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Organizations and Schools in International Combat Martial Arts


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Instituto Kali – Jun Fan del Uruguay

Translation: Kali – Jun Fan Institute of Uruguay

Country: Uruguay

Founder: Master Instructor Leonardo Panzardo 7th Degree Black Belt Kali - Jun Fan

Year of founding: 1989

Logo meaning: The simbol inside the triangle is known as the Universal Patern of Kali in which all its techniques are based, the triangle represents the basic footwork techniques, the rattan stick and the kris sword represent the weapons aspect of Kali - Jun Fan and the two most used kind, bladed and striking ones. The Jeet Kune Do logo at the bottom of the triangle means that the hole system is based on the Jeet Kune Do concepts and Bruce Lee teachings. All surrounded by a circle that puts it all together in a continuos flow of harmony.

Organization motto: “Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system”

Goals: To preserve and spread the Kali – Jun Fan system as well as the Filipino martial arts, Jeet Kune Do concepts and realistic self defense.

Styles: Kali – Jun Fan, Jeet Kune Do, Kali Filipino, Muay Thai and other self defense short courses.

Description: Basically, the Kali – Jun Fan Institute is wherever the Master Instructor Leonardo Panzardo teaches, since he teaches not only on the gym, but also gives private lessons at home (kind of home tutoring) and also teaches to a small group of selected friends in his garage.

Website: http://www.kalijunfan.com/




International Bodyguard Combat Kong Fu Organization (IBCKO)

Country: Islamic Republic of Iran (I.R.IRAN)

Founder: Grand Master Esmaiel Karimi

Year of creation : 2005

Logo meaning:Eagle, symbol of Bodyguard; a person who is a master of Bodyguard combat Kong Fu technics and tactics and protect the world.

Goals: Self Defense - Personal Protection - MMA

Styles: Combat Self Defense, Combat Kong Fu, Bodyguards Kong Fu

Website: www.IBCKA.com



International Bujutsu Society / Kokusai Bujutsu Kessha

Country : International (Switzerland)

President : Kaicho Stephan Breu

Year of founding: 2009

Motto: linking masters of martial artist worldwide under the Samurai spirit of excel in the science of war

Styles: all styles of combat and self-defence and personal development

Description: Non-profit international brotherhood organization for Martial Arts Masters and Systems. Having a World Master Council and Sokeship Council. Open for traditional and modern systems of self-defence and combat techniques.

Website : www.bujutsu-kessha.org



International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association (ICMAUA)

Country: International

Coordinator: Dr. Mihails Pupinsh

Year of founding: 2002

Logo meaning: ICMAUA Logo

Motto: Trust, Freedom, Cooperation, Independence, Development.

Styles: any styles which have self-defense or combat components.

Description: Non-profit international organization for combat oriented martial artists and organizations with free memberships and services. ICMAUA consist of specialized Unions for specialists (Karate Union ICMAUA, Taekwondo Union ICMAUA, Self-defense Union ICMAUA etc.) All the members are fully free in any Martial Arts activities and in the ways of development.

Website: www.icmaua.com



International Eastern Fight Organization (IEFO)

Country: Iran

Founder: Grand Master / sifu Mehdi Javadi Ranjbar

Style: Eastern Fight

Website: http://iefo.blogfa.com



International Fighting Arts Federation

Country: United States

Founder: Master Dwayne Eaddy

Year: 2008

Logo meaning: IFAF Logo 

Organization motto: “All of the answers are in your basics; get your basics!”

Goals: (1) To expose Hiep Tinh Mon Martial Arts student to all forms of martial arts; (2) To standardize the HTM promotion system; (3) To spread GM Dung’s vision of martial arts throughout the world. 

Styles: Any form of Karate, Tang Soo Do, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Boxing, Aikido, Kung Fu 

Description:  The primary goal/purpose of IFAF is:   (1)To create a truly democratic approach in the unification of all affiliated martial arts schools and instructors;  (2) To establish and maintain relations with affiliated schools and other authentic martial arts organizations;  (3) To establish the martial arts in physical education programs;  (4) To conduct martial arts clinics upon request in an effort to make all members aware of AHTMKS martial arts techniques;  (5) To launch a program within the IFAF designed to encourage friendship on a personal basis between and among officials;  (6) To standardize rank promotions, teaching, judging methods and techniques of Hiep Tinh Mon;  (7) To seek and comfort those dedicated individuals who have been wronged or mistreated by politically motivated martial arts organizations by providing such individuals with an invitation to join the IFAF in the spirit of friendship, understanding, cooperation and genuine love for the martial arts.

Webpage: www.internationalfightingartsfederation.org


International Martial Arts Federation

Country: India

Founder: Abrar Khan.

Year of founding: xxx.

Logo meaning: xxx.

Organization motto: xxx

Goals: xxxx

Styles: xxx

Description: xxx

Website: xxx



International Martial Arts Federation of India

Country: India

Founder: Abrar Khan.

Year of founding: xxx.

Logo meaning: xxx.

Organization motto: xxx

Goals: xxxx

Styles: xxx

Description: xxx

Website: xxx



International Martial Arts Teachers Federation

Country: Thailand

Founder: Klan Srisai International Martial Arts Teachers Federation

Year of founding: 1984

Logo meaning: Elephants the Thai symbol of Strength, Wisdom and Loyalty supporting and uniting the world of Martial Arts with its many  colours and traditions

Organization motto: "We learn form teaching, respect the past and look to the future, there is always something more to learn"

Goals: To promote understanding of all the Martial Arts by the exchange of Knowledge

Styles: Free-Style Martial Arts (All Styles) - Kobudo

Description: An All styles Martial Arts Federation

Website: www.IMATF.4t.com



International Martial Arts Unions Association

Country: Iran

Founder: President Dr.Amir Hossein Zalaghi.

Year of founding: 2009.

Logo meaning: xxx.

Organization motto: confederation with all martial arts

Goals: development all of martial arts in the world

Styles: aikido, jujitsu, karate, taekwondo, kickboxing, hapkido, kung fu, wushu, new styles, universities in martial arts, independent styles, organizations/ federations/associations

Description: our goal is development and instruction all martial arts and confederation with them. We are a big association in martial arts, we want cover and development all styles/systems/organization/rank and federation in the world. We don’t like any discrimination between martial arts. We are active between martial arts for solidarity.

Website: www.imaua.com











IOSKDKJA is internationally recognized and is considered one of the top society in the martial arts world.It is a non profit educational organization open to all, and is the only body responsible for the dissemination of SEISHINRYOKU RYU throughout the world.


More information I.O.S.K.D.K.J.A  http://ioskdkja.jimdo.com/




                                            SEISHINRYOKU RYU   




The I.O.S.K.D.K.J.A. created five part / division for dissemination in the seishinryoku ryu.


1) World Okinawa Seishinryoku Karate Do Federation 2) Okinawa Seishinryoku Kobudo Society 3) Seishinryoku Jutsu International  4) Seishinryoku Ryu Renmei 5) Word Sokeship Council Seishinryoku Kai





The SHORIN RYU OKINAWA  SEISHINRYOKU KARATE DO (KYAN HA) comes from the island of Okinawa, we follow teaching from Chotoku Kyan.


The TRADITIONAL PART contains chosen elements ( KATA ) from the two Okinawa schools, which have been Modified according to the seishinryoku philosophy and are taught in the old Okinawa way.


The COMPETITIVE PART is divided in two categories. KUMITE POINT –AND- KNOCKDOWN KUMITE. Both kumite types include hand strokes (punches – nudges), leg strokes ( kicks-knee hits-low kicks ) And standing battle – ground battle, without missing the karate technique.


                                            OKINAWA SEISHINRYOKU KOBUDO SOCIETY


The Okinawa seishinryoku kobudo have two parts.



The Traditional seishinryoku kobudo includes the following weapons, Bo-Tonfa-Sai-Jo-Hanbo-Iaido - Suruchin-Nunti bo-Nunti sai-Kama-Suru no nicho-Kusari kama-Kendo-Santetsu.


The Mondern Okinawa seishinryoku kobudo includes the sticks, Knife and Gun defense and applications in a very safe and exciting program.


Necessary aids in seishinryoku kobudo training are makiwara - the small moving targets - kai the special protective suit in the competition part.



Nowadays  seishinryoku kobudo society mounts championships which include competitions with kata - weapons techniques - fights (kumite) according to the I.O.S.K.D.K.J.A. regulations.


More information www.osks.jimdo.com  



                                          SEISHINRYOKU  JUTSU INTERNATIONAL


Seishinryoku jutsu is now playing a major role in the family of martial arts, this is due to it's very practical.


with it's emphasis on the 3 S's - Skill - Speed - Stamina – Suppleness - Strength, this system appeals to students that require a self-defense strategy that really works. Seishinryoku jutsu also provides a variety of techniques second to none, which enables all types of students the ability to succeed, and to become proficient in this combat art. Throws - Locks - Pressure Points - Strikes - Kicks - Grappling and weapons training are all inclusive in the vast syllabus available.

It uses many traditional techniques, which have been tried and tested, and also many modern combat formulas, which make this style progressive yet proven


More information www.seishinryoku.jimdo.com   




                                         SEISHINRYOKU  RYU RENMEI


Is the martial side of SEISHINRYOKU RYU its aim is to immobilize / defeat the opponent in a few seconds (in real combat conditions). The SEISHINRYOKU RYU is a multilateral martial art that has been studied and developed in its present form under the supervision of MENKYO KAIDEN NASIAKOS K. SPIRIDON. Seishinryoku ryu includes 3 family arts (ryu), which are stated below. 1) OKINAWA SEISHINRYOKU KARATE DO 2) OKINAWA SEISHINRYOKU KOBUDO 3) SEISHINRYOKU JUTSU.(every art is independent with its own grading system and teaching program).


In short, Seishinryoku ryu teaches punches – leg (kicks-knee hits-low kicks ) And standing battle – ground battle striking, locking, throws, bone breaking, chokes, in combination with unarmed / armed.


We must clarify that the (IOSKDKJA) thanks to its advanced teaching system, provides the possibility, to anyone willing to participate, to choose whether he/she will follow its full program (SKKJ) or choose one of the three martial arts of which it comprises.


Since it is a martial and not combative art, it uses the ‘’old traditional way’’ of awards / titles ‘’MENKYO’’.

SEISHINRYOKU RYU is a modern and constantly evolving martial art, yet the system proudly embraces the best of its Japanese heritage and traditions.


The Okinawa seishinryoku karate do kobudo jutsu (SEISHINRYOKU RYU) is taught only IOSKDKJA members, and not the general.


More information www.oskdkjr.jimdo.com  




                                            WORLD  SOKESHIP COUNCIL SEISHINRYOKU KAI


W.S.C.S.K. is an international (no politic) university level committee consisting of teachers on every field.

W.S.C.S.K. of teachers on every field W.S.C.S.K. aims to maintain and promote martial arts and to recognize / award teachers who contribute to W.S.C.S.K. mission.

There is no fee and titles are awarded only to those who worth it.


 More information www.sokeship.jimdo.com






International Shaolin Yangsheng Fa Association

Country: Switzerland

Chairman: Shifu Stephan Breu

Year of founding: xxx

Styles: Shaolin Yangsheng Fa

Goals: xxx

Short description: xxx.

Website: www.shaolin-yangsheng.org info@shaolin-yangsheng.org


International Super Ranger Academy

Style: Super Ranger

Web: www.super-ranger.com

Address: country iran.golestan. city gorgan. street valiasr.edalat 53. house persia. tabaghe2


Ironclad Combatives

Country: United States

Founder: Creator and Founder Jimmi Hindrix

Year of founding: 2010

Logo meaning: Simplicity

Organization motto:  “Destruction through simplicity”-Tony Maynard

Goals: To provide those who need it, reliable self defense/ And to improve our own skills in doing so

Styles: reality based self defense, street fighting, Martial science, history, anything else that can help.

Description: We give the non-sport combat world a way to share techniques and better themselves, and provide self defense to the general public

Website: www.ironcladcombat.yolasite.com 



ICSO France Jissen Jujitsu Federation

Country: France

Founder: Frederic Paezkiewiecz, Sei-Kyoshi - Chief director

Year of founding: 2013

Logo meaning: ICSO logo with Japanese and French flags

Organization motto: “Spirit of Bushido”.

Goals: ICSO World Jissen Jujitsu Federation representative

Styles: Jujitsu

Description: promotion and development of Jissen Jujitsu in France

Website: www.icsofrance-jissenjujitsu.jimdo.com