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Translation: Estonian Combat Martial Arts Association

Country: Estonia

Founder : Master Maidu Niitmets

Year of creation: 2013

Logo meaning: Protect and Serve

Background of system: Hapkido, Ju Jutsu, Muay Thai , Self Defense System and various personal experiences in Hand-to Hand Combat.

Descriptions: Traditional based system for modern times. Priority is the development of self defense ability, defensive and combat tactics, and through training the development of self confidence and our attitudes, Respect, Discipline, Honour, Courage and Loyalty Student also take part on any type of competition, such as fighting and forms, with and without weapons, as well as self defense.


Eco Do Dojo

(Ecological Way Dojo)

Country: Latvia

Founder: Dr. Mihails Pupinsh

Founded: 1982

Logo meaning: The Hombu Dojo for Eco Do Kempo Karate as a combat oriented style.

Motto: "The mind is one with Heaven and Earth" (1st Poem of Bubishi).

Style: Eco Do Kempo Karate

Goals: self-defense, realization of Bubishi principles.

Description: small non-profit under-ground Dojo, is traditionally under-ground since it's illegal creating in Soviet Union occupation time in Latvia (Karate was forbidden by Soviet laws). Not more of 8 students; no sports events; combat oriented; many situational trainings and sparring.


ecspert 74

Country: France

Founder: Frederic Paezkiewiecz, director.

Year of founding: 2011

Logo meaning: circle energy

Goals: Courses / Development in physical training and combatives martial arts

Styles: Sambo – Combat Russe  – Combat Kempo / Combat Jujitsu – Jeet Kune Do

Description: seminars, certification course, international cursus

Website: www.ecspert74.fr