ICMAUA Philosophy


We are united to the World.

All the Martial Arts are united.

All the Martial Arts are Combat.

All the Martial Artists are Combat Masters.

Combat Martial Arts Masters are independent.

Combat Martial Arts Masters study other Combat Martial Arts.

Combat Martial Arts Masters have to develop.

Combat Martial Arts have to develop.


We are united to the World

We live in this wonderful World and we are a part of it. That is why we are united to everything that exists in this World. That is why we should live not inflicting harm to this World. We try to live doing Good. We are trying to reduce the amount of evil in this World. In order to do that we study Martial Arts and do Good. This is our Way: the Way of Martial Arts and Good. The ICMAUA is for those who seeks following this Way.


All the Martial Arts are united

If we consider the history of any traditional or modern Martial Art, we will find its connection to other Martial Arts or kinds of sports. Before founding his own Martial Art the Master learned from other masters, other styles, read manuals and books about other Martial Arts. If it happened nowadays, he watched video, CDs, attended seminars, competitions, took part in fights. All that, either he realized it or not, influenced his views on the Martial Arts. That is why all the Martial Arts share some similar techniques, principles, strategies, tactics, philosophy. They share common roots from the past and can join together into a new Martial Art in the future. ICMAUA believes that all the Martial Arts are united.


All the Martial Arts are Combat

Philosophical systems of oriental origin assert, that it is possible to reach the harmonic development of spirit, body and mind being engaged in whatever you like. You can write poems, cook fish, sell petrol, study Martial Arts. The main thing is to do that with full self-return. Then, one of the meanings of the word Kung-fu is a time spent, the synonym of the words skill, mastership. They say that if a cook is skilful his Kung-fu is good. Every Martial Art differs from another one mostly in Combat: the possibility of using it for self-defense or attack. Nowadays, and that is the right way, a lot of Martial Arts schools and movements turned into the kinds of sports, health improving or purely applied systems. That is good, everyone can find in Martial Arts everything he needs: victory in sports, health and the possibility of self-defense. With it all ICMAUA believes that every Martial Art should keep the aspect of self-defense and should be a Combat Martial Art. Combat: being able to be used in fighting, and Martial Art: able to develop spirit, mind and body.


All Martial Artists are Combat Masters

After many years of trainings in Martial Arts a beginner becomes a Master. When does it happen: in one training, in twenty or ten thousand trainings? No, it doesn’t depend on the exact number of trainings, it depends on acquired Martial Arts skills. But what defines skills and Mastery? Is it a number of mastered techniques? They are checked at the exams in a kind of forms, sparring or breaking things. But there are such Martial Arts schools which have lots of forms, but there are also schools which have no forms. Are the representatives of the first school better Masters than those of another one?

In order to be the Black belt and Master in ICMAUA it is not necessary to know all technique of the style. It is much more important to be able to use it in real fight. The most part of Masters, in case they are not the founders of the style, do not know all the variants of all the technique of their style and it is normal. Because every Combat Martial Art is inexhaustible. The Legendary Master Choki Motobu from Okinawa according to contemporary evidence practiced only one Kata Naifanchi. But he was a great fighter and a real Combat Martial Arts Great Master. You can know only one block, one kick and one stance of your style. But if you know and perform them perfectly, in a way your block will beat off any attack, and your kick is absolutely imparriable, then you will be a winner in any combat. This means that you are a real Master and deserved Black belt of the style. Quality is valued higher than quantity in ICMAUA.


Combat Martial Arts Masters are independent

The Martial Artist always thinks how to improve his Mastery. But thinking is always independent. That is why the Martial Artist is also always independent. ICMAUA admits the rights of all Martial Artists to be independent.


Combat Martial Arts Masters study other Martial Arts

Aspiration to development and perfection makes the Master compare his Art with other Masters, schools and styles. It can be a simple introduction to other styles at the competition, on video, in the book. If the Master got interested in another style, he starts studying this style or separate techniques of this style. The most part of ancient and modern Masters practiced several styles or Martial Arts schools. As all the Combat Martial Arts are united, then a part of physical, philosophic, psychological principles and fighting techniques are common or close. The common ones are: the skills of concentrating the consciousness, relaxing, using the weight of the body, the state of your psychics. That is why it is simpler to acquire a new style exactly for Master not a beginner. His progress in the new style will be faster. ICMAUA considers the studies of other Martial Arts to be important for the development of the Martial Artist.


Combat Martial Arts Masters have to develop.

The Master can be a real Master only in case he is constantly developing. That is why today he performs the throw differently, not like it was yesterday, but tomorrow not like today. So, contemporary Masters of the Aikido Founder Grand Master Morihei Ueshiba remembered, that his yesterdays recommendations of the technique performance always differed from todays ones. Karate Shotokan Founder Grand Master Gichin Funakoshi at the venerable age said, that he had only then understood what was the proper way of blowing with a fist. ICMAUA asserts that the Master should always change and develop. ICMAUA supports the development of Martial Arts Masters.


Combat Martial Arts have to develop.

Every Martial Art is being developed. There are no Martial Arts which had not been altered since their appeared. These changes can be more or less significant. If the name of the style then remains the same, we say that it is developing. If the name is changed, we see the appearance of a new Martial Arts school or a new Martial Arts style. All the Martial Arts were created by their Founders. Then the Founder, usually after the careful studies of one or several Martial Arts, their comparison, synthesis and change, announced the creation of his own style or Martial Arts school. All the Martial Arts were created in such a way. ICMAUA assumes, that the Founder is to define the requirements of his school or style by himself. ICMAUA supports the development of the Martial Arts.



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