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Thomas C. Van Dyke


Kyoshi Thomas C Van Dyke, is retired military with 20+ years of combined active duty military service in the US Marine Corps, US Navy, and US Army. Kyoshi Thomas is also licensed with LESEA, The World Harvest Ministry Network

Kyoshi Thomas C Van Dyke is the Pres./CEO/Founder of International Defense Systems USA (IDS) and The Christian Association Of Martial Arts Practitioners (CAMP)


Current and previous professional martial arts organizations include The International Combat Martial Arts Union Association (ICMAUA), The International Combat Karate Union (ICMAUA), The International Combat Christian Association Of Martial Arts Practitioners Union (ICMAUA), The International Combat Sikaryn Karate Union (ICMAUA), The International Combat Martial Arts Founders Union (ICMAUA), The Okinawan Karate Federation (OKF), The International Moy Ryu
Karate Do Federation (IMKF), The United States Martial ArtS Association (USMA),  The Kokusai Shurite Karate Kobujutsu Rengo Kai Alliance/Federation aka (The International Shurite Karate Kobujutsu Federation), The World Christian Martial Arts Association (WCMAA), The World Christian Black Belt Association (WCBBA), The Karate For Christ Association (KFC), The Dragon
Kenpo Karate Consortium International (DKKCI), and a host of other internationally known and recognized martial arts oranizations and federations.

Kyoshi Thomas holds a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo Karate, a 2nd degree black belt in Sikaron Karate, a 4th degree black belt in Kenpo Karate, and a 6th degree black belt and system owner of The SIKARYN Karate System Of Karate And Self Defense Techniques.

 SIKARYN KARATE is an ever evolving hybrid martial arts and self defense system comprised of some of the most devastating street combat techniques in which 10% of the system is choice modifications of Taekwondo Karate, Sikaron Karate, and Kenpo Karate. 90% of the
SIKARYN system however is comprised of unarmed self defense and martial arts techniques designed by Kyoshi Thomas C. Van Dyke. The Sikaryn System Of Martial Arts And Self Defense also incorporates highly useful and beneficial Techniques, forms, and exercises from various Tai Chi and Yoga programs including a hybrid system of Tai Chi & Yoga.



Sergejs Vreshchs

He started his martial arts training in 1977 at the age of 20 in Soviet Armee in the Rukopashniy Boi.

His first Teacher in Martial Arts is Vasilijs Chernigovs, 6th Dan.

Sergejs Vreshchs is married and has wife Yanina and 2 childrens: Jelena and Olegs. Jelena has 8th Kyu in Kempo Karate.

Sergejs Vreshchs affiliated by:

Independent Martial Arts Federation – Member.

Eco Do Kempo Karate Dojo – Member

Sergejs Vreshchs works as Chief of Security.

His Hobby: Music, Martial Arts.




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