International Combat Martial Arts Encyclopedia

Styles and Systems in International Combat Martial Arts


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Elemental Combatives and Self Defense

Country: USA     

Founder: Chief Instructor Patrick A. Mechem

Year of creation: 1999

Logo meaning: It speaks for it's self

Style motto: Peace through superior abilities, only the victor can grant mercy

Goals: To make people safer, and confident through Combatives training

Background of system: Military Combatives, Boxing, Jujitsu, Knife and Stick Fighting

Description: Large motor skills, Military in nature, adapts to the individual 

Website: None as of now, coming soon





Esoteric Combative Concepts

Country: United States

Founder: Marvin J. Utterback

Year of creation: 2012

Motto: Move as water

Background: This is a combination of Hapkido, Aikido, Jujitsu, Kali and pressure point arts.



Name of style

Translation: if need

Country: xxx

Founder: xxx

Year of creation: xxx

Logo meaning: xxx

Style motto: “xxx”

Goals: xxx

Background of system: xxx

Description: xxx.

Website: xxx