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Makoto Kinjo Ryu Budo

Translation: “Sincere Neighborhood System of the Warrior Way”

Country: USA

Founder: Master Michael J. Robinson “Kinjo Sensei”

Year of creation: Formally created in 2003

Logo meaning: Integrated Five Arts-Complete logo currently in design

Style motto: “Holistic Warrior Arts”

Goals: Maintaining a combat orientated martial art (Self Preservation) while providing the student various points of initiation in order to work towards wholeness (Self perfection)

Background of system: Created as a result of Master Robinsons twenty year journey through practice in five base arts: Tang Soo Do, Kenpo, Jeet Kune Do, Juijutsu, and Ninjutsu. 

Description: The complete Art of Makoto Kinjo Ryu Budo is made up of 5 martial arts systems corresponding to the five elements of creation. We train primarily for self preservation while maintaining the path of Budo seeking self-perfection.

Website: http://www.lordkinjo.com  http://www.myspace.com/lordkinjo




logo cane fencing

Modern cane Fencing

Country: UK

Founder: James Swallow-Gaunt

Year of creation: 2016

Logo meaning: The logo shows the tradition of cane fencing

Style motto: Defence from Respect

Goals: To revive the old Victorian Martial art for Gentleman and Ladies of cane and single stick fencing

Background of system: The Modern cane fencing has been developed by BMABA committee member, Former soldier, qualified & accredited self defence instructor, Martial artist, close quarter combat instructor  and Registered British Fencing association coach and UK Grand Master J Swallow-Gaunt.

The system has taken the very effective Sabre Fencing and singlestick close quarter combat techniques taught to the Gentleman & Ladies since the Victorian era. The fencing elements are still used today by Olympic fencing athletes, cane fencing was taught in the original mixed martial art Bartitsu. Bartitsu was introduced by E.W Barton-Wright.  He taught singlestick and cane fencing in his combat laboraty in  the late 1800s.

This modern system stays true to the original etiquette of this gentlemans and ladies martial .It has been developed in alignment with the nationally recognised grading for British fencings Sabre fencing and is a great Introduction and crss over to this Olympic sport as well as being a highly effective self defence system in its own right.

Adapted this system is a great Incusive self defence system that can be taught to students with disabilities or wheel chair users.

Description: The system teaches praticial techniques that do not require years and years worth of martial arts experience and uses the science of the human physiology to deploy effective breakaway techniques.

It also teaches students to control their emotions and fear to remain in a effective emotional response to carry out the techniques to defend themselves.

All of the understanding and defensive techniques make an extremely effective fighting system.

As well as teaching the techniques the system has been designed to give all students the understanding of the use of reasonable force and the UK laws regarding the use of reasonable force in self defence.

The system teaches situational awareness, avoidance, assertiveness and conflict management skills. All the techniques are defensive techniques and are not taught are an aggressive fighting technique.

Website: http://gsdoukselfdefence.com




Translation: Mugen means Endless or Infinite , Kai meaning association.  

Country: United States but is of the Okinawan / Japanese Martial Art's  Root's

Founder : Michael Anthony Daugette 

Year of creation: 2009

Logo meaning: The outline of the crest patch represents a cherry blossom  with the Kanji of the word Mugen on the top of the crest with the words Mugenkai Karate in English on the bottom of the patch

Style motto: Endless Training , Infinite Possibilities

Goals: To form a style of Karate that  benifits everyone with knowledge and training in a realistic Combat Karate Style.                Background of system:Okanawan Japanese Styles Shorin ryu Goju ryu Shotokan and other styles.

Description: Mugenkai tries to capture the real meaning of  Karate with hard training in real methods that work in real life and not sport methods of fighting. Mugenkai is a real Combat Karate Style. Mugenkai consists of Kihon, Kata and Kumite with a real combat aspect, and practical self defense methods, also kobudo is  practiced.

Website : At the present their is no website available. 



Name of style

Translation: if need

Country: xxx

Founder: xxx

Year of creation: xxx

Logo meaning: xxx

Style motto: “xxx”

Goals: xxx

Background of system: xxx

Description: xxx.

Website: xxx