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Kokoro Ki Karada International Organization of Martial Arts and Massotherapy Service

Country: International, Guyana, South America

Founder: Grandmaster, Dr. Stephen Michael Monasingh, MD; Ph D MA; CFM – 10th Dan Hanshi.

Year of founding: 1963

Logo meaning: The Japanese Character means “DO” = “The Way” and is interpreted as “The Way, The Truth and The Light to the Godhead” ; The Flame above “DO” represents “The Heavenly Light”.

Style: Shin Kai Do (True Way Harmony) Personal Combat System (Founded in 1975)

Short Description of Organization: A democratic and non-profit Organization practicing a pragmatic form of Martial Arts that was born out of the necessity for personal defense during the worst ever ethnical violence in Guyana that claimed many innocent lives. The Shin Kai Do (True Way Harmony) Personal Combat System is always in transition to adapt to changing situations that utilizes the best workable techniques of Internal Energy extracted from Martial Arts Systems practiced/researched by GM, Dr. Monasingh and tailored to suit the practicioner.

Web site: http://www.martialartslive.com/Hanshi


Kung Fu Thai Boxing

Country: Iran

Founder:  Hossein Ezzati

Year of founding: 2010

Logo meaning: The fist shows the power, the fire flame shows piece, snakes are the landmarks of the founder’s local place, and the earth indicates that this style wants to bring power and piece to the world.

Organization motto: Be secret, be aware, be wise.

Goals: Promoting human physical ability as well as mind ability, promoting martial art, manifesting human secret power and releasing from weakness and oppression.

Styles: Kung Fu Thai Boxing.

Description: Kung Fu Thai Boxing is attacking, defending, and fighting based martial art containing 99670 unique techniques, 23 fighting levels. The techniques are the secrets of the nature for defending and attack. This is a democratic sport with respect to all styles and fields. The highest level of fighting in Kung Fu Thai Boxing is Blood shall. The exercises and techniques make human body powerful and impermeable.

Website: http://kungfu-tb.com/



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