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Sambo Club, Berane

Description: Established 11.12.2010 in Berane. The register of sports organizations Montenegro Directorate for Youth and Sports was enrolled on 26.01.2011 in book No. V, numbered 9/11.

The first performance of this club racers, the 8 May 2011 on the championship in Podgorica where he won 7 medals (gold), and then in August (08/14/2011) organized samba clubs,, Berane,,,, Montenegro Sambo Cup Berane , 2011, won seventeen medals and 12 gold and 5 September srebrenih.U member of our club Gagovic Sladjana Savic and Predrag performances for the national team of Montenegro on the Balkan Championship held in the Bulgarian city of Sliven where they both 30.09.2011.Na in third place in their respective categories.

In November, organized by Sambo club Berane in Bijelo Polje, an international Sambo Championship EX YUGOSLAVIA in which we won eight medals and two silver zlatne.2 and 4 bronze.

2012 year.





06.16.2012-nineteenth international championship martial arts-MONTANA BULGARIA



COACH sambo clubs BERANE ZARKO JANKOVIC becoming a professional in the discipline BALKAN CHAMPION MARTIAL ARTS AND KOMBAT bringing the first championship belt town of Berane-to remind you that this event is organized with the approval of the European and World Budo Martial Arts Federation, the game was attended by President of the European Budo Martial Arts Federation Soke Zico Becanovic with collaborators from Austria, Hungary, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia ...







Samurai Academy System (SAS)

Country: Indonesia

Founder: Shidoshi David Cahyanto

Year of founding: 2006

Logo meaning: The black round shape mean that all member must have strong will to reach their goals. Red color symbolize the courage and spirit in bujutsu training. The kanji writing for “BU” in the center mean the power to maintain peace, while the leaves on both sides represent warrior virtue.

Organization motto: “Practical and Applicable Martial Art”.

Goals: Creating modern budoka with traditional warrior virtues.

Styles: Taijutsu, Goshin Jutsu, Kenjutsu, Tanto Jutsu, Bo Jutsu.

Description: Samurai Academy System is bujutsu organization which teach unified empty hand and weaponry style. We accept both male and female students from children to adult. Our system is very practical and applicable for any self defense situation. We never tell the students to memorize tehniques, we simply ask them to understand and follow their intuition. In this way, most of our students are capable for defending themselves and keep the traditional warrior virtues as their guidance.

Website: www.samuraiacademy.multiply.com : Facebook page “Samurai Academy System”


Asociación Venezolana de Sanjal Uiam Kempo

Translation: Venezuelan Association of Sanjal Uiam Kempo.

Country: Venezuela.

Founder: Jesus Ernesto Hernandez Maldonado, President.

Year of founding: 2008.

Logo meaning: The Sanjal Uiam Kempo logo is made up of a cross with arrows at the tips. A ying-yang of four drops in the center. All enclosed within a diamond. Some fist simplifications at the bottom. The four points of the cross have several meanings. The most general is expansion. The infinite search for happiness, knowledge, self-improvement as a human being and as a member of society. Each point also represents each of the four elements: heaven, earth, fire and water. Respectively it also means wisdom, love, courage and friendship. The four points of the emblem represent many aspects of our martial art. The Sanjal was originally formed by four instructors. This martial art was influenced by four styles or currents of martial arts at its inception. There are four philosophical objectives in Sanjal, four forms of training, four fighting distances, etc. The ying-yang of four drops, represents the continuous movement of the Sanjal Uiam. In other words, the continuous evolution of the art. It is also the main symbol of the Uiam, the family and symbol of union. The fists at the bottom represent the fundamental fist of the Sanjal Uiam Kempo. In this art the fists are mainly vertical. Not horizontal like in modern boxing and karate and many other martial arts. Colors also have their meaning. Reflected in the logo and in the uniform, black represents a very strong and deep base. The blue the water, the flexibility. We are able to quickly adapt to any situation we face with our well-founded principles.

Organization motto: “Being like water”.

Goals: Promote, support and sustain the development, practice, study, teaching, research, systematization and dissemination of the martial arts, fighting systems and methods, both autochthonous and foreign and eclectic, and preserve them as sources and promoters of knowledge and physical, physiological, cognitive, psycho-emotional, social and cultural human development.

Styles: Sanjal Uiam Kempo, but any organization is welcome since one of the goals is the spreading of martial art language independent of the style.

Description: The AVSU is the governing association of the Venezuelan martial art called Sanjal Uiam. In spite that the AVSU is the governing   organization of Sanjal Uiam its main objective is the diffusion of martial arts knowledge independently of the martial art. The Association  achieves this by organizing workshops, courses, awards, talks, demonstrations and other  in acupuncture, anatomy for martial artists, intermartial art kicking techniques and strategies, self-defense, kenjutsu, meditation, Canarian martial art basics, mass attack self-deffense, etc.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/sanjaluiam.



Country : Mexico
Founder :  Mario González

Senshi No Ken Budo

"Warrior fist Martial Arts"

Country: United Kingdom

Founder: name and title in the organization: Master James Swallow-Gaunt Founder and head Instructor

Year of founding: 2015

Logo meaning: the fist indicates the Warrior the spear head and Sword indicates a show of force towards the enemy

Organization motto: “Evil to them who Evil Does.

Goals: Promote Respect for Ourselves and others whilst protecting Ourselves and Others

Styles: Military unarmed combat Senshi No ken Budo Real Aikido

Description: The Shenshi No Ken Budo system or Warrior fist Martial Art has been developed by Former soldier, qualified & accredited self defence instructor, Martial artist and close quarter combat instructor Master J Swallow-Gaunt.

The system has taken the very effective close quarter combat techniques taught to the British Army since world war 2 and that are stilled used today by British Army commandos, The WE Fairbairn and Skyes fighting system. With added techniques, locks and restraints taught in Ju Jitsu and Aikido it is an extremely effective system. It has been developed in alignment with the nationally recognised btec Breakaway self defence and physical intervention training that is delivered to both the private security sector and Police, Prison services and NHS trusts. The system teaches practical techniques that do not require years and years worth of martial arts experience and uses the science of the human physiology to deploy effective breakaway techniques. It also teaches students to control their emotions and fear to remain in a effective emotional response to carry out the techniques to defend themselves. All of the understanding and defensive techniques make an extremely effective fighting system.

Spirit. All instructors, students and members are required to understand the Shensei No Ken Budo system is purely a defensive discipline which must never be used to promote or provoke violence. Aggression must only be used when faced with Aggression and the response must alway be reasonable and proportionate.

The takes into account is aligned with UK law regarding self defence and the use of reasonable.

Our syllabus has been developed to ensure maximum effectiveness to ensure students can defend themselves.

The Shensei No Ken Budo system can only be used to defend yourself, your family, property, prevent injury or the loss of life, prevent crime and defend others when it is needed.

Website: www.gsdoukselfdefence.com


Shito-Ryu Oka-Kai

Country: United States of America

Founder Michael J. Oka

Founded: October 3, 2014

The Emblem utilized by our Dojo is the Mabuni Family Crest and is synonymous with Shito-Ryu.

The Kanji in the center means “Oka” noting our branch of Shito-Ryu.

Organization Motto “Victory”


Kenwa Mabuni said, “The karate that has been introduced to Tokyo is actually just a part of the whole. The fact that those who have learnt karate there feel it only consists of kicks & punches, and that throws & locks are only to be found in judo or jujutsu, can only be put down to a lack of understanding ... Those who are thinking of the future of karate should have an open mind and strive to study the complete art.”

Shito-Ryu in its various incarnations has become a very sports oriented Karate.

This was never the intention of Mabuni Sensei for his Karate.

The primary goal of Shito-Ryu Oka-Kai is to put back in practice many of the facets of Karate that were removed during its ongoing evolutions. In our hope to restore the missing components of this style of Karate, Shito-Ryu Oka-Kai practices under the tenets of Koryu-Budo, rather than Gendai-Budo. It is our goal to restore the practice of The Old Martial Way, instructing students in the core principals of Shito-Ryu, and stripping the convoluted sports martial arts aspects away from Shito-Ryu.

Styles: Karate

Description: Shito-Ryu Oka-Kai teaches the same Kata, and Kihon as Seito Shito-Ryu, however the Kumite applications are taught for the purpose of practical application as it applies in hostile situations. Applications of Kihon, Bunkai, and Kumite are more aggressive, as our students do not practice for tournament. Students learn the weight, and responsibility of Karate, and when and when not to use it.







Shojukempo International Martial Arts Association ( Shoju-kempo ryu )
Country :USA
Founder: Professor Larry S.L.Martin

Year of Creation
Logo meaning : the white back round shape means " purity " of all members. the
RED sun stands for the heart and soul of the members the Yin & Yang stands for the
soft & hard and the chinese influnce. the kanji wrighting " Shoto kan " which is the
Associations foundation!
Style moto :  Discipline & Respect
Goals : Seek Perfection of character
Background System : Traditional Shotokan Karate-do, Okinawan Hawaiian Shaolin Kempo, Aiki-jujitsu, Kobudo ryu.

Description : R.I.Shotokan Karate-do Shoju-kempo ryu is a traditional ryu of Karate-do teaching young men and women of all ages the true meaning of Karate-do on a Accademic level, helping our young people to learn about one self!
Website :  http://shojukempointernational.intlryukyukai.com/



Sport Martial Arts League, SMAL

Country: Belarus

Chairman: Grandmaster Alexander Maltabarov

Year of founding: 1995

Styles: Tong Il Kwan Tang Soo Do, Shotokan Karate-Do, Taekwon-Do, Self-defense, open to other styles of Martial Arts.

Goals: preservation of martial arts traditions and the further martial arts development.

Short description: non-profit organization for combat and sport oriented martial artists. Trainings, seminars, courses, promotion tests, festivals, martial arts sport competitions.

Website: www.lsbi.info/en/.



Name of organization

Translation: if need.

Country: xxxx

Founder: name and title in the organization.

Year of founding: xxxx

Logo meaning: xxx.

Organization motto: “xxxx”.

Goals: xxxx.

Styles: xxxx.

Description: xxxx.

Website: xxxx.