Members' 15th Photo gallery

International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association


Each Member can send his/her photo by e-mail in attachment.

We accept the photos of prominent events, meetings with the celebrities of Martial Arts, your exams, trainings etc.


Please, not more than 1 of one Member. All rights and the full responsibility belong to the authors. The international coordinator and the Unions ICMAUA and ICMAUA disclaim responsibility for any liability, injuries, or damages. We reserve the right not to place some photos. The photos can be replaced or removed with no discussions.



Hector Franceschini


5th Dan Taekwondo, Master Diver





Mustafa Kazemi

International Self Defense-Bodyguard Confederation



Grandmaster Sanani Agaakishiyev

World Juboxing Jutsu Federation




Valentin Bonneau

World Champion of Combat Ju-Jutsu full contact, in Kiev, on august 22nd 2021

Leader of the french team CJJCF





Karate seizaSoke Bandioli

Founder of Wanikan Ryu




Mustafa Kazemi

Founder and President of the International Self Defense-Bodyguard Confederation




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