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The Sword is one with Paintbrush for the expression of mind and heart.







Marc Richards. KEMPO is. (11.2009)

Alexander Maltabarov. 'Painter Matyushin in 1910s', 'The successful fisherman', 'Travellers', 'The dreamer near the stream'. (11.2009)

George Gaspar Munoz. … (10.2011)

The Reverend Guy Mackey. A Russian style of icon of Saint Michael Archangel (05.2012)








Marc Richards

Kempo is How could I say
Kempo is what showed me a way
Kempo is what helped me to forget my past
Kempo is what made me stronger and fast
Kempo is what you call the way to the right
Kempo is what gives you in dark the light

Kempo is what gives me the power to overcome the bad
Kempo is what take all from my soul which is sad
Kempo is what you call the way of the fist
Kempo is what I call my biggest gift
Kempo is what helps me if I am alone on street
Kempo is what is always in me if I need

Kempo is what stopped my biggest hurts
Kempo is what helps you if you understand his words
Kempo is what is there if you shut your eyes
Kempo is what saves you from evil , from lies
Kempo is what takes your tears
Kempo is what makes you fight against your fears

Kempo is what made us truthful and lovely
Kempo is what put us together into a family
Kempo is what grown up me faster
Kempo is what gave me the best master
Kempo is what destroys my bad sides
Kempo is what influence my whole life

Kempo is what I see as my best friend
Kempo is with me till to my end






Alexander Maltabarov. 'Painter Matyushin in 1910s'. 1987. 80x64. Canvas & Oil




Alexander Maltabarov. 'The successful fisherman'. 1987. 80x60. Canvas & Oil.




Alexander Maltabarov. 'Travellers'. 1987. 80x60. Canvas & Oil.




Alexander Maltabarov. 'The dreamer near the stream'. 1987. 80x60. Canvas & Oil.





George Gaspar Munoz


A Sensei purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop the students of any martial or self defense who can create their own image & that is the aim of George Ketsugo Self-Defense Oriental Fighting Arts.


The best Sensei teach from the heart & with sincerity, not from the book.


To acquire knowledge in Ketsugo, one must study seriously; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe properly focus & concentration is essential. We learn & grow & develop discipline in life; later on we can apply this knowledge & wisdom to the next generation.


Learn the art of patience.


Apply discipline to your thoughts when they become anxious over the outcome of a goal.


Impatience breeds anxiety, fear, discouragement and failure in life.


Patience creates a power of confidence, decisiveness and a rational outlook, which directly leads to success in your life.


No matter what you do without the true discipline & patience there is no success to the future.





The Reverend Guy Mackey


A Russian style of icon of Saint Michael Archangel who is the Christian patron of warriors.


















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