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ICMAUA and Unions recognize all Members’ Ranks given to them by their Instructors and Examiners.



Requirements for the advancement in Rank in ICMAUA


The main thing for the advancement in the Combat Martial Arts is the level of the combat martial training. I.e. the ability of applying the technique, psychology, and philosophy of Combat Martial Arts to the real fight or self-defense as well as to the real life.


It is difficult to define the real Combat Martial Arts skill level at the formal exam. The level of the Combat Martial Arts is not always connected with success in sports, victories in sparring, difficulty of the performed technique or the number of the performed forms.


We know the accident when the world champion in judo, black belt of highest rank, was killed near his apartment when was not able to defend himself from the enemy with a knife. There was one more accident when two robbers with a gun attacked the ordinary man not a sportsman and beat him. But he managed to seize the knife and stab them to death.


It is difficult to define the real level the combat training. People fight according to the rules at competitions, we care ourselves and our friends at the exams and trainings, it means that the only technique performed is the technique on a bag, but very limited and imaginary when fighting with partner.


That is why ICMAUA considers real fight and battle perfection the criterion for the advancement in Rank. Real experience is acquired in real self-defense which is difficult to foresee. Experience is gained during quite a long time of training. The main criterion for advancement should be time in grade, years of service, plus of course other technical requirements.



Basic requirements for time in rank in ICMAUA for all styles:


1st Degree Black Belt -    3 years from the beginning of training.

2nd Degree Black Belt - 1 years in 1st Degree Black Belt.

3rd Degree Black Belt -   2 years in 2nd Degree Black Belt.

4th Degree Black Belt -   3 years in 3rd Degree Black Belt.

5th Degree Black Belt -   3 years in 4th Degree Black Belt.

6th Degree Black Belt -   3 years in 5th Degree Black Belt.

7th Degree Black Belt -   3 years in 6th Degree Black Belt.

8th Degree Black Belt -   3 years in 7th Degree Black Belt.

9th Degree Black Belt -   3 years in 8th Degree Black Belt.

10th Degree Black Belt - 3 years in 9th Degree Black Belt.




For the advancement to the next rank, please, get registered in ICMAUA with the indication of time in rank and send your request about the advancement. All and full responsibility for the sent information belongs to the authors. The international administration and the Unions ICMAUA, and the ICMAUA disclaim responsibility for any liability, injuries, or damages.





Exams are also available for free. Send a link to your YouTube page with clips where your technique was shot. Video demonstration required including:

1) combat self defense techniques (minimum 10 for Rank);

2) sparring (minimum 3 for Rank);

3) forms (if used in your style, 3 for Rank);

4) work on bag (minimum 10 techniques for Rank);

5) weapons techniques (minimum 10 for Rank),

also other skills if wish: throws, grappling etc. (for all - minimum 5 for Rank).


In case of positive evaluation your new rank will appear in a Members Roster.


Many of the Combat Martial Artists are training very intensively. If your progress is faster than mentioned above then get registered in ICMAUA. For the Black Belt advancement in a new Combat Martial Art the time for getting the 1st Degree Black Belt and for next Degrees before his existing rank is 1 year for each next Degree.



All recognition and advancements in ICMAUA and Unions are free.

If you want to get Rank PDF Certificate, then send the e-mail and the payment for the certificate.



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