International Combat Martial Arts Encyclopedia

Who is Who in the International Combat Martial Arts


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John Sadler

Winner of numerous Kata, Kumite, wuko(points) and knock-down(full contact) in 1980’s

Founder Bugei jutsu karate-do, And previously Bu- jutsu ryu both are essentially Kyokushin based.

5th dan black belt Bugei jutsu karate_do Founder/chief instructor examiner

4th dan black belt Bu-jutsu ryu karate kai chief instructor/founder, examiner

3rd dan black belt Bu-jutsu ryu freestyle karate Chief instructor founder,examiner

Level 2 coaching certified karate

Qualified judge

Year Started training 1977 (42 years)



Mario Alberto Gonzalez Salazar
Founder and President
Seidoyang Organization Mexico.
- Selected and international competitor in 1989 by Woo Cheng Hoi Association.
- International Champion in the Master Chois U.S. Open in 1988 and 1989 in the middle weight category bout.
- International Champion in the Masters U.S. Open Chois forms in the category during 1988 and 1989.
- National Champion in the Open Cup Tournament in category 7up battle in 1989.
- National Tournament Champion in 1990 Toluca Woo Cheng Hoi in middle weight category bout.
- 3rd place in National Open Tournament fights Woo Cheng Hoi Toluca in 2002.
- Synodical black belt exam Nippon Dojo Association Karate do in the auditorium José Vasconcelos UAG in 2005.
- Synodical black belt exam Nippon Dojo Association Karate do in the auditorium José Vasconcelos Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in December 2006.
- Jury Synod and Karate Tournament Nippon Goju Ryu Dojo 2007.
- Martial Arts Master accredited by the Mexican Federation of Korean martial arts and the Spanish Federation of Korean martial arts and Tae Kwon Do European Organization (ETO).
- Teacher Substitutes and support of Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido Academy in Woo Cheng Hoi from 1988 to 2003.
1. Black Belt Certificate Kukiwon Korea.
2. Black Belt Tae kwon do give 5.
3. 2 dan Black Belt Goju Ryu Karate.
4. 2 dan black belt in Hapkido.
National Cheng-Woo Selected year 1988-2000.
Referee and Judge-National Association Woo Hoi Cheng.
- Recognized as a master of martial arts from the University of
Barcelona in the year (2009).
- President and Founder of the organization Seidoyang-FEAMC. (2009).
- International Club Membership Seidoyang to the Spanish Federation of Korean Martial Arts and the Mexican Federation of Korean Martial Arts. (2010)
- Member of the Association Casablanca (2010) of martial arts and self defense.

-Delegate and Monitor International Tae Kwon Do association of defense Casablanca. (2010).
- Currently Master of Tae Kwon Do and Karate do
- Teacher at the College Skinner.
- Certificate in Mexican Red Cross first aid.
- Writer and author of training in Tae Kwon Do recognized by the Open University of Barcelona, Spain. (Maxmail).
- Professor of numerous courses for private enforcement.
- Referee and Judge of the table in national and international tournaments.
Active collaborator in promoting martial arts in the state of Jalisco by the FEMAC.
-Monitor and Mexico representative of the Association of Personal Defense Casablanca.
"Teacher Summer Course 2010 in Corpus Christi Parish (Zapopan, Jalisco).
My teachers:
- Sun Myung Kim (7 Dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do) RIP +
- Kee Dae Lee (7 Dan Black Belt - Hapkido).
- Carlos Carreño Herrera (5 Dan Black Belt Goju-Ryu Karate).
- Teacher Scott Anthony (World Kickboxing Runner Shidokan).



Luis Michael Gonalez Sanchez

Formation(training) specifies

Course(year) of explosives and threat of bombs location and action(performance) technical (cefes) of conduction(driving) evasions for escorts, terrorism with appliances esplosivos, technologies(skills) of shot for escorts, course(year) of emotional, active intelligence of radioscopia, operative of safety and armament, operative in commercial centers, extinction of fires, etc

Martial arts

Martial arts in general: cn 6 gives of kick boxing and full contact. Muay thay, instructor of hung gar kung fu, instructor international for the kuoshu federation of republic of small stone, paoquan kung fu, enabled by the department of the interior and the police training department like technical professional teacher in centers of formation(training) for private watchmen of safety and escorts, national trainer of boxing and kick boxing umpire world professional iska national cordinador of arbitration thay and mma men of honor, creator of the system of police defense kung do 8 degree, european instructor of police self-defence black belt 5 give closet combat (university of black belts etc

Military service

Military police n 52 zaragoza: escort of the general, governor, instructor of police self-defence, troop and officials of the (CRM) regional center of control

Recovered(played) works he(she) bodyguard


escolta of political personalities in  pais vasco country 

Bodyguard of persons in charge of strong spanish companies Iberdrola, Siemens etc

Bodyguard of ill-treated women violence of kind (Genre)


Active member of SIAG (Spanis H-American Association Of Bodyguard) and of the Association Unified Of Bodyguard (UNITE) professional tip recognized mor the department of the interior of Spain and the DGP. Department Of Private Safety



Jay Sandlin

Shihan Jay Sandlin, 6th Degree Black Belt / Shihan of Sandlin-Ryu, was born February 17th 1973 in Danville, Illinois, USA. Born into a family who has been training in the Martial Arts since the 1950’s. He began his Martial Arts skill development at the age of three years old. Mr. Sandlin has dedicated a large part of his life to studying and training in the Martial Arts. He is officially recognized as Shihan of Sandlin-Ryu and a certified 6th Dan Black Belt by organizations around the world.

Shihan Sandlin is the author of the highly regarded book on Self-Defense and Personal Safety & Security titled “Complete Self-Defense: A Comprehensive Look At Personal Safety Security and Awareness”. Shihan is also the founder of the 2 non-profitable Martial Arts Organizations. The “United States Jiu Jitsu Alliance” founded in 2002. The USJJA has members around the world and is rapidly growing. Developed and founded as a tool to bring together and unite martial arts practitioners across the globe. Also the “World Black Belt Alliance International” founded in 2004 as a free world Dan rank registry to honor those who have achieved the rank of first Dan Black Belt or higher. Shihan is the Vice President and co-director and promoter of Sandlin-Ryu-Martial-Arts founded in 1970 by his father Chichi-Soke Oushi J. Sandlin. In addition Shihan is also a board member and advisor to several Martial Arts Organizations in the martial arts world.

Shihan is considered by many to be a master of reality based Jiu Jitsu techniques. Growing up in the Martial Arts has allowed him to gain an uncanny amount of knowledge and introduce him to many individuals who are highly regarded. Shihan has competed in many Martial Arts tournaments, seminars, workshops and demonstrations in his life. As a mixed Martial Arts Fighter he won the “Rage in the Cage” Middleweight Championship in 1998. He has also qualifies for the USA Martial Arts team on more than one occasions and has won numerous Martial Arts competitions in his life including many Jiu Jitsu and submission grappling matches. In the 1990’s he was one of the top material breaking competitors in the Midwest United States winning state and local competitions for his amazing material breaking ability. He has also achieved number one rankings as a fighter and has gained notoriety as an amateur kickboxer, boxer and trainer.

Shihan Jay Sandlin is an official Certified Instructor of Self-Defense, Rape Awareness and Prevention, Children’s Awareness and Prevention, Psychology of Preparedness and has earned a Masters Degree in Reality Combat and Martial Arts Studies. He has taught and trained many individuals in his life including male and female courses, adults, and children alike. He has helped instruct neighborhood watch groups, church groups and participated in city Martial Arts programs. As well as teaching the use of weapons (PR-24’s and Stun Guns) and self defense to security organizations.

Shihan Jay Sandlin is a husband, father, brother, son, friend and Martial Artist who is hoping to pass along his Martial Arts knowledge and legacy to those who want to represent and better the world of Martial Arts. He has been awarded Dan ranking in several martial arts systems and styles. Currently residing in Ohio, Shihan is continuing his support, training and teaching of Jiu Jitsu and the growth of Martial Arts in his area and around the world.

Shihan Jay Sandlin:

6th Dan Sandlin Ryu Martial Arts

6th Dan Sandlin-Ryu-Ketsugo-Jiu-Jitsu

6th Dan Sandlin-Ryu-Doki-Jiu-Jitsu

6th Dan Sandlin-Ryu-Karate-Jiu-Jitsu

6th Dan Sandlin-Ryu-Jukado-Jiu-Jitsu

6th Dan Sandlin-Ryu-Bukiho-Jiu-Jitsu

3rd Dan JUDO

Founder of the United States Jiu Jitsu Alliance

Founder of the World Black Belt Alliance International

Vice President and Co-Director and Promoter of Sandlin-Ryu-Martial-Arts



Brandon James Schild

My name is Brandon James Schild, I have been studying martial arts for around 11years. I was born in Humboldt, Kansas on March 10 1982. My first experience with any type of martial arts was around the age of 6. My uncle used to show my a few martial art techniques, which he was an instructor at the YMCA and instructed in JUDO. Over the years I became accustomed to various martial arts from Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Judo and Jujitsu. Which these were going to be my basic foundation of what I really enjoyed to do. I began to take part in a class which was American Jujitsu Academy (which was more of an American/Brazilian jujitsu), my instructor had several different people who came down to do seminars. They were all well rounded from Muay Thai to Wing Chun to Chin Na, all sorts of styles we got to get involved in to open our mind set. In the year 2001 I joined the US Army Military Police Corps, in the end of 2001 I achieved my first black belt in mixed martial arts at Fort Belvior Virginia. My foundation was formed of all different bases, yet I personally chose Wing Chun for my self, because of my hand reach which helps in trapping and hand immobilizing. At the beginning of 2006 I had became an instructor in Jeet Kune Do concepts, Arnis De Mano, silat, and Kino Mutai under the OFT/ESS certification program. I am now stationed in Korea, still in the Military Police Corps training soldiers at our earliest convenience. I am currently working on a martial art book that I have been trying to compile knowledge for over several years. I have been studying philosophy and anatomy and physiology as well with martial arts which help create a well rounded being. I am a lifetime member with the ICMAUA with 2 foundation arts which are Instinctive Fighting; BASIC INSTINCT and Modern Martial Art Concepts, they both relates to one another but one is primarily used for direct learning for defensive fighting techniques as the other is used as a philosophical science aspect with developmental learning.



Frank M. Schneider

Born Aug.21,1964 he comes in contact with martial arts at the age of five years through older “playground friends" who trained in Judo and JiuJitsu and teach him some martial arts basics. After a while the young Frank started in a club at the end of 6 years with Judo. In the following years he studied JiuJitsu, Kempo, Aikijitsu, Okinawa Karate and Kobudo, also in Ninjutsu and other arts he get insights, always trying to enrich his knowledge. Furthermore in korean arts like Hapkido, TangSooDo and Taekwondo he has expertise,which leads him finally to traditional chinese techniques as Shaolin KungFu(Kempo), Dju-Su and KongSoTao.

As he met his mentor and friend, grandmaster and Soke,Benedetto Stumpf,Hanshi(10th Dan Kempo Karate/Jiu Jitsu, 9th Dan Okinawa Karate and higher degrees in several other Budo arts) he found one Sensei who stands for all he search for: excellence and spirit in the budo arts, humility,dedication to the arts and always stand up and deal with all aspects of life masterly...

Until now Frank M. Schneider has studied under various european and asian grandmasters and masters like D.B. Stumpf, Dr.Min Tah Jao, R. Seihsler, K. Tose, T. Nobetsu, S.Sato, H.Ochi, J. Kim, K. Poestges, D. Thürnau, O.Rumann, W.Kritzler e.t.c.

So Frank M. Schneider also searches for excellence of body and mind through absorbing what is usefull in Budo to become an humble human being...

Until know he reached some higher Dan degrees and titles in the national and international martial arts community through Budo as way of life. He acts as student, instructor, coach, seminar participant, tournament player and official in some recognized organisations.

Holding tournament results like various national titles in Kata,Kumite and Self Defense, a third place in european championships and other regional titles he was formerly also succesfull in competition. Today his approach in the martial arts is to be an role model through strong dedication to Budo leading all interested people through Budo as a good way to succeed in life, regardless of race, religion, politics and so on.

In 2001 he was awarded the title of Soke in his “own" art founded and developed since 1992 under the direction of his sensei Grandmaster Stumpf, Soke. So STREET COMBAT KARATE is his essence in realistic self defense of over 30 years study and instruction of asian martial arts, police tactical defense and anti-rape programs conducted by Frank M. Schneider. Helping to establish and promote SCK and real self defense, the WSCSO - WORLD STREET COMBAT SYSTEMS ORGANIZATION was formed with permission and consent of some worldwide respected & notable masters and grandmasters, such as european grandmaster Professor D.B.Stumpf and chinese grandmaster Dr. Min Tah Jao.

The WSCSO promotes dedication and seriousity in the arts and foster a band of friendship among all martial artists worldwide as a overall budo family. So Grandmaster Schneider say´s “ go in a foreign country in an foreign dojo, with respect and reserve, and you are always heartly welcomed as a friend - that is BUDO.."

After nearly 33 years study and research also in traditional Budo he has incorporated his views and opinions through traditional study in his own approach of instructing, sparring(Kumite) forms(Kata) and self defense (Bunkai Jutsu)- which resulted in the formulation of his traditional experience in Budo: YOSAISHIKAIKAN BUDO, which consists of traditional karate, jiujitsu, kobujutsu, kempo and weapon methods.

So Frank M. Schneider received and lastly accepted proudly in 2002 the titles of Soke Shodai as 10th Degree Red Belt in Street Combat Karate (SCK) and as 9th Dan Hanshi in Yosaishikaikan Budo (after he denied and don´t accepted in the previous years any 10th Dan ranking in his own style, which he was granted by international serious and notable organizations). Also in traditional Budo he holds now an 9th Dan Hanshi in Kempo Karate, Nihon Kempo

Jiu Jitsu and a 9th Dan Sijo ranking in Chinese Kenpo.

He was promoted in 2002 to Hachidan Okinawa Kempo Karate Do, Hanshi and Rokudan Okinawan Kobudo, Kyoshi.

He is a member as Instructor/ Master/ Grandmaster in some prestiguos Martial Art organizations, holding titles of Soke,Hanshi,Shihan,Kyoshi, Renshi,KwanJangNim to promote martial arts excellence, spirit and friendship with the martial arts community and budo family

worldwide via seminars, tournaments and sporting/cultural events:

World Nibuikai Budo Federation/ World Street Combat Systems Organization/ World Agni Kempo Organization/ International Independent Federation of Russian Kempo/ Okinawa Butoryu Gohokan Karatedo Kyokai/ National Korean Martial Arts Association/ Okinawan Shorin Ryu Kokusai Kempo-Karate-Do & Kobudo Federation/ICMAUA/WFFA/ North American Grandmasters Council/North American Kenpo Karate Jujitsu Federation/ International Hoshinkido Hapkido Federation/American Taiho Jutsu Association Int´l/KICK/ World Moo Duk Kwan TSD Fed.,Inc./Korea KiDo Assn./ German Karate Federation/

MiGukKwan Tang Soo Do Federation/ American Tang Soo Do Association/German Dan College/Ryukyu Association of Karate & Gung Fu/International Shingitai Kempo Association/ International Goju Kempo Federation/ Universal Martial Arts Federation/ Unified Sokeship Ass./ IMAF/ Ketsugo Kai Int´l/US Martial Artist Ass`n/ Budokaikan Int´l/EagleTiger Federation...

Also he was inducted in the 2001 North American Black Belt Hall of Fame as Headfounder/ Grandmaster of the year.



Michael Schwarz

In 1979, I began instructing Tae Kwon Do/Hapkido(Moo Du Kwon)under Master Chang Hee Jhoon.  It was thru my TKD/Hapkido training that I was able to develop unmatched body conditioning/hardening skills.  While in the military I continued training within Moo Du Kwon and obtained my 2nd & eventually 3rd Degree Black Belts. My initial introduction to the FMA came in 1985. Upon my return from the military in 1991 I continued study in  Serrada Escrima under Punong Guro Chuck Cadell III, I achieved Pangisang Guro status. My empty hand, blade and stick/cane abilities increased under his instruction. Most recently, I obtained the status of Punong Guro (Master Instructor level) & Panginoon Guro(2nd Degree Master Instructor level) in the Davis/Cabales System of Escrima. Additionally, I have been asked to represent Martial Arts International & WSEF(World Serrada Escrima Federation)throughout the midwest and east coast.  I also have recently been honored with becoming the Midwest Representative for the WMAU(World Martial Arts Union).

My credentials are certified by the WSEF/MAI(World Serrada Escrima Federation/Martial Arts International), USMA(United States Martial Arts Association,  MMA(Midwest Martial Arts Association) and the WMAU(World Martial Arts Union).



Mike Shelton

Soke. World Combat Federation World Title for Combat Jujitsu in 1995 and defended it for 8 years.

Welsh, British and European Form Champion alongside Anthony Rigdon for 3 years, 1994, 1995, 1996.

Welsh, British and European Free style - Kata Champion in 1993-1997


JUDO                                              BLACK                             MARGAM JUDO CLUB                   1983

WADO--RYU-KARATE                    BLACK                               WADO-RYU PORT TALBOT 1986

KUNG-FU                                        2ND BLACK SASH            BAK PI LUNG YING                        1989

JU-JITSU                                         2ND BLACK                       ROMFORD JUJUTSU CLUB     1991

JUJITSU                                          6TH DAN                           SPIRIT COMBAT                            1999

AKIDO                                             1ST DAN                           TOMIKI AKIDO                                2001

KICKBOXING                                  6TH DAN                           BKBU                                               2000

COMBAT JUJITSU                          6TH DAN                           WCF                                                1999

JUJUTSU                                         7TH DAN                           BJJAGB                                           1998

JUJUTSU                                         8TH DAN                           TENCHI RYU                                  2011     

JUJITSU-COMBAT STYLE             8TH DAN                           TENCHI RYU                                  2011     


Our club is based in the country of Wales.

Our website is


My association Black belts are:

Kyle Black            5th Dan

Salim Khan          2nd Dan

Paul Lewis           1st Dan

Mark Spence       2nd Black

Carl Jones           1st Black



Martin Sewer

Ph.D. M.S.

The martial arts career of Martin Sewer began at the age of seven with judo which he practised for over thirteen years. During that time he attended various courses ranging from educational issues to kuatsu (Japanese first aid). He became an judo instructor and soon discovered that he had pleasure and a great talent working with people and conveying the various aspects in martial arts.  

His unstoppable thirst for knowledge led him to other areas like Karate, Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing. Over the years he attended many tournaments and championships where he won numerous titles and awards.

While looking for new challenges he came in touch with Chinese Martial Arts which weren’t very popular in Switzerland at the time.

He learnt from different Chinese Masters different styles like Wushu, Choy Lay Fat, Kong Style Taj Chi Chuan. He travelled several times to China and Hong Kong to learn more about the Chinese way of life and its culture. There he gained a profound knowledge of  Chinese traditions and philosophy, which makes him a real expert in this area.

Through a ten animal Kung Fu system he eventually found his way to the South-Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu by meeting his future master Grandmaster Chiu Chi Ling from Hong Kong.

Sifu Martin Sewer became a closed door student of Grand Master Chiu Chi Ling who supported him above average. Sifu Martin Sewer practised with great enthusiasm and during a visit in Hong Kong in 1992 he was able to take the examination for master in presence of his Sifu Chiu Chi Ling and the Grand Masters Chiu Kau and Siu Ying (both disciples of Lam Sai Wing) which he passed successfully. He became president of the Swiss branch of the “International Chiu Chi Ling Hung Gar Kung Fu Association” and in the Year 1993 he opened the “Kung Fu School Martin Sewer” in Zürich where he personally ensures that his students learn traditional Hung Gar Kung Fu of very high quality. Since the opening of his school, the Chinese certified Sifu (Master) dedicates all his time to make this unique Kung Fu system more popular. He’s holding seminars all over Europe in order to pass on his precious knowledge to the next generations. So far, Dr. Martin Sewer received the following grades: 5th Dan World Kung Fu Association USA (1995), 5th Dan through Grand Master Chiu Chi Ling head of the Hung Gar Kung Fu system (2001), senior instructor Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu through USMA (2001), 6th Dan USMA (2002), Grand Master of the Martial Arts, MAA, IGC.

He’s also an active referee at national and international tournaments he’s licensed as follows: 1995 Referee A SAKEV, 2000 National Referee, I.C.K.F.; 2001 certified senior referee Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu, USMA.

He’s a respected member of renowned organisations such as the Hong Kong Martial Arts Ass. Ltd., International Chinese Kuoshu Federation, International Martial Arts Ass., International Grandmaster Comitee, Lifetime Member United States Martial Arts Ass. and the official Swiss Representative of the World Independent Chinese Martial Arts Federation. He is also represented in the recently opened Wong Fei Hung Museum in Foshan (China), which proofs that Master Martin Sewer is in the direct lineage of the real Hung Gar Kung Fu.



Mark R. Shuey Sr.

Originally from the San Fernando Valley, Southern California, Mark moved to Lake Tahoe in 1976 where he still resides. In high school and college, his primary focus was bodybuilding, wrestling, and swimming. Starting Martial Arts in 1970 in the Chuck Norris System of Tang Soo Do, he received his 1st degree Black Belt in 1978 under Master Harold Gross, Master Dennis Itchakawa and Master Neil Citron, and started teaching the martial arts in 1979. In September of 1999 he was promoted to 7th degree by the USMA and ICHF.

Mark has degrees in Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, and Hapkido. He has a Master's Certification with USNKA (United States National Karate Assoc.), ATAMA (American Teacher's Assoc. of the Martial Arts), USMA (United States Martial Arts Association), head Weapon Instructor for Kosho Ryu, is on the Board of Directors for the World Head of Family Sokeship Council, the Independent Karate School Association, and the International Martial Arts Association, and the World Budo Association.  In March of 2002, Mark was promoted to 10th Degree Black Belt for Cane Master by the International Martial Arts Council of America (Headfounders/ Grandmasters Association).  October 2002 he was inducted into the Golden State Karate Association Hall of Fame. Mark is also the Head of Cane Instruction and Nevada State Director for the International Combat Hapkido Federation, and is certified by World Black Belt as a Certified Instructor for their America in Defense program.

Shuey is a top competitor in Martial Art Tournaments. He was rated competitor of the year in 1994 with the National Coalition of Martial Artists. In 1997, he was rated number 2 in overall points in the Pacific Rim Tour Tournament circuit. Also in the same year, he was rated number one in weapons and katas in M.A.R.R.S for his age division and number two in overall points. On November 14th, 1998 he attended the Unified World Martial Arts Federation year end banquet, and walked away with 1st place winnings in each of 4 categories: Forms Katas, Weapons, Kumite (sparring), and won overall Grand Champion in both weapons and forms. Within that same year, Mark also took the Grand Champion in Kata's at the finals held in Lake Tahoe for the Golden State Karate Assoc. (GSKA) as well as taking first place in the senior weapons and traditional open. After taking the National title in senior weapons in IMAC, Shuey was also awarded Competitor of the Year by IKSA. In 1999, Mark reached his goal of taking NASKA'S World and National, Masters Weapons Title, and IMAC'S National title. For 2000 he defended his World Champion title for NASKA and won top honors in the World for the KRANE Ratings.  Then, in 2001, Shuey "three-peated" taking the National and World titles once again for NASKA. Once again in 2002, he holds the 2002 world title for NASKA in the Senior Masters Division.

 In 1998, he was inducted into the Martial Arts Masters, Pioneers, and Legends Hall of Fame as a "Master Instructor", as well as 1999. The year 2000 saw Shuey inducted into the USMA Hall of Fame, as well as the prestigious World Head of Family Sokeship Hall of Fame. In 2001, he was honored by induction to the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame, International Association of Karate, Kobudo, Puerto Rico Hall of Fame and USMA. Also in 2001, Mark was made Martial Arts Pioneer by the HOF. 2002 has seen inductions into the Universal Martial Arts HOF as Master of the Year/Weapons, World Martial Arts League in Germany honored as Grandmaster of the Year/Weapons/Cane.

Mark has been promoting tournaments in the martial arts since 1980, and has hosted over 16 tournaments of his own. Because of his love for the Cane, his weapon of choice, he was one of the founders and now sole owner of "Cane Masters". This company has introduced the Cane to a greater audience in the martial arts community, as well as senior citizens and the physically challenged. Furthermore, Mark travels throughout the world giving seminars on using the cane for self-defense as well as exercise. At the start of 2000, Shuey formed the Cane Masters International Association for students of the cane and to certify instructors for his system, and is currently focusing his attention on teaching senior citizens, the military, police departments, and the disabled.



Naorem Boynao Singh

International Gold Medalist

# 348, Phase 2, Bavisha Urben House, B Hosahalli, Sompura Gate, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore- 562125 Contect: +91 8095007379




Working as a Martial Arts Teacher in Chrysalis High, Varthur, Bangalore since June 2014.

Founder/Technical Director of International Combat Martial Arts and Sports Academy Kangleipak.

Executive member of Indian Pencak Silat Federation.

Executive member of Indian Ice Stock Sports Federation.

Executive member of India Kuo Shu Federation.



Master/Assistant Examiner of Black Belt in International Academy for Learning Martial Arts Manipur, India (Since 2009)

Teaching experience of 13 years, A Black Belt 3rd Degree from International Academy for Learning Martial Arts Manipur India. Having a privilege to represent India in 18th Asian Games 2018, Jakarta Indonesia, 2 Asian Championships, 4 World Championships & 5 International Championships



Kung Fu/ Wushu

Pencak Silat

Kick Boxing

Muay Thai



International level:

Silver Medal in Indonesian Open International Virtual Pencak Silat Championship 2020.

Participated in 18th Asian Games 2018 held at Jakarta, Indonesia.

Participated in 18th World Pencak Silat Championship 2018 held at Singapore.

Participated in 18th Asian Games 2018 held at Jakarta, Indonesia.

Bronze Medal in 18th Asian Games Invitation Tournament 2018 held at Jakarta, Indonesia.

Bronze Medal in 3rd Asian Pencak Silat Championship 2017 held at South Korea.

Silver Medal in 3rd Singapore Open Pencak Silat Championship 2017 held at Singapore.

Silver Medal in 6th Macau International Martial Arts Competition 2017 held at Macau, China.

Gold Medal in 3rd Ding Feng Cup International Wushu Competition 2016 held at Penang, Malaysia.

Gold Medal in 10th Hong Kong International Wushu Competition 2015 held at Hong Kong.

Gold Medal in 1st World Martial Arts Games 2015 held at Bangkok, Thailand.

Silver Medal in 4thu world Kuo Shu Championship 2012 held at Genting, Malaysia.

Participated in Asian Open Muay Thai Championship 2011 at Kish Island, Iran.

Participated in IFMA World Muay Thai Championship 2011 at Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Silver Medal in IFMA World Muay Thai Championship 2010 held at Bangkok, Thailand.

Participated in IFMA World Muay Thai Championship 2009 held at Bangkok, Thailand.

Gold Medal in 6th Pencak Silat Asian Championship 2022, India




Gold Medal in 1st North East Open Kung Fu Championship held in Assam (2001).

Gold Medal in all India Open Martial Arts Championship held in Nagaland (2003).

Gold Medal in State Level Kung - Fu & Karate Championship in Manipur (2004).

Gold Medal in North East All Style Martial Arts Championships held at Manipur (2004)

Best fighter award in North East Invitational Chinese Martial Arts Championship held at Arunachal Pradesh (2004).

Silver Medal in 5th Sub junior National Wushu Championships held at Chandigarh (2005)

Gold Medal in 7th Junior National Wushu Championships held at Chandigarh (2007)

Gold Medal in 2nd North East Wushu Championship held at Arunachal Pradesh (2007).

Silver Medal in 1st India Biggest Tae Kwon Do Games , held at Navi Mumbai (2009)

Gold Medal in 9th IFMA Indian National Muay Thai Championship held at Kolkata (2009).

Gold Medal in 10th IFMA Indian National Muay Thai Championship held at Jammu & Kashmir (2010).

Gold Medal in 11th IFMA Indian National Muay Thai Championship held at Hyderabad, Ander Pradesh (2011).

Gold Medal in 12th IFMA Indian National Muay Thai Championship held at Chennai, Tamilnadu (2012).

Gold Medal in 1st MFI National Muay Thai Challenger Cup Held at  Imphal, Manipur (2012)

Gold Medal in Senior National Pencak Silat Championship held at Punjab (2017)

Gold Medal in 2nd Pencak Silat Federation Cup 2017 held at Maharashtra.

Gold Medal in Senior National Pencak Silat Championship 2018 held at Punjab.



Participated as a Karnataka State Coach in 1st India National Kuo Shu Kung-Fu Championship 2012, held at Goa.

Participated as a Karnataka State Coach in 2nd India National Kuo Shu Kung-Fu Championship 2013, held at  Shimla. Himachal Pradesh.

Participated as a Referee in 3rd India National Kuo Shu Kung-Fu Championship 2014, held at Kolkata, West Bengal.

Participated as a Karnataka State Coach in 4th India National Kuo Shu Kung-Fu Championship 2015, held at   Goa

Participated as a Referee  in 5th India National Kuo Shu Kung-Fu Championship 2016, held at  Bangalore, Karnataka

Participated as a Karnataka State Coach in 1st India National Kuo Shu Kung-Fu Championship 2017, held at  Maharashtra.

Participated in Pencak Silat National Coaches and Referee Seminar 2017, held at Srinagar, J&K.

Participated as a Karnataka State Coach in 7th India National Kuo Shu Kung-Fu Championship 2018, held at Bangalore, Karnataka.

Participated as a Referee in 1st South Zone Pencak Silat Championship 2018 held at Gangavathi, Karnataka.

Participated as a Referee in Pre Tee and Junior National Pencak Silat Championship 2019 held at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Participated as a Referee in 2nd South Zone Pencak Silat Championship 2019 held at Ongel, Andhra Pradesh.

Participated as a Referee in Senior National Pencak Silat Championship 2020 held at Srinagar, J&K.



Darrell R.Smith

I am in the martial arts for 42 years now. This is some history of me: founder of my own system American Jite Ryu Karate

grandmaster 10th dan tang-soo-do, member in the World Korea Martial Art Union under supreme grandmaster Chung H.Parks, master in hapkido under supreme grandmaster Chumg H. Parks, 5 dan in judo under grandmaster sgt John.H More, 5 dan in go-ju-ryu karate under sgrt John Reed, organization soke in the International Combat Union under dr.Mihail Pupinsh.

Soke in the International San Ryu Do Organization under dr.Robert N.Braff., soke under the IMAA under dr.Gholamreza Gholami/hanshi Iran, soke under the United States Head Of Family under dr.Joe L.Parrish, soke under dr.Bernd Hohle the MAA organization Germany.

Soke under Marco Inzana World Self Defence Federation, soke under World Black Belt Soke Council under dr.Rocky Farley, soke under Byran Cheek the W.E.B.B.S England, soke & president under International Sokeship Union, under the supreme grandmaster dr.Arthur Parrott, soke in the Goshin-Jui -Su Talkel Connection, soke in Budo/Bugei Kokusai Renmel  Japan, ambassador of world ambassador council under dr.Bernd Hohle Germany.

soke l.O.S.K.D.A Organization from Greece, soke in national tang-soo-do under dr.Roger Hairs Ohio, soke under Blackbelt University under gm& dr.Lee Edmonds, soke International Martial Arts Ass.Pakistan under Muhamad Sultan, sir knight commander under George Duke Richards. This is a small history on me.


Marvin "Knife" Sotelo

Marvin "Knife" Sotelo better known as Knifer, is a minister and campaigner against the US drug policy as well as a musician and the author of "Satanic Combat Sciences" His resume cites experience as a dietary aide, musician and mixed martial artist. He is an avid practitioner of Jeet Kune Do, political scientist, and a gospel rapper in his civilian identity. Sotelo took an interest in martial arts when he was in elementary school, he took a few lessons in Taekwondo and held the rank of Junior Kyû, Sotelo also had a brief stint in professional mixed martial arts with the International Fight League and was scheduled to fight against Ryan McGivern on April 29, 2006, at the IFL: Legends Championship in Atlantic City, New Jersey. However, Sotelo opted out of the fight and was replaced by Amir Rahnavardi since he did not appreciate the match getting changed from an MMA fight to an exhibition match with stipulations, and because he felt that an exhibition match where both fighters are declared winners was "meaningless," disenfranchised with the IFL he retired undefeated on a technicality and later began training in Arnis under master Jaime "Jim" Sotelo ("Knife" Sotelo's associate, no relation), the head instructor of the Sotelo Arnis Self-Defense Club which is affiliated with Lapunti Arnis de Abanico (LAPUNTI). He would later go on and attain his sixth-degree black belt in Arnis, orange belt in Krav Maga and he would also teach Jeet Kune Do to a small group of students. With his knowledge of many different styles and combat sports that include Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, Muay Thai, Chun Kuk Do, & Kata, Sotelo collected applications he deemed practical, modified them with his own philosophies and created his own blend of combat science. On June 2017 Sotelo took the position of Grade 2 Representative, holding control over the World International Martial Arts Association and Organization (WIMAAO) operations for Los Angeles, California.


Tony Southard 

Tony Southard has been training in the martial arts for 35 years. He has earned Black Belts in five different systems, specializing in self defense studies.

He also offers personal protection training and services. The Southard Combat Systems teaches you to be 110% confident and secure in most any situation.

Having served as head of security for several night clubs and body guarding for people such as, Donny Osmond and Darrin Henson of Darrins Dance Grooves, I've been attacked by army assailants with all types of weapons ranging from beer bottles & sticks to guns & knives.

He knows first hand what works and what doesn't. I'm an expert on gun and knife disarming techniques and practical self defense. Mr. Southard is also certified in Kubotan/mini Baton. He was an undefeated pro Kickboxer going to fight for the World Championships.

He is available for seminars for various organizations, police and law enforcement agencies, and college groups. Bodyguarding services are offered on an individual basis.



Derek Spencer

MR Spencer started in the martial arts in 1988; His master Instructors are GM Robin Taberna and GM Jae K Shin.  Mr. Spencer holds a 4th Degree Black Belt IN Kang Yu DO Korean Karate and a 4th Degree black Belt in moo duk kwan Tae kwon do.  He is Also A Iraq War veteran and was an active martial arts instructor while in the Army teaching the modern Army combative program. His Academic Degrees Are 3 AA Degrees, BA Degree in US History from CSU Stanislaus and then A MA Degree in History with focus on Asian relations and US. He is currently the owner and operator of Spencer’s Korean Karate Located In Turlock CA.  MR Spencer Is well none for his years in competing martial arts tournaments sparring kumite and traditional forms. He has won several grand championships In curcites like the GSKA, NASKA, NBL, Internationals in Long Beach and Los Vages, among other curcites.  He was featured in Action Magazine as a sparring champion in 1998. To day he also runs Seminars teaching Senior citizens martial arts using a cane.



Stelios Spitieris

1981 i take black belt 1st dan from grand master Dr CHOO SHEN SOOT(karate Budokan international)!

1996 5th dan black belt from( martial arts masters world federation inc).

(international society of combat martial artists)B.D. MILLER,SOKE

6th dan black belt from united martial arts society in 1999,all this in the system shaolinji kempo ryu

Hap ki do 1th dan in 1996 (on international hoshikido federation)SERGE P. BAULBIL!

2007 take 2th dan universal ko shin kwan hapkido federation.

1981 1ts black sash kung fu tai noi pai kun from chan shan len (IBBA)

1993 5th black sash universal martial artist federation Dr George Osvald.



Nasiakos Spyros

I begin the martial arts from small age (7 years).

As the years past, I realized that this world had something that attracted me in a way that no other sport did. Therefore I chose to dedicate myself to this world, I have focused my training and lifestyle to achieve my goal.

After graduating high school, I enlisted as volunteer to the Hellenic Special Forces Rangers. Apart from the regular training I received the speciality of self-defence trainer. During that period me main responsibility was to prepper the new rangers for combat self-defence and offence in order to pass successfully the final evaluation before graduating the rangers academy.

After fulfilling my military obligations in 1993 Ι have started my first dojo.

In my carrier I have participated from 1981 to 2004 in national and international championships and received the athletic distinctions and titles

From 1996 to1998 I was instructor to private clubs, dojos and security bodies (military police, police and military).

I had the opportunity to study under the instructions of great teacher of the martial art community and after devotion and hard work I managed to receive recognition and titles in various systems.

IHolder of Ju Dan in the art of Seinshinryoku Ryu

Today after a small journey of 37 years in the martial art, I continue to teach and being taught in martial art styles, techniques and lifestyle by participating and presenting seminars all over the world.

I have my personal dojo and I.O.S.K.D.K.J.A has presence in 15 countries and in Greece we have 6 “dojos” and we grow.

Finally I would like to note that my involvement with the martial art the last 37 years have taught me, to leave within this dynamic family and embrace this way of leaving.

If you need any additional information or clarification please do not hesitate to contact me.

With kind regards,




Klahan Srisai

Klahan Srisai born in 1940, Kruengtep, Thailand he began his Martial Arts training almost as soon as he could walk, beginning in the art of Muay Thai.

He took part in many local and national Muay Thai bouts.

In 1954  along with his brother Toi  he joined a Karate class in Bangkok taught by  Sensei Shosin Nakamoto , he merely wanted to supplement his Muay Thai training for an up coming fight  he was aged 14 at that time. Although Shosin Nakamoto Sensei had been teaching Karate in Thailand for 7 years at this time it was not until 5 years later that he pomoted his leading student to Black Belt, Klahan Srisai..

Born on January 26, 1918, in Tomari Vilage, Okinawa, Shoshin Nakamoto began his life in the Martial Arts at the age of 6, studying karate under Tomari-te karate Master Seikichi Nakaema Sensei and also Grand master Chojun Miyagi (1888-1953). With rigorous daily training, young Shoshin attained the rank of Shodan, or first degree black belt, by the age of 18, and later began traveling across Asia with  fellow Black belts, promoting karate through demonstrations and exhibitions. On one of his visits to Thailand he became so impressed with the art of Muay Thai that he decided to stay there and study this art, while teaching his art of Karate.

While keeping the traditional aspects and discipline of Tomari-te Shoshin combined many techniques with his new art of Muay Thai, which he kept secret from his peers back in his homeland. Sensei Srisai became his number one student and eventually achieved the Rank of 8th Dan in Tomari-te 

After the death of Shoshin in 1984,  Klahan continued his studies in Karate and Kobudo under various instructors  and developed what he terms as Thai Free-style Karate. In 2000 Sensei Srisai was promoted to the rank  of 9th Dan Free-Style Karate by a committee of his peers form the various Martial Arts Disciplines in Thailand. He is also recognized as an 8th dan in Tomari Te Karate. W.S.C.S.K


4th Dan Seishinryuko Karate.


Sensei Srisai continues to teach today mainly to students who have already achieved the rank of 4th Dan so he can impart as much of his extensive knowledge as possible.



Gerd Stobbe

Grandmaster Gerd Stobbe was born June 16th, 1948 in Grote-Gaste District Leer/Ostfriesland Germany   and married Roswitha September 25th 1970.

Mr. Stobbe's occupation was a vulcanize where he held the position of foreman and manager and was an official expert, as sworn by the chamber of handicraft, Düsseldorf, for vulcanizing. Mr. Stobbe's martial arts career began in 1958 with the study of Judo, Jiu jitsu, Wrestling and Boxing.

In 1966, he started training in Wu-Shu with Shaolin-Kempo as taught by Sensei Hermann Scholz (4th Dan)   Sensei Scholz had brought this martial art to Germany.  The art was learned from an Asian master Professor and Dr. Gerald GK Dschero Khan Meijers (Sifu Meijers) 10th Dan and a descendant of the famous Dschingis Khan who lived in the Netherlands.  In 1972/73 Mr. Stobbe began training with Chinese Masters and Grandmasters on authentic Shaolin-Chuan-Fa, which he later incorporated with his own techniques. Mr. SGM Sijo/Soke Gerd Stobbe developed an audit program for Wushu-Styles: Shaolin-Chuan-Fa,  Chin-Na-Chuan, and Wu-Qi-Tao-Fa and other Asia Martial-Arts. Mr. Gerd Stobbe has been active in Martial Arts from 1958.


Titles and Positions:

From 1970 until 1984 - Multiple International and European Championships in several disciplines for different Martial Arts Organizations.

Sijo/Soke and International Wu-Shu Supreme Grandmaster in several National and International Wu-Shu & Budo Martial Arts Organizations.

President, Chief-Referee, Judge, Umpire and Founder, Sijo/Soke (1985) of the German Wu-Shu Association (Deutscher Wu-Shu Bund, DWSB e.V.)

President and Founder, (1998) Sijo/Soke, Chief instructor of the International Wu-Shu Organization (IWO e.V.)

Vice President, Coach, Chief-Instructor, Sijo/Soke, Referee-Umpire of the Deutschen Kampfsport-Dachverbandes (DKD e.V.)

Chief-Instructor and Chief-Examiner in the International Coach-Academy (ITA(DKD) and in other national Organizations and international Institutions.

Honorary-Director of Olympic Wu-Shu-Academy (Stützpunkt) Xuzhou, Provence Jiangsu of China by Jianshe Ren.


Current Ranks:

10th Degree - Toan Shaolin-Chuan Fa           (Wushu)
9th   Degree - Toan Chin-Na-Chuan (Wushu)
9th   Degree - Toan Wu-Qi-Tao-Fa                 (Wushu)                                              





“Doctor the Chinese Martial Arts Philosophy” and “Professor of Shaolin-Chuan-Fa

Ph. D. M. A”.  from  the International of Higher Martial Arts Education (ICHMAE)  and the World Independent Chinese Martial Arts Federation (WICMAF) from 03. April 2003 of Kimberling/Missouri USA.

“European Wu Shu Master Instructor of the Year 2003” from the Hutton Ryu International Martial Arts Association (HRIMAA)  and the World Martial Arts League (WMAL) of Kimberling-City/Missouri (HOF) USA to May 2003.

“Wu Shu Shaolin-Chuan-Fa-Grandmaster of the Year 2003” from the World Karate Union Hall of Fame (HOF) to 28. June 2003 in Tannersville/Pa USA.

“International Instructor of the Year 2003” by O-Sensei and Founder from the United States Martial Arts Association (USMA) and Friend Phil Porter of Saint Louis/Missouri USA from (HOF) 26. July 2003 for Gerd Stobbe, Shaolin-Chuan-Fa-Master the USMA.



“Shaolin-Chuan-Fa Supreme Grandmaster of the Year 2003” (HOF) from the United States Martial Artist Association (USMAA, Founder William Rankin 10th Dan) from Maryland USA July 2003.

“Golden Lifetime Martial Arts Spirit Award” from the World Independent Chinese Martial Arts Federation (WICMAF) to (HOF) Frankfurt/Offenbach Germany.  

“Most in instigated Wu Shu Grandmaster of the Year 2004” (HOF) from the International Hall of Fame the united State Martial arts association (USMA, Founder Phil Porter 10th Dan) St.-Louis/Missouri USA 24. July 2004.

“International Pioneer of the Utmost Fame“2005 from the 7th Annual Daito Ryu Renmei International Black Belt Hall of Fame (Soke Martin Rogers UK) and United Kingdom Martial Arts Renmei to Gosport/England

“International Ambassador to the Martial Arts Spirit Award Excellence in Teaching the Martial Arts 2006” from Grand Master Jason Lau and other nominate BUDO USA and Budo-Magazines to Atlantic City, New-Jersey/USA January 2006.

“Martial Arts Legend Award 2006” the European Black Belt Hall of Fame and Martial Arts Legends 2006 to Gosport/United Kingdom, Soke Martin Rogers 10th Dan, 2nd October 2006.


“Honour-Member” in (10) Tenth national and international Martial Arts Organizations.

Lifetime Member-Ship and Rank and Recognition of Status:

“Lifetime Membership” from the International Budo Association 09.29.1999 and other from Soke Siegfried Boedeker 10. Dan.

“Lifetime Membership” from the World Independent Chinese Martial Arts (WICMA) March 2001 from Sijo Klaus Schumacher 10. Dan.

“Lifetime Membership” from the World Martial Arts League (WMAL) June 2002 from Prof. Klaus Schumacher.

“Lifetime Membership” 20. March 2004 from the International Grandmaster Society from Professor Dr. M.I. Tianero PhD MA Supreme Grandmaster 10th  Dan Head-Founder-President. 

The Rank and Recognition Of status of “Grandmaster 10. Duan Shaolin-Chuan-Fa” and “Dr. Gerd Stobbe” from the World Head Of Society (W.H.O.S) to 15. May 2004.

“Lifetime Membership” from the World Organizer of Martial Arts (WOMA) 25. October 2004.

“Lifetime Membership” 20. March 2004 from the International Grandmaster Society from Professor Dr. M.I. Tianero PhD MA Supreme Grandmaster 10the Dan Head-Founder-President.

WOMA USA Recognized by World Soke Head Council of Japan International Council of Masters and Grandmasters “International Instructor Certificate Grandmaster Dr. Gerd Stobbe 10. Duan” to 10.25.2004. From Professor M.I. Tianero, Soke, Ph. D MA and other. 

“Lifetime Membership” and the Recognition of Status of Grandmaster ( Dan) from the Daito Ryu Renmei International and United Kingdom Martial Arts Renmei  from Prof. Soke Shodai Martin Rogers to 08. October 2005.

“Lifetime Membership” and the Recognition of Status of Grandmaster ( Dan) from the World Street Combat System Organization (Soke Frank Schneider) to 30. December 2006.



Jeffrey Stockton

United States

I began my Martial Arts Training in 1981 under Master Instructor Doug Staas in American Oshito-Ryu Karate-Do. I recieved my Dan rankings under Master Staas: 1st Dan 1989, 2nd Dan 1991, 3rd Dan 1994, 4th Dan 1999, and 5th Dan 2005. In 1984 I began training in Taekwondo under Grand Master Keith Bowers when he and Master Staas were sharing a training space. I have also trained under Master Billy Wiley in Taekwondo and Combat Hapkido as well as Grandmaster Danny Passmore in Taekwondo. I recieved my Dan rankings in Taekwondo under Grand Master Keith Bowers: 1st Dan 1990, 2nd Dan 1992, 3rd Dan 1995, 4th Dan 2000, and my 5th Dan in 2007. I recieved my Bowers Combat Hapkido Dan rankings under Grand Master Keith Bowers: 1st Dan 1997, 2nd Dan 2000, and 3rd Dan 2004.


I started teaching Taekwondo classes at The Health Styles Center in Colorado City, Texas in 1996 and 1997. In 1998 I taught Taekwondo Classes at the Red Bud YMCA Abilene, TX. In 1999 this lead to me opening the Martial Arts Emporium Abilene, Texas. I  started the school with 15 students that I brought from the YMCA. I taught classes for the Jones County Law Enforcement Association in 2001 and 2002 in Jones County Texas. I sold the school to my two top students Michael Nottingham and Alex Garza in 2002 with a student population of 125 students. I remained the Master Instructor until they sold the school in 2006. I became inactive in 2008 because of the time commitment to my career as a Teacher and High School Football Coach that I started in 2004. I have recently become active again this Spring 2024. The system I like to teach is Taekwondo with elements of American Oshito-Ryu Karate-Do and Combat Hapkido added for self-defense training.



Mr.Sandeep K.Surya

(Black Belt IV Dan)


International Gold Medalist from USA

Participated in Open World Taekwondo Championship

National Instructor

Member District Olympic Mks.

Special Activities:


3 Time Awarded on Republic day/Independs day as Player & as Coach.

Awarded by “Dronacharya Award” by collective efforts of deferent State Organizations.

Awarded by “Exemplary Dedication To The Martial Arts Award” by Action Martial Arts Magazine Board USA, During World Hall of Fame 2009.

7th Place in Open World Taekwondo Championship 2009 in Mexico.

5 Time appointed team Coach of National Taekwondo Team.

Founder of Taekwondo sport in Muktsar District.

Appointed Chief Coach of UT Taekwondo Asso. Chandigarh in 2003 to 05

Now at present Chief Coach of District Taekwondo Asso. Muktsar.

Member District Olympic Mks.


Learn Martial Arts                                                                       1987

Learn Taekwondo                                                                      1990

Adv Weapons Martial Arts Training Camp in Nepal                   1995          A – Grade

National Black Belt Training Camp                                            1996          A – Grade

District Championship                                                                1997         Gold Medal

State Taekwondo Championship                                               1997         Silver Medal

Invitational Taekwondo Championship                                      1997         Gold Medal

All style Martial Arts Taekwondo Championship                        1997         Silver Medal

District Championship                                                                1998         Gold Medal

State Taekwondo Championship                                               1998         Gold Medal

North India Taekwondo Championship                                      1998         Gold Medal

Inter State Championship                                                           1999         Award Of Honour

National Taekwondo Championship                                          1999         Gold Medal

Honourd by Director Sports Himachal Pardesh                         1999         Award of Honour

All India Taekwondo Championship                                           1999        Gold Medal

National Taekwondo Championship                                          1999        Gold Medal

North India Taekwondo Championship                                      2000         Award of Hounor

2nd International Martial Arts Championship                             2000        Silver Medal

National Muai Thai Championship                                             2000        Award of Hounor

5th National Karate Championship                                            2000        Award of Hounor

Awarded by S.Jagmeet Singh Brar (Member of Parliament)     2000        Award of Hounor

State Taekwondo Championship                                               2001        Gold Medal

North India Taekwondo Championship                                      2001        Award of Hounor

State Taekwondo Championship                                               2002         Award of Hounor

State Referee Course                                                                2002         A – Grade

3time Honoured on Republicday/Independs day                       2002-05

State Taekwondo Championship                                               2003        Award of Hounor

North India Taekwondo Championship                                      2003        Award of Hounor

20th National Taekwondo Championship                                  2004        Award of Hounor

Chandigarh State Taekwondo Championship                            2004        Gold Medal

North India Taekwondo Championship                                      2005        Award of Hounor

Inter State Taekwondo Championship                                       2005        Award of Hounor

Rajiv Gandhi Gold Cup                                                              2005        Award of Hounor

23rd National Taekwondo Championship                                  2005        Award of Hounor

Chandigarh North India Taekwondo Championship                  2005        Gold Medal

2nd ITF Training Camp Nepal                                                    2006        A-Grade

1st Mt.Everrst  International Taekwondo Championship            2007        Team Coach

International Taekwondo Olympic Seminar in USA                   2008         A-Grade

2nd Florida International Taekwondo Championship in USA 2008         Gold Medal

1st African Open Taekwondo Championship in South Africa    2009         Bronze Medal

Open World Taekwondo Championship in Mexico                    2009         7th Place


James Swallow-Gaunt

I started my Martial arts journey in the late 1980s where as i Teenager I was fascinated by them. I tried out the usual ones such as Karate and Judo but found them to be aggressive and in some cases quite technical. Whilst at School I began to fence. This started my passion for combat sports In 1987 I started Aikido and loved it the art or using someone else weight and momentum against them was just what i was looking for and the mentality of turning negative in positive really work for me. I studied Aikido right up to Joining the British Army and achieved by Brown Belt 1st Kyu + 1 Mon.

In the Early 1990s I joined the Royal Artillery .When joining the forces i was deployed in Northen Ireland in a counter Terrorism role I learnt military self defence which at the time was style based around the W.E Fairbairn fighting system "Defendu" When I left the forces i continued training and researching the art of self defence, the science and the law regarding self defence.

After all my research i have developed a self defence system that uses the British Army fighting system elements from jiu-Jitsu and aikido. This system takes into account the law and how are body acts under extreme aggression. I also takes into account our core skills and Bio mechanics to give a very effective self defence and fighting system. The system Senshi No Ken Budo is now recognised both BMABA and the International combat martial arts union & association (IMcMAUA)

I have my first manual published early this year and I am now also writing a book "The art of Practical self defence" which will use all my research to help people become more effective at self defence I hope to have this book finished later this year.

I currently run a number of self defence programs in schools for primary and secondary school schools in the South Yorkshire region. After a year in training assistant instructors in the new system we are ready to open 2 new clubs in September and I am looking to role it out this year.

I have also started a new self defence program working with the Scouts and Guides of south Yorkshire in which we teach personal safety and self defence to their members staff and kids alike.


I have a passion for all combat sports I am a fully qualified British Fencing coach who has study the art of Bartitsu which is the Victorian Mixed martial. I have re written and instruct Modern cane fencing to students across Yorkshire.

I am also a senior committee member & Senior development officer of the British Martial Arts and Boxing  Association,






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