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George’s Ketsugo Self-Defense – Oriental Fighting Arts

Translation:  The Ketsugo is the true way of Harmony of Mind, Spirit & Body

Country: Philippines

Founder: George Gaspar Munoz

Title: 5th Degree Blackbelt Master Instructor & Examiner, Founder & President

Year of Creation: 1988

Logo Meaning: The Hombu for Self – Defense As A Combat Oriental Style.                                                     

Organization Motto: I will uphold the bylaws of the Ketsugo & preserve & spread the style & to teach & promote individuals of the art of Self – Defense.

Goal: To preserve & spread Ketsugo Self –Defense – Oriental Fighting Arts, it is one of the most complete workable to all students / individuals most complete & useful fighting arts for all ages both health & self –defense.

Styles: The Ketsugo (True Way Of Harmony) Personal Combat System Is A Pragmatic Form Of Self-Defense which is in constant evolution & comprises of the best workable techniques (To Suit Each Student) & best effective in street defense or any situation extracted from Japanese, Chinese, & Philippine Martial arts being practiced & studied.

Description: Small non profit dojo George’s Ketsugo Self – Defense – Oriental Fighting Arts is providing self-defense classes that will help people to learn the key to mental & physical discipline.

Email: nokoka5@yahoo.com.ph 


Global Military Training Academy

is a friendship organisation for members of the Military forces(Armed-Unarmed) whether in employment or retired, and without distinction as to rank, position, gender, race, language or religion. We have around 1,200,000 members in nearly 130 countries, of which 2000 are affiliated National Sections, and

We are a non-governmental organisation, and our aims are to create and strengthen bonds of friendship between members of the Military services, promote international cooperation in social, cultural and professional fields, encourage peaceful co-existence between peoples and preservation of world peace, improve the public image of the Global Military Training Academy and enhance recognition of the GMTA by Global bodies.

The GMTA is committed to the principles as set out in the United Nations as adopted by the United Nations in 2000,and approved by various military organizations & the civilian world and also other official and informal organizations in the international.The GMTA has educational and specialized activities for  Military & people around the world &composed of these parts(IAA,IPA,IBGA,ISGA,IKSA).



Gurobaru Kenkyujo Bujutsu

Translation: Global Institute of Martial Arts

Country: India

Founder: Soke Syed Abdul Mueed (Grandmaster).

Year of founding: 2010

Organization motto: “Spreading Martial Arts Awareness among the youth”.

StylesBudokan, Hosinshu, Jujutsu, Kabodo, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Ninjutsu, Shanzoe, Shigaisenjutsu, Shotokan, Taekowndo, Yudhkala.

Website: www.gkb-india.tk


Gojuki Jitsu Ju Jitsu

Translation: Go - Hard/Direct , more aggressive techniques

Ju -  Soft/Passive , gentler more flexible techniques

Ki -  Harmony/Balance of the two elements as required

Jitsu - The art represented by the skilful harmony of the above.                                                           

Country: Greece and UK

Founder: Hanshi Andrew Paul Weston 9th Dan Matsubyashi Kyushu Jutsu,

9th Dan Gojuki Jitsu Ju Jitsu, Founder, Head Instructor, Head Examiner, Grand Master.

Year Created: Created between 1980 - 1996. Registered in 1997

Logo Meaning: *Background represents the country of origin of the founder.

*On the background are the characters for ‘Gojuki Jitsu’

*Above the characters is the symbol ‘Ying/Yang’ representing what the style is aiming to achieve in its balance of those elements.

* The gates represent the doorways to achieving balance in both ‘go’ and ‘ju’

Styles: Gojuki Jitsu Ju Jitsu

Style Motto: React don’t think. (Mushin No Shin).

Goals: To make a dynamic, fluid, system available to all

Background: Developed to return to the provision of a ‘complete’ art, involving

Defence/offence - strikes/kicks - closing/takedowns - fitness - throws/groundwork

Description: Non profit making schools designed to offer local communities a

place to learn and increase fitness and awareness.

e-mail: Hanshi Andrew Weston - andrewwestongjkj97@yahoo.com

Website: www.bude-gojuki-jitsu-ju-jitsu.co.uk




Name of organization

Translation: if need.

Country: xxxx

Founder: name and title in the organization.

Year of founding: xxxx

Logo meaning: xxx.

Organization motto: “xxxx”.

Goals: xxxx.

Styles: xxxx.

Description: xxxx.

Website: xxxx.