. See please our Organizations roster for the contacts also.


17. Are annual fees necessary?
Never, all ICMAUA memberships and recognitions are free and lifetime (excepting cancellation case).


18. I’ve had my Rank for quite a long time. How can I advance to the next Rank?

1st way. Exam in person. You can visit any ICMAUA Instructor or registered school for the examination in the style according the rules of the Instructor of Examiner. The ICMAUA will recognize your new rank, received from ICMAUA member.

2nd way. Video Exam. Exams are also available for free. Send your link to YouTube video where your technique was shot. Video demonstration is required including combat self defense techniques (minimum 20 for Rank); forms, weapons, sparring (minimum 3 for Rank), other skills.

3rd way. Time in training. Or, please, if you have a Black Belt rank from your direct Instructor, send in a request for your next rank and include your Name, Style, existing Rank and time in training for Black Belt equivalent, and requested new Rank.

Your new rank will appear in a Members Roster.


19. Being an instructor at ICMAUA and the Unions do I have to follow ICMAUA programme?

No, you are completely independent. The Combat Martial Arts programmes and philosophy of different Martial Arts schools and Combat styles differ.


20. How can I register at the ICMAUA ?

Please, send e-mail to the ICMAUA and include your Name, Rank (or time in training for Black Belt equivalent), Style and ICMAUA International Combat Martial Arts Union (Unions) Name (Names) in which you want be registered.



Thank You!


ICMAUA coordinator Dr. Mihails Pupinsh



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