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Neo Kan Ryu Karate-Do

Translation: College of New Style of the Way of the Empty Hand

Country: Argentina

Founder: José Luís López Frías

Year of creation: 1979

Logo meaning: xxx

Style motto: “xxx”

Goals: Superarce for the purity of spirit, have peace in yourself to move to others.

Background of system: Judo, Kung Fu, Taekwon-do

Description: The Neo Kan Ryu Karate-Do, consists of 99 natural techniques, ten kata (five above and five below). Five specialties, which the disciple can choose at his discretion and taste. And a wide range of techniques on the human anatomy based on levers, keys, obstacles, projections, torciones, dislocations and lethal techniques for extreme cases where the life of the artist or the result of an innocent person is involved..

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Nepal Combat Martial Arts / Khukuri (Budo-Ninjustu)

Country: Nepal

Founder: Maha Guru Dai Soke Dr.Jagdish Singh Khatri

Year of creation: Established in 1997, world registered in 2002.

In 2009 by Technical Commission of European Martial Arts Organization

In 2011 by recognized and registered in the World Registry Record of


Logo meaning: Khukuri is a symbol of Nepal, cross hands ‘X’ means India & Nepal.

Style motto: This art is originated from King Siddhartha Spiritual God – “Gautam Buddha”

founder of “Adhymic Kala” means Karma Yoga – the Art of Fighting.

In Nepalese language Budo means Old, Ninjustu means Spiritual Power.

Goal: Advisor (Regtd) IGP Motilal Bohara Kathmandu, [NEPAL POLICE]

Chief Instructor /Guru Dhan Gurung [NEPALI ARMY]



Martial Arts Literally meaning is the “Art of War” usually referred to “Fighting Art” and

system of codified practices and traditions of “Combat Martial Arts” It is a practice of

Ninjutsu, Karate, Jujitsu and other different fighting style it is simply just s a term used to

classify all of them Martial Arts known as any of several arts of Combat and Self Defence it

is a composite of method, technique, philosophy and ideology that defines system of

physical and mental.

Description: Nepal Khukuri Martial Arts is ‘Nepali Martial Arts’ style, as Nepal Combat

Military Arts System under Head Family Founder Maha Guru Dai Soke Dr.Jagdish Singh

Khatri, who introduces this Combat Arts as first “Nepali Martial Arts” to all over the world.

Website: https://facebook.com/sokejagdish









Name of style

Translation: if need

Country: xxx

Founder: xxx

Year of creation: xxx

Logo meaning: xxx

Style motto: “xxx”

Goals: xxx

Background of system: xxx

Description: xxx.

Website: xxx