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Organizations and Schools in International Combat Martial Arts


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World Association of Martial Arts

Country: Iran

Founder: Farshid Heydari

Website: www.wuma.webs.com


World Bredan Fou Martial Arts Federation

Translation: World Fighting way of Black Panther Federation

Country: Pakistan

Founder: Grand Master Rizwan Hussain.

Year of founding: Jan 2006.

Logo meaning: -

Organization motto: -

Goals: The motive of World Bredan Fou Martial Arts Federation (WBMF) is to promote new Martial Arts Breden Fou and purpose of this Federation is to provide a platform to the masters of the world of all martial arts styles to interchange their views and the problems they face to promote any martial arts style.

Styles: As we appreciate all styles of Martial Arts therefore we invite every real martial artists.Karate, Kung Fu, freestyle, kickboxing, Kenpo and a host of other martial arts have been able to compete in this impartial, equitable, world renowned collective of martial arts styles and forms.

Description: World Bredan Fou Martial Arts Federation is arranged to know the techniques of every martial arts among each other, to point out the mistakes and the improvements that must be taken place. his organization will arrange world seminars and will invite the masters of all martial arts styles which will be registered with this Federation to perform their styles and to share their views.

Website: www.bredanfou.com www.wbmf.page.tl



World International Escort Ranger Martial Arts Organization

Country: Iran

Founder: Farshid Heydari


World Sport Kickboxing Federation (SKF)

Country: Iran

Founder: Grand Master Abbas Zandi, President of Organization

Year of founding: 2000

Logo meaning: The eagle in SKF is a symbol of power, freedom and authority

Organization motto: We must learn not to be a cloud if we are not a star to stop the stars from shining

Styles:  Face Contact, No Face Contact, Self Defense, Ring Fight. Sport Kickboxing (SKF) A set of 80% kickboxing 20% combination of karate techniques including self-defense techniques of various standing postures and a number of throwing and locking techniques adapted from Judo, Jujitsu and Aikido.

Goals: The World Sport Kickboxing Federation (SKF) is proud to respect and believe in all the beliefs of people in different parts of the world has been able to provide a new system of kickboxing with correct and logical rules at different levels of training and competitions beginner, intermediate, advanced and interested marshal art seekers in courses of any style can fill their technical, tactical and competition gaps.





World Kickboxing Muay Thai Federation

Country: Iran

Founder: Mohammad Reza Faraji President

Year of founding: 2009

Organization motto: Combat community solidarity

Goals: Competitions of martial, Promote the martial art

Styles:  kickboxing, muay thai

Website:  www.wkmfederation.com



Logo Organizacji WPKO

World Polish Kenpo Organization

World Polish Kenpo Organization

Country: Poland.

Founder: soke Adam Jurczakowski, President.

General Secretary: sensei Agnieszka Ciesielska.

Year of creation: 2016.

Style motto: Veni Vidi Deus Vicit.

Goals: Practicing and propagating Polish Kenpo and teaching real self-defense.           

Style: Polish Kenpo.

Website : www.polkenpo.blogspot.com