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The symbol of International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association reflects the philosophy of the ICMAUA. That is why this symbol is depicted on the logo of the ICMAUA. The ICMAUA organizational and individual members, showing their membership, can place the logo in their web-sites with the link to the ICMAUA web-site www.icmaua.com.


Red Circle - is a symbol of the Sun, Combat perfection in the Martial Arts. It is our aim, an ideal we are striving for. Red is a color of fire of the Combat Martial Arts, which is burning in our hearts, the color of the Sun, the light, energy, activeness, strength.


Blue triangle - is the Way of Combat Martial Arts, the Road stretching afar, you can follow during all your life. At the same time it is the peak of the mountain of Combat Martial Arts, which all the practicians irrespective of the style of the Martial Art are trying to reach. Everyone follows his own path, but they come together at the peak. All the Martial Arts are united. Blue is the color of water, tranquility and wisdom.


Black Belt - is a symbol of united mastery in Combat Martial Arts irrespective of the school or style. It is a symbol of our unity in Combat Martial Arts. It is placed on the blue triangle, on the way of Martial Arts, but the peak of Martial Arts is much higher. It is higher because it is connected not only with the art of battle but also with the art of life. Advancement on the Path of Combat Martial Arts does not end with getting the Black Belt. Real Master Black Belt at Combat Martial Arts is a Master of life.


The words "INTERNATIONAL COMBAT MARTIAL ARTS UNIONS" placed around show the structure of the ICMAUA: specialized Unions, in which everyone can find the place within one common organization. It is the association of like-minded practicians of Combat Martial Arts, irrespective of the style, country, age, sex, religion etc. around one and the same aim advancement on the Way of Combat Martial Arts to becoming a Master.


The word “Association” is the basis of the whole symbol, it shows the role of the ICMAUA as the basis of creation of all the specialized Unions and Combat Martial Arts Masters.


The words “icmaua.com” placed under the word “Association”, show the web-address of the Association, which is Internet-based as an organization and really-based as a Members organizations (Dojo, Dojangs, Federations, Associations, Schools, Academies, Clubs etc.).


The letters “ICMAUA” above the Red Circle is our aspiration to perfection and mastership in co-operation and interaction with each other in International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association.


White Edging of the Black Belt means that the Real Master of Combat Martial Arts always remains the learner, he is learning from his Teacher, from other Teachers, nature, other people, his family, his followers, himself. White is a color of purity, the color of the beginning of our studies, the purity of our aspiration on the Way of Combat Martial Arts. We always remain the students in the Martial Arts and in Life because we get to know something new every day.


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