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Xideni Kuen Do

Translation:  Sidney way handles


Founder: Sídney da Silva Sousa

Year of creation: 2008

Logo meaning: JERUSALEM in the colors of the flag.

Style motto: "We do not create anything but develop something if we learn to develop in from the principles and means instead of ends, will be great possibilities for growth.” Sídney da Silva Sousa

Symbol Structure: The Xideni Kuen Do symbol that was adopted and set has every method throughout the structure assembled in this single coat, it perfectly meets all philosophy Xideni Kuen Do style From this the colors of the Jerusalem flag, it was adopted and set preferably and mainly because it can not be a style or method of Martial Arts of unusual features, but a set of different Martial Arts adapted, and so be it hybrid. Xideni Kuen Do was baptized with the name of the creator (Xideni- Sídney) not to be confused with the experience of another or any other martial art. However the style is not only to its creator and is aimed mainly offer the same experience to all who wish Martial and devote themselves, to ensure that each find your Martial Way as a fighter and life as a human being. The style is a free way to self-knowledge, the four separate arrows mean: learn, develop, implement, master, and the four arrows together mean dissolve, representing simplicity the last stage. The arrows move clockwise, the meaning of life. These are the stages of development, are progressive and continued development stages of self-development and are applied to any kind of self-knowledge is what concerns the life of the physical, mental and spiritual human being.

With great respect to the Chinese arts in general was my intention to search the personal development so the path of Sidney handles as is written and translated in simplified Chinese from various sources and has been adopted and defined in arms:

- Kuen-Do because I have had a lot of support from the Chinese knowledge for my improvement.

In what has been developed so far there is no secret and there is nothing special, what in particular is simply the fact of wanting to know more and more yourself and learn to choose wisely what might work best, and through movement and language able to translate the personal experience of true and honest way.

Goals: Developed mainly in defense situations personnel and others in urban areas, with the use or without use of bladed weapons.

System Background: As a base Main structure system is the influence of Wing Chun, Chin- Na, Jeet Kune Do, Kung fu weapons, and others who influenced the didactic form: Shaolin Chuan Tao, Boxing, Karate-Shotokan, Savate , Taekwondo, Hapkido, Muay Thay.

Description: Style category that do not have fixed forms katis, katas, or chia dsu the Xideni Kuen Do is a style that began to be developed by Sidney in 2008, the landmark of its beginning was in this same year, interesting fact occurred, watching your own notes and records of what he thought was important to you, and reviewing some personal experiences in the practice of Martial Arts, saw that developed something unique and different from any other martial art, it made adaptations of various styles of Arts martial, making his hybrid practice, that is, born a new type of combat. Sidney defines and adopts, or baptizes his particular way of fighting, your personal style on May 31, 2008 baptizes it "the Way of Mental Adaptation and Physics", then the renaming of  Xideni Kuen Do for plagiarism issues, early to be a person coming from the adversity of life, always cultivating a particular real experience.

Some of the varied styles and modalities of beginning were surveyed and studied by Sidney. They are the Kung Fu he learned from his teacher Manuel Paladin, a pioneer in the kung fu in the city of Tocantins Araguaína- between styles that greater emphasis advantage of the basic structure were Wing Chun, Shaolin Chuan Tao, and Chin-Na, Jeet kune of, Kung Fu weapons, and didactic influence of various styles of Karate, including Shotokan.Taekwondo, American Boxing, Savate, Hapkido, Muay Thai, among others. The style was basically developed on personal experience and the study still varied styles that began to build an individual fighting style. Thus, the style takes into account various kicks, punches, knees, elbows (and blows with arms), the body-to-body and chin-immobilisation.

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Translation: The Sidney Way of Energy

Country Brazil

Founder: Sídney da Silva Sousa

Creation year: 2015

Logo meaning: Body, Soul and Spirit.

Style motto: "Creativity is born of the need to evolve.”

Sídney da Silva Sousa

Structure of the symbol

The symbol of the Sidney Way of Energy that has been adopted and defined has all the system and method throughout the structure assembled in this unique coat of arms, it accurately meets the philosophy of the XIDENIKIDO style, in the colors: yellow, blue and white.

The yellow outside symbolizes the greater spiritual force (God), the blue color the minor spiritual force (soul of the man) the white symbolizes the nothingness (body - that carries a state of spirit without connection with God) that the man lives and the fighter Yellow in the middle (spirit - seeking a connection with God - the yellow outside).

Goals: Developed mainly in situations of Personal Defense and of other people in urban scope, with the use or without use of white arms.


Description: Style of the category of those who do not have fixed forms katis, katas, or chia dsu, XIDENIKIDO is a style that began to be developed by Sidney in the year 2015, the milestone of its beginning was that it was born as many others of necessity To evolve seeking both the current understanding of himself and the world around him is the founder's latest style within the results that has come.

It has in its base the influence of the method previously developed by the founder called XIDENISAODO and of traditional styles like: WING CHUN KUEN DO, TAEKWONDO, HAPKIDO, AIKIDO, JEET KUNE DO among others.

What characterizes XIDENIKIDO is, however is that in regards to techniques it is that they bring a new martial approach, different options of guard and techniques of feet and fists and a proposal of more mature philosophy firmly established in Christian spirituality.

The XIDEKIKIDO is not the same XIDENIKUENDO nor the same XIDENISAODO although starting from the same founder are different in technical content and philosophical and spiritual essence the most correct to say is that one style manifested itself from the other, through new martial experiences studying , Combining and testing for an even better result.

XIDENIKIDO follows the same line of art for real risk despite taking into account the inner part of meditation with a more Christian proposal.

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