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Organizations and Schools in International Combat Martial Arts


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Mandujano Chung Do Kwan - TKD

Founder: Karim Alberto Pitti Atencio

Funded: 2003

Values: Balance, Discipline, and Honor

Style: Chung Do Kwan




Masters Of Freestyle Martial Arts

Country: UK

Founder: Grand Master Thomas Daw t

Year of founding: 2013

Logo meaning: -

Organization motto: -

Goals: To enable people to learn self-defense from home at a low cost. To gain a global following.

Styles: Kung Fu, Karate, Weapons, Easy Martial Arts, Global Combat System

Description: -

Website: http://tdaw23.wix.com/mfmasociety



Missouri Aikido Association (MAA)

Country: USA, State of Missouri

Founder: Larry D. Johnson, Sensei title in the organization.  Founder/President

Year of founding: 2005

Logo meaning: 360 degree

Organization motto: “show me” or “teach me”

Goals: Provide life membership and Seminars.

Styles: Aikido / Aiki Jujitsu

Description: Shinko Kaiten Aikido

Website: http://www.orgsites.com/mo/missouri_aikido_association_maa.com/index.html





Name of organization

Translation: if need.

Country: xxxx

Founder: name and title in the organization.

Year of founding: xxxx

Logo meaning: xxx.

Organization motto: “xxxx”.

Goals: xxxx.

Styles: xxxx.

Description: xxxx.

Website: xxxx.