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Styles and Systems in International Combat Martial Arts


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Gaijin Ryu Karate

Translation: The Foreigners School of the Empty Hand

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Founder: Professor Leonard Woplin B.N.M.A.A (hons)

Year of Creation: 1999

Style Moto: Personal Development Through The Martial Arts

Logo Meaning: The circle represents everything returning to the beginning & it’ a continual   journey of learning & development in the art. The red represents the centre of the Japanese flag & is there to remind us where the base of our art originated from. The three fans are the three approaches to Gaijin Karate self-defence Escape, Restraint, Nullify. The two Kickers are in honour of the two original Gaijin Ryu Karate Instructors.

Goals: To make the martial arts accessible to all.

Background Systems: Freestyle Karate, Traditional Karate Jitsu, Kickboxing, Japanese Ju Jitsu, Kali Arnis, Krav Maga & various grappling arts.

Description: A modern martial art with the focus on a traditional approach. Blending arts from across different parts of the world to make the student as rounded as possible while making them disciplined both mind & body & teaching them flexibility to be able to adapt to any given situation & never to give up when things are hard but to look for answers. 

Website: www.gaijin-ryu.com   



Ganghan Kwan Hapkido

Country of origin: Brazil

Founder: Cristiano Fortes

Year: 2013

Logo meaning: the symbol circle eternity our lives, the color blue symbol well, the tranquility peace.

Symbol color black, the evil, the darkness, the difficulties. Writing in korean center means Fortes, on behalf of the founder and the fact be the center spread the idea that we maintain our strong  in time of war or peace, sigla (ihfma) means – International Hapkido Fortes  Martial Art responsible by training and spreading the Ganghan Kwan Hapkido.

Goals: strengthen body and mind is preparing to overcome the difficulties of life

Back ground: hapkido, taekwondo, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, judo, ninjutsu, wing chun ,karate, kempo, kali, silat, military combat,

Description: the ganghan kwan hapkido was created through 20 years of studies of martial arts, as bearing structure as korean martial arts, including technical efficiency of other combat systems.

Objective: the disclose the system level international helping to unite the essence with modernity, joining students and new generations in the study and practice of ganghan kwan hapkido, through championships, seminars and events in general.

Website: www.cristianofortes.com



G.R.K.D: Gee-Ryu Karate - Do

Translation: Hard and soft street self-defenses

Country: Caribbean Island of St.Lucia W.I

Founder: Grand Master Paul V. Clery

Year creation: 1999

Logo meaning: The yellow ring represents the sun ,that guide our every step in life. The blue for the blue sky that have no end and so sought be our studies in life. The dragon brings the strength we need in our life's. The yin and yang black for the Grand Master and white for the Student. The red and the back Yin and Yang is for the great Supreme Grand Master of the Universe the made all Grand Master.

Style motto: to elevate the whole man.

Goals: Is to teach all young people that can not pay for training  and spread gee ryu karate all over the island.

Web page: www.geeryukaratedo.webs.com 




Translation: the symbol represents the high energy of the system which combine the art and science in one.

Country: Canada

Founder: Gerardo Armenteros, MPA

Year of Creation: 1995 (Phil) 2009 (Canada)

Logo meaning: “Gear” means a small mechanical thing that can move big objects, “Do” means method or way

Style Motto: to defend the rights and preservation of life either your own or another

Goals: to help establish the proper development of self-discipline and self-confidence with full respect to others rights to fit in the natural healthy active life

Background of System: it is a sum-up of  a research process of martial arts origin and principles

Description:  the people who practice the Gear-Do System are called “GEARDIANS”, it is a system that illustrates the principle of martial arts in relation to the Physics of Science. The founder believes that martial arts is not only an ART but also more on SCIENCE.



George’s Ketsugo Self-Defense – Oriental Fighting Arts

Translation: The Ketsugo is the true way of Harmony of Mind, Spirit & Body

Country: Philippines

Founder: George Gaspar Munoz

Year of Creation: 1988

Logo Meaning: Represent a Budo Warrior, dedication & discipline.

Style Motto: I will only use my knowledge in Ketsugo Art in extremely danger situation and to depend my love ones in the case of self – defense.

Goal: To preserve & spread to the world international, it is one of the most complete workable to all students / individuals most complete & useful fighting arts for all ages both health & self –defense.

Background of System: The Ketsugo (True Way Of Harmony) Personal Combat System is a pragmatic form of Self-Defense which is in constant evolution & comprises of the best workable techniques (To Suit Each Student) & best effective in street defense or any situation extracted from Japanese, Chinese, & Philippine Martial arts being practiced & studied.

Description: Ketsugo is a combination of multiple techniques of fighting arts of the orient & healthful physical arts & very effective forms of self defense exciting to practice & see in action in street defense and builders of self confidence.




Gojuki Jitsu Ju Jitsu

Country: Greece and UK

Founder: Hanshi Andrew Paul Weston 9th Dan Matsubyashi Kyushu Jutsu,

9th Dan Gojuki Jitsu Ju Jitsu, Founder, Head Instructor, Head Examiner, Grand Master.

Year Created: Created between 1980 - 1996. Registered in 1997

Logo Meaning: *Background represents the country of origin of the founder.

*On the background are the characters for ‘Gojuki Jitsu

*Above the characters is the symbol ‘Ying/Yang’ representing what the style is aiming to achieve in its balance of those elements.

* The gates represent the doorways to achieving balance in Both ‘go’ and ‘ju’ *

Style Motto: React don’t think. (Mushin No Shin).

Goals: To make a dynamic, fluid, system available to all

Background: Developed to return to the provision of a ‘complete’ art, involving

Defence/offence - strikes/kicks - closing/takedowns - fitness - Throws/groundwork

Description: Non profit making schools designed to offer local communities a place to learn and increase fitness and awareness.

Web-site: www.bude-gojuki-jitsu-ju-jitsu.co.uk



Name of style

Translation: if need

Country: xxx

Founder: xxx

Year creation: xxx

Logo meaning: xxx

Style motto: “xxx”

Goals: xxx

Background of system: xxx

Description: xxx.

Website: xxx