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Lethal International Fighting System (LIFTS)

Expresso Lethal Fighting System (ELFS)

Country: Nigeria

Founder: Grand Master Itigbri Ogagaoghene Jesse

Year of creation: 2012

Logo meaning: Strength, Dedication, Airborne, Swiftness

Style motto: Rejuvenating your body, mind, spirit and Knowledge


1. To create an all-round system of fighting for combatants

2. To create a complete system of fighting with only

3. To create a system of fighting without fighting

4. To unite Martial Artist together

5. To create a better understanding of the art of

Background of system: Ninjitsu, Muay-thai, Dim-Mak and Kung Fu

Description: A fighting system mostly for commandos and other military and combat oriented organizations, in which you might not necessarily need to fight your opponent, but if need be to fight, you are sure of bringing him down immediately with a strike. It involves Devastating Knockout Techniques, Yin & Yang Continuous Multiple Striking, Simple Effortless Takedowns, Joint Locks, Target Focus training, Joint Breaking & Lightning Fast Whipping Body Movements

Website: www.martialartsites.com/cmacltd