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George’s Ketsugo Self-Defense – Oriental Fighting Arts

Translation:  The Ketsugo is the true way of Harmony of Mind, Spirit & Body

Country: Philippines

Founder: George Gaspar Munoz

Title: 5th Degree Blackbelt Master Instructor & Examiner, Founder & President

Year of Creation: 1988

Logo Meaning: The Hombu for Self – Defense As A Combat Oriental Style.                                                     

Organization Motto: I will uphold the bylaws of the Ketsugo & preserve & spread the style & to teach & promote individuals of the art of Self – Defense.

Goal: To preserve & spread Ketsugo Self –Defense – Oriental Fighting Arts, it is one of the most complete workable to all students / individuals most complete & useful fighting arts for all ages both health & self –defense.

Styles: The Ketsugo (True Way Of Harmony) Personal Combat System Is A Pragmatic Form Of Self-Defense which is in constant evolution & comprises of the best workable techniques (To Suit Each Student) & best effective in street defense or any situation extracted from Japanese, Chinese, & Philippine Martial arts being practiced & studied.

Description: Small non profit dojo George’s Ketsugo Self – Defense – Oriental Fighting Arts is providing self-defense classes that will help people to learn the key to mental & physical discipline.

Email: nokoka5@yahoo.com.ph 


Gurobaru Kenkyujo Bujutsu

Translation: Global Institute of Martial Arts

Country: India

Founder: Soke Syed Abdul Mueed (Grandmaster).

Year of founding: 2010

Organization motto: “Spreading Martial Arts Awareness among the youth”.

StylesBudokan, Hosinshu, Jujutsu, Kabodo, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Ninjutsu, Shanzoe, Shigaisenjutsu, Shotokan, Taekowndo, Yudhkala.

Website: www.gkb-india.tk

Gojuki Jitsu Ju Jitsu

Translation: Go - Hard/Direct , more aggressive techniques

Ju -  Soft/Passive , gentler more flexible techniques

Ki -  Harmony/Balance of the two elements as required

Jitsu - The art represented by the skilful harmony of the above.                                                           

Country: Greece and UK

Founder: Hanshi Andrew Paul Weston 9th Dan Matsubyashi Kyushu Jutsu,

9th Dan Gojuki Jitsu Ju Jitsu, Founder, Head Instructor, Head Examiner, Grand Master.

Year Created: Created between 1980 - 1996. Registered in 1997

Logo Meaning: *Background represents the country of origin of the founder.

*On the background are the characters for ‘Gojuki Jitsu’

*Above the characters is the symbol ‘Ying/Yang’ representing what the style is aiming to achieve in its balance of those elements.

* The gates represent the doorways to achieving balance in both ‘go’ and ‘ju’

Styles: Gojuki Jitsu Ju Jitsu

Style Motto: React don’t think. (Mushin No Shin).

Goals: To make a dynamic, fluid, system available to all

Background: Developed to return to the provision of a ‘complete’ art, involving

Defence/offence - strikes/kicks - closing/takedowns - fitness - throws/groundwork

Description: Non profit making schools designed to offer local communities a

place to learn and increase fitness and awareness.

e-mail: Hanshi Andrew Weston - andrewwestongjkj97@yahoo.com

Website: www.bude-gojuki-jitsu-ju-jitsu.co.uk




Name of organization

Translation: if need.

Country: xxxx

Founder: name and title in the organization.

Year of founding: xxxx

Logo meaning: xxx.

Organization motto: “xxxx”.

Goals: xxxx.

Styles: xxxx.

Description: xxxx.

Website: xxxx.