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Centurion Tactical Academy

Country: United States of America

Founder: Matt Montoya, Chief Instructor, Coach and CEO

Year of founding: 2015

Logo meaning: The Armor of God, specifically the Helmet of Salvation. Strength starts with faith and salvation found in the blood of Jesus. In September of 2001, 1st Bn of the 34th Armor, 1St Infantry Division “Centurions” was on an expeditionary mission to Kuwait when the Twin Towers in New York City, and the United states was attacked. Later deployed (Nov 2003) and attached to the 2nd Bn, 34th Armor “Dreadnaughts” and the 1st Marine Division, for operations in Anbar province, including offensive operations in Fallujah.

The "CENTURIONS" of the 1st Battalion, 34th Armor Regiment were on duty in Iraq with "A Company 1-16 INF, B Company 1/9 CAV, B Company 1st ENG and an assortment of smaller units such as Civil Affairs and Psyops etc. In all, the Task Force had lost 23 soldiers and had about 150 wounded in action. In 2010, Drill Sergeant Montoya remained a Basic Training

Platoon “Centurions” in recognition of the brave soldiers who gave their all for the U.S. and having served alongside these brave men, and sometimes even being in the same fire fight with them, he wanted to honor them. As his maturity in the Gospel began to grow, the image of the Centurion in the bible came up again and again. (Matt 8:5, Mark 15:39, and Acts 10:22) It seemed only right to call his School “Centurion Tactical Academy” and the Iconic Helmet became the logo.

Organization motto: “Put on the Full Armor of God! Eph 6:10”

Goals: To build up a future generation of Warriors for Christ who combat bullying and evil with The Fruit of the Spirit, and when needed physically defend themselves or those who cannot defend themselves.

Styles: Muay Thai, Jujitsu, and Modern Army Combatives. Weapons include; Pistol, Rifle, Bo, Nun chuck, knife, and sword.

Description: Centurion Tactical Academy is a school founded on the principles of Biblical Conduct as a warrior in the world. To stand against the wrong and stand for those who cannot stand up for themselfs. Preparation of the student to walk on a path of confident salvation, strength, honor and wisdom. Various, combat proven, styles are seamlessly formulated to flow into the student and come out as an explosive, reflex of action bringing the enemy into submission, surrender or defeat.

Website: https://centac.wixsite.com/centac-usa


Chan Tao School of Martial Arts

Country Brazil

Founder: Everton Cristiano

Position: President

Year of foundation and registration: 2019/2022

Meaning of the logo: a plum blossom, it is a symbol of resistance and obstinacy, resilience and perception, as they bloom even in winter, when the branches are still full of snow. This shows that in the face of adversity and difficulties we must remain firm. And his name Chan Tao, means path of tranquility in Japanese.

Motto of the organization: Cherish knowledge and learn the traditions of ancient ancestral masters.

Goal: to present martial arts at their best, as a development tool. human

Styles: Karate-Do, Qi Gong, Cristiano Defense System (CDS).

Instagram: @chan_tao.escola




Chivalric Combat & World Martial Arts Society C.C.W.M.A.S.

Country: United States.

Founder: Michael Anthony Daugette.

Title in the Organization: Founder - Head Instructor.

Year founded: 2010.

Logo meaning: Logo only consists of the words C.C.W.M.A.S. Meaning Chivalric Combat & World Martial Arts Society.

Motto: None.

Goals: to have a central grouping of martial arts from western and eastern martial arts.

Styles: Modern Combatives to the ancient martial arts of Europa and Asia.

Description: Western martial arts from Europe and the Americas, Eastern martial arts from all parts of Asia.

Website: None.



Combat Kenpo Karate

Country: United States

Founder: Jeff Wilson, Grand Master (retired)

Year of founding: 1985

Logo meaning: Our logo was designed to show-case the simplicity of CKK (3 primary colors and simple linear pattern), the cross in the center and the circular design is representative of CKK’s movement, using both linear and circular techniques.

Organization motto: “Effective Martial Arts for the Modern World”

Styles: Combat Kenpo Karate.

Description: CKK is a simple and effective derivative of Tracey’s Chinese Kenpo Karate that is designed around direct action and effective responses to attacks.



Combat Aikido Association

Country: USA

Founder: Sensei Jack Moon

Year of creation: 2008

Background of System: Eclectic self defense system incorporating Aikido, Karate, Jujitsu, Judo, Boxing, Ground Fighting, Krav Maga and other lesser known martial arts.

Description: Throws, joint locks, pressure points, grappling, strikes, blocks, kicks, defenses against weapons (guns, rifles, knives, sticks, etc), defending third parties and defenses against car jacking. Real life scenario drills are utilized to increase endurance, awareness and ability to perform under stress.



Condor Sports Association

Country: Brazil

State: Minas Gerais

Founder: GM Carlos O. Souza (International Martial Arts Instructor and Adapted Self Defense Specialist)

Year of founding: 1990

Organization's motto: Develop martial arts such as health, wellness and culture

Description: Organization that promotes traditional and modern martial arts, is the first to promote martial arts in its region.

Styles: Kick Boxing, Thaiboxing, Sanshou, Self-defense

Address: 135 nº 231 J.Laguna Contagem-MG

Phone: 031 33246148/991022337

Website: https://www.facebook.com/associacaoesportivacondor/





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