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Giuseppe Di Pace

The pioneer of Kick Boxing in Sicily

Pino, peace comes from a modest family of workers, the first of eight children, from an angle of as many cities there are in Palermo who do not give a choice for young people, but he and his brothers know the sweat of front, to exit certain environments begins with practicing Aikido, it is only a 6 year old boy and like all children, has his dreams come true.

Having really want to do, go to Wado Karate style Rju, a discipline that the young PEACE devoted himself for 10 years under the guidance of Edward PRAVATA ', not thinking that one day could come where today, with so much effort and humility has earned a place among the great, not only as a sport but also as a person.

Coming from Karate, after a long pilgrimage to Italy, brings Kick Boxing in Sicily, where since then the deeds of his students are known throughout Italy and Europe.

Form a Team Point Fighters, were part of Franco Vitale, Laurent Dably, Tony Cardella, Goofy Tinirello, Angelo Meschis, Toti Priano and Sergio Portaro, called "The Warriors" team wherever they had to compete was snapped up victories, the to be feared throughout Italy, and the calls of the Clubs throughout the country for the Master PEACE grew more and more ', thanks to the technical skills that the Master has mixed with an office interior that sets it apart.

Through his deeds and those of his students failed to disclose the Kick Boxing for Sicily where today there is not his student teaching this discipline.


It is in 1986 A. S. "FIRST STAR" Sports Club today affirmed at the highest levels of the organization, through which it aims to promote the sport by fighting in the European and World character, organizes several stages required to sample international level among which Bill Wallace, Jean Marc Tonus, Fred Royers, Howard Brawn, Dev Barret, Kash Gill, Franz Haller, Rinaldo Rinaldi, Federico Marchini, Didier Le Borghe, Mourad Djebli and Yldrim Svat.


After a few years of absence due to personal obstacles Master of Peace Joseph, back in the ring the boys of First Star Team in Palermo, confirming the high level of technical, competitive and athletic that has always characterized the students of the Master PEACE: Italian Championships held in Rimini June 16, 2002, rookie (if that can 'be defined having regard to the result) Emanuele HUNT achievement in the 91kg + category. , The title in Thai Boxing in Full Contact and Kick Boxing (Unfortunately later died from a serious illness).


The Master of Peace, in fact it may be, in its own right, one of the pioneers of Karate Contact in Italy and is still is considered the one who introduced the practice of the disciplines derived Island and especially, of Kick Boxing , Thai Boxing.


So we remind young people that only recently have approached to the disciplines of the ring, and for the Pino (so 'in fact call the students to which it is linked by a loving relationship that certainly goes beyond the boundaries of the ordinary between coach and athlete)


The vocation to fight is a genetic trait, but what, in the opinion of the writer, distinguishes the Master of Peace from many others and, more generally, if you want to specify the qualification federal, the many talented instructors from the few teachers are human qualities and character.


The ability to inspire courage, self-confidence, determination, security of their superiority over the enemy, that is, to create the "Winning mentality" without which you can not step into the ring or, even less, become champion, make Giuseppe Di Peace, 8th Dan Black Belt, an excellent trainer of athletes, as well as a true brother.


For about two or three years at his side the Son of Carmel, thirty Black Belt 5 Dan Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing, continue the path set by the Father, refining the techniques of combat.





            Federal appointments:

            Responsible Aikam - IAKSA-For Sicily

            Responsible Fiam For Sicily Industry: Kick Boxing

            National Technical Director WKA kick Boxing In Germany

            Regional Manager and FIKB - Iska

            Regional Manager of Fedecombat

            Regional Manager Fenasco

            Regional Manager A i t b

            Regional Manager of Kombat League


           Appointments Promotion Organizations Sports:

            Responsible provincial UsAcli

            Regional Manager Libertas Sector Martial Arts

            Regional Manager

            Regional Manager Csen



            Instructor 1st Dan FIK -1975 - Rome

            Instructor 1st Dan AIKAM - Bill Walacce - 1977 - Ravenna

            Instructor 2nd Dan AIKAM - 1979 - Ravenna

            Master 3rd Dan Fiam -1982 - Milan

            Master 4th Dan Fiam -1982 - Milan

            Master 5th Dan WKA -1986 - Foggia - Karate

            Master 5th Dan Fiam -1988 - Milan

            Master 6th Dan Iska -1990 - Foggia

            7th Dan Master IAKSA -1987 - Ravenna

            Master 8th Dan K. League -2008-Padova

            Master 9th Dan Iska-IAKSA -2012-Ravenna

            Instructor: Self Defense

            Judge: Regional - Milan 1993

            Referee: Regional-National-International


            International Awards

            WKA - The Master License - USA -1994

            Toku - Kai Internascional - USA -1997

            Promoters of Sports Events

            Regional National and World:

            The Nighet of Kick Boxino 1st Edition

            Italy-France Thai Boxing

            The Nighet of Kick Boxino 2nd Edition

            Italy-Switzerland-Inghiltera of Semi Contact

           The Nighet of Kick Boxino 3rd Edition

            World Kick Boxing F. Haller vs. The. Swat

            The Nighet of Kick Boxino 4th Edition

            International Thai Boxing Gala


            Theatre Sports and Music

            1 Trophy First Star National

            Memorial Marco Pantani Cycling-

            2nd Trophy First Star National

            Memorial Marco Pantani Cycling-

            The Gladiators

            Italy vs Netherlands

            Professional Thai Boxing World Title

            Various Regional Events

            What Not List

            Sports Awards:

            Medal Cones

            Certificates of Various Bodies and Federations

            Budo Easter of all editions

            Awarded by Fenasco As best Promoters of the Year for the World Cup 1993 - Palermo

            Professionals World -2008 - (Pa)

            I Attended The Stage:

            Bill Wallace - Ravenna

            Rinaldo Rinaldi - Milan

            G. M. Tonus - Switzerland

            Dominique Vallera - Milan

            Rob Kaman - Rimini

            Internship me organized with:

            Gianni Bellettini

            Rinaldo Rinaldi

            Fred Royers

            Didier Le Borgne

            Franz Haller

            Houard Brawn

            Murad Djeblj

            Dev Barrett

            Kash Gill

            Federico Marcchini

            David Carli

            Courses to Be Me:

            Green Berets Guardia di Finanza

            Security guards in Palermo

            Aspirants and security guards

            Of Safety


            They Collaborated with us

            Giornale di Sicilia


            Gazzetta dello Sport



            Living Informa-

            Sicily Independent


            Combatizone May

            MY CHILDREN:

            Tony Cardella: Various Regional titles several times Italian Champion Of Semi Contact

            European Cup winner,

            World Champion Semi Contact

           Loruren Dably: Various Regional and National Titles

            World Champion Semi Contact


           Raffaele Martina: Various Titles Regional and Italian Champion - Kick Boxing - Muay Thai

           Emanuele Hunting: Italian Champion Thai Boxing - Kick Boxing-Full Contact

           Angelo Meschis: Various Regional and National Titles

           Pippo Tinirello: Various Regional and National Titles

            Franco Vitale: Various Regional and National Titles

            Toty Priano: Various Regional and National Titles

            Basile Basil: Various Regional and National Titles

            Mariano Tarsilla: Various Title

            Regional and National, World Champion, Full Contact, and Vic Thai Boxing - San Marino - 2012.

            Various Title

            Regional and National, World Champion, Full Contact, and Vic Thai Boxing

            San Marino -2012



David Padgett

10th degree Black belt in Genkotsu-Ryu JuJutsu

6th degree black belt in Shotokan Karate

Master David Padgett has dedicated his life to the martial arts and the spreading of knowledge and experience.

Master Padgett started his training in 1978 and has over the years trained with several prominent martial arts pioneers all over the world.

Master Padgett is a member of the following organizations:

Life Member: International Combat Martial Arts Soke Union

Life Member: World Headmaster and Sokeship Union

Life Member: International Combat Karate Jitsu Union

Life Member: International Grandmaster Committee

Life Member: World Headfounder and Sokeship Union

Life Member: International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools

Life Member and Illinois State Director: Martial Arts Association-International

Life Member: World Taiji Boxing Association

Master David Padgett was recognized as the Shodai-Soke of Genkotsu-Ryu JuJutsu by the "World Headmaster and Sokeship Union" in 2002.

Master Padgett was also inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Soke of the Year for 2003.

He is the Chief Instructor of the Decatur BUDOKAI in Decatur, Illinois, and the Twin-Forces Martial Arts School in Latham, Illinois.


Frederic Paezkiewiecz


Born in 1970

Frederic Paezkiewiecz is instructor in physical education and sport.

Former Soldier in French army (1991/2007) - operations in Guyana, Bosnia and former Yugoslavia, Kosovo.


Martial arts and combat activities:

1983/1990: Judo and Ju Jitsu, brown belt

1987/2002: Sambo and Wrestling, freestyle and greco-roman -

- South West regional champion in freestyle Wrestling and Sambo - 1989 and 1990

- Dauphine Savoy regional champion in freestyle Wrestling - 2001

- Alsace regional military champion in Wrestling - 2002

- Wrestling coach in national championship

1992/2000: Kick boxing: training in light and semi contact

1992/2007: Close combat in French army

since 1999: Taïchi Chuan, study and practice

july 2001: Free-fight seminar for 1 week

since 2002: Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do, Filipinos Martial Arts -

2003: Co-founder member of: Club Hou Long - Académie de l'Est d'Arts Martiaux – Instructor

          > Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Submission Wrestling

Since 2006: Combat Kempo ICMAA/ICMAUA, study and practice

2007: Founder of the Self Defense/ Martial Arts school for the association OSCAR (Rumilly) - Instructor

          > Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Combat Kempo, Sambo

since 2007: Wrestling and Sambo Coach – Annecy Lutte Club

2009: FFL Regional Sambo Committee member

2009: Founder of the Combat Defendo Kempo


Holder of:

- Instructor diploma in sports and physical education - (national vocational certification)

- Advanced technical diploma in mastery and operational management - defense and combat activities (national vocational certification)

- Coach certificate in Wrestling – FFL (Olympic Wrestling, Sambo, grappling)

- Black Belt in Sambo, certified by M. José Laborie

- 3rd d. Instructor certificate in Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do (FAMA 2003/2008)

           > certified by David Delannoy, instructor under Dan Inosanto

- 3rd d. Instructor certificate in Kali/ Filipinos Martial Arts (FAMA 2003/2008)

           > certified by David Delannoy, instructor under Dan Inosanto

- 1st d. Black Belt in Combat Kempo, certified by Mihails Pupinsh (ICMAA/ICMAUA)

- Instructor Certificate in Combat Kempo, certified by Mihails Pupinsh (ICMAA/ICMAUA)

Other interests:

Slavic and Asian civilizations, Zen Buddhism, social sciences



Vincent C. Palumbo

The one motto that I always try to follow in my life are these following very inspirational words-






I was born on the 4th of November in 1965,  and I grew up in the city of Adelaide which is in the state of South Australia, and ever since I was about 8 years of age, I acquired

a real passion for the Martial Arts, and this quest for knowledge has led me on a journey all round the world to practice and gain more knowledge in the Asian Fighting Arts.

And now at 45 years of age, it has led me to become a Grand Master, and a 20 times World Champion in Filipino Full Contact Sport Stickfighting, and I've won a Pro-Boxing

World Title in 2004 for the IKBBF middleweight category of this sacioning body.


I have taught martial arts in Philippines, USA, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Italy, Poland, Malaysia, Switzerland, Singapore and in the United Kingdom, so all of

the participants at my seminars really enjoyed my approach to reality based combat training.


I began my training at age 8, starting out in the basics of boxing and gymnastics, and by age of 10,  so then I made up my mind to learn the basics of Combat Judo/Jujitsu.

By the time I was 15 years of age, I started training in Freestyle Karate, and I achieved the rank of Black Belt by my 18th birthday, and at 21 years of age I began competing in the combat sport arena, and since my first full-contact fight, and I have won a multitude of Regional, State, National, and International titles in the different combat sport disciplines.


I know what its like to be in the heat of a full contact fight, and I know what its also like to train very hard in preparation for such an event, because I’ve been a fighting warrior

in the combat sports fighting for over 25 years, and I would like to continue competing rite up to my 50th birthday, that would be quite a personal achievement for myself.


I have had a lot of experience in the combat sport arena, and I have achieved many awards, so here are some just to name a few of them:


• South Australian Full Contact Karate Champion

• South Australian, Australian, South Pacific and World Full Contact Stickfighting Champion

• South Australian Submission Grappling Champion

• South Australian and Australian Shootboxing Champion

• South Australian, South Pacific and World Pro-Boxing Champion

• Australian Full-Contact Kung Fu Champion

• Australian Toughman Title


I've had over 300 full-contact fights in the ring, and I've competed in Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Boxing, Grappling and Stickfighting tournaments all over the world.

My list of martial arts achievements are also quite notable too,  because I was inducted into the Blitz Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame awards in 2003, and I went on to win

the award as “Best Freestyle Martial Arts Instructor in Australia.”


And for the South Australian Boxing Association I was named as the "Best Amateur Boxer in South Australia" in 1994, 1998, 1999 and 2000, then when I turned Professional I won the IKBBF Professional Middleweight World Boxing Champion Title in 2004.

I own the International Combative Martial Arts Academy, which is located at 96a Grange road Welland, South Australia 5007.


I am a student of the 92 year old Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete of Cebu City in the Philippines, and in all the years that I've been training in the martial arts, I have also reached the following rank levels in these other styles:

• 10th Dan Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima

• 9th Dan Filipino Pangamot Jiujitsu

• 8th Dan Arjukanpo Karate

• 8th Dan Combat Jujitsu

• 6th Dan Korean Karate


It may appear that I have no time for anything else apart from my martial arts training, but I can assure you that this is not correct, because I really enjoy my free time with my beautiful family, and I enjoy dining out in wonderful restaurants with family and friends.

I also like going to see movies at the cinema, as a matter of fact, I have been asked to appear in 3 martial art movies, and also created the fight choreography for the scenes in-





The most influential person in my life as a martial artist would have to be Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete of Cebu City in the Philippines, because he's a real legend!.


This wonderful man has passed on so much knowledge to me over the many years that I’ve been his student, and this knowledge has led me to become a World Champion in Filipino Stickfighting, also a Grand Master in the Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima and Cacoy Pangamot Filipino Jiu Jitsu,  and I was elevated to these ranks by this very special man, so I will be forever grateful to this incredible martial artist from the Philippines.


Chief Instructor: International Combative Martial Arts Academy
Founder of Arjukanpo Karate, Jujitsu, Boxing and Kickboxing
2005 CDPEWF World Stickfighting Champion
2004 WEKAF Australian Stickfighting Champion
2003 BJCEF South Australian Stickfighting Champion
2004 IKBBF World Pro Boxing Champion
2003 IKBBF South Pacific Pro-Boxing Champion
2002 APBF South Australian Pro Boxing Champion
1998 WKA Australian Amateur Shootboxing Champion
1998/99 AABA South Australian Amateur Boxing Champion
1996 AFCKFA Australian Kickboxing Champion
AMAA South Australian Full Contact Karate Champion
1995 WKA South Australian Submission Grappling Champion
1988 ATU Australian Tile Breaking Champion
2006 WEKAF New South Wales Stickfighting Champion
* Master Vince has had over 200 fights in the combat sports arena!
* He has also achieved Black Belt ranks in the following martial arts:
Tang Soo Do Korean Karate
Freestyle/Combat Karate
Filipino Pangamot Jujitsu
Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima Filipino Stick and Knife fighting
Combat Jujitsu
Combat Judo

BIOGRAPHY: Master Vince Palumbo

Master Palumbo commenced training in 1974 as a junior boxing and gymnastics
student at the Semaphore Youth Club in Adelaide, and after winning most of
his junior boxing bouts, he expanded his interests to judo at the age of 11.

In 1980 he began learning the freestyle martial art of Zen Do Kai Karate at
the Bushido Dojo. In 1984 Vince received his first Black Belt in Freestyle
Karate, and in the same year Vince then also started to train in Taekwondo,
and in 4 years of hard training, he earned his Black Belt in 1988.

In 1988, Vince travelled to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of
Australia, where he commenced training under Master Martin Gardiner who was
a Master of the Korean Tang Soo Do Korean Karate, and the Filipino Cacoy
Doce Pares Eskrima Stickfighting system.
During this stay in Alice Springs, he added a the 1st Dan in Tang Soo Do
Karate to his now growing collection of Black Belt rankings in the martial
arts, and he also achieved a Brown Belt level in Stickfighting after doing
an examination in front of Grandmaster Cacoy Canete, who was in Australia
doing seminars of the Doce Pares Eskrima.
Other training for Master Vince Palumbo includes Muay Thai Kickboxing, for
which he gives all credit to Master Fai Quoc Giang of Vietnam, and as a
matter of fact, it was Master Giang who graded him to 3rd Dan in the
freestyle martial arts.

In 1991 Grand Master Brian Dossett 9th Dan of the World Combat Federation,
came to Australia to do a series of combat jujitsu seminars, and he was so
impressed with the way that Vince moved and fought, he immediately bestowed
the International rank of 4th Dan Junior Master Black Belt status.

In 1992, Vince went to the Philippines as assistant coach and team member
for the Australian Sport Full Contact Stickfighting Team, and he won a Gold
and a Bronze Medal at the 1992 WEKAF World Stickfighting Titles in Manila
and Cebu.
When he returned to Australia, he entered the Australian Martial Arts
Association Full Contact Karate Championships. He won 5 titles in the one
night √ Openweight and Middleweight Karate Fighting Empty hand Kata Weapons
Kata Divisions Power Breaking Division.
In 1993 became the Grand Champion of Australia
's 1st Toughman Competition.

Vince won the tournament with opponent knockouts in his first two fights,
and then a unanimous decision for the title in his last fight.
1994, Vince won the South Australian Amateur Boxing Title for Men's Novice
Middleweight Division. (He was voted 'Best Novice Boxer' for that year!)
1995, Vince won the title for South Australian Submission Grappling
1996 he won the Australian Title in Kickboxing, the fight was in Sydney, and
in that same year Vince travelled to London in England to fight for a
Amateur World Kickboxing Title, but unfortunately he had to settle for the
runner up position.

1997 Vince won the title of Grand Champion at the Broken Hill Kickboxing
Challenge Cup.

1998 Vince won the South Australian Boxing League State Title, and then a
Silver medal at the Australian Amateur Boxing League's Australian Titles.
Vince won the WKA Amateur Australian Shoot-Boxing Title in 1998 as well.
In 1999, Grand Master Cacoy Canete graded Vince to 6th Degree Master level
Black Belt in the art of Doce Pares Eskrima and Pangamot Jujitsu.
Vince won the title for AMAA South Australian Full Contact Karate Champion,
and he also won the South Australian Amateur Boxing 'Middleweight' Title.

He also went to the Australian Boxing Titles held in Darwin that year, and
he earned a Silver Medal. (Just missing out on Olympic Team selection).
In 2000 he competed in the AABA Australian Amateur Boxing Titles, which were
held in Queensland, but had to settle for a Bronze medal.
Vince also won another South Australian Title in Amateur Boxing in this same
In 2001 Vince won the South Australian Professional Boxing Title with a nice
3rd round knock out of his very tough opponent from New Zealand.

In 2002 Vince was awarded the Rank of 8th Dan in Doce Pares Eskrima, Jujitsu
and Filipino Karate by Grand Master Cacoy Canete.
He won South Australian Full Contact Stickfighting Champion Title this year
as well!
2003, Vince was asked to appear in the movie called 'FINAL COMBAT', the
movie was produced by the great martial arts movie producer, Menahem Golan.
(He discovered Jean Claude Van Damme!)
In 2003, he became IKBBF South Pacific Professional Boxing Champion with a
4th round KO of his so very tough and larger opponent.
He also won the Australian Stickfighting Title in Tasmania that year as
It was in 2004 that Vince won a World Title in Professional Boxing, under
the IKBBF sanction for the vacant middleweight division title.

He fought in the 2004 World Stickfighting Titles in Cebu, Philippines that
year as well!
In 2005, Vince travelled to Los Angeles, so that he could lead an Australian
team to go and fight in a World Stickfighting tournament, and he went on to
win the Openweight and Middleweight World Titles after a very gruelling 12
fights on the day!

After the tournament, he was asked to make a very special appearance in the
Hollywood movie called ▒CONFESSIONS OF A PIT FIGHTER', starring the very
awesome Hector Echavarria!
(He had to demonstrate stickfighting in the movie!)
2006, Vince won the NSW Full Contact Stickfighting Title.



Leonardo Panzardo

Born on 30 September 1969, in Montevideo, Uruguay, took his first steps into the martial arts from his father, who at age 6 began teaching him Judo, Boxing and Self Defense that he learn in the army.


Since then and until 1987 he practiced a variety of combat systems such as: Wing Chun Gung Fu, Shaolin Chuan Chan, Shorinryu Okinawaken Karatedo, Kyokushinkaikan Karate, Shotokan Karate, ITF Taekwondo, Aikido, Sipalkido, Kuk Sul Won and Hapkido.


In 1987, he had the opportunity to start learning Filipino Kali, Jun Fan Gung Fu - Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Vale Tudo from his close friend and spiritual brother, the Guro / Sifu Jose Luis Cademartori (who was lucky enough to train personally with the likes of Dan Inosanto, Surachai Chai Sirisute, Larry Hartsell, Fred Degerber and Angel Cabales among others), and with whom he continues to learn until now.


With his Guró/Sifú José Luis Cademartori he gets the following graduations:

15 july 1989 - 1st Dan Black Belt

20 september 1992 - 2nd Dan Black Belt

27 november 1995 - 3rd Dan Black Belt in Kali Filipino, Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do and Muay Thai


Only after a year of obtaining the first degree black belt in Filipino Kali, Muay Thai and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do in July 1989, began to develop his own system, Kali - Jun Fan, which has been transforming, improving and maturing through the years, as well as "El Profe" has also matured as a martial artist, instructor at first, master instructor now, and most important as the eternal student, as he continues constantly learning new techniques and systems.


At present he holds the following graduations in martial arts:

Style founder 7th Degree Black Belt in Kali - Jun Fan (Recognized by the International Bujutsu Society)

7th Degree Black Belt in Kali Filipino (Recognized by the International Combat Kali Union)

7th Degree Black Belt in Jeet Kune Do (Recognized by the International Combat Jeet Kune Do Union)

7th Degree Black Belt in Muay Thai (Recognized by the International Combat Muay Thai Union)


He's Member / Representative of the following organizations:

International Bujutsu Society - Member of the Kokusai Bujutsu Kessha Sokeship Council

International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association

International Combat Kali Union

International Combat Jeet Kune Do Union

International Combat Muay Thai Union


Today he's dedicated to the teaching of Kali - Jun Fan through regular courses and seminars, and soon through books and videos. Specializing mainly in Filipino Kali, Jeet Kune Do and Muay Thai.



Arthur Parrott 

Dr. Parrott started his journey of the Arts at the age of 15.  As of this day, he has given 63 years to the Arts.

Receiving his first Black Belt in 1949- Judo/Jujitsu/Aikido.  And in the years of 1993/1994 Created and Founder of his on style PA RA TA-K-Tee And PA RA TA-KARATE registered by WOMA World Organization Mixed Martial Arts Registration Number 1073.  Also, in June 1959 Receiving his 2nd Degree Shotokan Karate,  1964  1st Degree Black Belt in Tae K won do and in 1990 he received 6th Dan Black Belt Tae K won do, International Worldwide Black Belt Sokeship Council.  President Dr. Rocky Farly.

International Worldwide Black Belt Sokeship Tenth Dan American Tae K won do/Judan Title. President Dr. Rocky Farly.

World Organization of Mix Martial Arts Title of the Soke.  Registration No. 1073.

In September 2002, 10th Judan-North American Black Belt Hall of Fame and in September 2007 he received a 12th Degree Dan Red Belt In American Karate by U.S. Sokeship Union of Internation Grand Masters.  Supported by American Jiteryu Karate Federation lead by Dr. Darrell Smith, G.M  Certificate of Registration#12DBB49

The Supeme Grand Master of the 12th Dan, by International Martial Arts Association Sokeship Council by the Worldwide Sokeship Organization and position as Shodai Soke Gholamreza Gholami,  President and Founder.

Head Master Rank Certificate 12th Dan American Karate from the Internation Combat Martial Arts Union Association, Internation Martial Arts Founders Union, Registration Number 07109-MAF-HMRC, Dr. Mihails Pupinsh.

Head Founder Certificate recognized combat Martial Arts founder of American Karate Certificate 07091MAF-F Under Dr. Mihails PupinshInternational Diploma of 12th Dan in the Arts of American Karate, Recognized by IMAA Soke Dr. Gholamreza Gholamy Hashi 1300-3AP.

Also received a Masters Degree from the Internation Self Defence Federation to be recognized as and promoted to Grandmaster 12th Dan Red Belt in Arts of American Chung Do Kwan-Tae kwon Do, Lifetime membership into International Self Defence Federation and a Admission and Honorary Member in the Executive Board Cert # A01308, by President Soke/Shihan Marco InzanaBilalian Ryu Jujitsu Organization awarded, Certificate of Official Recognition of Grade 10th Dan #R0105540717;  Awarded The Greatness Award of Lifetime Dedication to the Martial Arts Internationally for execellent teaching, performances and superior leadership abilities. From  Dr. Rocky Farly PhD;  Awarded a Deploma from the World Elite Black Belt Society, Soke 10th Dan in the art of Pa Ra Ta K Tee. by Soke Bryan Cheek, England;  Diploma from Jukoshin Ryu Internaional awarded the recognition of Pa Ra Ta k.Tee  Style by Soke Bryan Cheek.

National Dragon Council of Martial Arts Lifetime Member.  United State Head of Family Arts   Association Lifetime Certificate of Membership.  International Bantu Martial Arts Federation Life Membership Award.  Greatness Award, Legends and Champions Martial Arts Hall of fame.  Masters of the Martial Arts Exhibition Appreciation Award from Bilallian Ryu Jujitsu.  International Sokeship Council Certificate of Rank, the Rank of Hanshi, by President Dr. Robert N. Braff, Soke.

Rhodes Scholar Award from Legends Champion Martial Arts Hall of Fame. World recognized 12th Dan and Martial Artist of this Century Award, by the Midwest Black Belt Martial Art Hall of Fame. Martial Arts Legend Award (World Renowned Martial Arts Master.)

by Soke/ Prof. Dr. Gholamreza Gholami Founder/President IMAA. 

European Goshinjutsu Associatiiion, Certificate of recognized of 12th Dan American Karate, Certificate is an authentic Black Belt and Life member of this Organization.Certificate#0040

Supported Budo Club yawara Pressident of EGA, European Goshinjutsu Association Martial Arts, Jutsu-Akademie Harms.



Robert Parham

Robert Parham is certified by the World Combat Academy Institute as a 10th-degree black belt in Comba-Tai, and has been involved in the martial arts for over 30 years.

As a young boxer, Parham was New Jersey's Golden Gloves finalist and Mississippi's Silver Gloves champion.  He has boxed people in the amateurs who have become professional champions...notably Roy Jones Jr

In 1988, he began earning karate titles, including Armed Forces champion, Mississippi state champion and pre-Olympic tae kwon do champion.

From 1991 to 1993, he won the National Karate Championship and in 1990, 1992 and 1993, he was the U.S. Karate Alliance vice world karate champion.  He was Sport Karate International's regional winner in 1990 and 1993, and world champion in 1991. In 1993, he earned the National Black Belt League's regional and world titles.

Parham's karate accomplishments earned him the Air Force's Air Education and Training Command's Male Athlete of the Year for 1992.

The award-winning boxer and karate artist has claimed world kickboxing titles in five weight classes -- middleweight in 1994, super middleweight in 1996, light heavyweight in 1995 and 1997,  cruiserweight in 1997 and heavyweight in 2001.


Mr. Parham also has appeared in films, "Under Siege" with Steven Seagal and Tommy Lee Jones, "Sister Island" with Gary Genovese and Karen Black in 1996; "Hostile Environment" with Matthias Hues and Bridgette Nielsen in 1998; and "The Insider" with Al Pacino and Russell Crowe in 1999.

Another movie, "Hand Over Fist," which he wrote and produced, is slated for release in overseas markets later this year.

Grandmaster Parham is a three time inductee into the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame and is also a certifying board member of that organization.


Gilberto  Pauciullo

Prof . GILBERTO  PAUCIULLO FOUNDER of  MAN SEER KUNG PAI ,Black  Belt  11° DEGREE ,PAI TSU SHANG MEN REM, President of  the  European  Chinese KUNG FU Federation ,GRANDMASTER  of : INTERNATIONAL KUNG FU FEDERATION.-ANISJJ - ENSTL –FESIKK - S.F.KUNG FU. The GRANDMASTER was born in the  1952 . In the sixties He practiced JUDO and JU JIUTSU with the Master CAMPAILLA AIRO and entered  in the Italian Olimpic Game Federation named F.I.A.P. In the 1963   began practice the CHINESE KEMPO with Master TUANG .In the 1970 He achieved the 4° DEGREE in BLACK BELT and the Chinese Master invited Him in MACAU  where He improved His tecnic. In the 1972 He won the 1 °DAN of JUDO and was one of the popularizer of the KENDO ,under the leadership of the Master ALEXANDER HIROSHI KIMURA He founded the ITALIAN KENDO FEDERATION . In 1974 the RAV TANY GOOM SCHOOL of MUAITHAIBOX invited Him to take a part to OPEN FREESTYLE MEETING; He won this tournament also for His experiences makes in ASIA . In 1975 He was invited in U.S.A. for several stages. In the 1978 He went to KYOTO ,OSAKA ,OKINAWA .In the 1982 He took part in the :1°WORLD KUNG FU AND FREESTYLE CHAMPIONSHIP,in the same year He achieved the 8° degree black belt in kung fu from I.C.M.A.F. and EUROPEAN FEDERATION .At the end of the 1982 He became member  of the SEIBUKAN ACCADEMY OF TOKIO ,where after the test ,He won the 8°DAN in GOJU OF OKINAWA by the MASTER O-SENSEI MASAFUMI SUZUKI , in that moment He had a great honour to obtain the signature of the MASTER O SENSEI SAZAKAWA on His diploma . In the 1983 the SEIBUKAN ACCADEMY gave Him the 9°DAN of JU JIUTSU  and WACO the 3° DAN in CONTACT . In 1985 in an INTERNATIONAL  MEETING of the EUROPEAN CHINESE BOXING FEDERATION MASTERS He achivied the officed of President and the 8° DEGREE of BLACK BELT. In the same years the Grand Master SUZUKI gave him the 10°DAN of KATHORY YAMA RYU JU JIUTSU .In the 1986 in GERMANY during a technical meeting of the EUROPEAN BLACK BELTS the TECNICAL COUNCIL gave Him the 9° degree .In the 1988 the TECNICAL COUNCIL gave Him the 10° DEGREE. In the same year the GRANDMASTER study a new KUNG-FU METOD named MAN SEER KUNG(BIG SNAKE SCHOOL) ,based on Him study of  NHAY CHA and WHAY CHA. In the 2003 after the diffusion in Europe of MAN SEER KUNG the PATRIARC became 11° BLACK BELT (HONORARY DEGREE).In the latest years the GRANDMASTER dedicated Himself in the Martial Arts study  and his research of sources and history of the Martial Arts carried Him to go deeply into the Ancient Arts as :PAKMEK , MARMA ADI, DIMMAK. For more ten years the GRANDMASTER PAUCIULLO works with the EUROPEAN FEDERATIONS .He is the Founder of FINLAND KUOPIO KUNG FU FEDERATION, AND IS ALSO THE Tecnical Consulant of many European Federations . The GRANDMASTER  had open in NORTH ITALY ALPS a traditional MARTIAL ARTS TEMPLE, and give His knowledge  to the students in nonprofit way.Greetings from ITALY .The  C.S.T.D.C.F.O. MAN SEER KUNG President MATTIOLI FIORENZO.



Yelena Pawela

Survivor of Three separate Deadly Force Situations.

Has a Master’s Degree in Animal Husbandry/ Behavior (Timiryazev Academy, Moscow 1999) with additional academic studies in veterinary services (Moscow Veterinary Academy 1992-94).

Former Russian police officer (1995-99)/ Tactical K-9 Handler who worked in Narcotics Detection and S. W. A. T.

Invited to the United States to cross train with one of the largest police departments in the United States in K-9 and S. W. A. T. tactics (1999-2000).

Inducted in to the Prestigious Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame (2004) by UMAHoF Board of Directors and Prof. Silverio P. Guerra, Ph.D., M.A.  who honored Yelena with the highest award Universal Woman of the Year

Recognized by Sr. Grandmaster Joon P. Choi, Chairman of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Battle of Columbus Martial Arts World Games, for her contribution to the Martial Arts.

The first gun writer in history to be granted full access to NASA’s Kennedy Space Facility.

Tactical Knives Magazine ranked Yelena as one of the Top 11 Combat Instructors in the country in the November, 2003 issue.  Yelena was the Only Woman featured.    

Chosen as the First Woman to do a tactical self defense video with Tactical Response Solutions  the company dedicated to featuring the most Elite Military/Law Enforcement trainers in the world in video format, which can be seen on 

One of the two K-9 trainers of Palm Beach Garden’s police canine Raul/ Voted as Canines of America Top Dog Award for apprehending criminals who were featured on America’s Most Wanted.  The tape is available from TV Media. 

Combat Handguns Magazine (June, 2004) featured a two page article on Y Training, Inc in the Survival Savvy Column written by respected author/writer Former Special Forces Captain and retired Central Intelligence Agency officer Ed Lovette  titled “Personal Defense what women want” 

The Only Woman to be interviewed and auditioned for Martial Arts Director at the prestigious Front Sight Shooting Academy.

The Only Woman to perform K-9/Self Defense/Firearms tactics to audiences of more than 20,000 people at various martial arts conventions. 

Y Training was the first company to bring the Bullet Man training program to Florida (a model mugging type program). 

Yelena has appeared in or wrote for the following magazines:

1- New Times, February 2003                                        11 – Arnold Martial Arts Classic 2004

2- Arnold Martial Arts Classic 2003                                 12 – Guns and Ammo, May, 2004

3- Combat Handguns, June 2003                                   13 – S.W.A.T., May 2004 

4- Tae Kwon Do Times, June 2003                                14 - Martial Talk, May 2004

5- Martial Arts Digest, July/August 2003                         15 – Armed Females of America, May 2004

6- Martial Arts Insider, August/September 2003             16 – Combat Handguns, Aug, 2004

7- S. W. A. T., October 2003                                          17 – Filipino Martial Arts, Aug, 2004

8- Tactical Knives, November 2003                                18 – Real Fighting, Aug, 2004           

9- Black Belt, December 2003                                       19 – Sportsman’s Gazette, column

10-Glock Annual 2004

Yelena wrote the foreword for Ralph Mroz’s new book “Tactical Defensive Training for Real Life Encounters. Practical Self Preservation for Law Enforcement”. The first woman to write a foreword in Paladin Press’s History.

She is a Master trainer in military combatives having been trained by Russian and American Special Forces Instructors and continues to train in Sambo, Jujitsu, Arnis, Eskrima, Kali, Silat, and Jeet Kune Do and in various firearms disciplines. 

A Guest Speaker and Lecturer at National Conferences on issues of Personal Protection Matters and she has been interviewed by numerous Radio and Television Programs. 

To date she has personally trained over 400 women on protective issues.



Alejandro E. Penaloza-Balda

* Chief International Instructor of the Jose’s Kung Fu Academy J.S.K.F.A.

* 18 years in training in the Martial Arts (American Mantis Kung-Fu, American TaeKwonDo &Self Defense)

* 4th. Degree Black Belt in "American Mantis Kung-Fu"

* Current member of Jose's Kung-Fu Academy (J.S.K.F.A.) (International Instructor)

* Current member of  World American Mantis Association (W.A.M.A.) (International Instructor)

* Former student of the Master Jose Luis Penaloza

* 35 Awards Nationals  & Internationals  

* National Champion (Venezuela) in Black Belts Weapons and Traditional Forms division, October 2005;



Jose Luis Penaloza-Balda

6th. Degree Black Belt in "American Mantis"

* President and Founder of "American Mantis" Kung-Fu style

* Honorific U.S.A. Permanent  Resident Visa awarded for special and  extraordinary  abilities in Martial Arts  (I.N.S.) on September, 2004.

*  International Judge class AA (US Open 2005) Florida, USA.

*Personal Trainer (Instructor) in Self Defense

* International Instructor certified by United States Martial Arts Association (U.S.M.A.A.), Ca., USA

*Member and International representative of United States Martial Arts Association (U.S.M.A.A.) Black Belt 2nd. Degree in "American TaeKwonDo" certified by United States International Karate Association (U.S.I.K.A.), USA. Black Belt in Full Contact

* Experience in the field of HAGANAH (Personal Defense of the Anti-Terrorist Forces of Israel)

* Coach of the Team J.S.K.F.A. International 16 Years of Experience National & International

 21 years in training in the Martial Arts

* Founder and Technical Director of the WORLD AMERICAN MANTIS ASSOCIATION (W.A.M.A.)

March, 15th 2003

* Founder and Technical Director of the JOSE'S KUNG-FU ACADEMY (J.S.K.F.A.) July, 15th 1991.

* Current Member of the United States Martial Arts Association (U.S.M.A.A.), Ca., USA.

* Current Member of International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools (I.A.O.M.A.S.), USA

* Current Member of The Florida Black Belt Association (F.B.B.A.), Florida, USA.

* Current Member of North American Sport Karate Association (N.A.S.K.A.), USA

* Current Member of Florida League Martial Arts (F.L.M.A.), Fl., USA

* Current Member of the Latin American Grand Master  & Soke Council, Inc. (L.A.G.S.C.), Toa Baja, Puerto Rico

* Current Member of the Latin American Martial Arts Society (L.A.M.A.S.), Toa Baja, Puerto Rico.

* Current Member of the Puerto Rico Hapkido Federation (P.R.H.F.), Toa Baja, Puerto Rico.

* Current Member of Universal Black Belt Society (U.B.B.S.), Toa Baja, Puerto Rico.

* Current Member of World Organizer Martial Arts (W.O.M.A.) U.S.A. & Saudi Arabia Kingdom

* Member of the Venezuelan Organization of Karate (O.V.K.) certified by Master Ingrid Muria (President of the International Sansei Federation of Martial Arts (Puerto Rico) in Venezuela).

* Former Champion in Team Synchronized Forms (US OPEN 2001) Florida, USA

* Invited by the North American Sport Karate Association (N.A.S.K.A.) to compete in the Night of the Champions

(US OPEN 2001) "International Exhibition"

* Invited by the Ambassador of Japan in Venezuela, to take part in the "Exhibition of Kung-Fu" in the cultural fairs of Japan. (MATSURI) Caracas, Venezuela.



* International Certified US OPEN 2005 World Martial Arts Championship  Official Class AA. Fl., U.S.A. (07/02/2005)

* 60 Awards National & International for "Best Instructor" & "Best Competitor"

* 25 Championship Titles (Florida, U.S.A.)

* 2 Times Pan-American Champion in Traditional Forms (1999' & 2002')  (Florida, U.S.A.)  28 Championship Titles ( U.S.A. &  Venezuela)

* 27 International & National Titles (Florida, USA) & (Venezuela)

* 65 Awards in 2nd, 3rd & 4th places titles in International & National Tournaments * 2nd. Place in Team Synchronized Forms (US OPEN 2001)

* International Champion in the divisions of Traditional  Kata, Traditional Forms and Self Defense  (F.B.B.A.), Florida, U.S.A. (1999'-2002')



Frank R. Perez

Shihan, 6th Dan Goju Ryu karate, 6th Dan Okinawan Goshin Ryu Karate-Do, 5th Dan Shinja Combat System, 4th Dan Aikijutsu. Sensei started his Martial Arts journey in 1983 in Shotokan, under the guidance of Sensei Ramon Cordero in Levittown P.R. During the late 80's Perez Sensei continue his training with his dad Prof. Jesus R. Perez who was at the time one of the few practioner in Chinese Boxing and Muay Thai. Perez Sensei took a turn to Goju Ryu in 1990 under the instruction of Ruben Rossy-Hanshi and Carlos Paris-Hanshi.  During Perez Sensei years in active duty Air Force he studied several arts like Aikijutsu, Shinja Jujitsu, and Shinja Combat System under the instruction of Prof. Jason Hunt founder of the Shinja Martial Arts Federation and Minister of Perez Sensei.  Since 2003 Perez Sensei have the honor of being a direct student of Dr. Juan Otero Jr. 9th Dan-Hanshi Founder of Okinawan Goshin Ryu Karate-Do Association and in 2007 Sensei began to trained with Carlos Montalvo 9th Dan-Hanshi Ronin Police Defensive Tactics and Goju Ryu-Kai.

During the course of 26 years, Sensei has been blessed to have the pleasure and the humility to train under many Grand Masters in Martial Arts, Ruben Rossy 10th Dan-Hanshi Tanren Goju Ryu, Tony Pabon 10th Dan-Hanshi Taifu-Shoi, Carlos Paris 10th Dan-Hanshi Yosei Goju Ryu, Oscar Alicea 10th Dan Hanshi Iaido, Mike Mc Gann 10th Dan Soke Wa No Michi Ryu, GM Bill (Super foot) Wallace, John Gabriel 9th Dan Soke Red Dragon, Daniel Torres 9th Dan-Hanshi Danto-Ryu Jujitsu, Maestro Eddie Perez 8th Dan-Hanshi Gazabara Esgrima, Dr. Tang 10th Dan Goju Ryu Singapore, Carlos H. Montalvo 9th Dan-Hanshi Ronin Goju Ryu, his friend and mentor Dr. Juan Otero Jr. 10th Dan-Hanshi, and several of Ronin Brotherhood top students, and has kept credit to all those who helped him achieve the position he holds today.        


 Sensei is a Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Veteran. While in the US Air Force he was honored with medals: National Defense, Good Conduct, Global War on Terrorism, Unit award with Valor device and was awarded Airman of the Quarter at a Squadron and Group level. He was selected to developed a Combat Skilled training program alongside Security Forces Training personnel; to prepare Military personnel (Air Force, Navy) before deploying to their Area of Response (AOR) in the Middle East in a real combat scenario.  


Shihan competes in local, state and worldwide tournaments, has been nominated and inducted into Hall of Fames and is  involved with the Martial Arts community.   Shihan is now residing in Lakeland Florida were he teaches at the Florida Dance Theatre.



George Petrotta

GGM George Petrotta, Ph.D.,

I. S. A.  International Director,

10th Degree Sungja-Do,

10th Degree Combat Aiki-Jujitsu,

Judan 10th Degree Goshin Budo. RJMA,

9th Degree U.T.B., Inc. Taekwondo,

9th Degree U.M.A.B. Hapkido,

8th Degree Korean Hapkido,

KukKiWon 6th Degree,

Korean KukKiWon Advisory Member,

KMS Premier Member,



Adriano Pizzato

Founder of Kayten RyuMugei Mumei no jutsu

Founder of International Warrior Foundation

Titles :

Soke Kaisho  - Kayten Ryu Mugei Mumei no Jutsu. Recognized by FISJJ.

Soke Kaisho 10th Dan  Recognized by Tsunami Ryu Bujutsu Kai Kaisho Shihan Arnold Vargas 10th Dan

Recognized by The World Budo Alliance Kyoshi Dave Allen Degrouchie 6th Dan

Recognized by Grandmaster Yuriy Kostrov Soke 10th Dan WAKO and IIORK (RUSSIA

Recognized by Prof. Jaime Abregana Jr. 10th Dan Hawaii International Martial Arts                  

Recognized by Martial Arts Association - International Nidai Soke Bernd Hohle 7th Dan

Recognized by Soke Angel Guerra 10th Dan United Warriors  Associations B.T.I.N.S.

Recognized by Supreme Grandmaster William Rankin 10th Dan United States Martial Arts Associations                                 

Recognized by Grandmaster Prof. Taxiarhys Karalis 10th Dan Founder of U.M.A.A (Greece)

Recognized by Grandmaster Prof. Yuriy Kostrov s 10th Dan Founder of  WAKO and IIORK  (Ucraine)

9 th Dan recognized  by Gm prof. Yuriy Kostrov in Agni Kempo system

10 th Dan recognized by GM Yuriy Kostrov in Mugei mumei no Jitsu

10 th Dan recognized by GM Ruben A. Rossy Lain America Grandmaster Soke council

Head Instructor of International Security Service by Bernd Hohle

Shidoshi in traditional Ninjutsu awarded By Soke Jonin Angel M. Guerra Bodoki/ Senso Ryu Ninjutsu

Black Belt Shotokan Karate Awarded by Scalamonti Bruno 6th Dan – Calderazzo Andrea 5th Dan

Black Belt Ju Jutsu Sankaku Ryu (middle Honorary) Awarded by M.C.Giardina 7th Dan

Member of the “Head Master and World Sokeship Council”


Appointments :

1997 – 1999 National Coach of FISJJ Federations Italian School Ju Jutsu and Self Defence), the Head Masters and Grandmasters Soke Foralosso and Bosich Hanshi

2001-2002 Council Member for the United Ninja Society (Rengo Shinobi Shakai)

Present -  World Budo Alliance National Chairman

Present -   International Ninjutsu Federation National Chairman


Affiliations :

-Present  International Warrios Foundation (Founder)

2002 – present – United Ninja society President Mark Grove

presentFuma Ryu by Adam Richardson Sensei

- United Ninjutsu Voice – Dave Gibb/Azani Mensah

- World Budo Alliance – Founder David A. Degrouchie

- Council Member of Black Tiger Internationa Ninja Society 

- ICMAUA member (Latvia)

- LAGSC member (PR)     

- MAA-I  Ambassador (Ger / USA)

-  United Warriors association N.C. (USA)

-  USAdojo Member (USA)

- USMAA  National Chairman (USA)

- UMAA   National Chairman (Greece)

- HMAIA  Italian Reprentative (Hawaii)

- WAKO and IIORK  Italian representative (RUSSIA)              

- World Black Belt  member

- I.S.S.  Head instructor examiner


To resume :

Latin America Grandmaster Soke council (PR)

World Headmaster and Sokeship Union Member
W.B.A. Italian Chairman (CA)
M.A.A.-I. Italian Ambassador (GR)
U.S.M.A.A. Italian Chairman (USA)
U.M.A.A. Italian Chairman (Greece)
I.C.N.S. Italian Chairman (USA)
U.W.A. Italian Chairman (USA)
B.T.I.N.S. Italian Chairman (USA)
I.S.S. Head Instructor Examiner (GER/USA)
H.M.A.I.S. Italian representative (Hawaii)
W.A.K.O.-I.I.O.R.K. Italian representative (Russian
Jihi no Kokoro Italian Chairman (CA)
Bushido Way Warriors Italian member (USA)
I.C.M.A.U.A. Italian member (Latvia)

L.A.G.S.C  Italian member (PR)
USAdojo Italian member (USA)
Arashiki Ryu Italian representative (PR)
W.A.K.O.- I.I.O.R.K. Italian representative (Russia)
Fuma Ryu Italian representative (UK)
R.S.S. Italian Council member (USA)
I.N.F. Italian Chairman (USA)
U.N.V. Italian Representative (CA)
Nippon Budo Italian member (GER)


Ernest Lewis Thomas Peterson Sr.

Grandmaster Ernest Lewis Thomas Peterson Sr.

has over 40 years of experience in martial arts. He is a 10th Degree Black Belt in the art/way of Hap Do (The Combined of Art System). He has studied other martial arts styles & systems for more than 35 years... 25 years off teaching awareness/self-defense/rape prevention programs/and unarmed combat training. 15 years teaching awareness/self defense to senior citizens and people with physical and mental disabilities. On April 9th, 2002 he appeared on cable television show in Wayne PA called " Sage on Stage " for his self-defense program for senior citizens. On May 1st, 2002 he was invited by the United States Army Reserves 77th Regional Support Command and Major General Richard S. Colt (USAR Commanding) to do a Unarmed-Combat Demonstration at Fort Totten, in New York for the Soldiers and their Families working at Ground Zero [World Trade Center]. On August the 6th, 7th & 8th 2006, He was invited again by the United States Army Reserve 77th Regional Readiness Command, Command Sergeant Major Weltia k. Hill [CSM/USAR], Sergeant 1st Class Timmy Butcher Jr. with His Son, and two other of his Student Instructors to train the Soldiers in Unarmed Combat. Grandmaster Peterson Sr., his Son and one other Student Instructor was also invited to Fort Dix Military Base, in New Jersey, On July 4th, 2006 to do a unarmed combat demonstration for the Military Personnel, the USO and their Families on the base for the 4th of July fire works . Grandmaster Peterson Sr. and some of students have appeared in three popular martial arts Magazines.

[These include]

* USA Warlord Martial Arts Magazine

* Karate International Magazines 1 time

* Tae-Kwon-Do Times Magazines, 2 times

* ATA Tae-Kwon-Do World Magazines 1 time

* Inside Kung Fu Magazines 1 time


* 10th Degree Black Belt - HAP-DO [The Combined Art System] - [2011]

* 10th Degree Black Belt - American Combative Jiu-jitsu System - [2011]

* 10th Degree Black Belt - Code Red Unarmed Combat/Self Defense Training System - [2011]

* 6th Degree Black Belt - Combat Jujitsu - [2011]

* 6th Degree Black Belt - American Tae kwon Do - [2011]

* 4th Degree Black Belt - Kenpo Karate - [2011]

* 4th Degree Black Belt - Kenpo Jujitsu - [2011]

* 3rd Degree Black Belt - World Kickboxing Council - [1994]

* 3rd Degree Black Belt - World Self Defense Federation [1993]


* Battle of Baltimore World Karate Championships 2011 Men Black Belt 50 and over Sparring Champion

* Action Martial Arts Hall of Honor

[Bronze Contribution to the Martial Arts]

* Shinja Martial Arts University 2011 Hall of Honors

[Freestyle Martial Arts Grandmaster of the Year ]

* United States Martial Artist Association 2010 Hall of Fame

[Supreme Master of the Year]

* United States Martial Artist Association 2011 Hall of Fame

[Self Defense Practitioner of the Year]

* American Combined Arts Federation 2011 Hall of Fame

[Grandmaster of the Year ]


================== [FOUNDED] =================


* Code Red Unarmed Combat Training International - [1990]

* Code Red Unarmed Combat Military Training System - [2002]

* Code Red Rape Prevention/Self Defense Training System - [2003]

* Code Red Self Defense for the Disabled - [2003]

* Code Red Self Defense for Senior Citizens - [2003]

* Code Red Child/Self Defense - [2003]

* American Hap-Do Federation - [2004]

* HAP-DO [The Combined Art System] - [2004]

* American Combined Arts Federation - [2008]

* American Combative Jiu-Jitsu Association - [2006]

* American Combative Jiu-jitsu System - [2006]


================= [MEMBER OF] ================

*  World Grand Master Alliance

* Radical Martial Arts Brotherhood [2011]

*  International Black Belt Fellowship  [2011]

* World Kenpo Karate Federation [2011]

* World Dojunim Alliance [2011]

* World Combat Jujistu Union

* United States Martial Artist Association (USMAA) - [2011]

* Maryland Professional Karate Association (MPKA) - [2010 - 2011]

* Master Pro Karate Association (MPKA) - [2010 - 2011]

* World Council of Black Belts (WCBB) - [2011]

* International Council of Freestyle Martial Arts (ICOFMA) - [2011]

* Code Red Unarmed Combat Training International - [2010 - 2011]

* American Hap-Do Federation - [2010 - 2011]

* American Combined Arts Federation - [2010 - 2011]

* American Combative Jiu-Jitsu Association - [2010 - 2011]

* National Federation of Combative Arts - [2011]

* World Self Defense Association - [2011]

* International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools - [2011]

Thank You my Brothers and Sisters of the Martial Arts and GOD BLESS YOU



Gustavo Álvarez Prieto





1996 - Early in the practice of martial arts (Taekwondo and Hapkido).

1996 - 2008 - Practicing and training Hum Kwan Hapkido Yang getting the Black Belt 1st Dan in Hapkido in those years.



2009 - 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido.

2009 - Officer of the Department of Castile and Lion Hapkido Federation.

2009 - Officer of the National School of Castile and Lion Hapkido Federation.

2009 - Active Member.

2010 - National Qualifier Judge Technical and Exhibition of Hapkido.

2010 - Organizer of the National Championship of Spain of Hapkido "I Diego Alvarez Prieto Memorial" in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos).



2010 - 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido.

2010 - International Hapkido Instructor.



2010 - 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido.

2010 - Representative of Hapkido in Castile and Lion.



2010 - 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido.

2010 - International Hapkido Instructor.



2011 - 2nd Dan Black Belt MAPM.

2011 - Representative MAPM in Burgos (Spain).

2011 - Instructor Level 1



2011 - 2nd Dan Black Belt MAPM.

2011 - Representative IHPMF in Burgos (Spain).



2011 - 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido.



2011 - 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido.



2011 - 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido.

2011 - Representative in Burgos (Spain).


DEFENSIVE SERVICES INTERNATIONAL (DSI) - International Combat Hapkido Federation (ICHF)

2011 - Active Member of International Combat Hapkido Federation (ICHF).

2011 - Military Combatives Instructor Association MCA.

2011 - Military Combatives Association Member MCA.

2011 - Member International Police Defensive Tactics Instructors Association IPDTI.



2011 - 2nd Dan Black Belt Police Swat Delta System.

2011 - Representative in Burgos (Spain).



2011 - Representative in Spain.

2011 - 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido



2011 - Representative in Burgos (Spain).



2011 - 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido

2011 - International Instructor KMCC



2011 - 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido

2012 - Hall of Fame - Hapkido Instructor of the Year



2011 - 1st Dan Black Belt Krav Maga

2011 - International Krav Maga instructors Level 1

2011 - Representative of Spain



2011 - 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido

2011 - Active Member



2011 - 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido

2011 - International instructors

2011 - International Hapkido Examiner

2011 - Active Member



2011 - 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido

2011 - Active Member.



2011 - 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido

2011 - Master of Hapkido

2011 - Active Member.



2011 - 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido

2011 - Instructor of Hapkido

2011 - Active Member

2011 - Professional Member


Mihails Pupinsh

He started his martial arts training in Latvia in Soviet time in 1982 at the age of 20 in under-ground San’e Karate (Karate was forbidden by law at Soviet time) Group. His first Karate Teacher is Master Vasilijs Chernigovs, 6th Dan WAKO, WUKO at present. His Karate, Kicboxing, Jujitsu Teacher is Master Valerijs Zaharovs, 3rd Dan WAKO, 10th Dan AFJ, MAA-I, also other ranks at present. Mihails Pupinsh owns and operates under-ground non-profit Eco Do (Ecological Way) Dojo in 1982, owns ICMAUA in 2002. Mihails Pupinsh works as herpetologist, researcher, lecturer. He has Doctor Degrees in biology, pedagogies. His scientific interests are herpetology, conservation of Reptiles and Amphibians, Zoocultures.




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