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Jihatsu-tekina Ryu Jujitsu

Meaning of logo: The red around represents blood that run in our vains witch is unity. The Dragons is spiritual. The star represents the sheal of King David. The image in the centre of the star represents Chosokabe Motochika Jihatsu-tekina means spontaneous. Ryu means Dragon, Jujitsu means gentle art, the Hebrew text means spontaneous Dragon.

Founder: Christopher Norville, student of Ramdeo Narine aka Rockey.

County: Guyana

Year found: 2020

Year established: 2021

Motto: Be spontaneous act without conscious thought.

Background: "Vee Jitsu Sanuces Ryu Jujitsu, kick boxing, kyokushin Karate, and Chinese Martial Arts (wushu)

Description: branches as follow: Jihatsu-tekina Ryu Jujitsu

Law Enforcement Unarmed Combat System. Jihatsu-tekina Ryu Jujitsu Millatray Unarmed Combat System. Jihatsu-tekina Ryu Jujitsu Secretary Unarmed Combat System. Jihatsu-tekina Ryu Jujitsu Bodyguard Unarmed Combat System.





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