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Romadeo Narine 

Romadeo Narine started his Martial Arts training at age 12 in Shotokan Karate and Kodokan Judo. After participating in the Caribbean Championship, he was promoted to 1st Dan black Belt year 1972. In 1973 he participated in the South American Championship and was then introduced to Vee Ju-Jitsu. He proceeded to train in that system which included several forms of fighting arts such as the many styles of (Karate) Judo, Aikido, Kung-Fu, Koga Ryu Ninjitsu, Gurka Fighting Arts, weapons such as Bo-Jitsu, Kendo, Arnis De Mano, Tonfa, Sai, Bando, etc.
After 9 years of studying Vee Ju-Jitsu (system of systems) with the founder The Incomparable Professor Floriendo Visitacion Supreme Grandmaster, GM Narine was awarded 4th Dan Black Belt on the 26th September 1981. He then began to build his system of Ju-Jitsu called Fudo-Shin (immovable mind) Ro-Na-Jitsu-Ryu-Ju-Jitsu System.

In 1988 GM Narine participated in the formation of The World Council of Ju-Jitsu Organisation. On April 5th 1989 he became the official director for the Caribbean and South America granted by Professor Ronald W. Forrester. On the 12th November 1990, after participating in The World Masters Demonstration in Bermuda GM Narine was awarded the title of World’s No.1 Best Performer and was unanimously promoted to the rank of 9th Dan Black Belt with the title of Professor for his system of Ju-Jitsu called Fudo-Shin (Ro-Na-Jitsu-Ryu-Ju-Jitsu System) by Man of The Decade Dr. Grandmaster Mosess Powell (Musa Mohammed).
On the 7th January 1991 GM Narine was elected as the official representative for Karate Budokan International of Malaysia. In a joint display of Martial Arts held in Guyana on 15th September 1991, Fudo-Shin-Ju-Jitsu was voted as having the most practical, outstanding and effective techniques among the other systems of Martial Arts taught in the Caribbean. After the display Fudo-Shin was contracted to teach the US Marine Guards stationed in Guyana.

On 19th July 1995, Caribbean martial artist were promoted to higher grades by Grandmaster Rockey and at the same time The Caribbean, Central and South American Martial Arts Union was formed with him holding the positions as Founder, Director and President. On 9th November 1995 GM Narine was elected as member of The International Federation of Ju-Jutsuans. In 1997 he was invited to work in collaboration with The Ministry of Sports and The Olympic Association in Grenada to establish a Martial Arts body. In March 1998 The United Kingdom All Styles Karate Organisation gave GM Narine the position as Technical Advisor for Ju-Jitsu. On 28th June 1999 GM Romadeo Narine was awarded the rank of 10th Degree Black Belt with the title of Grandmaster Professor (Soke) for Fudo-Shin-Ju-Jitsu by The North American Martial Arts Association-Management Network and The Black Hawks University of Martial Arts International.

Countries toured during Martial Arts career are as follows:
Guyana, Surinam, Trinidad, Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, Bahamas, Bermuda, Japan, England, France, Australia, Philippines, USA, Canada, Brazil, Panama and Venezuela.

Achievements and titles:
- Founder of Fudo Shin Ju Jitsu (Ju-Jitsu Guyana)
- Grandmaster, Professor
- Soke
- 10th Dan Black Belt
- Founder of the Caribbean, Central and South American Martial Arts Union
- Former Director of the World Council of Jujitsu for South AMerica
- 9th Dan Black Belt awarded by Grandmaster Moses Powell
- 4th Dan Black Belt in Vee Jitsu awarded by Grandmaster Vee
- South American Champion at age 20
- Caribbean Champion at age 18
Among many other achievements and titles.



Lance E Nichols Sr.

Mr. Lance E. Nichols Sr., holds a 5th Degree Black Belt in a Combat Hybrid Style Of Karate known as "COMBAT TAEKWONDO" Karate. Sensei Lance also holds a 4th Degree Black Belt in Chang-Hun Taekwondo Karate and a 4th Degree Black Belt in Sikaryn Karate. Sensei Lance's "HYBRID STYLE of COMBAT TAEKWONDO Karate" profiles choice techniques from the martial art styles of Sikaryn Karate, Chang-Hun Taekwondo, Ground Fighting Techniques, and Specialized Self Defense Techniques designed by Sensei Lance. Sensei Lance has been a martial arts practitioner since 1987.

Current and Past Martial Arts organizations include The Christian Association Of Martial Arts Practitioners (CAMP), International Defense Systems USA (IDS), The International Combat Martial Arts Union Association (ICMAUA), The United States Martial Arts Association, Karate For Christ International (KFCI), The International Combat Taekwondo Karate Union (ICMAUA), and The International Taekwondo Alliance (ITA). Sensei Lance is a certified martial arts instructor in Combat Taekwondo Karate, and Sikaryn Karate. Sensei Lance is on the board of director staff with International Defense Systems USA (IDS) and The Christian Association Of Martial Arts Practitioners (CAMP). Sensei Lance trains under the leadership of Renshi Thomas C Van Dyke, 6th Dan, International Defense Systems USA (IDS/CAMP).



Jason Carter/Nyingje Norbu

Nyingbulam founder Soke Jason Carter/Nyingje Norbu has been involved in the martial arts since the early 1980's. He has had instruction in the arts of Judo, kung Fu, Karate & Jujitsu. He resided in Ontario Canada where he still teaches Nyingbulam, Karate & juitsu.


Titles & Positions: Canadian President ⌠ International Budo Sport Federation.

President & Founder "International Mixed Martial Arts Association"

President "K&D Martial Arts Centres"

Soke Nyingbulam


Registered Member:

Shambhala Black Belts √ Masters Category

World Black Belt Union

American Federation of Jujitsu √ Founder/Instructor Category

International Budo Sport Federation √ Soke/Grand Master Category

Seishindo Kai - Registered Seishindo Instructor

International Freestyle Martial Arts Organization

International Combat Mixed Martial Arts Union – ICMAUA


Martial Arts Ranks & Titles:

Nyingbulam - Founder, Head of Family, Soke

Nyingbulam has been recognized as a Combat Art by:American Federation of

Jujitsu &International Budo Sport Federation

5th Dan Nyingbulam

3rd Dan Seishindo Jujitsu

3rd Dan Shotokan Karate



Christopher Norville

Born on the 8tn Janury 1970


Christopher Norville 9th Dan Black Belt (kudon). The Inheritor Director Chief Instructor & Examiner for Fudo Shin Ju-Jitsu (jujitsuguyana). This was given to Christopher by Supreme Grandmaster Romadeo Nerine (Rockey) 10th dan black belt (judon) the founder for Fudo Shin Ju-Jitsu (jujitsuguyana). Chriatopher is also President and founder member of the Guyana Martial Arts Masters Association International, Founder and Administrator of United Caricom Martial Arts Federation. Christopher also has rank in these systems, Shin Kai Do Personal Combat System, 5th Dan (Senior Master), Iaijitsu, 5th Dan 7th level Kick Boxer Certify in Chinese Martial Arts, (wushu).

Christopher started his martial arts training on the 12th day of March 1987 doing kick boxing, and kung fu (han gar) five animal form with John Bollers, & Micheal Woolford. In 1989 Christopher officially register in a club.


In April 1991 Christopher join GM Rocky and started training in the art Fudo Shin Ju-Jitsu from 6th kyu (green belt) In 1992 Christopher then partake in the training pregame with the US Marine Guards stationed in Guyana., at that time the program lasted for two years. In 2000 Christopher was awarded 4th dan (yodon) with the authority to teach Fudo Shin Ju-Jitsu. This promotion was given.. by Supreme GM Romadeo Narine. (Rockey)

In 2004 Fudo Shin Ju-Jitsu was recognize in by supreme GM Dr Stephen Micheal Monasingh and was authorized to teach Fudo Shin Ju-Jitsu as an internal part of GM Monasingh Shin Kai Do Personal Combat System.

In 2005 Christopher start training in the Chinese art (wushu) witch stem from a cultural agreement between the Government of the People Republic of China and the Government of Guyana. At the end of the program Christopher was awarded a certificate of completion for that program with lasted for 5 five years.


On December 9th, 2006 Christopher was upgraded to 5th dan (godon) Senior Master for Shin Kai Do Personal Combat System by Supreme GM Dr Stephen M Monashingh. In 2017 Christopher was promoted to a 7th level Kick Boxer by International Kickboxing Council (IKC).

After Training for several years and keeping Fudo Shin Ju-Jitsu going in Guyana Christopher Norville promoted to 8th Dan with the title Professor in the system of Fudo Shin Ju-Jitsu and authority to change and modify the system when the time arises. This promotion was done by Supreme GM Romadeo Narine the found of Fudo Sh Ju-Jitsu (Ju-Jitsu-Guyana)

In 2007 the Guyana Martial Arts Masters Association International. was form witch Christopher Norville was elected as the President of that Association.

In 2017 Christopher was Recognize to the rank of 9th Dan By icmua.

In 2018 Christopher Norville Form The Untied Caricom Martial Arts Federation.


        Additional skill

        Certify Massage Therapist

        Specialise in Sheatsu, Section Cupping, Sport Massage, Deep Tissue massage.


        Contacts for Character References

        Arianna Pereira, Email /Phone number (592)600-6215

        Krvin Jeffery, International Race Car Driver, Email /Phone number +(592)623 3018

        James Singh, Guyana Foristory Commissioner, Email /Phone number +(592)674 7498


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