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Federacao De Karate Dos Estilos Okinawanos E Lutas Associadas Do Distrito Federal FKEO DF

Country: Brazil

Leader: Jose Vieira Da Silva

Year of founding: -

Logo meaning: -.

Organization motto: “-”.

Goals: -.

Styles: Karate E Lutas Associadas Do Distrito Federal.

Description: -.

Website: http://www.fkeodf.com.br/



Fédération Internationale Karaté Org. Kyokushin KaiKan Shinbudo

founder and president kancho eric lamoureux

Country: Canada

Founder: Kancho Eric Lamoureux

Devise: Canadian.

Year of founding: 2013

Logo meaning: -.

Organization motto: “-”.

Goals: promote Martial Arts

Styles: Kyokushin Shinbudo

Description: Mix Kyokushinkai Karate New Budo Mix Martial Arts

website : http://kyokushinshinbudocanada.sitego.fr/



Filipino Kombat Martial Arts (FILKOMA)

Country: United State Of America.

Founder Name: Cesar B. Mendez, 4th Dan Black Belt, Ju-Jitsu; 3rd Dan Black Belt, Karate; Lakan, Arnis De Mano.      

Year of Founding: 2009.        

Member: International Combat Martial Arts Union Association - ICMAUA

Styles: Kombat Martial Arts

Description: A comprehensive self-defense system emphasize realistic kombat techniques that will help people to learn effective discipline for the development, integration, and utilization of all man's powers, physical and mental (spiritual).

Code of Ethics:  observance of courtesy and discipline; practice of humility; marks of trusportmanship; respect for tradition

Creed: God first above all, pursuit moral discipline among men and sportmanship on martial arts.



First Round Knockout Mixed Martial Arts Fight Militia

Country: South Africa

Founder: Sensei Christof Engelbrecht - Founder and Head

Year Founded: 2007/01/12

Logo Meaning: Red Inner – Remembrance of the early struggle of Hybrid/Mixed Martial Arts as a Sport. Blue Inner – Peace of mind in Mastering MMA as a Self-defense Technique. White Inner Grapplers – We do MMA for the love of fighting. White border of Cage – Keep it inside the Ring/Cage. Cage wires – No boundaries/Rules must be broken. Red inner words with white border – Keep you’re aggression in control.

Motto: Train Hard – Fight Easy!

Goals: To become the number 1 choice for Professional Martial Artist in South Africa.

Styles: Kickboxing, K1, Low Kicks, Muaythai, Extreme Striking, Grappling & MMA Cage Fighting.

Description: Professional Martial Arts Management & Promotional Services. We manage and promote Professional Martial Artist on an International Scene to various International Organizations. Develop Amateur Fighters in their Endeavour in reaching their goals.

Website: www.firstroundko.webs.com