International Combat Martial Arts Encyclopedia

Organizations and Schools in International Combat Martial Arts


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Yaakoubd Accademia del Guerriero

Country: Alba Adriatica in Italy

Founder: name and title in the organization.

Goals: we offer fight training, fitness training, personal training for all levels from complete beginners to professional fighters.

Styles: Muay thai, MMA , Kickboxing,  self defence & Muay Boran

Description: Our classes are divided into three levels, advanced, intermediate and base.


Yamabushi - SHOBU

Translation: Martial Arts school section

Country: Poland

Founder: Sebastian Westrych - founder

Year of founding: 2012

Logo meaning: mountains in the distance recalls that school are in the mountains (southern Poland).

person in the middle - martial arts master

kanji right-hand side - mean karate-do

kanji left-hand side - mean jiu jitsu

Organization motto: “always fight to the end”.

Goals: train children that they were the masters

Styles: jiu-jitsu and karate

Description: we train jiu-jitsu on the judo base, with karate elements.

Strength,stretch and acrobatic training.

Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Shobu/437938756251752



Yom Chi Do Kwan

Founder: Master William Stephen