Combat Martial Arts Techniques


The technique of different Martial Arts, styles, schools, and even of many Masters differs. Even the technique of one and the same person is changed in the course of time. The main criterion of the technique correctness in the ICMAUA is the effectivity of its use in combat fight and self-defence.

It is not important how old is that fighting skill, which we are engaged in, our attitude towards it is important.

If we develop our spirit, mind and body, if we follow the philosophical principles in life, if we devote ourselves to our pursuit, if it serves for fighting purposes, then it is a Combat Martial Art.


The majority of Combat Martial Arts usually include:
Philosophical principles
Stances and movements
Falling techniques
Throws and defense against
Pain-grappling and defense against
Grips and defense against
Strangling and defense against
Blows and kicks and defense against
Weapon techniques and defense against
Methods of psychological pressure on the enemy and defense against

Many techniques of some specialized Combat Martial Arts schools include additional sections, for example, for modern Army Combat battle swimmers Martial Art:
Swimming and diving technique
Methods of underwater breath hold-up
Masking methods on the surface of the water and underwater
Enemys oxygen system influence technique
Underwater knife techniques
Battle techniques against the battle dolphins
Battle dolphins commanding techniques
Underwater signalizing techniques
Special weapon firing in the air and underwater

Many classical Martial Arts schools, traditional Samurai Ryu for example, included many sections, practiced rarely nowadays even by Masters:
Swimming in armor against the stream
Diving and underwater armor dropping
Leaping out of water into the enemies boat
Bow shooting on horseback
Sword fencing in narrow and low passages
Use of fire-arms
Fortification building
Drills on foot or on horseback
Troops leading strategy

Main criteria of Combat Martial Arts technique correctness in the ICMAUA is the ability of its use in real fight.

Its volume and direction is limited only by the practising Combat Martial Artist himself.


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