International PDF Certificates for Students

International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association


For Instructors and Examiners only


Student Rank Certificates are also available. Usually the Instructors order certificates in advance so that they can present them on the day of exam. Your student also can be enrolled in the list of the ICMAUA Members.


The ICMAUA and Unions Certificates are fullcolored, in A4 format, of high quality and design. Every Union has its Certificates and symbols. The Unions keep the common style of the ICMAUA Certificates. Every Certificate has its registration number. You can print the certificate and sign/seal it, if wish


You will get the Student's Rank Certificates from ICMAUA with indication of the name of your organization, your logo, the name of the student, his/her new rank with indication of style, place for your signature and seal.



For the certification send, please, by e-mail:


1. Your student’s name, rank, style.

2. The NAME of the ICMAUA UNION, from which you want to receive the Certificate (Karate Union, Jujitsu Union, Aikido Union etc.).

3. Your own NAME, RANK and TITLE.

4. Exam DATE

5. Your MAILING ADDRESS (confidential).


And send payment USD15 for each Certificate,



Your certificates will be produced the same day, that we receive your e-mail

and payment.








Student's Rank Certificate (A4)

Example from the

International Combat Mixed Martial Arts Union ICMAUA



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