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International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association


The International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association (ICMAUA) is a non-political, non-commercial, combat and self-defense oriented, multi-styled, independent, officially registered international organization, established to support all combat oriented martial artists. The ICMAUA is a service organization based in Internet.




Our address for e-mail contacts is:





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All funds are used to support this site, ICMAUA and to promote the Combat Martial Arts.

Sorry, we accept no money orders or Western Union!


Use please only PayPal


The address for payments is:


In the payment send write please all the info: request, your address, and other important info.

After the payment resend please by e-mail the request and the info about the payment.


For any technical questions on payment contact please PayPal:


Attention: any recognition needs for time: sometimes some days, in other cases- some weeks. In these days we consult with board members, check the candidate, if need: write to other experts, contact other organizations, create the certificate, and update the register. In questionable cases the registration can be prolonged to some months.


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