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Fusho-Satori-Ryu Karate-Do (The Art of Unborn Enlightenment): Bruce D. Calkins (02.2006)


Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu / Martial Science. American Temple Training: Anthony Elam (02.2006.)


Butthan Martial Art: Dr. Yuree (04.2006)


Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu Poison Fan Concepts: Reginald Hoover (07.2006)


Modern Martial Art Concepts: Brandon J. Schild (07.2006)


Okinawa Seishinryoku Karate Do - the evolution of martial arts: Nasiakos Spyros (08.2006)









By Bruce D. Calkins

All rights reserved.



Fusho-Satori-Ryu in a system based out of your needs. Because Soke Calkins built it out of over 30 years of training, many different styles ideals and forms are within it. If you like the fast paced grouping of techniques you will find more of the I.K.K.A. Kenpo within the style. If you like the Smooth Flowing movements the Shaolin Kung-Fu and Animal styles will be there. If you want Hard Traditional Karate the Yami-Umi-Do and Ryu-Kai will be for you. You get to make the style fite your needs.


    Shodai Soke Bruce Calkins established the Golden Dragons in late June of 1982. Soke Calkins began his training in 1968 and trained in a variety of Martial Arts Styles. His training includes Kenpo, Ninjitsu, Shaolin Kung-Fu, Aikido, Yami Umi Do and Ryu-Kai to name.

    After years of study and looking for the best style… The Golden Dragon’s began looking at "No Style" Much like Bruce Lee did with Jeet-Kune-Do. This lead Soke Calkins to Master Bankei’s Teachings…


    Master Bankei’s word for the ultimate reality is the Unborn (in Japanese fusho) and those who are illumined or enlightened (have experienced what in ZEN is called satori), like the Taoist Sages, manifest pure spontaneity. Bankei describes to an acquaintance who was a devotee of the Martial Arts what it would be like to fight after satori: "When without thinking and without acting deliberately, you manifest the Unborn, you won’t have any fixed form. When you are without fixed form, No opponent will exist for you in the whole land. Not holding on to anything, not relying one-sidedly on anything, there is no ‘you’ and ‘no enemy’. Whatever comes you just respond, with no traces left behind." The Sage has no Ego and so does not deliberate. What the Sage does is to respond with Absolute spontaneity to the conditions in the world. This is where our name cane from Fusho-Satori-Ryu (Unborn-Enlightenment-Style (or) Art)








By Anthony Elam

All rights reserved.



Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu was first founded in 1983 in Morgan County, Kentucky, USA. By its founder Anthony G. Elam.

Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu has been 23-years in development and 33-years in its total study, training and ultimate creation and continues to evolve.

The style has various techniques of traditional styles with in it and has developed techniques, training devices and systems along with various kata’s unique to the style.
The combat aspects of the style is derived from various systems and styles compiled into a unique system for application in various combat situations.

The style focuses on the science of a given technique in the aspect of training and application.

The science and application of techniques are also combined with the medical aspects of the techniques physical application.

The style focuses on the human anatomy in a unique way, along with training techniques that are directed at specific of areas of the body.

We also focus on weaponry both ancient and modern day along with various aspects of warfare.

We do not focus on the hype that surrounds martial arts or do we profess to be better than any one else, one styles standards can not be measured by another styles standards or methodology for its practitioners in any effort to determine which style is best.

Our view is that all styles have much to offer and should be respected regardless of personal opinions or due to one individuals capabilities in combat from one style over another, due to the fact that some from the other style may defeat others from that style.

We know that no one is ten foot tall and bullet proof regardless of how good an individual is there is always someone out there that has their number.

Peace and tranquillity is something we have to bring into our lives by taking action and not just hoping for the best and some times in order to achieve it unpleasant actions must be taken.

When looking at the four elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water we are forced to look at these elements from various perspectives and not simply with tunnel vision.

These elements allow us to set basic standards and develop unique concepts for dealing with life’s reality without using them to surround issues in mysticism, such as the glass is half-full or empty.


Example of the four elements:    


1.         Earth = Stability – Solid human values and morels – Un-movable in truth

2.         Wind = Spirit – Adventure – Seeking out knowledge – Freedom

3.         Fire = Purifying – Destruction – Necessity – Inspiration – Devotion

4.         Water = Conformity – Growth – Power – Tranquillity – Depth  


These are just a few ways we look at these elements in order to apply them not only to our style “but” our lives and to deal with life’s reality.

When we begin thinking on these things we can see more clearly as to not only their use in the martial arts “but” their value in life.



Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu has also developed unique names for its black belts in an effort to separate our selves to a point from eastern traditions.

All black belts are refereed to as SHA RYU until they have completed their 9th – study in the system then they are promoted to Sha Poe Ryu which is the masters level of Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu.

The Sha Poe Ryu level is a unique level that allows the individual to study various components that make up the style while allowing the individual the versatility of grafting various techniques into the style with proper research, medical documentation and application drawings or pictures that illustrates the technique.

Sha Poe Ryu’s who make meaningful and significant contributions to the system will be recorded and given full credit for doing so.

As you can see Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu is more than ability it is also the acquisition of knowledge and understanding compiled with training and development of the style for generations to come.

Ability is 50% and knowledge is 50% when we combine the two we begin to step into perfection, this is the focus of Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu.

Martial arts was not developed for sport “but” rather sport was developed from the martial arts.

Martial arts was first developed for self-preservation then for war with the focus on how to exterminate an opponent through various means.

Regardless of how we look at it whither it is through the eyes of aggression or the eyes of protection the martial arts histories have been forged in blood and perfected on the battle field in human combat in order to subjugate an enemy to the will of the victor.

In ancient times the demise of certain individuals or groups brought change and in to-day’s world the same concepts apply regardless of humanities perception to war.

When we begin looking at these aspects along with societies perception and legal ramification concerning the martial arts we are forced to develop our styles in a fashion that creates a well-rounded fighter who is aware of the legalities pertaining to various aspects of a given style or system that contains both non-lethal and lethal techniques.

As dedicated individuals progress in a given style or system they are turned into true warriors utilizing various aspects of warfare and inventions focused on the extermination of an opponent and / or enemy.

In to-day’s world with the legal structure the way that it is concerning the martial arts, would suggest that due to its penalties that some systems would soon be illegal to teach, the same way as certain systems and or styles became outlawed in ancient times.

This type of legal structure does three things;

1.         It forces the system to go underground or be hidden from society.

2.         It turns law abiding people into criminals.

3.         It becomes shrouded in mysticism giving no clue of who teaches the art.

As this present legal system continues to dissect the martial arts with its focus not only on control but the development of revenue and its emphasis on safety not only for the practitioner but the criminal as well, certain aspects of styles and systems will in no doubt come under attack concerning excessive force used by practitioners in self defense. 

To us there is only one objective when in combat and that is to win by whatever means necessary to survive the conflict.

This mindset allows us to develop unforgiving and relentless reparations for anti terrorist tactics perpetrated by individuals or groups.

This is another focus of Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu and the mindset we have adopted with in our style touching on what we see as the way of the warrior and the path of yin and yang.





Minimum Duration





Level – 1 Orientation

3 – months


Level – 2 Intermediate  

3 – months


Level – 3 Intermediate Advanced

3 – months


Level – 4 Advanced

3 – months

1st Red

Level – 5 Advanced

4 – months

2nd Red

Level – 6 Advanced

4 – months

3rd Red

Level – 7 Advanced

4 – months


SHA RYU / Instructor / First Study

3 – years


SHA RYU / Second Study

2 – years


SHA RYU / Third Study

2 – years


SHA RYU / Forth Study

2 – years


SHA RYU / Fifth Study

2 – years


SHA RYU / Sixth Study

2 – years


SHA RYU / Seventh Study

2 – years


SHA RYU / Eighth Study

2 – years


SHA RYU / Ninth Study

2 – years


Sha Poe Ryu / Life time study

Life Time


Sha Poe Ryu’s masters systems



The following are a few basic standards that are used for assuring a SHA RUY’S capability with in Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu.

These standards must be meat before the SHA RYU begins his / her second study.


1.         All SHA RYU’S must break three 0.75”x11.5”x11.5” boards held flat together with any hand technique they chose.

2.         All SHA RYU’S must break five 0.75”x11.5”x11.5” boards held flat together with any kick of their choice.

3.         All SHA RYU’S must be capable to complete ten sets of SHA-G; this is a system that allows the SHA RYU to work off of the bodies ability to create G’s.
The SHA RYU must demonstrate that he / she can through the utilization of hands, wrist, forearms, elbows, knees and feet strike an opponent ten times with-in three seconds or less with good power.

4.         All SHA RYU’S must demonstrate ten sets of the Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu Magic Hand Techniques, they must demonstrate their ability to strike an opponent and hit him three times before his / her hand returns to them with-in two seconds or less.
This demonstration is to be performed with the holding of three 0.75”x11.5”x11.5” boards held at various locations to insure that proper power and technique is used by the SHA RYU completing the Magic Hand techniques.

5.         All SHA RYU’S must demonstrate their capability to direct pressure with-in the human body by the utilization of the training device and be able to direct the power as declared by the Sha Poe Ryu.

6.         All SHA RYU’S must submit basic drawings that indicate the standard 40 combat striking points and the standard 113 striking points. 

7.         All SHA RYU’S must demonstrate fighting techniques, kata’s and weapons at their level.


SHA RYU’S must also demonstrate other aspects of the style and posses basic knowledge concerning our healing art.

We feel that these standards are sufficient for first study and assuring our SHA RYU’S basic capabilities.


As SHA RYU’S continue in their studies certain subjects are outlined allowing the
SHA RYU to complete the studies while conducting research concerning the topics.

SHA RYU’S are to keep a complete and detailed journal of their research and findings to submit for their advancement.

They are also expected to learn the existing techniques for their level and demonstrate them for their advancement.


Due to the styles versatility and technique development, we also focus on the development of training devices that will give substantial results in the training of a given technique.

If a training device is not required then we put an emphasis on the training method that will allow a practitioner to master the technique while always leaving room for improvement of any and / or all techniques.

Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu strongly believes in the concept of an open mind, when anyone refuses knowledge that brings a better understanding they limit their own capability and deny themselves and others the true richness of wisdom.

We would like to thank you for your interest in Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu and would enjoy hearing from you in the future, simply e-mail us at;





By Dr. Yuree

All rights reserved.



BUTTHAN is a time honored heritage, the science of realistic self-defense solution and enlightenment apparently called the noble art of stopping fight from the motherland of Martial art –the Indus valley then. It is an exercise for physical, mental and spiritual balance, attainable through a process of inculcating self-discipline and pragmatic restructuring of personal habits. This art of   self-development is actually the attribution of modern science, especially the principles of Psychology, Trigonometry, Anatomy, Physiology, Organic Science, Logic, Nervous Systems, Marma bidhaya,Yoga, etc blended with the selected techniques for achieving desired ends have been derived from the ancient Indian, Burmese and Tibetian Unarmed Combat and Weapon Systems. The style is purely focused on practical combat skills yet keeping it’s all ethics and norms of original Martial teachings and values in combination with ancient Indian sub-continental warrior’s mind training methods.

Under the dedicated and dynamic leadership of GRANDMASTER DR. YUREE, the founder of BUTTHAN MARTIAL ART, the revival of long three thousand years’ Indian Sub-continental heritage of Martial Art is taking place and gradually establishing as the mainstream human-friendly excellent Martial Art suitable for personnel of different age groups and geographical diversity. BUTTHAN is an attachment of great value to the time-honoured long traditional self-defense methods and updating most advanced research and development of science relevant to this great Martial Art. It is also a culmination of real life experiences and Scientific principles combining the essence of the ancient Vajromusti,Yoga, Kalaripyte,  Bando, Tibetan  & Chinese Kempo, Banshy, Marma-bidhya,Yoga, Latthi-khela, Pranayum, Silamban, Bandesh etc. and other selected strategies.

It is different from competitive martial art practices, which basically aim at gaining medals and points by exhibition of skill and performance  on the mat. BUTTHAN COMBAT SYSTEM develops psychophysical capability for defending oneself effectively in unpredictable and dangerous situations without being unnerved. This, obviously necessitate development of body and mind which would respond and activate promptly and proportionately to the magnitude of requirements through logic. Thus, through various benevolent practices of this system, unwanted stress and strain can be eliminated to avoid psychophysical fatigue. This unique system includes Dhayan(meditation)as well for spiritual development and internal enlightenment in the light of ancient Indian-Tibetian mystical systems. 

BUTTHAN way of  Self-defence(Atharaksha) is a progressive, benevolent and pragmatic new age system with various tools for the advanced solution of problems related to safety, security, and health of mankind across the globe. To cultivate and promote sense of human integrity, righteousness, self-discipline, self-confidence, self-satisfaction, moral value, psychophysical fitness, concentration as desired, etc. to fight against drugs, alcohol, immoral business, etc. to attain peaceful and graceful life for mankind, BUTTHAN MARTIAL ART would contribute more and more in the days to come.

After the creation of a methodical strategy for the art of self-defense, it was introduced along with ‘Kshatriya warriors’ and religious preaching of the Buddhist monks linked it to the world by crossing the borders of the Indian sub-continent, then the INDUS VALLEY. The art later was nourished in the valley of Song Sung mountain of Hunan province, China in the famous “Shaolin Temple”. Later on through different trade and cultural relation gradually spread world wide and the Indian sub-continent lacking  patronization, gradually began losing its heritage of martial arts.


However, even after 3000 years, through his indomitable desire and sincere devotion, Grandmaster DR. YUREE has taken a benevolent step to revive that lost heritage of Indian sub-continental ancient Martial Arts. BUTTHAN is a Bengali word linked from SANSKRIT word book which literally means “Defense with distinction”, in other words, it is a revolutionary elevation of the ‘self’ above the ‘ordinary existence’ to achieve the ultimate truth in life. This has been the outcome of Grandmaster DR. YUREE‘s devotion, meditation, thoughts, philosophy, research and development (R&D) on martial arts over a period of two decades.


The main Philosophy of BUTTHAN MARTIAL ART is to reach the root of any problem and to take rapid and appropriate measures to remedy it through logic in sortest possible time. It is seen as speedy, effective,simple and realistic method of self-defense while it is different from other regular forms of martial arts. It is also a culmination of real life experiences and Scientific principles combining the essence of the ancient Vajromusti,Yoga, Kalaripyte,  Bando, Tibetan  & Chinese Kempo, Banshy, Marma-bidhya,Yoga, Latthi-khela, Pranayum, Silamban, Bandesh etc. and other selected strategies.


BUTTHAN has now crossed the borders of Bangladesh and has taken up strong position in various places of the world. BUTTHAN way of martial art is an endeavor to revive the lost glory of the Motherland of Martial art. It is a symbol of heritage, glory, honor, creativity and victory.







By Reginald Hoover

Copyright © 2006

All Rights Reserved By D.K.K.C.I.



   The Poison Fan Street Combat system provides an even playing field for the small woman against a substantially larger male or female attacker. Thus, physical expressive martial creativity is the key element in which the female poison fan stylist uses in failing any aggressive assault. Therefore, determining martial creativity is exposed as many forms of significance by the poison fan stylist.

These forms of significance are as follows:

1.       Size, Weight, & Height Differential,

2.       Verbal & Non-Verbal Confrontation,

3.       Weapon & Non-Weapon Confrontation,

4.       Single & Multiple Defensive Confrontation,

5.       Paved & Non-Paved Area Confrontation,

6.       Cold & Warm Weather Confrontation,

7.       Dry & Wet Weather Condition Confrontation,

8.       Indoor & Outdoor Confrontation.

  Therefore, each form is accessed individually and as a collective group in any violent confrontation. Yet, these eight forms can be broken down by the poison fan stylist as primary and secondary in significance. The secondary forms consist of those obvious to the practitioner before any confrontation occurs.

They are;

A.        Paved & Non-Paved Area Confrontation,

B.       Cold & Warm Weather Confrontation,

C.       Indoor & Outdoor Confrontation,

D.       Dry & Wet Weather Confrontation.


  Thus, all secondary significance suggests natural mental aptitude of observation and visual perception.  This is not to suggest that  the confrontation physical environment cannot change from dry to wet; cold to warm, indoor to outdoor, or any combination of such! Yet, it does suggest that the poison fan stylist must be creatively adaptive in her defensive environmental counter-attacking skills development.

  So, from the house to the car; the kitchen to the living room to the back outdoor deck. The front door to the front porch in the rain, snow, sleet, or hot summer sun. She must be well versed in effective physical expressive fan motion!

This leads us to the forms of primary significance.


They are as follows:

A.        Size, Weight, & Height Differential

B.       Verbal & Non-Verbal Confrontation

C.       Weapon & Non-Weapon Confrontation

D.       Single & Multiple Weapon Confrontation


Primary significance forms A-D immediately suggest that the female poison fan stylist must physically express devastatingly brutal and potentially fatal streetwise defensive counter-striking skills.

D. Lets, examine the multiple weapon (handgun) disarm senerio as the female stylist attempts opening her car door at a local store parking lot at night.

Note: [Let’s be truthful about any weapon attack. If it starts at medium too long range. It can be effective in abducting any defender]!  Only at close range does the stylist have a chance at using their respective street combat skills in failing an immediate attack!

Da. Left & Right Hand Rules For Trapping Motion:


First, let’s acknowledge that;

1.        [If the female defender is left handed; then her left hand will produce a small circle outward trapping motion]. 

2.        [If she is right handed, her right hand will produce the small circle outward trapping motion].

Now let us assume that our small female defender is left-handed.

The two attackers are at her left and right sides respectively, holding their hands guns at her head on either side. The attacker on her right side holds his pistol with his right hand at her right temple area. The attacker on her left side holds his pistol with his right hand just over the top of her left ear at the middle side of her face at the left brain.

In this particular attacking case, the left-handed female defender makes rule #1. or the [Left Hand Rule NULL & Void] and the RIGHT HAND RULE APPLIES!

Why? Both attackers are right handed and holding their hand-gun weapons in their right hands at her head on oppoiste sides respectively. The attacker on her right has his weapon on the frontal facial side of her body at the temple area. The typical left hand rule would push the attacker’s weapon away from her face with her right hand toward the car, or into the car.

Thus, her typical trapping motion would be as follows:

A.        Her right hand will execute a forward inward parrying trapping motion.

B.       Her left hand will execute the small circle outward trapping motion.

This in turn leaves her open to the attacker’s left fist assualt; and


C.       The attacker on her left side would have enough time to disharge is weapon, injuring her due to her head moving slightly backward; then forward. Thus, the left hand rule would get her fatally injured in this attack case senerio!

Therefore, the right hand rule applies, even though she is left handed in this particular case. Yet, this typical trapping motion        has to be modified to fit this special multiple-attack situation.

Thus, this typical trapping motion would be as follows:


AA. She would execute at right circular outward trapping motion against the attacker on her right; and

BB. Execute a simultaneous left hand inward parrying motion for the attacker on her left side. Pushing the attacker’s pistol toward or onto the car.

This would position both attackers’ right arms and legs to her outside respectively. Yet, it would also allow the attacker on her right to discharge his weapon as it passed across her right facial area; starting at her temple and cover the complete right side of her face!



X. The poison fan female stylist must execute a right circular upward outside trapping motion, rising the pistol at her temple above her head as she;

Y. Executes a quick left circular inward push trapping parry simulteaneously as her head turns to her right. These simultaneous trapping motions will position both attackers to her outside right and left respectively. This will turn both attackers waists away from her and inward to their left.

Thus, preventing both attackers from countering across their bodies.

Therefore, both of the attackers outside, right-side bodily areas are then exposed to counter-attack.

Now let us finish this multiple weapon hand-gun confrontation.

As the female defender simultaneously executes her blocking traps with both hands. Her head turns right and waist whips right as she delivers a crushing right spin thrust kick to the attacker’s lead right knee, breaking it.

Thus, leaning her attacker inward toward her as she quickly slant slips her right thumb [palm outward & counter-clockwise flip palm down] into the attackers’ thumb grip on the pistol. She then executes a palm down push on the top of the hand-gun, single-palm pressing downward as she claws the attackers’ thumb counter-clockwise and outward. Therefore, press-clawing the gun from the attacker’s hand as she turns her attention to the left side attacker.

Z. The poison fan stylist now pulls the attackers’ trapped right arm forward slightly with her left hand. She quickly shifts her weight

onto her right leg and delivers a crushing left thrusting side kick to the attacker’s right leg lead knee. Breaking it!

As she executes a circular right open-palm counter-clockwise pushing palm down pressing strike to the top of the pistol. Simultaneously lodging her right thumb between the attacker’s right thumb grip as she pushes outward with her left hand trap against the attackers’ wrist and tiger claw pulls the trapped gun hand at the wrist backward. Quickly pulling downward on the trapped pistol to dislodge it from the attacker’s hand into her right hand.

She then covers out and fires one shot into the air to alert the authorities as she screams for help from the store clerk or passersby!

Note: What if the attackers each held their handguns in their left hands in this senerio? What if the attacker on the left held his gun in the right hand and the right side attacker held his gun in his left hand in their attempted abduction, robbery, etc,

or vice-versa?

Thus, it is very clear from the above statements that martial creativity in adaptive skills execution and application give any stylist, male or female the advantage in countering defense against attempted weapons attack!


CONCLUSION: The Wudang Analogy:


In conclusion there exists several major points in this multiple handgun attack senerio. [Remember that each and every hand gun attack situation is different and must be taken with precise precaution in defensive counter-attacking expression].  The martial stylist must train with the reality of possible or probable minor failure in attempting weapons disarming. Whether the counter defensive is gun defense, knife defense, club defense or some derivation of each!

We will start the analogy with the understanding that the above counter multiple handgun defensive will not effectively work if the physical execution of the above techniques are not followed basically to the letter. To prove this, let us consider the following:

1.         The female stylist’s head must turn right in order to avoid possible discharge of the left side attacker’s gun [either by mistake, accident, or intention] to fail the countering attempt. If the gun did discharge, then there is at least a 50% chance that the attacker will shoot his partner in crime. This is due to the right side attacker’s body position in respect to the female defender executing her right hand trapping motion! [Please refer to ‘Y’ above for a complete discription of prior statement]!

2.         The female defender must consider that her right side attackers’ weapon has at least a 50% chance of discharge. So, the possibility of the right side attacker shooting his left side partner is reasonably probable!

3.         The female defender must be street combat proficient in the skills and knowledge of Wugong Motion.

4.         The female defender must execute her right-wrist trapping technique ending with her right-hand perpendicular to the attackers’ right wrist holding the handgun.

     If this does not occur, then the possible probability of her attacker turning his trapped wrist into her arm and discharging the weapon is very likely!

     Thus, allowing the attacker to succeed in this explosively violent attempt of probable fatality!

     So, the female defender must trap with the knowledge, skill, and application of the Shaolin concept of ‘Shooting Zen’, combined with the application of Eagle Claw, and Qin Na tools! This is of the so-called external school of martial thought. Yet, the female defender cannot depend on just the external in such of an explosively violent situation. 

   She must also have the knowledge, skill and applications of some theory and methods within the internal martial school of thought.

They are as follows;

A.       Wugong theory, & concepts;

B.       The Wudang knowledge of Yin / Yang theory in relation to combat;

C.      Wudang concepts of waist & stepping motion;

D.      Wudang soft-hard and hard-soft motion dynamics;

E.        Wudang breath control methods:


5.         The female defender must quickly & skillfully execute    each countering motion with patience, internal strength, and devastation of power!

Finally I will conclude this analogy with interpretations from Excerpts From The Theregata Sutta!


Subha & the Libertine:

Subha, an arahant nun living alone in the forest, is hounded by a man who lusts after her. The "special gift" that she finally hands to him instantly brings about a change in his heart!

1. 'Your eyes are like those of a fawn,
like those of a sprite in the mountains.
Seeing your eyes, my sensual delight
    grows all the more.
Like tips they are, of blue lotuses,
in your golden face
    -- spotless:
Seeing your eyes, my sensual delight
    grows all the more.
Even if you should go far away,
I will think only of your pure,
    long-lashed gaze,
for there is nothing dearer to me
    than your eyes, O nymph with the languid regard.'

'You want to stray from the road,
you want the moon as a plaything,
you want to jump over Mount Sineru,
you who have designs on one born of the Buddha.
For there is nothing anywhere at all
in the cosmos with its gods,
that would be an object of passion for me.
    I don't even know what that passion would be,
    for it's been killed, root & all, by the path.
Like embers from a pit -- scattered,
like a bowl of poison -- evaporated,
    I don't even see what that passion would be,
    for it's been killed, root & all, by the path.
Try to seduce one who hasn't reflected on this,
or who has not followed the Master's teaching.
But try it with this one who knows
    and you suffer.
For in the midst of praise & blame,
    pleasure & pain,
my mindfulness stands firm.
Knowing the unattractiveness
    of things compounded,
my mind cleaves to nothing at all.
I am a follower of the one well-gone,
riding the vehicle of the eightfold way:
My arrow removed, effluent-free,
I delight, having gone to an empty dwelling.
For I have seen well-painted puppets,
hitched up with sticks & strings,
made to dance in various ways.
When the sticks & strings are removed,
thrown away, scattered, shredded,
smashed into pieces, not to be found,
    in what will the mind there make its home?
This body of mine, which is just like that,
when devoid of dhammas doesn't function.
When, devoid of dhammas, it doesn't function,
    in what will the mind there make its home?
Like a mural you've seen, painted on a wall,
smeared with yellow orpiment,
there your vision has been distorted,
meaningless your human perception.
Like an evaporated mirage,
like a tree of gold in a dream,
like a magic show in the midst of a crowd --
    you run blind after what is unreal.
Resembling a ball of sealing wax,
set in a hollow,
with a bubble in the middle
and bathed with tears,
eye secretions are born there too:
The parts of the eye
are rolled all together
in various ways.'

Plucking out her lovely eye,
with mind unattached
she felt no regret.

'Here, take this eye. It's yours.'

Straightaway she gave it to him.
Straightaway his passion faded right there,
and he begged her forgiveness.

'Be well, follower of the holy life.
    This sort of thing
    won't happen again.
Harming a person like you
is like embracing a blazing fire,
It is as if I have seized a poisonous snake.
So may you be well. Forgive me.'

And released from there, the nun
went to the excellent Buddha's presence.
When she saw the mark of his excellent merit,
    her eye became
    as it was before.





Modern Martial Art Concepts


By Brandon J. Schild

All Rights Reserved


In the beginning of anything one thing is formed from another. All styles are a relationship of the same principle and concepts. Here are a few examples and you can see the resemblance, Karate (empty hand) variety of styles, Tae Kwon Do (way of punching and kicking) variety of styles, Judo (gentle way) variety of styles, Arnis De Mano (hardness of hand) Panuntukan (Filipino boxing), Sikaran (Filipino kicking), Muay Thai (thai fighting), Savate (French kick boxing), Chuan Fa (Chinese boxing) variety of styles and more. They all have the same principles just some are more elaborate and focus on more specified areas, like either kicking or punching.

         As you know there are variations of each individual style that are based on ones preferred method and studies. How something new comes about is how dedicated one will study in order to become well rounded towards any unexpected attack. As a lawyer or doctor you must understand the valid principles to excel. Once you have made the understandings it is up to you to progress. 

         It is very common occurrences when you have people study many styles of martial art, even though some claim to stick with one preferred system or combined to make anew.

         This here is only a stepping stone where people can fine tune there normal studies into a more open approach. In martial arts everything is borrowed by techniques, but knowing that in martial arts evolves only one way that is straight forward, for the good or bad. It may veer to the side but always protruding forward with different principles and concepts.

         Here is where everyone can share there abilities and trade off in comparison of styles, techniques and philosophies.

         Modern Martial Art Concepts are derived from multiple fighting arts. The methods are formed form different feelings coming from the assailant and the could be victim. In reality based situations it is no holds barred, no rules, no referee, just straight savage fighting for survival and/or domination. 

         The means of learning survival is just to brush up on your instinctive actions. As we all were a baby, we know automatically how to bite, pinch, pull, gouge eyes and hit sensitive areas. Though the principles behind any martial art is to fine tune your tools to have the right tool for the right time, developing attributes, to react on instinctive action with the minimal or maximum power and technique needed for the situation.

         Timing + Technique = Skill 

         In order for most people to develop skill is over time, but with practice and the minimal yet with the precise tactic with minimal training you can do the same amount of damage or even greater. Still you must have the understanding of the reasoning behind the fact and have the discipline for control.



Learn Proper – Stances & Footwork

Listed stances- Horse stance, Cat stance, twisted horse, front lead (right/left) and Bow stance; then placement of guard in positioning of arms/hands

Foot Work- Quick Advance, Pendulum Advance, Rear Advance, Side Step

Fundamentals of Punching, Kicking & Feints (the science of employing offense)                                Learn to engage & employ trapping techniques

Fundamentals of blocks, parries and destruction (the science of defense)

Learn to commence into grapping (Standing & ground)

Learn to take on multiple opponents

Learn to use improved weapons

         The Science in fighting is to be able to dissect each technique that you are able to use by understanding the principles and reasoning of employment of the techniques, which relates into concepts and principles.

         The philosophy of this is compared to the Yin & Yang theory. As in all natural relationships there is equal result from the on coming form, whether it will be from focused training and development or counter for counter of an attack. There is always evolution in tactics and skills but with the proper mind set and understanding.               

         Modern Martial Art Concepts is based off of reality, and everyday useful techniques and tactics. In this system/association, you are given the opportunity to develop your personal ways through on direct certification. In addition to any other methods learned you will be given other citations of recognition/achievement/instructor level/or rank and style

         There are different levels and certificates to achieve, but to understand one must need to know and learn. How are fights already predetermined? The one who has the most will, dedication and determination to when regardless of the nature in skill or technique but these principles.

         The different types of forms are placed in different categorizes to be taught;

1. Belt system consisting only of 5 belts and 5 degree of black belts (Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Red & Black) (longer process to be fully developed in to martial artist and full qualified instructors)

2. Directed Personal Seminar (certification)

3. Techniques formed for Street Defense or Competition (no authentication of rank or instructor to be announced)

The certificates are as follows; Certificate of Achievement, Certificate of Recognition, Certificate of Belts (1-10), Certificate of Apprentice Instructor, and Official Instructor Certificate


Values of life; Loyalty, Respect, Dedication, Will, Integrity & Honor




Okinawa Seishinryoku Karate Do - the evolution of martial arts


By Nasiakos Spyros

All Rights Reserved



Okinawa Seishinryoku Karate Do is an original Okinawan style which was created from the unison of the two schools of Okinawa Shorin Ryu – Shorei Ryu. It differs from the other karate styles and is considered the evolution of martial arts .


In its traditional part it is taught as a martial not a sport. The kata and their analysis bun-kai are dome in the old Okinawa way and they comprise an integral and living part of the training.


The competitive  part includes low kicks – standing wrestle wrestle on the ground without losing the techniques of karate. The kobudo remains a central characteristic of the history of Okinawa and the system and is taught in every belt.


The Seishinryoku Karate Do respects tradition but progresses one step further. It keeps moving onwards by creating new techniques – new ways of wrestling that accord to our modern society.