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Dario Fleita’s Shinshindo-Kai Karate

Translation: SHINSHINDO-KAI: (Art or Way of the Mind, Body and Spirit), KAI: (express team spirit, team organization or association). KARATE: (Way or Art of the Empty Hand)

Country: Argentina, Corrientes (Capital).

Founder: Shihan Dario Andres Fleita

Year of establishment: 28 October 2002

Logo meaning: PART 1: The color white represents the innocence of the disciple as the beginner who has no prior knowledge of SHINSHINDO-KAI KARATE.

PART 2: The red color represents the SEITO sempai (elder brother student, instructor). As it represents the danger that the student requests RENSHUSEI, exercising control, and advise their opponents away. PART 3: The color black represents the sempai, Sensei, Shihan (instructor, teacher, teacher). As it represents the opposite of white, ie the maturity and knowledge KARATE SHINSHINDO-KAI, also shows the unpredictability of darkness and fear. PART 4: The blue color that is located in the outer contour represents some of the patriotic colors of the national flag Argentina. PART 5: Representing the students, trainees, students, teachers, professors and teachers from the Association Shinshindo-Kai Karate School. PART 6: The Japanese KANJI letters, the first four SHINSHINDO-KAI (art or way of the mind, body and spirit) KAI (express team spirit, team organization or association) PART 7: The last two means Karate (empty hand). STUDENTS - DANISH black belt: The dragon is the symbolic meaning of victory. STUDENTS - KYU ribbon that: Under the El Tigre to feel the enemy. This is called KOTEKI RYUDA, meaning that when the Tiger attack, the dragon replied.

Style theme: Absorb what is useful and reject what is useless.
Goals: To Shinshindo-Kai is recognized worldwide.

Background of system: combination of: Naha-Te, Shuri-Te,  Tomari-Te. Karate Shotokan, Shorin Ryu, Goju Ryu, Kyokushinkai, Kobudo, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, MMA, Jiujitsu.

Description: SHINSHINDO-KAI is the name of a style of traditional Karate-Do and contact, characterized by maintaining its essence as Budo or "Martial Way." The Shinshindo-kai is a unique style that is based on realism for the development of truly effective system of combat and self-defense, but that in turn includes all the important elements of Eastern philosophy themselves, resulting in an integral way development of human capabilities through the path of Karate.

Website: www.freewebs.com/shinshindo-kai-karate-association



Deccanryu Ninjutsu

Translation: Deccan School of Ninjutsu

Country: India

Founder: Soke Muneera Jahan

Year of Creation: 2009

Background of System: Togakurae Ryu Ninjutsu

Description: Deccanryu Ninjutsu is the modification of Togakurae Ryu Ninjutsu with some Indian Weapons in addition to the traditional Ninjutsu weapons. It is the modernized version of Ninjutsu and it is especially designed for women self defence on INDIAN STREETS.

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Founder: xxx

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