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Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner was raised in Spencerport, New York a suburb of Rochester New York. He started training on Jul 9th, 1973, studying under Dr. Sachio Ashida, a judo instructor at SUNY Brockport, N.Y.  He received a second degree brown belt before switching to Karate under Shihan Les Weiner in October of 1973. He changed to then study under Shihan James Gordon in January of 1974. On October 22nd, 1975 he received ihs First Degree (Shodan) Black Belt. He became Sensei Wagner and started teaching at his own school, IMperial KArate, in Rochester New York in 1976.


On July 9th 1998 Sensei Wagner fulfilled the years of training and age requirement to succeed to Seventh Degree Black Belt.  As his years of teaching progressed Sensei Wagner had developed his own style of Karate which is a combination of several Marshal Arts forms. This style he called Yama Umi Do; interpreted as "Where the mountain meets the sea:.  It is a working example of the philosophy of Yin and Yang, the principal of equal opposites maintaining balance and harmony in the Universe. Yama Umi Do maintains this philosophy by teaching the student many varied martial arts and styles, sometimes opposite, but creating balance within the student.  In the fall of 2000 Sensei Wagner moved to Fremont, Michigan where he opened his second Dojo.



Andrew Paul Weston

9th Dan Gojuki Jitsu Ju Jitsu.

Martial Arts Resume/Bio - Hanshi

1960.          - Born in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

1966.          - Introduced to Matsubyashi Kyushu Jutsu under Grand Master Ti-eng Kwan.

1970.          - Introduced to Judo while at school, with Karu Kyoshi Kan, Sandwell, West Midlands, under Grahame Collins & Aiki Jutsu, Sandwell Martial arts, Sandwell, under John Black.

1976.          - 1st Dan  Aiki Jutsu. Awarded Mokuroku Licence in Kyushu Jutsu.

1977.          - 1st Dan Judo. Joined HM Forces, Royal Marine’s, introduced to Freestyle Martial Arts and Unarmed Combat. 

1978.          - Awarded Shomokuroku Certificate in Ju jitsu (Matsubyashi Kyushu Jutsu). + 2nd Dan Aiki Jutsu.

1980.          - Unarmed Combat, Ju Jitsu, & Aiki Jutsu instructor HM Forces.  Began formulating the development of my own style of Ju Jitsu.

1981.          - 3rd dan Aiki Jutsu.

1985.          - Due to consistent application and continued progression & dedication,  achieved  4th Dan Aiki Jutsu,  Continued development of my own style.

1985.          - Received Gomokoroku - certificate of Mastery - for MKJ - Ju Jitsu - fromGrand Master (inheritor), Lo Fat Cheung, following 19 years of consistent application and development.

1985.          - Joined UK Police - Devon & Cornwall Constabulary  - and introduced to Taiho Jutsu under Brian Eustace and Dave Clarke.

1989.          - 1st Dan, Taiho Jutsu.  By now, concentrated solely on MKJ Ju Jitsu, Taiho Jutsu, and continued development of my own style.

1990.          - Awarded Menkyo Licence for continued mastery and dedication to Kyushu Jutsu.

1993.          - 2nd Dan Taiho Jutsu. Began introducing elements of my new system - to be called Gojuki Jitsu Ju jitsu - into classes I held at Police Headquarters, and at several Divisional Police Departments in Devon and Cornwall. Initial response was very favourable.

1994.          - Self defence instructor & Unarmed Defensive Tactics Trainer for UK Police Forces.

1995.          - Control & restraint Trainer, UK Police, involving Edged Weapon awareness, Batons, Extendable Batons, Rigid cuffs & Incapacitant Sprays.

1996.          - Exchange Training Programme. Trained Police in Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas, and Gang Task Force, in Unarmed defensive Tactics - together with the latest ‘stage’ of Gojuki Jitsu. Very favourably received, by colleagues in U.S. Police departments.

1997.          - After 31 years of continued Martial Arts training and development, I was offered the huge honour of the Menkyo kaiden in Kyushu Jutsu - Ju Jitsu, the first time this honour had been bestowed outside of the family. From 1995 onwards, the family system had adopted the ‘dan/belt’ grading system, and such a rank usually carried the rank of 10th Dan. However, as I had only been a practitioner of martial arts for 31 years at that time, and, because of my age, this was reduced.  However, in recognition of my mastery of &,dedication to the art, and to other martial arts, and in recognition of my continued application to the advancement of the ‘Bushido’ ethic , both in the UK, Europe,  and U.S.,  I was bestowed the rank of 9th Dan some years in advance of the usual ‘promotion etiquette’ - a great honour.

1997.          - Finally registered my own style of Ju Jitsu - Gojuki Ryu Ju Jitsu - (with complete syllabus and grading schedule) - with International Federation of Ju Jutsans, under Michael De-Pasquale, and with the Bushindo-Kai Martial Arts Association & UK National Karate Mixed Martial Arts association, under Danny Connor.

1997.          - Initiated GoJuki Jitsu Ju Jitsu (GJJJ) schools at Police Headquarters, Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, and at  several other venues throughout Devon & Cornwall. GJJJ became the predominant martial art taught at these venues, although Taiho Jutsu was still part of the curriculum on different nights.

2000.          - First Dan Grades awarded in GJJJ to John Turner & Tony Curtis, and national press coverage given to event. Further exposure at National Mixed Martial arts events organised by Bushindo-Kai / National Karate Organisation UK.

2002.          - Training Camps Conducted in U.S and in Greece, promoting the fluidity and training ethic for GJJJ, with both civilian and Police & Military participants. Clubs in UK expanded to 7 venues. Brian Parker (civilian) awarded 1st Dan..

2008.          - After discovering a huge potential abroad, put plans into motion to re-locate to Greece, where there is a predominance of Tae Kwon Do and Kick Boxing only, especially on the islands. As such, expanded ‘affiliations’ to encompass the move ahead. Submitted qualifications, referee details/contact numbers and training syllabus to following bodies:

International Combat Martial Arts Union Association: Lifetime Founder Member No 08049

Black Belt International :  Founder Member No 2037.

International Police Martial arts association : Founder/Grandmaster Membership no P08-07-01-3026

Independent Martial Arts Federation : Founder & Grandmaster Membership No 931

European Ju Jitsu Union / Shinja Martial arts Federation / All Japan Budo Federation : Founder and Head Instructor membership No LMUK02

ICMAUA: Membership no 08049


2009:  Moved to Kos Greece. - initiated ‘guest’ training events within Kos and Athens.

Main club in UK, Bude Gojuki Jitsu Ju Jitsu. Chief Instructor there Tony Curtis 6th Dan.

2010:  Re registered with International federation of Ju-Jutsans for 2 new venues within Greece. Membership No 1998. Now solely teaching and developing  Gojuki Jitsu Ju Jitsu.

Certified Lifetime member with International Black Belt Registry.

Certified Lifetime Member of World Registry Of Black Belts Martial Arts Organisations, federations & associations



Q. Wiggins

Started learning martial arts at age 8, his first two instructors were Sifu Sinqu Abdul Ali in the art of Aiki Jujitsu and Pablo Delgado in Goju Ryu.  On a journey to become a great Martial Artist he started doing competitions in point fighting, placing in 1st 2nd and 3rd.  Later on learning Thai Boxing from his family member and instructor Musuko Monorig. Then beginning a new path on to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu learning under Grandinho Kini Cole.  At the age of 32 he received his 5th Dan in Senshi Do Kai, a style created by one of his first instructors, Pablo Delgado. Shortly after he began building a team in that system called Senshi Do Kai Mixed Martial Arts.



Shaun Willis

My name is Shaun Willis, I grew up in San Diego California playing many and all sports. At the young age of 7 years old my father put me into martial arts classes. That is where I meet my first Soke and Grand Master Karate instructor. All my training foundations, physical and spiritual came from these men. Karl Marx was Soke , he was a stern but kind man. His years were up ,his hair was grey but his skill was like none that I had ever seen before. After time passing Karl Marx life came to an end. Altho my main instructor and Grand Master was his son Victor Marx. It was he that continued my lengthy training untill later years. After testing into Rokudan 6th dan with Keichu Do, I started myself on my own journey. Taking my own path creating and founding Keichu Shin Do. Right now Victor Marx is one of the best in the world, he currently has the fastest gun disarming on record. Fortunately enough I have had the great honor and privilege of personally being trained by these two great men. I am now 34 years old and after 27 almost 28 years of practice and training, I carry on the teachings and skills learned from my Masters. Passing the wisdom and knowledge of hand to hand fighting to my students. I am now teaching and instructing the armed forces my special art. My last post was the United States Army with a base rank of Master Sergeant, instructing military police. I am a personal private military contractor and this is my style and system.


Name: Shaun Preston Willis.

Country: United States of America.

Style and system: "Keichu Shin Do".

Rank: Founder - Hanshi, 10th dan.

Title: Hanshi, 10th Dan, Founder. 

Organization: Keichu Shin Do International Elite.         


"Keichu Shin Do" (Karate Do)  "Judo", "Jui jitsu", "Kungfu",  Master training course.

"Purpose of the course" To give all personal specific specialized training in advanced Keichu shin do hand to hand self defense, with achievement of a higher level understanding and philosophy.


"Objective"#1 Proper punching and kicking techniques, stances and positioning while in battle or defending oneself.


"Objective"#2 To familiarize and understand different movements regarding proper arm, hand, leg, foot and body structures.


"Objective"#3 Completion and superb knowledge of all techniques, movements in hand to hand combat. Mastering ones body, understanding ones limitations, while striving for perfection in each persons discipline. Obtaining correct and safe movements while making crucial decisions in battle or combat. Being able to block, dodge, deflect, strike, roll, throw, or lock your opponent. Over coming the adversary for a safe victory without getting hurt.


"Categories" Striking, punching, kicking, falls, rolls, reversals, holds, throws, slams, blocks, locks, dodging with pivotal escapes.



Bill Wilson
Bill started his training at age 6 form Shen Xiang a friend of Bill's father Bill called him Uncle "Z", Z short for Xiang. Bill studied with Uncle Z until his Uncles death Bill was 14.
Uncle Z also taught Bill's father Charles W. Wilson from age 10 till age 50. Uncle Z called his style Shen Wu Pai wich means spiritual warrior system or way.
Bill also studied with his father from age 14 till age 32, after Uncle Z passed away he studied with his father till his fathers death Bill was 32.
Timeline of Martial Arts studies
Age 6 to 14 with Shen Xiang in Shen Wu Pai
Age 14 to 32 with Charles W. Wilson in Shen Wu Pai
Age 12 to 30 formally with Grand Master Sin Kwang The' in Shaolin-Do
Age 30 and currently informally with Grand Master Sin Kwang The' in Shaolin-Do
Age 25 to today informally with Soke Dr. Bill Durbin in Kiyojute Ryu Kempo Bugei
Age 25 to today informally with Grand Master Richard Mieir King in (Kings Kung-Fu) 5-Animal & 5 Family
Age 26 to 33 with Grand Master Joe Williams in Kachido Aikijitsu and Seikan Karate
Age 26 to today informally with Grand Master Tom Manson in Aikijitsu
Age 32 to today informally with Grand Master Tim Wolfe in Combat Gung-Fu ( Black Panther )
Age 34 to today formally and informally with Shihan John Geyston in Progressive Kenpo / Krav Maga
Training from correspondence,personal,clinics, and seminars
Grand Master Gin Foon Mark in Kwong Sai Jook Lum
Professor Remy Presas in Modern Arnis
Professor Wally Jay in Small Circle Jujitsu
Grand Master Steve Herring in Soo Shim Hosinsul
Grand Master Bobby Toboada in Balintawak
Grand Master Roy Williams in Lisajous-Do
Grand Master Chuck Sullivan in Kenpo Karate
Grand Master Dr. John Latourette in Kenpo / speed hitting / combat fighting
Grand Master Erle Montague in Tai Chi / Bagwa / Hsing-I / and pressure points
ust to name a few

Rank and Certification
Inheritor of Shen Wu Pai
6th Degree Black in Shaolin-Do
5th Degree Black in Shaolin Kenpo
2nd Degree Black in Kachido Aikijitsu
1st Degree Black in Kwang Sai Jook Lum
Certified in Balintawak
Certified in Modern Arnis
Certified in Kachido ground fighting

Explanation of Systems
Way of the Sphere = Bill Wilson's approach and philosophy of the martial arts
Shen Wu Pai  contains internal and external training
Internal : Tai Chi Chuan, Bagwa Chang, Hsing-I, Iron wire, Chi Kung, Iron Palm, and Chin-Na
External : 5 Animals, Weapons, Chin-Na, Iron Palm, Iron Body, Stone Warrior
Shaolin-Do contains internal and external training
Internal : Tai Chi Chuan, Bagwa Chang, Hsing-I, Chi Kung
External : the complete external shaolin temple training, empty hand forms and weapons, SanJin, Chin-Na
Iron Palm, Iron Bridge
Kings Kung-Fu (5 Animal and 5 Family) contains internal and external
Internal : Tai Chi Chuan, Bagwa Chang, Hsing-I, Chin-na, Chi Kung, Iron Palm, Iron Body
External : 5 Animal and 5 Family forms, Praying mantis training, Chin-Na, Dog Boxing


Ashley Wolfaardt

Founder & Chief Instructor 

Sensei Ashley Wolfaardt was born on 18th August 1979 in Cape Town, South African 

He has started at Kenpo Karate on the 16th August 1995 & he was 15years old at that time. He was invited by a friend the first time & he always knew from that day that Martial Arts was his sport. He had training at Kenpo Karate for 5years, & he has received his first degree Black Belt in 1999 at the Tiger Academy of Martial Arts (TAMA) under Shihan Cobe C. Jephta. TAMA was founded by the late Master Brian Wiehahn a 7th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate. Master Brian has traveled the world and trained with many Kenpo Masters. 4th Dan CCKJ


In the year 2000 Ashley Wolfaardt opened his own Martial Arts Club named Cape Mantis Karate. The club closed down in 2006 as Sensei Ashley obtained further training in Johannesburg in (2007) at the S.A Bodyguard Academy.  


During his absence from active training in the Martial Arts World he was still training, in 2008, at Federal Gaming at Grand West Casino in Combat & Advance Firearm Training, Close Protection, Special Operations Response Team (S.O.R.T.)- This team consists of a number of highly trained officers who use specialized weapons and tactics to handle high-risk situations, performing functions which include: dealing with heavily armed criminals; execute hostage rescue and counter-extremists operations; high risk protection details and entering reinforced or barricaded buildings. Our unit is equipped with specialized weapons to control various levels of threats. We utilize specialized equipment and skills to covertly determine the positions of hostages or hostage takers, inside enclosed structures.

Our Tactical Operators are all accredited with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in this field. With the growing increase in violent crime in South Africa, S.O.R.T (acronym for Special Operations Response Team) is a commonly known in the Law Enforcement field as SWAT units, which use military-style light weapons and specialized tactics in high-risk operations that fall outside of the capabilities of regular Security Companies or law enforcement agencies. “SWAT” is commonly used internationally, as a colloquial, generic term for these units.


He also trained informally over the years in Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga & Muay Thai 

Sensei Ashley has been in the Martial Arts world for over 25 Years.



Timothy H. Wolfe “Yuan”

DOB. 05/15/63

30+ years experience in the Martial Arts. “1973”.

Inheritor of the Mantle of the Slide-In Style of Combat Gong-Fu.

8th Duan, Black Sash in Fukien Black Panther Gong-Fu Fujien-Hai-Bao-Gong-Fu.

Anointed Combat Monk Priest. American Fukien Shaolin.

Founder of the American School of Black Panther Combat Gong-Fu. Practitioner of Hard and Soft Internal/External Chinese Martial Arts.

International Grandmaster Rank Certifications “8th degree Black Panther Kung-Fu”. 6th degree Black Belt in Chinese Kempo.

4th degree Black Belt in Aikijitsu, and a 1st degree Black Belt in Aikido.

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and Chinese Health Exercises.

Small Body and Big Body Iron Jacket, Small Hand Iron Palm.

Featured in Wushu Qigong Kung-Fu Magazine, Oct. 1999 Black Panther Kung Fu. International Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame Inductee.


My growing Martial Arts Family

World Martial Arts League. Legends Champion Martial Arts Hall OF Fame. Eastern USA. International Martial Arts Association. World Independent Chinese Martial Arts Federation

Tokoshi Martial Arts Federation. Academy of Martial Science Federation. Universal Fighting Arts Federation. Tim continues with his ongoing research of Fukien Shaolin, while following his Inherited Family Journey towards the further refinement of “Slide-In Gong-Fu”


“Martial Arts Awards”

Eastern U.S.A. International Black Belt Hall of Fame.

1999 Special Recognition, 2000 Pinnacle Award of Success, 2001 Masters Award,

2002 International Pewter Award of Leadership, 2003 Diamond Crystal Award of Spirit. 

North American Black Belt Hall of Fame.

2000 Grand Master of the Year “Kung Fu”, 2001 Grandmaster of the Year,

2002 Practitioner of the Year “Chinese Arts” 2003 Diamond Lifetime Award.

World Martial Arts League “International Martial Arts Awards”.

2002 American Chinese Martial Arts Grand Master of the Year.

2003 American Kung-Fu Silver Spirit Award.

World Karate Union Black Belt Hall of Fame.

2003 Grand Master of the Year “Gung-Fu”.


Hall of Fame Inductions

Eastern USA. International Black Belt Hall of Fame

1999 Special Recognition

2000 Pinnacle Award of Success

Grand Master International Rank Certification 8th degree Panther Gong-Fu.

2001 Masters Award

2002 International Pewter Award of Leadership

2003 Diamond Crystal Spirit Award

North American Black Belt Hall of Fame

2000 Grandmaster of the year Kung-Fu

2001 Grandmaster of the Year

2002 Chinese Martial Arts Practitioner of the Year

2003 Silver Lifetime Award                                             

World Martial Arts League

International Martial Arts Awards 2002

American Chinese Martial Arts Grand Master of the Year

World Independent Chinese Martial Arts Federation, International Grand Masters Certificate of Rank Recognition 8th Degree Black Sash in Fu-Jien-Hai-Bao-Gong-Fu.

Fukien Shaolin Black Panther Kung Fu

2003 American Kung-Fu Silver Spirit Award

World Karate Union Hall of Fame 2003

Gung-Fu Grand Master of the Year.








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