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Organizations and Schools in International Combat Martial Arts


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Amateur Ashitedo Akhada Association

Country: India

Founder: Sensei Gaurav Goswami (International Martial Art Instructor and Self Defense Expert)

Organisation motto: To develop the culture of martial arts

Address: Sangrok,Adarshanagar,Kanagarh,Hooghly Station,West Bengal-712123

Phone: 033 2686 3553/9433947479

Website: www.tsmaindia.com 

Description: A non political body of Association which promotes both striking and non striking martial arts.The Association provides a hardcore training of martial arts and is situated at Hooghly.The organisation is known as one of the finest martial art organisation in India

Styles: Kick Boxing, Taekwondo, Grappling, Budo



American Jukenjutsu – The Bayonet Society

Translation:  American Bayonet Art – The Bayonet Society

Country: United States – membership open globally

Founder: Walter G. Green III

Year of creation: 2009

Goals: To provide a framework for the study of the bayonet as a weapon for combat and fencing.

Background of system: American Jukenjutsu draws from bayonet fencing and fighting concepts from Europe, the Americas, and Asia over the last 200 years of the use of the rifle or musket and bayonet as a weapons system.

Description: American Jukenjutsu provides a structure for the study of historical and modern bayonet combat and fencing systems in either a martial arts or classical fencing school (hence the double name).  All methods of bayonet fencing that are formally described in manuals or texts can fit within the system’s training and ranking structure.  

Website: http://americanjukenjutsu.org


Auric Palm Chi Do Association

Country: USA

Founder: Founder/Grandmaster Dr. Gregory M Kremer Phd

Year of founding: 2015

Organization motto: “Strive to master one's self & help others”

Goals: To teach how to develop and implement the use of one's chi in a positive and functional capacity. Medical Qigong, Acupressure, and Reiki for healing; Martial Qigong, Goshin Jutsu, Aikijutsu, Taekwondo, & Escape Artistry for self defense/protection.

Styles: Qigong (medical & martial), Acupressure, Reiki, Goshin Jutsu, Aikijutsu, Taekwondo, Escape Artistry

Description: An association dedicated to the training and comradery  Auric Palm Chi Do students, instructors, and masters.



Name of organization

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Country: xxxx

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Year of founding: xxxx

Logo meaning: xxx.

Organization motto: “xxxx”.

Goals: xxxx.

Styles: xxxx.

Description: xxxx.

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