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Ninpo Defense Center

Ninpo Go-Shin Ryu

Translation – Self Perseverance School of Self defense

Country – USA

Founder – Sensei Tyler Ballek

Year of creation – 2008 thru 2009

Logo meaning – The Five levels / Elements in the Godai methodology

Style Moto – “Heart over Blade” 

Goals"Bringing Balance and Direction to Lives through Community, Diversity, Fitness, and the Martial                 Arts"

Back Ground of System – Created as a result of Sensei Ballek’s 16 yrs of martial arts studies, in Ninpo Taijutsu,  Go-shin Jutsu,  and Okinawan Karate.

Description - Our Martial Arts program is a comprehensive self-defense system. We emphasize realistic self-defense and accordingly advocate training with multiple partners of various sizes and body types. We will give you the most functional training possible so you will be able to go home safely.

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Nikko Sung Jitsu Ryu

Translation:   Nikko Calm Art Way”

Country:  United States

Founder’s name and title in the organization:  Reynardo “Nikko” Gutierrez, Soke, 7th Dan

Year of Founding:  2010

Logo Meaning:  “Tranquility in Calm Budo

Organizational Motto: “Peaceful Defensive Way”

Styles:     Tae Kwon Do Mattias Fighting Systems
              Chow Gar and Chaujia Praying Mantis
              Wing Chun
              Tao Chiba Kai
              Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu
              Eagle-Kai Sankido Ryu-Ninjutsu

              Baguazhang Kung Fu


Description:  Nikko Sung Jitsu Ryu was developed from the defense principles and philosophies of several martial arts disciplines, Nikko Sung Jitsu Ryu is a reality based fighting (RBF) system based on the traditions of "empty hand" or Karate-Do, coined a "Common Sense Self-Defense concept". It's lineage dating back to years of old traditions of the above disciplines:

Website:  In development will provide when fully established.



Name of organization

Translation: if need.

Country: xxxx

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