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Logo BSC Combatives

Black Skull Combatives

Country: Argentina

Founder: Master Leandro Calvino (Director)

Year of founding: August 10, 2012

Organization motto: “Honor, Value and Loyalty”.

Goals: Spread with honesty the personal defense for men and women of good feel sure

Styles: Kapap/Krav Maga; Kali Filipino

Description:  Welcome to Black Skull Combatives.

We are a serious Academy that is dedicated to training, training and dissemination of different Martial Arts and Defense System.

Our Academy is composed of professionals trained in different systems and with more than 10 years in the instruction of the same.


We reserve the right to reject people we do not consider eligible for training. We do not teach people, from whom we want to protect ourselves!

Website: https://kravmagaramos.wixsite.com/kravmaga