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Pyon Moo Sul Martial Art International

Translation: Pyon Moo Sul – Master Lion`s Martial Art System

Country: Sweden Malmo

Founder: Jorgen Rasmussen

Year of Creation: 1995-1999

Style motto: Live to Learn – Learn to Live

Goals: Our goal is to become a better Martial Artist and have an open mind, by teaching respect, disciplin, good friendship and sharring our exspertice by learning from eachothers.

Description: The art is completely a self-defence system with and without weapons from different martial arts system. Critizes other system, it is only sound as an enviousness, every style have something good to learn from, it is the worst thing we can do for the martial arts, instead of critizes eachother, we should all work for the same goal as named above, and live up to them. We always encourage our members to try on other styles and learn from them and pick out techniques at fits them. We focuses on the martial artist not on money "This Is A Non Profit Martial Art System". Welcome to try us on. We have Basics – Form – Self Defence – Combat techniques & Sparring.

Website: http://web.comhem.se/jorgenrasmussen/

Email: Jorgen.rasmussen1@comhem.se





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Founder: xxx

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