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Andy Rae

Head Instructor Andy Rae (Chokan Sensei) started his interest in the Martial Arts as a small boy while living in Singapore 1969, where his parents were serving within the British Armed Forces. He practiced a local Chinese style of martial arts called Kong Chiang for a number of years before returning to England.


On his return to the United Kingdom with his family, he tried to find another martial arts club, but at that time they were few and far between. So Andy chose to train at his local boxing club. He took to this type of training easily and competed and won several bouts as a junior and as a senior competed in 47 bouts at several weight divisions and won 44.


Andy joined the British Armed Forces himself in 1977 serving with Tactical Communications within the Rapid Reaction Forces. As a Communications Engineering Specialist, he was engaged in the engineering and operation of a variety of Strategic, Static and Mobile, Voice and Data Communications and Intelligence Equipment.


Andy saw active service while serving with the Royal Marine Commando and Special Forces units and gained valuable experience in various locations throughout the world.


It was during his military training and service that Andy’s interest in the Martial Arts/Self Defence and Weapons were re-ignited.


Apart from being highly trained as an Advanced Special Operations and Close Quarter Combat and Weapons Specialist by the military. Andy also decided to study Traditional Ueshiba Aikido and Karate.


Since leaving the British Armed Forces, Andy has been engaged in several business projects including owning and running a successful Communications Company. While at the same time being heavily involved with the study and teaching of both Aikido and Karate. From this time on Andy decided to dedicate his time to the teaching of the Martial Arts Full Time.


For several years Andy has been very successful as a Managing Consultant for several martial arts institutions in the United Kingdom and Australia. He has been responsible for the expansion of their business growth and the training of Instructors and students alike in both Aikido and Karate. He has taught many training seminars on Karate fundamentals, Kata, Restraint and Removal, effective Locks, Controls and Take Downs together with general Self Defence Strategies and Techniques covering unarmed and armed threats, to the Public, Military, Security and Law Enforcement Agencies.


With over 30 years experience gained within the military and the martial arts, Andy currently holds a 3 Dan Black Belt in Aikido, Karate and a 2 Dan Black Belt in Traditional Japanese Mixed Martial Arts (Budo) and is a Specialist in Self Defence and Body Combat Tactics. He is recognised and highly regarded by various International Combat Martial Arts Unions and Associations in 61 countries.


Andy has latterly started his own Traditional Martials Art Club, which is called ZENITH MARTIAL ARTS, meaning the Apex, Pinnacle or the Summit, because he truly believes in the quality of teaching and the traditional values that should be taught to students.

At Zenith, Andy has successfully created a teaching syllabus combining both Traditional Aikido and Karate, together with some of the most Modern Street Self Defence methods available today; this system is called BUDOKAN, which means ‘martial way’. It is fast becoming a large concern, which continues to attract hundreds of new students on a regular basis as the teaching techniques are SIMPLE, PRACTICAL AND EASY TO LEARN and are presented in a logical framework.

In addition Andy has developed a teaching syllabus purely dedicated to YOUNGER STUDENTS from the ages on 5 years old to 11 years old this is called MINI MARTIAL ARTS.


Andy says, "As the ever-evolving world of the Martial Arts and the Fitness industry continues to change and reach new heights, the people who shape and power the industry endeavour to set their goals higher and higher. With this in mind Zenith is focused on the sole aim of providing both Instructors and Students with the best life enhancing opportunities. Our commitment is to the training of our instructors to deliver FUN, INFORMATIVE classes FOR ALL. Through unparalleled knowledge, from both a technical and personal point of view. Which is not normally found in the industry today, this is the reason why Zenith Martial Arts has a superior and leading edge service".



William A. Rankin

Supreme Grandmaster William Rankin is a 10th Degree Black Belt of the Uchuno Shorin-ryu Karate Style.

April 1, 2001 International Matsumura Seito Society Senior Advisor Lifetime member.

2001 International Matsumura Seito Society Grasshopper Award Supreme Grandmaster of the Year.

World Head of Family Sokeship Council 2000 International Martial Artist Hall of Fame "Founder's Award".

Member of the World Head of Family Sokeship Council as of September 2000.

1998 World Karate Union Hall of Fame Inductee as Grand Master of the Year.

1988 World Karate Grand Champion.

Began training in hand to hand combat 1965, jungle warfare 1967, and studied Shito-ryu, Jujitsu, Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, Escrima, Tai Chi, Kenpo, Kempo, Iaido, Judo, Aikido and several styles of Kung Fu.

Trainer of several police officers in Maryland, North Dakota, California, New Mexico, Texas and Florida.



Deepak Rao

Founder of the Advanced Commando Combat System 

29 years into martial arts (2004)

20 years of teaching unarmed combat.

Background of Shotokan Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Wing Tsun Kung Fu, Filipino Kali, wrestling and Judo.

Fed up with the traditional system, after obtaining a third degree Black belt in 1992, gave up traditional arts.

Greatly influenced by Bruce Lees concepts of freedom in fighting, started researching the martial arts.

Taught 10,000 soldiers and Policemen from India and with the resulting maturity and experience founded a new system

the Advanced Commando Combat System specially meant for commando situations.

Over the last ten years trained ten thousand soldiers and policemen in modern methods of Coimbat.

His efforts at modernization was appreciated by the Chief of Army staff in 2001.

The Directorate General military training, The Directorate General Infantry and the Army Training Command all have sent letters appreciating his selfless work for the country.

The Chairman of Joint chief Of staff committee also expresseed his happiness to know of his selfless work.

He has been felicitated more than 100 times for his work.

He continues to conduct innovative training courses for the armed forces and the police of his country as and when invited and runs his academy, the UCCA - Unarmed Commando Combat Academy . It is to be noted that he has served the fighting forces of his country for a decade without charging any professional fees, as a service to his beloved Nation.



Seema Rao

Fourth degree Black Belt

19 years into martial arts (2004) 

10 years of teaching unarmed combat.

Background of Taekwondo,Boxing, Wing Tsun Kung Fu, Wrestling and Judo.

Was born sloppy, and non athletic. Started Martial arts after marriage at 18 years of age deriving inspiration from her husband, Dr Deepak Rao.

Slowly and painfully built her body, through rigorous weight training and body conditioning, along with running.

Did medical practice for seven years, finally gave up to take Martial Arts as a full time profession. Encouraged by her husband, took up traditional Taekwondo for understanding traditional arts. Gave up after her Black belt and took to Boxing, was almost slotted for the national Number one by the top brass of National Boxing, but could not compete since she was over-age! Along with Dr Deepak Rao, researched Martial Arts in the capacity of an Associate researcher.

Ran a backyard full contact class for adults in Pune city, teaching five hundred students over three years. Had one severe head injury and one vertebral fracture, was asked to contemplate giving up martial arts by her instructor, but she declined, stating that martial arts was her everything.  

Got involved in training the armed forces and police Personnel, Taught 10,000 soldiers and Policemen from India and with the resulting maturity and experience founded a new system the Advanced Commando Combat System specially meant for commando situations.

Their efforts at modernization was appreciated by the Chief of Army staff in 2001. The Chairman of joint chief Of staff committee also expresseed his happiness to know of the couples selfless work. Innovated a new method of Close quarter Combat Shooting called Dynamic shooting.This got popular with the Special Op forces of her country. Continues to teach the art of Close Quarter Battle to various forces of her country, along with her husband.

Is a dedicated full contact artist who believes that in fighting, there is only one rule - you must stand and your opponent must fall.



Jörgen Rasmussen

Certified Martial Art: Instructor – Examiner – Referee

Born: 1970 Malmö Sweden

Nationality: Danish

1980 I start to study eastern martial styles like Kung-Fu, Karate, Jiu Jutsu, Ninjutsu, and TaeKwonDo in which i was involved for many years. 1995 I began to create Pyon Moo Sul (Master Lion`s Karate System) from other styles that I studied, attempting to create a strong style & martial art system that focuses on the martial artist not on money, Pyon Moo Sul was recognized in 1999.

I have:

Participated in sparring – form & self defence in different martial art tournaments in Sweden & Denmark

Participated in different martial arts seminars & courses in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, USA & Korea

Organized tournaments in Denmark & Sweden. Had martial arts schools both in Denmark & Sweden

Coaching my students in competitions in Sweden, Denmark & Germany. Taught classes in Sweden, Denmark, Germany & USA. Referee & Judge tournaments in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, USA & Korea


Deta Hardfighting Committee 1998

Rock Breaking Committee 1998

Kata Form Champion 1998

Instructor of the year 2001

Black Belt of the year 2001

Swedish Founder of the year 2002

Kick Award 2003

Korean Award Of Honor 2005

Ki Award 2005

Grandmaster of the year 2007


Black Belt 7 Dan

PaSaRyu Black Belt 2 Dan Certified Instructor

Kumdo Black Belt 1 Dan – Instructor & Examiner

Combat Gung-Fu Black Belt 2 Dan – Instructor – Examiner

Combat Kempo/Ju-Jitsu-Kobudo Black Belt 3 Dan – Instructor – Examiner

Kickboxing Black Belt 4 Dan – Instructor & Examiner

Tae Kwon Do Black Belt 4 Dan – Instructor – Examiner – Referee/Judge “A”

Hapkido Black Belt 5 Dan – Instructor – Examiner




Christopher W. Reed

Numerous black belt holder in various forms of kickboxing.  Head instructor trained 5 black belts out of his gym in Albany, New York.

The only person thus far to have more than two black belts in kickboxing, san shou, muy thai, shootboxing, draka and burmese boxing.

Co-president of Fairtex

4 New York State tournament wins

former National Super Welterweight Champion

finished 2nd in a Canada tournament 3/30/02

finished 4th in a japan tournament 2/11/99

Trained under Cung Le


youngest national super welterweight champion (21)

tournament record for fastest K.O. of an opponent (7 seconds) in Hartford Conn.

longest undefeated streak (35)

Other Awards:

U.S. top ranked super welterweight (2002)

Fairtex Trainer of the year (2002)

WKA kickboxer of the year (2000)

WKA trainer of the year (2000)

WKA kickboxer of the year (1999)

Most improved fighter (1999)

IKA top trainer (1999)

Muy Thai fighter of the year (1999)

WKA top rank rookie of the year (1997)

IKA Hall Of Fame (2000)

Has fought for:

World Kickboxing Association(WKA)

International Kickboxing Association(IKA)


Fighting Force Japan(FFJ)



Tomas Reis
martial arts resume 1974 to present (35+ years training & 21+ years

Inducted USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame April 2009
Accepted by Eddie "The Twister" Bravo, founder of the 10th Planet BJJ system, to pursue affiliate status for ranking in
10PBJJ and offer exclusive classes in 10PBJJ.

Instructors certification - instructor and Team Leader for USAF EST specializing in Anti-Hijack tactics and high risk
Fly-Away missions.  Honor graduate of the USAF SP Academy and EST school.
Extensive hand-to-hand combat training through USAF EST and SP programs.   
Police Officer for 3 agencies in CA. Graduate of Santa Rosa Police Academy - took honors for Defensive Tactics and Physical Fitness. 
Graduate FBI SWAT Academy and LA Sheriff's Dept. Gang School.  SWAT Teams and Gang unit assignments. 
Extensive  training in hand to hand tactics SWAT and Gang unit officer 
Shotokan Karate training (private) with Jess Townsend Sensei 
IsshinRyu Karate training with Mike Upchurch Sensei
Kenpo & Kajukenbo training with Sigung James Halter
Kenpo training with Professor Arthur Gitlin
Kenpo training with Sifu Tony "Satch" Williams
Aikido and Kyushu Jitsu training with Garry Howard Sensei
Aikido and Karate Do training with Professor Thomas Burdine
Aikido training with Haruo Matsuoka Sensei
Aikido training with Seseki Abe Sensei
Aikido training with Linda Holiday Sensei
Aikido training with Pat Hendricks Sensei
Aikido Uchi-Deshi program with Steven Seagal Sensei and Larry Reynosa Sensei
Trecehampas training with Grand Master Andy Sanano
Small Circle JuJitsu training with Professor Wally Jay
Japanese JuJitsu training with Joe Williams Sensei
Judo and JuJitsu training with Dan Jennings Sensei in military hand-to-hand combat training
10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu training with Grand Master Eddie "The Twister" Bravo
MMA training with Ricardo Liboria Sensei
MMA training with John Hackelman Sensei
Tai Chi and Chi Gung training with Dr. Maoshing Ni, Sifu David Ross & Sifu Jesse Tsao 
Developer of the Reis-Ryu Aiki-Kempo Mixed Martial Arts Method of Self Defense - certified by ICMAA 6th Dan
Previous owner of Ambassador Body Guard, San Francisco Bay Area - exclusive body guard service for Motown Artists

Previous open Japanese JuJitsu competitor.
Previous full contact and point fighting competitor - Kenpo, Kajukenbo & National Black Belt League. 

Opened martial arts school: Reis Family Martial Arts, Crawfordsville, IN. 
Opened martial arts school: Bushido Bugei Aiki-Kempo Dojo, Santa Rosa, CA.
Private teaching out of my home, Bismarck ND, to a select and limited amount of students.
Private teaching out of Dakota Family Chiropractic under the name of Reis Wellness, Bismarck ND.
Private teaching out of Dojo location: Reis Wellness Martial Arts Training, Bismarck, ND.
Opened full time traditional school, Reis Extreme Mixed Martial Arts, Bismarck, ND. 
Moved full time traditional school to Mandan ND

Teaching certificate awarded by Sigung James Halter
Teaching certificate awarded by Master Garry Howard

Lifetime member of the International Martial Arts Association
Lifetime member of the International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association
Lifetime member of the International Combat Martial Arts Association
Elite Member Martial Arts Industry Association



Jens Richter

I was born on Feb., 28th 1965 and started with Judo in 1969 under the instruction of Sensei Norbert Kraft, one of the first professional Instructors in the country. He is teaching classes daily until today ( he just turned 70 ) and is surely one of my martial arts heroes, to whom I still have a friendly contact.

Aged seven I started to train Taekwondo under Master Kim Ki Jung.

A year later Karate Master John Deacon, Self Defense Instructor in the british army stationed in my hometown Duisburg ( Glanmorgan barracks ), got married to my cousin, living next door. As his new family member, he gave me a hard time every day, teaching me like his soldiers at this early age. He taught me to show pain after class, not during. I stopped with Tkd in 1975 due to Master Kim´s return to Korea. I studied with Master Deacon until he went back to England for service in 1979.

Meanwhile, aged 10 , I was unbelievably lucky to have two of the first Kung-Fu masters in the whole country both teaching in my hometown. Grandmaster Christopher Yim came to teach his unique Si fang Chuan System ( four heavenly directions ) in the Nippon Sportcenter, Germany´s largest Martial Arts Center at the time, where I had already been enrolled for Judo training. Very shortly after, Grandmaster Dr. Jao Min-Tah ( Neurologist ) opened his academy just down the street, teaching southern Shaolin Kung-Fu, which his uncle and father, both from Fukien,China, home of southern shaolin monastry, taught to him.

I trained hours every day and neither of the two wished to stop my desire to learn and let me train in both styles and academies. I became Master Yim´s assistant in 1979, aged 14 and lead two kids classes a week and assisted the adult class, becoming the youngest Si-Hing in the history of the Si Fang Chuan system. Also in 1979 I received my black belt. In 1981, aged 16 I have been honoured for outstanding skills and contribution to the Si Fang Chuan Family System.

I still have a friendly contact to Grandmaster Yim, who regularly gives me the honour to exchange thoughts with me, as well as to Grandmaster Jao. I am their oldest and only red sash student, which represents the top rank.

This year 2009, I will celebrate my 40th anniversary as a martial artist, my 30th anniversary as a black belt and the 25th anniversary of the HU CUAN PAI System.

I also studied:

Tai Chi Chen Qi Zhao, May Tan, Jao Min-Tah

Shaolin sword Hwang Chin Zeng

Shaolin Chuan Angelo Branciforte

Modern Arnis Ernesto Presas, Pepe Yap

Muay Thai Nok Pantayasak

Goju Kai Rex Lee

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Royler Gracie, Rickson Gracie, Cadu Francis, Delson Pe de Chumbo, Raffael dos Anjos, Phillipe de la Monica, Peter Schira

As well as western boxing under various coaches.

With the permission of my teachers, I started to put the HU CHUAN PAI System together in 1984, when I started teaching in two cities after high school, to give my students a chance to benefit from my combined experience instead of having to choose which single style to learn. I opened my first professional HU CHUAN PAI academy on April 12th 1986, the second in 1995, the third in 2002 the fourth in 2004 and on September second 2007 was the opening of the fifth one. .. Ever scince 1986, I have spent around 35 hours a week on the mat, rather more than less. For two decades the HU CHUAN PAI System has now been established in Europe. Thousands of students have been taught, with 8 worldchampions, various European and more than 100 german champions and 1500 national titles, being the countries most successful Kung-Fu System in competition, together with dacascos wun hop kuen do germany. Our black belts are self confident young people, with dignity and pride, honour, courage and loyalty. They are respectfull and polite, but in a fight they all know to handle themselves more than well, on the mat as well as on the street. Three of my older black belts now also run professional academies and teach Hu Chuan Pai in second generation, as well as Sport-Karate/ Kickboxing. Also in 1986 I was the first person in my hometown and in a 50 km circle to teach Sport ( or freestyle ) Karate/ kickboxing, offering the students Semi Light and fullcontact, as well as selfdefense and freestyle forms.

I was Germany´s first member of the national team

( WAKO, IBF ) for fighting AND forms, having competed successfully in every aspect of the art, winning more than 180 national and international titles as an adult from 1987 until 1996. I still compete in Seniors divisions scince 2000 and was able to remain undefeated scince that time in fighting and forms.

In the german martial arts enzyclopedia, comparable to the american one written by John Corcoran and Emil farkas, HU CHUAN PAI is mentioned as an innovative System for the 21st century. I am introduced as the headinstructor, as well as one of the country´s top competitors.

In 2003 Grandmaster Che,Cheng Chiang the president of the International Kung-Fu Federation, certified me as the branch director and president for Germany.

In 2001 and 2002 I hosted the Budo festival charity gala, enabling us to give thousands of dollars to the german cancer foundation. Participants were from all over Europe as well as the US.

Scince 1997 I promote the Europacup, which has established as one of the top tournaments in Europe, drawing around 1000 competitors, as well as the Musashi Junior Championships and the Musashi Fighters Trophy.

I produce safety equipment for the german Martial Arts market with my brand –Musashi Martial Arts Equipment.



In the nineties I specialized also in personal protection, guarding VIP´s from politics and economics, as well as celebrities from the world of sports, such as tennis star Steffi Graf.

A TV series about HU CHUAN PAI protection concepts has been broadcasted in Feb. 2003 on Pro 7 . The mixture of martial artist and bodyguard was featured as top story in germany´s top martial arts magazine, the karate-budo journal in 1993.



When the pointfighting came to germany in 1977, I started competing and became a member of the Wako Junior team.

After winning lots of competitions as a junior ( Junior champion from 1978 – 1982 ), I switched to full contact when I turned 18. I have a record of 44 – 41 – 3.

Due to the academy, I had to start with pointfighting again and forms competitions came to germany.I became a member of the german national team for pointfightin and forms in 1987 and captured 3 worldtitles and 8 european titles, as well as 3 US titles and two world Team titles ( Wako 1987, WKA 1993 ) until 1996, holding a record of more than 100 straight first places without a loss or a second place from 1987 until 1994. ( Counting from October 1987, where I lost my first international form competition to Jean Frenette and John Chung during Wako world championships in Munich )

Due to winning the worldchampionships I was elected sportsman of the year twice, along with Olympic gold medallist Nicole Uphoff.

A variety of articles has been written about me as a teacher , competitor or security expert, in a number of magazines throughout the years and I was invited to various talkshows, talking about the emphasis the martial arts training can have on students life

My kids Kim and Joanna ( 15 and 13 years) are among the most successfull junior competitors in Europe in their categories, competing in forms , fighting and self much more important, they are devoted Martial artist from the moment they could walk, helpfull to the younger students on their way to become teachers one day, as well as A-grade junior high school students. They are now on their way to become successfull teachers after they have taken over the instruction of the Little Dragon classes ( 3 to 5 years ) in our academies.



All of my black belts ( between 1st and 4th Degree`s ) are dedicated teachers, three of them have also made their passion a profession. Two of them have advanced to the rank of Sifu. The others teach classes after work and seminars or assist in my academies.

All of them have been succussfull competitors in fighting and forms competition.

Three worldchampions, six junior worldchampions, various European champions and countless german champions are a satisfying result. Meanwhile some of my grandstudents achieve international success and have won medals at the last WKA worldchampionships in Spain. Scince the opening of my first academy our coloured belts have constantly been among the countries best.


Hu Chuan Pai: Head of Family

Shaolin Kung-Fu 7th Degree

Sportkarate 7th Dan

Si Fang Chuan 5th Degree , scince 1995, this is the highest rank ( red sash )

Muay Thai, Modern Arnis Instructor level

Gracie Jiu Jitsu purple belt

As a student, teacher, competitor, security specialist, promoter and equipment manufacturer, I have devoted my whole life to the martial arts and after 40 years of training and 23 years as a professional instructor, I still love every workout.

In my academies, with the help of my assistants, I teach HU CUAN PAI Kung-FU, Sport-Karate/ Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Arnis/Kali and Yang style Tai Chi.




Michael J. Robinson

Martial Arts (Makoto Kinjo Ryu Budo)

5th Dan Black Belt Makoto Kinjo Ryu Budo (Headmaster/Soke)

3rd Dan Kenpo Karate Combatives (honorary-certified)

3rd Degree Black Sash Lacson-Praying Mantis Kung Fu (honorary-certified)

2nd Dan Black Belt Way of the Master Tang Soo Do

Vice President of Way of the Master Tang Soo Do Federation

2nd Degree Black Belt Black Dragon Ninjitsu

1st Degree Black Belt Mugei-Mumei no Jitsu

1St Degree Black Belt American Tiger JuJitsu

Full Instructor Jeet Kune Do Concepts/ Kali-Silat under Sifu John Lopez

Various under ranks listed upon request


Founder of the Makoto Kinjo Ryu (Kinjo Family School of the Sincerity), Personal Combat Systems (P.C.S. Martial Science) and Mizu No Kokoro Kobudo

M.A. Organizations

International Mixed Martial Arts Association

International Combat Martial Art Sciences Union

Black Dragon Ninja Society (Koga Hai Lung Ryu)

Black Tigers International Ninja Society

Ninjutsu International Federation

Knighthood Order of the Pole Star School

Valadez Kenpo Association-VKA Founders Association

Founder-Brotherhood of Triadic Arts


Reiki Spiritual Healing/ Studies (Makoto Shiki Ryoho)

Ma'heo'o Reiki Master Teacher

Usui Shiki Ryoho Master/ Seichem Reiki Master

Kuji-In Sensei Transformational Approach

Dilpoma in Advanced Spirituality, Ph.D. in Religion

Honorary Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Metaphysics Degrees

Reiki Organizations

Registered Master Teacher with Ma'heo'o Reiki Healing Center

Ordained Minister of the World Reiki Ministry

Ordained ULC Reverend Michael J. Robinson



1st International Hall of Fame 2009 (MAHFO) Master of the Year Makoto Kinjo Ryu Budo

Basic First Aid certified, Karate Striking Points, Cane, and Stick certifications

Ninja Weapons Specialist (Kihon Level)

Private Investigator Diploma-Global School of Investigation

Member Global International Detective Association

Paranormal/ Occult Investigator-Certified Paranormal Counselor

Phase Displacement Practitioner/Member International Ghost Hunters Society

Registered song writer BMI/Published poet



H. G. Robby Robinson

Professor H. G. Robby Robinson is a Charter Gold Life Member (# 116), Grand Master Instructor / Examiner, Senior Member of the Judo Standards Committee for USA-TKJ & Board Member of the United States Ju-Jitsu Federation (USJJF), Director of Development United States Armed Forces-Southeast Asia for the USJA, Life Member (# 27) in the Armed Forces Judo Association and the United States Judo Association, Founding Board & Life Member (# 7) and Senior Advisor in the Martial Arts International Federation (MAIF), and Charter Gold Life (# 116) & Board Member of the United States Martial Arts Federation (USMAF).

Professor Robinson, a native Bronx, New Yorker was introduced to Judo in 1949 through the teachings of Charles Yerkow and was strongly influenced by neighborhood Chinese Tai Chi Chuan practitioners. A former acrobatic performer with the famous Jules Stone Dance Studios of New York and a stint in the late 1940s as a youthful member of the WOR Radio's hit program Juvenile Jury, coupled with a high school background in weight lifting, gymnastics, fencing, wrestling, and boxing with the New York City Police Athletic League, Prof. Robinson was well prepared for a future fulfilling career in the little known field of martial arts that would take him around the world and encompassing the majority of his adult life.

Raised during the upheaval of World War II and the Korean Conflict, Prof. Robinson's attempts to enlist in the United States Navy Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) Program at age 17 couldn't be guaranteed by the Navy recruiter and in 1952 he opted to go the other direction and enlisted in the United States Air Force (USAF) for aircrew bomber training.

While attending B-29 electronic turret systems gunnery school at Lowry AFB, Denver, Colorado, his background records were scanned by Headquarters USAF Special Project personnel officials and he soon found himself as a “volunteer” on his way to Fairchild AFB, Spokane, Washington, destined to become a member of the USAF's Elite Strategic Air Command (SAC) Combative Armed and Unarmed Cadre of Escape and Evasion Instructors.

A quick learner from the streets of Fort Apache, the Bronx, he trained under the tutor ledge of the late Sensei Emilio “Mel” Bruno, GS-15, the Superintendent for USAF Aircrew and Air Police Combative Training and Physical Conditioning, Headquarters, SAC, and a former student of Shihan Jigoro Kano; founder of the Kodokan International Judo Institute, Japan . Thus began a lifetime friendship with the person most responsible for the introduction and popularization of Kodokan Judo (and martial arts in general) in the United States Military Armed Forces and eventually on the United States National level.

As the earlier USAF military martial arts programs of the 50s and 60s gained popularity, their existing Judo Yudanshakai expanded bringing in other sister services such as the United States Marine Corps (USMC), United States Navy (USN) and United States Army (USA). Colleagues including USAF Major Phil Porter; West Point Military Academy Graduate, the late USAF TSGT Rick Mertens, Olympians USAF MSGT George Harris, USAF LTC Paul Maruyama; USAF Academy Graduate, Dr. Jim Bregman, Benjamin “Nighthorse” Campbell, former United States Senator from Colorado, and others, including outstanding grassroots Sensei such as the late USA Sergeant Jerry Dalien, Rokudan, Tacoma, Washington, Ted Highers, Yondan, Fort Walton Beach and former USAF SSGT Jeffrey Beish, Rokudan, Lake Placid, Florida; internationally acclaimed Planet Mars Interplanetary Scientist, to name just a few, would eventually take on several major roles as distinguished competitors, coaches and administrators becoming a strong motivating force and a highly successful part of the history of the growth of Kodokan Judo in the United States and overall martial arts movement in general.

Notably, the majority of Judo's developmental milestones occurred prior to the intense media exposure, popularization and expansion of martial arts thanks to the successful Chinese super star Bruce Lee's television series, the Green Hornet, the movie and sequel to “Billy Jack” and in present times, former USAF A2C Chuck Norris of “Walker, Texas Ranger” fame.

During 1953 at Fairchild AFB, Prof. Robinson trained with a team of the highest ranked Japanese martial arts masters ever to visit the United States. This prestigious grouping of Judo, Karate, Aikijutsu, Taiho Jitsu and Goshinjitsu ambassadors included Takahiko Ishikawa, Kenji Tomiki, Tadao Otaki, Hidetaka Nishiyama, Isao Obata, Toshio Kamada and Sumiyuki Kotani; the last of the great Kodokan 10 th Degree Black Belts (Judan). This unique experience served to whet Prof. Robinson's appetite for more knowledge and training, and thus began a serious self-study of the Japanese language, culture and customs. Prof. Robinson knew intuitively that he would eventually serve overseas and he would be as well prepared as possible.

Departing the United States in December 1955 by troop ship (USS General A. E. “Andy” Anderson) for his first Far East Asia overseas tour, upon arriving in the seaport of Yokohama Bay, Prof. Robinson was initially assigned to the USAF Chitose AFB on the island of Hokkaido and upon arrival was immediately relocated to the USA's former First Cavalry Garrison at Camp Crawford, Sapporo, Japan, as the overall Director of Special Services.

It was here that he began his formal Kodokan training with his Sensei and mentor Yasumasa Kanemoto, Kudan. In 1956, Prof. Robinson was awarded Kodokan Shodan in Judo while training alternately with Japanese Military Self-Defense Forces in Kendo and Shorinji Kenpo. Relocating to Tokyo in 1957, he studied Shotokan Karate under Hidetaka Nishiyama at Fuchu Air Station and Kodokan Judo at Green Park Annex with Kodokan's Sensei the late Sadaki Nakabayashi, Shichidan.

A myriad of assignments throughout the United States as a Senior Judo Coach and Military Combative Tactics Instructor included providing Law Enforcement Arrest and Control training to officers of the Vice and Narcotics Division, Austin, Texas Police Department and Texas Public Safety Department. The loss of his Judo student Austin Texas Police Officer Billy Speed, one of many victims of the infamous University of Texas Tower Massacre only served to reinforce Prof. Robinson's concerns for these guardians of the law in both the military and civilian sectors. Standing along side hundreds of mourners at Fort Sam Houston's National Cemetery clearly served to reveal the mutual respect shared by all in attendance and moreover the seriousness of this most dangerous, deadly and oftentimes unappreciated public service occupation.

During 1964, while attending a USAF advanced senior instructors martial arts training course at the Kodokan Judo Institute, Tokyo, Japan, the Foreign Division's Senior Sensei Sumiyuki Kotani, promoted Prof. Robinson to Nidan. Mr. Risei Kano, son of the originator of Judo, Jigoro Kano, formerly presented Robby's promotion certificate to him in ceremony at the former Kodokan Judo Institute.

In 1966 after extensive training in advanced techniques, Kotani Sensei advanced Prof. Robinson to Sandan. Departing Bergstrom AFB, Austin, Texas in 1968 for the first of six Southeast Asia (SEA) tours of duty, Prof. Robinson continued his military career as a USAF Master Sergeant. His assignments included Itazuke AFB and Hakata Air Station, Fukuoka, Japan, Hickam AFB Hawaii and two tours in Southeast Asia.

In 1971 Prof. Robinson was commended by Major General Gordon Graham, Commanding General, 5th Air Force for saving two Japanese youth from drowning in Hakata Bay, Fukuoka, Japan, Professor Robinson was also decorated by the Royal Thai Security Forces Supreme Regiment Command (Regimental Badge of Honor 2nd Class) for hands-on simulated close combat field martial arts training over 500 United States Security Police, Royal Thai Security Forces and local law enforcement police.

After a short stateside assignment at Brooks AFB, San Antonio, Texas, from 1972 -1974, Prof. Robinson again returned to SEA training Royal Thai and U.S. Security Forces in armed and unarmed self-defense as well as expanding his military roles as a USAF Civic Action Officer and Superintendent of Recreation Services. His positive contributions were again prominently recognized by Royal Thai military officials and he was decorated by the Royal Thai Air Force Security Forces with the coveted, "Senior Sky Diver Wings", and the Supreme Regimental Badge of Honor 1st Class.

Retiring from military active duty on December 31, 1976, Prof. Robinson returned home to Hawaii to complete his formal academic education. He was also an instructor with the Physical Education Department teaching martial arts credit courses at the University of Hawaii, Manoa Campus. A close friend of the late USMC Major Donn Draeger, Prof. Robinson worked along side with Sensei Draeger on the development of a new academic disciple called Hoplology, and over the years has written numerous articles on physical fitness and martial arts. Completing his Associate, Bachelors and 1 and ½ Masters Degree programs, Professor Robinson was selected out of a field of 128 candidates for civilian employment with the United States Navy.

Serving from 1981 - 1984 as the United States Navy Military Services Officer, UA-12, Barbers Point Hawaii. Prof. Robinson returned to the mainland United States in 1985 relocating to Pensacola, Florida. Coordinating with the Headquarters Command Master Chief Petty Officer “Butch” Wallace, he at once set out to develop the sport of Judo for United States active duty and retired military personnel and family members stationed and /or residing in the area.

In less than one year his King Cobras Martial Arts Club located on Corry Navy Technical Training Center was the second largest member club in Florida and his students were winning every major title in and around the Emerald Coast and Northwest Florida. Many open regional tournaments were held at the Corry Gymnasium thereby providing the general public an opportunity to learn about the positive role the United States Military provides towards ensuring our nation's security.

In view of his extraordinary success with developing martial arts programs for military youth and his background with ongoing international civic action programs, Prof. Robinson was recognized by the Gannett Foundation and the Pensacola Florida News Journal, with the auspicious "1988 Humanitarian Heart of Gold” nomination.

In December 1989, the call of the military soon came again and Prof. Robinson was recruited as a Department of the Army Civilian Recreator leaving for Munsan RI, Republic of South Korea (ROK). During the next seven years, with the able assistance of former USA SSGT David Parrett, Rokudan, they built the King Cobra Judo Club at Camp Howze, the Gladiators Club at Camp Market, the Eagles at Camp Walker, and the Warriors at Eighth United States Army Headquarters (EUSA) Yongsan Garrison in Seoul, Camp Greaves and Camp Casey. Since 1952, Professor Robinson has developed over 25 national and international martial arts clubs.

Continuing to support the Kingdom of Thailand with civic action/humanitarian assistance, Prof. Robinson was awarded the prestigious Royal Thai Air Force Master Jump Wings in 1992. In 1996 while serving as the Director of Personnel, Community Activities (DPCA), Camp Casey, Korea, he was offered a position and promotion for assignment to Monterey, California with the Department of the Army Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Institute as the Garrison Director of Community Activities (DCA), GS-13.

In 1998, Professor Robinson once again responded to the call of the military and was recruited for his first European tour of duty and assigned to Warner Kaserne (Barracks), Bamberg, Germany as the Base Support Battalion Community Recreation Officer. Soon after arriving he embarked on the planning and construction project of a new state-of-the art $16.6 million dollar fitness center designed to support a multitude of fitness, sports and martial arts training for the United States military community. Coordinating the transfer of USA retiree Sensei David Parrett from his Department of the Army civilian assignment in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Judo and Ju-Jitsu program was added to Bamberg’s already impressive recreation and sports program at Warner Barracks. Sensei Parrett has had similar success with a subsequent assignment to Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico and most recently as a Department of the Army (DA) civil service retiree instructing martial arts in the Orlando, Florida area.

In November 1999 Prof. Robinson was promoted and reassigned to the Headquarters, 98 th Area Support Group, Faulenburg Kaserne, Wuerzburg, Germany, home of the famous First Infantry Division; the Big Red One. As the Headquarters Senior Community Recreation and Business Operations Officer, Professor Robinson oversaw the overall United States military community morale, welfare, recreation, physical fitness and business needs of four Base Support Battalions.

Using his new European overseas assignment as a jumping off point, Prof. Robinson and his wife Renee, Nidan in Kodokan Judo, and Ju-Jitsu, embarked on a new series of volunteer civic action/humanitarian projects aimed at improving the health and welfare of Thai children and those in need far removed from the major urban cities. In 1999, they began to finance an annual free lunch program for children in a elementary school in the North of Bangkok, played a major role in raising funds for the construction of a medical research library and health center in a remote Northern province, and provided education scholarships for Thai military dependent youth at several Royal Thai Air Force Bases.

In view of Mrs. Robinson's outstanding record of volunteer assistance to the DA (in excess of 25,000 hours) and international civic action support from 1990 - 2002, Renee was selected as the “2002 United States Army Europe Outstanding Morale, Welfare and Recreation Volunteer of the Year.”

As such, the elder sister of the King of Thailand, Princess Galayani wrote a personnel letter to Professor and Mrs. Robinson praising them for their outstanding humanitarian assistance since 1968 to the present time. High praise was also extended by a Letter of Commendation by Air Chief Marshall Chaloey Warintrakom, Commanding General, Royal Thai Security Forces addressed to General Montgomery Meigs, Commanding General, US Forces in Europe and 7th Army, for the Robinson's magnificent and unprecedented humanitarian support and their roles as American Ambassadors of Goodwill. This letter was relayed to the Commanding General, 1st Infantry Division and presented in a formal ceremony to Prof. and Mrs. Robinson in March 2003.

On June 14, 2003, blessed after 13 years of marriage, the Robinson family celebrated the birth of their daughter Jasmine “Sangwan” Robinson (named after the King of Thailand's Mother). With the birth of his daughter, Prof. Robinson opted to retire early and on October 2, 2003, the Robinson family departed Germany returning to the Kingdom of Thailand. Professor Robinson had committed to continue coordinating civic actions projects as the Southeast Asia (SEA) Executive Director for Civil Welfare Projects, USAF Air Command Association/Special Operations - McCoskrie/Threshold Foundation.  Giving full-time attention to raising his daughter, for the first three (3) years, Prof. Robinson has plans to re-enter the Department of Defense Morale, Welfare and Recreation field in the year 2006.

Appointed by USAF BGen Heine Aderholt, former Commanding General, Joint United States Military Advisory Group, Thailand (JUSMAGTHAI) and famed Commander, USAF Air Commando Group, Thailand, Prof. Robinson serves as the volunteer SEA Liaison for a world-wide organization of former and active duty military members of the Air Command Association (ACA)/Special Operations Command, whose record of World Medical Relief has surpassed $300,000,000 in aid throughout many countries including South America.

In January 2005, after taking into consideration the present circumstances following the devastating Andaman Sea Tsunami of December 26, 2004 and the ongoing escalation of terrorism in the Southern Providences of the Kingdom of Thailand, as well as the need to set down permanent and safe roots, the Robinsons returned to Pensacola to reestablish their residency. Although they will spend the majority of their time in the USA, they will share time between Florida and Thailand, on occasion, continuing their roles as volunteers with the ACA and the Royal Thai Air Force.

With his former Pensacola Judo Club under the capable leadership of former USN Petty Officer and Vietnam combat veteran Sensei Larry Baldwin, Rokudan, Prof. Robinson will combine the International Southeast Asia Armed Services Warriors Club with the Pensacola Judo Club; now relocated to the Youth Center on the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, home of the Navy Blue Angels (Sherman Field). In view of expanding the overall training curriculum to include other elements of martial arts, including military tactics, and the addition of volunteer teaching staff, the club will be renamed, “ The Emerald Coast Armed Services Judo Academy - Warriors”

With a distinguished active duty and reserve military career spanning some 35 years, with numerous military decorations, both foreign and domestic, and passionately dedicated to the Kanonian principle of Jita Kyoei; Mutual Aid and Reciprocity, Professor Robinson will continue to concentrate and dedicate his time and energy towards improving the Quality of Life for military personnel and their families through the positive elements of martial arts training.

Daughter Jasmine “Jas”, an “active” Life Member of three major United States Martial Arts Organizations and the youngest “player” of the Robinson Clan is working on her 2nd Judo uniform since turning two-years old.


Professor Robinson's Academic Credentials:

·       Associates Liberal Arts Degree, Leeward Community College, Hawaii

·       Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a minor in Asian History (Summa Cum Laude) Charminade University of Hawaii

·       Masters of Personnel Management and Supervision Degree (with Honors) from the University of Central Michigan

·       Honorary PhD, MA - Department of Education, University of Manila, Philippines.

·       Honorary PhD, Asian Studies, Martial Arts, National Dragon Society, University of Martial  Arts, Virginia.

·       Honorary PhD Martial Arts and Sciences, International University of Martial Arts Sciences, Arak, Iran

·       PhD. Asian Martial Arts and Sciences - February 2006. Universidade Libre de Terapias Psicobioenergeticas, Salvador-Bahia, Brasil.

Professor Robinson's Martial Arts Organization Service:

·       SAC-ARDC Yudanshakai

·       United States Air Force Judo Yudanshakai

·       Secretary, Hawaii Judo Black Belt Federation

·       Charter Life Member, Armed Forces Judo Association (AFJA)

·       Benefactor and Charter Life Member , United States Judo Association (USJA) #22

·       Regional Director of Development, Armed Forces Judo, Republic of Korea

·       Regional Director of Development, Central California, Armed Forces Judo

·       Regional Director of Development, Southeast Asia, Armed Forces Judo

·       Regional Director of Development, Southern Japan, Armed Forces Judo

·       Assistant Chairman, USJA National Membership Development Committee

·       Member, National Board of Directors, USJA

·       Member, National Public Relations Committee, USJA

·       Member, National High School Committee, USJA

·       Member, National Awards Committee, USJA

·       Chairman, N.W. Florida National Awards Committee, USJA

·       Chairman, N.W. Florida Membership Development, USJA

·       Secretary, Hawaii Judo Yudanshakai

·       Visiting Professor, Korean College of Seoul , Republic of South Korea

·       Lecturer, Martial Arts, University of Hawaii, Manoa

·       Instructor, Martial Arts, St. Stephens School, Austin, Texas

·       Benefactor Life Member, United States Martial Arts Association # 52

·       USMAF Master Examiner/Instructor - Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Taiho Jitsu, Goshin Jitsu

·       USJA Master Judo Rank Examiner/Certification

·       Charter Gold Life & Board Member, United States Martial Arts Federation (USMAF) # 116

·       Charter Gold Life & Board Member United States Ju-Jitsu Federation (USJJF) # 116

·       Founding Board & Life Member, Martial Arts International Federation (MAIF) # 7

·       Southeast Asia Commissioner, Martial Arts International Federation (MAIF)

·       National Program Director, United States of America - Traditional Kodokan Judo (USA-TKJ), USJJF

·       Grandmaster & Life Member Kukusai Kempo Tokukai, International Kempo Federation

·       Life Member, United Sates Head of Family Martial Arts Association

·       Honorable International Founder and Headmaster, International Founder and Headmaster Society o. 948-33

·       U.S. Representative, Review, Adjudication and Approval for the Martial Arts and Sciences PhD Program, Universidade Libre de Terapias Psicobioenergeticas, Salvador-Bahia, Brasil

Professor Robinson's Martial Arts Special Achievements:

·       United States Presidential Award November 1989 “JUDO”, signed by President George Bush

·       Inducted into the 2000 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame "Golden Life Award"

·       Inducted into the 2001 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame - "Most Distinguished Master"

·       Inducted into the 2002 Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame "Shihan of the Year - Judo"

·       Inducted into the 2003 Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame, "Distinguished Humanitarian of the Year"

·       Inducted into the 2005 Sang Kim Celebrity of Martial Arts – “Platinum Pioneer” over 50 years of Martial Arts”

·       Inducted into the Legends of Champion Martial Arts Hall of Fame September 24, 2005, “American Pioneer Award”

·       Inducted into the United States Head of Family Martial Arts Association 2005 International Hall of Honor – Hall of Champions, “Elite Man of Honor Close Quarter 


·       World Organizer of Martial Arts and Humanitarian Family Members Supports Aid, November 5, 2005, “Platinum Life Award”

·       International Founder and Headmaster Society 2005, conferred the “Title of Honorable International Founder and Headmaster”

·       USHOFMAA Award 2005 -  “USHOFMAA Medal of Honor IHOHHOC”

Inductee, United States Martial Arts Association 2006 “The Founder’s Golden Lifetime Achievement  Award”.

·       Inducted into 2006 International Kempo  Federation Hall of Fame

·       Inductee, International Hall of Honor, Hall of Champions 2006 “Elite Grandmaster of Honor”

Professor Robinson's Civic and Service Affiliations:

·       Life Member, Air Command Association, ACA - Special Operations LM 3656

·       Association of Former Intelligence Officers, AFIO

·       Member, Viet Nam Security Police Association

·       LM, Disabled American Veterans Association, DAV Post Al Gray 23, FL # 09023L28899

·       Charter Member, Chief Petty Officer “Snuffy” Smith, USN Memorial Veterans of Foreign Wars Post, Hakata Tri-Service Security Base, Hakata , Japan

·       • LM, Veterans of Foreign Wars, VFW Post 10249, Udorn, Thailand # 1101488

·       • LM, Vietnam Veterans of America, Member-at-Large # 145031

·       • LM, The American Legion, Chapter “1”, Shanghai, China-in-Exile # 100038775

·       The Retired Enlisted Association, TREA # 16664756

·       LM, The American Military Retirees Association, AMRA

·       LM, The Air Force Sergeants Association, AFSA

·       LM, Society of the First Infantry Division “Big Red 1”

·       Proud Member Thailand-Laos-Cambodia Brotherhood Association
TLCB Webpage URL:

·       LM, Sampson AFB Veterans Association

·       Member, USS "Andy" Anderson Association

·       Member, American College of Fitness and Health Promotion Professionals

·       Member, National Parks and Recreation Association

·       Member, Armed Forces Recreation Society


Professor Robinson's Current Major Martial Art Ranks:

·       9th Dan - Kudan, Traditional Kodokan Judo

·       9th Dan - Kudan, Ju-Jitsu

·       9th Dan - Kudan, Taiho Jitsu

·       8th Dan - Hachidan, Goshin Jitsu

·       9th Dan – Dong Koo Yudo Kwan, Republic of South Korea No. 0879

·       9th Dan – Ryu Kyu (Okinawa) Kempo

·       10th Dan Soke - International Kempo Federation (IKF) Iran

·       10th Dan Hanshi - World Ju-Jitsu & AIKI Bujitsu Federation

·       10th Dan Hanshi – Samurai Ju Jitsu Association International, Teacher’s Diploma, All-Japan Seibukan Martial Arts & Way Association

·       10th Dan – Life Member, European Samurai Ju-Jitsu – AIKI Society

·       10th Dan Hanshi – Nippon Yawara Ryu AIKI – Ju-Jitsu Renmei




John Rodd

John Rodd RN Cert Geront B.Bus(Ec)  began Judo at the age of 10 studying Judo for 7 years. Later at age 26 he commenced training in Wu Shu Ryu (Goju Ryu) under Sensei Dean Jones in Bendigo for 4 years rising to junior black belt and learning to fight in tournaments. At the age of 37 John commenced his training in Shotokan at Paceks Shotokan Karate in Wollongong  and continued fighting in tournaments gaining his best placing at the NSW free style Karate tournament in 1998 placed 3rd in Kumite fighting in the final with a broken first finger gained in round one.

Throughout John's career as a nurse and health economist working in remote Aboriginal communities and in Lao PDR, John noticed how often a set of personal values based on Bushido, and the mental and physical strength needed for tournament fighting, helped him in obtaining his professional milestones and in helping people. For example, while working in the Kimberlys Western Australia, John walked for 7 hours in 44 degree heat with no shoes, to rescue a group of Elderly Aboriginals. Although suffering from severe dehydration requiring IV fluids and fluid resuscitation, and serious burns to his feet requiring daily dressings for a month, he managed to walk to the Argyle Diamond mine and save the people. John believes that he only survived this journey due to his training in Bushido martial arts and values.

In 1997 John again used his Bushido values to stare down a group of 50 or so rioting youth, armed with star pickets, knives and clubs, who had trapped 2 nurses in the health clinic. Police were unavailable and John was able to prevent the youths breaking into the clinic and attacking the 2 nurses.

John has only ever used his Bushido martial arts outside of tournaments, to defend others in danger and himself when attacked. Likewise, he has never been charged with any criminal offense and has a current 'working with children' clearance.

However, just as importantly, John has used the mental discipline gained through the study of Bushido values to gain his academic qualifications. For example, he completed his full time undergraduate studies in Economics and earned a faculty prize, whilst working night shift as a nurse.

Likewise John has worked: in remote Aboriginal communities; as a lecturer in both health and economics; as a public servant achieving significant changes in the way Aboriginal health is funded, and the way the public sector works; worked as a national and international consultant in child health projects and aged care; spoken at international conferences; and managed health services at a senior level. John firmly believes these career milestones would not have been achieved without the mental discipline and values in Bushido martial arts. John is one of the few nurses who can claim to never being physically assaulted by a patient, whilst working as a nurse since 1982 in emergency departments in both major city training hospitals and country hospitals.

John firmly believes that in an Australia where we hear of someone dying from a gutless king hit every week, we need to equip our youth with a set of values that will help them achieve their own personal goals through mental discipline and gain self defense skills through studying and competing in traditional mixed martial arts and learning Bushido values.

Bushido MMA teaches mixed martial arts and tournament fighting skills from an experienced martial artist, whilst spending as much time on the students achieving the values that John believes has helped him succeed throughout his life. These values are taught and practiced with as much determination as the skills to enjoy a great sport.

The motto of Bushido MMA, to create a more caring and safe society one student at a time.


Marino Rossi

Marino ROSSI started his martial arts training in Pesaro (Italy) in 1977, when he was 10 years old, practicing both Judo and Ju-Jitsu under the guidance of Sensei Yuri Fazi (a former Olympic Champion) and Sensei Romeo Marcolini. During his martial growing process, he practiced Ju-Jitsu following at first the “Bianchi method” (also known as “sectors method”) and then the “Robert Clark method”, gaining in such matter a wider comprehention of Ju-Jitsu. Great influence for his martial arts growth had Master Piero Marionni (Aikido 6th Dan), practicing Aikijutsu (as direct ancestor of Daito-Ryu AikiJuJitsu/AikiBudo), a martial art indeed very close to Ju-Jitsu. In 1986, when he was 19 years old, he joined the National “Financial Police”, specifically the “Maritime Branch”. Despite lack of time, due to his maritime activities, to devote to martial arts training, he was able to take any opportunities to continue Judo and Ju-Jitsu training in different dojos. He was able to develop and teach a his own ”Police and Military oriented” combat Ju-Jitsu. Currently he holds the First Degree Black Belt in Ju-Jitsu (1st Dan - Shodan).


Swaprakash Roy

Started Practice full contact Karate in 1997.

Practicing Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Self Defense, Weapons, Ju Jitsu, Kurash,

MMA, Krav

Maga Etc.


1st Dan Black Belt in 2002

2nd Dan Black Belt in 2008

3rd Dan Black Belt in 2013

4th Dan Black Belt in 2016

1st Dan Poon in 2011 kukkiwon


* State- Kumite- Year 2000- 3rd - BLACK CATEGORY

* State- KATA- Year 2000- 3rd - BLACK CATEGORY

* District- KUMITE - Year 2001- 1st - Open Category

* National - KUMITE- Year 2002 - 2nd - Open Black Category

* National - KATA- Year 2002 - 3rd - Open Black Category


* National - KUMITE - Year 2016 - 3rd - Black Category Open
































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