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Dark Phoenix Combatives

Country: USA

Founder:  Cody Chilson

Year of creation: 2011

Logo meaning: The Logo is a Tribal Filipino tattoo that was given To the Founding Instructor after years of dedication to the Filipino Martial Arts. It is a pictograph representing his life and was created by  one of his senior clan brothers who was also a designated as the head tattoo artist for his tribe in the Bicol region of the Philippines. These types of tattoos are rare and can only be given at the behest of the elders of the tribe

Background of system: Filipino Combat Systems Kali, Ip Man Wing Chun, multiple forms of boxing, Kenpo Karate, Shaolin Kempo Kung Fu, Small White Crane Chuan Fa, Ninjitsu, Street Defense

Description: Dark Phoenix Combatives was formed as a means to propagate multiple martial arts as well as to serve as a means of service to those who are less fortunate. Dark Phoenix Combatives is a unifying  point for multiple systems of thought in combatives as well as platform from which all martial arts may be celebrated with equal validity and acceptance. Dark Phoenix Combatives teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu, Kenpo Karate Combatives, Multiple Forms of Boxing, Filipino Combat Systems Kali, Modernized Tae Kwon Do, Kobudo and Street Defense. These arts and more are taught in their entirety both classically, and Combatively. The true strength of our system, is that we learn the refined energies of each style through its classical curriculum, and learn to use it effectively in modernized combat. We carry the culture and lineage of our forefathers as well as well as their innovation. Dark Phoenix Combatives is not a system of self defense, it is a system of self preservation. We donate regularly to local charities as well as hold fund raisers for  those in need. We use the Martial Arts as a means of self perfection as well as a mechanism to overcome our personal shortcomings.

Website: www.darkphoenixcombatives.com


Dario Fleita’s Sport Combat Academy & Martial Arts - Shinshindo-Kai Karate Association

Translation: SHINSHINDO-KAI: (Art or Way of the Mind, Body and Spirit), KAI: (express team spirit, team organization or association). KARATE: (Way or Art of the Empty Hand). Academy of Combat Sports & Martial Arts - Karate Shinshindo-Kai) is an association dedicated to the Academy and teaching Karate Contact, Semi Contact, Light Contact, Full Contact, Kick Boxing, Sanshou Chinese Boxing, Muay Thai Defense Staff Mixed Martial Arts MMA.

Country: Argentina, Corrientes (Capital).

Founder: Dario Andres Fleitas Shihan, Technical Director (founder) President

Year of establishment: 28 October 2002

Logo meaning: PART 1: The color white represents the innocence of the disciple as the beginner who has no prior knowledge of SHINSHINDO-KAI KARATE.

PART 2: The red color represents the SEITO sempai (elder brother student, instructor). As it represents the danger that the student requests RENSHUSEI, exercising control, and advise their opponents away. PART 3: The color black represents the sempai, Sensei, Shihan (instructor, teacher, teacher). As it represents the opposite of white, ie the maturity and knowledge KARATE SHINSHINDO-KAI, also shows the unpredictability of darkness and fear. PART 4: The blue color that is located in the outer contour represents some of the patriotic colors of the national flag Argentina. PART 5: Representing the students, trainees, students, teachers, professors and teachers from the Association Shinshindo-Kai Karate School. PART 6: The Japanese KANJI letters, the first four SHINSHINDO-KAI (art or way of the mind, body and spirit) KAI (express team spirit, team organization or association). PART 7: The last two means Karate (empty hand). STUDENTS - DANISH black belt: The dragon is the symbolic meaning of victory. STUDENTS - KYU ribbon that: Under the El Tigre to feel the enemy. This is called KOTEKI RYUDA, meaning that when the Tiger attack, the dragon replied.

Styles: Karate Okinawense, Karate de contacto, Deportes of contacto Kickboxing, Muay thai, MMA, Jiujitsu, Kobudo.

Description: SHINSHINDO-KAI is the name of a style of traditional Karate-Do and contact, characterized by maintaining its essence as Budo or "Martial Way." The Shinshindo-kai is a unique style that is based on realism for the development of truly effective system of combat and self-defense, but that in turn includes all the important elements of Eastern philosophy themselves, resulting in an integral way development of human capabilities through the path of Karate.

Website: www.freewebs.com/shinshindo-kai-karate-association


Dojo Colcur

Country: Curacao

Founder: Alexander Yanez , Head Instructor.

Year of Founding: 2007

Styles: Karate Freestyle, Kickboxing, MuaythaI, M.M.A.

Website: dojocolcur.com



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Country: xxxx

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