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Bob Yoder

The military and martial arts have been a great part of my life. I stated studying the martial arts when I was 8 years old in 1979 and served in the United States Air Force for 12 years from 1996 to 2008. I enlisted as a Security Police Member a.k.a Security Forces. While serving I deployed numerous times and in 2001 was called to active duty. While on active duty I was awarded THE AIR FORCE COMMENDATION MEDAL for OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT 11 September 2001 to 15 September 2003 as a Security Forces Member with the 121st Security Forces Squadron, 121st Air Refueling Wing, Rickenbacker International Airport, Columbus, Ohio. During this period, my outstanding professionalism and leadership directly contributed to the effectiveness and success of Air Force missions supporting Operation NOBLE EAGLE, Operation ENDURING FREEDOM and Operation FUNDAMENTAL JUSTICE. I deployed in support of the 89th Security Forces at Andrews Air Force Base and served as part of an enhanced homeland security operation. I supervised the increased force protection and anti-terrorism measures essential in the protection of assets vital to our nations war fighting capability. In addition, I served as member of a Quick Reaction Team dedicated to the strategic airlift of dangerous Al-Qaeda and Taliban Detainees from the Afghanistan combat zone to the internment facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. My continued commitment to excellence during this wartime activation set the standard for my fellow Non-Commissioned Officers to follow. My distinctive accomplishments reflected great credit upon myself, the Air National Guard and the United States Air Force. I was also awarded the ARMY ACHIEVEMENT MEDAL for my OUTSTANDING ACCOMPLISHMENTS and service from 14 January 2002 to 30  September 2002  as a member of the Force Protection Task Force assigned following the terrorist attacks on America, myself, the Ohio National Guard and the United States Armed Services. In addition I received a Certificate of Achievement for my attention to detail and professional conduct during the September 10, 2004 security detail attached to Air Force One. During that time period, homeland security levels were elevated and my actions directly resulted in a higher level of security for the Commander in Chief, George W. Bush. I also received a Certificate of Achievement recognizing me for my attention to detail and professional conduct during the September 8, 2006 security detail attached to the Ohio-Serbia Partnership. During that time period, homeland security levels were elevated and my actions directly resulted in a higher level of security for President Tadic of Serbia. I held the rank of  TSgt E-6 when I existed the military in 2008. I'm still a member in good standing of the 121st Security Forces Alumni Association.

As for my martial arts achievements well as I stated I started studying the martial arts when I was 8 years old so it has been 34 years now. My uncles studied martial arts and got me interested. I began studying with them every chance I could. I also studied with a man who lived down the street from us. He taught Shotokan Karate to a few of us neighborhood kids in his backyard during the summer. I studied with him only one summer but it gave me the basics of that art. I went on to study Tae Kwon Do at the Oriental Martial Arts College under Sr. Grand Master Joon P. Choi for a year but I felt that it was geared more towards competition and not actual street fighting. I also trained with Master S.S. Kim during that time in Korean Praying Mantis Kung Fu.  I then went on to studying at Jay T. Will's Kenpo Karate Studio as my uncle had studied there as well. I studied there until Jay T. Will was arrested for drug possession in 1985. I continued to study with my uncle and the following year earned my black belt in Kenpo Karate. I then went onto study Kung Fu and Kickboxing under Greg Greene who trained under Grandmaster R.A. Greenlee in Shaolin Iron Tiger Kung Fu. Mr. Greene had earned his Black Sash under Grandmaster Greenlee and developed his own style of Kung Fu. It was a realistic street fighting art. I liked it very much it is also where I got my creativity from. Well there and of course from Bruce Lee. I'm a very big fan of Bruce Lee and even attended Bruce Lee Eve each year. I even got to meet Larry Hartsell one year. Almost every year from 1983 until 2000, Robert Blakeman, one of the world's best known Bruce Lee memorabilia collectors, held an annual Bruce Lee tribute event called, Bruce Lee Eve. Robert Blakeman was a friend of mine and I still have original editions of The Associates of Bruce Lee Eve newsletters, produced by Robert Blakeman and Darin Waugh. The newsletters included many exclusive pictures and interviews from Bruce Lee friends and students. Robert Blakeman passed away and Sr. Grand Master Joon P. Choi now has the collection. Anyways I earned my Black Sash under Mr. Greene and even studied under one of his Iron Shadows Bill White when he opened his academy down the street from my home. Mr. White's academy unfortunately did not operate for very long. After that I kept studying on my own with family and friends. One friend of mine from high school was Sok P. Long he was Cambodian I would practice with him in Bokator and Pradal Serey. After high school he moved back to Cambodia. During high school I began teaching some friends and even some of their parents in my garage and basement. In 1989 I entered into the Army as a MP but was later discharged due to damage to my knees. I immediately began strength training to build up the muscle around my knees.  In 1992 I developed Tai Shu Do "The Way of Ultimate Techniques" and in 1993 I officially opened Bob Yoder's Kung Fu Academy. I operated the academy for a few years and then went into the Air Force in 1996 as a SP. Again we learned basic hand to hand combat but also some Aikijutsu in Tech School at the Joint Law Enforcement Academy located at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. I graduated from Tech School in 1997 and was stationed in the Air National Guard at Rickenbacker ANGB. While there I participated in numerous deployments a few are listed above. I worked in Corrections as a civilian and was a state certified unarmed self defense instructor who taught both state and county corrections personal. My instructors were Rick Seeds Head Insructor, Dan Pfeifer, Mark Feison, Pam Means, Darrell Logan, and Mike Pierce.  I was called to active duty on 9/11/2001 to 9/11/2003. During that time I was a member of a Joint Anti Terrorism Task Force and Quick Reaction Team member tasked to conduct Detainee Ops in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay Cuba. I continued to conduct missions on a volunteer basis until 2007. I have also provided security for Air Force One and President George W. Bush as well as President Tadic from Serbia. I was also a state security officer for the Ohio adjutant general from 2003-2008.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with PTSD and during this time we lost our home and had to move to Circleville, Ohio. We moved back to Grove City, Ohio in 2010 and my wife found me upstairs in our bedroom on the bed with what she thought was chewing tobacco beside my mouth. It turned out to be blood and she immediately rushed me to the emergency room. I then had to be put into a medically induced coma because I aspirated throwing up tons of blood that had been dripping from a erosion in my esophagus. I was in the coma for over 3 months and when I came to I was being kept alive with machines. I had to learn to breath or my own, talk and walk again. I thought that I would never practice martial arts again but I never gave up and recovered fairly quickly. I thank god for my quick and full recover.

In 2011 I reopened the academy in the basement of my Grove City home and have been teaching ever since. I'm currently studying Chen Style Taijiquan under Jeff Radcliff on the weekends. I'm also studying with Sensei Mike Carmiche (Co-Founder of American Modern Jujitsu), Grandmaster Israel Velez III (10th Dan in Jujitsu, Karate, and Mixed Martial Arts, and Sensei Lawrence Valadez 10th Degree Black Belt and founder of Valadez Kenpo-Ryu. I also attend martial arts seminars when I can afford it and have the time. So far this year I was awarded 10th Dan Black Belt in Police Methods from Grandmaster Soke Dr. Victor Walter Huapaya Quispe , 10th Dan Black Belt Wakazamuria Kokusai Budo from Soke Sefik Gülten, 8th Dan Black Belt Gojitsu Ryu from Grandmaster Soke Dr. Victor Walter Huapaya Quispe, 5th Dan Black Belt Hapki-Do from Grandmaster Soke Dr. Jose Augusto da Siva Costa, and Expert/Teacher Warrior Self Defense System from Dariusz Gurgul.


Eric Young

Master Young first noticed the martial arts at the age of five. He watched with his father the now infamous Chinese Connection. Master Young sat in awe as he watched one of the fastest men who ever lived take out man after man with a blinding force that impressed both father and son alike. For years after the movie Master Young would watch any karate and kung fu movie with his father that he could. And much to his parent's dismay could be heard yelling and screaming Wadda (His best Bruce Lee imitation) or HiYa trying to be Chuck Norris.

Master Young's father helped fuel his son's desire for Kung Fu by watching shows such as, The Master with Lee Van Clief, Kung Fu theatre, as well as movies like the karate kid. He also showed him how to throw a Karate punch along with teaching him Combat Judo he had learned while enlisted in the Armed Services.

At the age of 8 Master Young took His first official Martial Arts class. He and his father enrolled in Shaolin Kempo Karate. Master Young received his first ranking in this style. Although both he and his father did exceptional in this school the fulltime instructor became sick and the fill in was not following any set program. They left out of frustration.

Over the next few years Master Young would learn a plethora of styles. Including Che-Lu, Goju Ryu, Ninjitsu, Tai Chi Chuan, as well as reading books on hundreds of styles and attended numerous Karate seminars with his father.

Master Young had a defining moment in his life when he went to an AAU competition and watched his father fight. At the time his father was studying a style that was pegged as a so-called self-defense art but was really more of a sport. His father won his first match then was set up against the next closest competitor in rank This Turned out to be two ranks higher and 6 inches taller. Half way threw the match the opponent threw a fake. And followed up with a spinning round house kick to a dangerously low spot on the stomach. It caused all the muscles to separate on contact. Master Young's father had to be held by several people for fear of the other mans safety.
It was at this point he realized that sport karate is just that a sport. If this had been a combat situation the man would have been beaten into submission. Having been trained by his father as well as his other teachers. Master Young would never be seen in a sport Karate environment again.

Although he is not proud of it, Master Young Went threw a very rebellious stage threw the ages of 13 to 17. He fought anyone and everyone. The bigger the better. The more the merrier. After dragging this period out of Master Young he told me he attributes it to "Middle Child Blues".  Apparently Master Young was not an academic genius by any stretch of the imagination. His siblings (and rightfully so he will now admit) got a lot of praise for their hard work and accomplishments in school. Knowing he couldn't produce the same grades he took the alternate route and sought attention threw anger and punishment. A tactic I am assured worked well.
The turning point came at the age of 17 when one of Master Young's on again of again girlfriends started becoming very serious. She had made him very aware that she would not stand by and watch him hurt himself this way. This made him wake up and change.
I am happy to say that if asked today, though he trains us for combat, that fighting is 99% of the time is not the answer. It is just when it is, it is the only answer. The girlfriend also by the way is now his wife of over 12 years.
Master Young is now over the age of 30. The arts he has studied and received rack in over the years are.

Goju Ryu on and off again for 2 years
Shoalin kenpo for 2 years
Jeet Kune Do six days a week for 1 year
Iaido six days a week for one year
Che-Lu on again off again for 3 years
Ninjitsu Studied with a neighbor as a child
Wing Chun 1 year
American Escrima 1st Dan
Combat Hapkido 1st Dan
Kuhapdo 1st Dan
Combat Kenpo 1st Dan
Mu-Ryu Do jitsu 4th Dan

Master Young has taught Kids, Adults, Teenagers, Seniors, Cops, and Newly appointed F.B.I Agents.
Master Young has took the last year and a half and devoted all of his free time to the study of combat. Threw training reading courses and self study as well as input from the officers he has trained.

This has led Master Young to the revolutionary combat style of DAO HAPKI-BUJUTSU. Meaning…the way of Harmony threw the skills of a warrior.

Master Young tested for the rank of 9th Dan in his system. He was awarded the rank of 7th. Is able to test for 8th in 2005. His system is sanctioned and accepted by The International Combat Martial Arts Union Association. The Asian American Martial Arts Combat Union Association. As well as the International Combat American and Asian Martial Arts Founders Union.



Prof. Dr. Yuree is a world's leading Martial Arts Grand Master, Security and unarmed combat veteran and Military Master defensive tactics trainer, Counter-Terrorist Trainer, Expert on Explosives Search and Recognition and VVIP/Dignitary Protection, Consultant and Visiting lecturer to the Government Security and Intelligence Agencies.

Prof. Dr. Yuree was recognized with the premier award of Grand Master of the Year from the WORLD MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME - USA, 2007, as the first man amongst the eight SAARC countries to receive such an honor. He was awarded the “World Black Belt Hall of Fame - 2007” in top category and was especially recognized as "World leader in Combat Martial Arts" by The International Combat Martial Arts Union Association (ICMAUA), 2006. Prof. Yuree has researched and studied over 40 major martial arts styles of the world and has taken the bold mission to revive the lost heritage of Indian Sub-continental Martial Arts through a historical research work linking Kancheepuram and Shaolin Temple. Prof. Yuree is the 7th degree black-belt holder in Bando, 5th degree black-belt holder in Banshy, and the highest ranking Tenth Degree Black-Belt holder and Founder of Butthan Martial Art Dr.Yuree is also the creator of Combat Self defense (CSD) personal protection system and also the President World Combat Self Defense Federation (

After finishing primary education in an English missionary school, his life as a young boy and Cadet began in the Military feeder institution developed under the British standard where he grew up in the iron discipline of Military boarding school. A remarkably talented cadet with dynamic excellence he always took the lead in his studies like Military science, Physical training, Obstacle course, Unarmed combat, Military drills Parade and was specially selected to carry the National flag in the pilot unit COLOR PARTY as an exemplary performer and was honored with the award, as one of the very few, “Distinguished Cadet”. He began his Martial Arts career with THAING (BANDO & BANSHY), The Burmese classical unarmed combat and weapons martial art, at the age of 11.

Prof. Yuree has a very sound academic background on Private Security and Martial Science and after accomplishment of almost two decade has reached to a higher plane of the art and acquired the mastery and specialized in self-defense forms and weapons and Founded the science based revolutionary BUTTHAN Martial art system (– the noble art of stopping fight and enlightenment, which has signed a mark in the sub-continental history and put a precious feather in his crown.

Prof. Yuree has been honored with the title of the ‘Peaceful Dragon with Golden Claw’, officially declared by Embassy of Bhutan, Dhaka. He extensively studied “YOGA” (“RAJ” & “HATH”), Gupta Sastra (secret knowledge) and various mental training methods and doctrines of Indian, Chinese, Tibet & Burma. Prof. Yuree has carried out research and development on the essence of Vajromusti (ancient most Indian boxing), Varma-Kalai, Sialambam, Jujitsu, Kalaripyte, Bando, Banshy, Chinese and Tibetan Kempo,Thai Boxing, Latthi Khela, Pranayam (Breath Control) etc for about two decades. He has under taken the cause of Self-defense with stern minded training and devotion towards the ultimate crown of success. Prof. Yuree’s revolutionary slogan ‘’Martial Arts for advancement of life" created a whole new height in the arena of professional and scholarly studies across the world. He is continuing his unique research in the historical roots of Martial arts and Indian sub-continental heritage as an outstanding visiting lecturer and faculty member of European Union University.

Grand Master Dr.Yuree with a very special, exclusive and rich background in multitude of Martial Arts systems and science of personal protection teaches a very comprehensive system of essential life saving skills, realistic Self Defense, street survival and Military defensive Tactics. He has trained and cross trained around the world ranging from military, Para-military, Intelligence agencies, special force units, law enforcement officials, Close Protection officers, Security Company personnel , professional and corporate officials, celebrities and Diplomats and people from all walks of life for last nineteen years.

After his doctorate degree in Martial science from USA, the WHOF Sokeship council recognized him as a Professor in the concerned field. His creative and multidimensional thoughts came out with another historical milestone in the martial art history as he stated to set up are of his dream project “World Martial Arts Museum” in a very vital archaeological site of Bangladesh relating the historical heritage and the origin of martial arts. It may be mentioned here that Dr. Yuree also formed a constructive protest even during a military backed government time to ensure the protection of the ancient archaeological heritage as the convener – National Assembly for Protection of Archeological Assets.

Prof. Dr. Yuree’s Scenario based world class Combat Self defense (CSD) program and the ‘F.I.R.S.T. Reality Combat Self-defense for Civilians, Law Enforcement & Military Agencies, is the life saving skills training program which is the expression of one of his global projects has been a symbol of his endeavor for the empowerment of Mankind through acquiring self confidence and indomitable determination to continue inspiration of life and stand against the terrorism world-wide and a reflection of his personal philosophy of “True will is Immortal”. Thousands of disciples and admirers at home and abroad have been benefited by following his philosophy of life and are very keenly determined to uphold his revolutionary concept and practice of human behavior reconstruction and building confidence in performance for a new life to achieve greater benefit for the mankind.

Prof. Dr. Yuree is the Editor of News Brigade, the first defense and security journal in Bangladesh, to develop Geo-politics, War science, Defense & Law-enforcement related culture and awareness. He is the CEO of "Armour Foundation Bangladesh”, permanent representative of the United Nations, Regional Director (Asia) and permanent representative of the United Nations to “World Human Rights Service Council” USA and Minister of “International Parliament for Safety and Peace”. He is also the Founder President - World Butthan Martial Art Federation (WBMAF),USA. He is the President, RANGERS (PVT) Ltd., company with versatile and comprehensive security services having worldwide affiliations and consultancy, Commandant, Rangers International Academy of Security & Defense (RASD) the distinguished institution that provides unique security, intelligence and Military combative training to all the top Government security agencies like Special Security Forces (SSF), Bangladesh Army, Police Staff College, Bangladesh Navy, National Security Intelligence (NSI), Bangladesh Rifles (Border Security), Riot Police, Coast-guard, and other verified persons to face the challenging task in the relevant fields. He is the National Director (Bangladesh Chapter) of International Bodyguard Association (IBA), the largest protection related training / services association, established in Paris 1957 and International Police Tactics Trainers Association, USA. He is a licensed Instructor & Examiner of Int’l Law Enforcement Training Agency (ILETA), UK. He is a Instructor member of American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET), a member of American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS). He is the Inventor of TL-6 Dynamic Security Baton which has been used by the Police, Coast-guards, United Nations peace keeping force- Bangladesh army and other security and law-enforcing agencies. Besides he completed his certification in Commissioned Officers’ Course on Security Management and Law, USA Standard under the Texas Board of Private Investigation and Security Agencies, from National Security Academy, Houston, USA, Scientific Body guarding Procedure and Operation, from International Bodyguard Association, London, UK, Specialized Military Weapons and Explosives with the Latvian government special force, Riga, Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Search & Recognition Course under the supervision of the expert of Bomb Disposal Unit, Royal Engineers, British Army, Modern Method of Private Investigation and Analysis, National Security Academy, USA, Standard CPR and first aid certified under American red cross program, Safety Procedures and Security of Bank Premises During Emergency and Critical Hours, USA, Problems and Security Measures of High Raised Buildings and Towers, USA and Modern Airport Security Management and Its System, USA.

Prof. Yuree is eminently regarded as the foremost and outstanding authority teacher and innovator with a reputation of being an intensive curator with expertise in the field of Personal protection, Military defensive tactics and security training sector, etc. He is an accomplished philosopher, a committed master, brilliant strategist, outstanding warrior and over-all a time honored successor in the today’s world. His revolutionary philosophy and the system of Combat Self-defense, now heading internationally to a new horizon of universal excellence.




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