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Alexey A. Laikov


1992 – 1996. Diploma/Operative faculty, Khabarovsk University of Home Ministry of Russian Federation (law enforcement), Khabarovsk, Russia.

1991 – 1996. Diploma/ Instructor in special physical training. Moscow State Pedagogical University. Moscow, Russia.

1999. Diploma/Private detective. Academy of Safety «Petrovka», Moscow, Russia.

1999 – 2003. Diploma/Expert in special physical training applied hand-to-hand combat for special forces, University of improving qualification for law enforcement and military personnel Defense Ministry Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia.

2006. Diploma/ Course of economical safety. Agency of research and negative profit prevention in economical safety field, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

2001- 2006. International Diploma RUS-01 от 01.09.06/Bodyguard & Security Personal Instructor. International Association for Security Professionals & Counter Terrorism (I.S.S.), Munich, Germany.



1995 – still now. Instructor in hand-to-hand combat for bodyguards. Moscow club Member. Russian National Association of bodyguards, Russia.

2006 – 2007. Financial Corporation "Finam". Moscow, Russia. Analytics department Vice-Head.

1999 – 2006. University of improving qualification for law enforcement and military personnel, Defense Ministry Russian Federation. Moscow, Russia. Vice-Chief, Head of department in special training and hand-to-hand combat. Research programs for executive security, law enforcement, special forces and military personnel; realization study-trainings courses and seminars, realization of certifications. Organization and development of regional communications. Preparation of the letters about cooperation, improvement of the business relationships with organizations of a sports and forces structure.

1997 – 1999. Fund of support of national martial arts «Octagon» (Freefight - Ultimate), International Council on Absolute Fighting, World Council Vale-Tudo

Moscow, Russia.

1997-1998 The instructor, judge, organizer, work with the sponsors.

1998-1999 The head of security. Control and account of money resources, acting from the sponsors. Organization of safety of world-stars, taking part in competitions. Organization of safety of the Heads of fund, including in foreign trips. Checking of the business partners.

1996 – 1997. Private security organization «InterSecurity», Moscow, Russia. Instructor in special training. Realization of seminars, trainings of the employees, instructor of personal security and bodyguards. Preparation modular to competitions on hand-to-hand combat up to regions and national championships. Checking of the employees in extreme situations.


More than 25 years of martial art experience

17 years of Instructor experience


The highest degrees in martial arts

5 dan Krav-Maga Liven International

4 dan Vale-Tudo

4 dan S.F.C.K. (Special forces combat karate)

4 dan Kakuto Ju Juitsu Daido-Ryu

3 dan Kenpo Karate

3 dan Seifukai Budo

1 dan Doshinkan Karate Do

1 dan Modern Ju-Jiutsu (Federal Alliance Bujuitsu of Russia) – Traditional and Koryu Ju Juitsu (AJJIF)

Black Belt Kogayama Ryu Ju-jitsu

Instructor on hand-to-hand combat Home Ministry Russian Federation

Instructor on hand-to-hand combat Defense Ministry Russian Federation

Instructor on Combat Sambo Highest categories



1991 Champion of Sakhalin region on full-contact karate, Russia

1991-1994 Vice-president of sports club «Yaguar», Sayansk, Russia

1995 till now Adviser of Russian National Association of Bodyguards in hand-to-hand combat training, Moscow, Russia

1996-1997 Participation in creation and working of a Private school of bodyguards «Sparta» as the head expert in special training, Moscow, Russia

1996-2006 Has lead more than 100 seminars in Russian regions among the employees of forces structures and civilians, in which has taken part the more 3 000 person

1998-1999 The organizer, judge «Oktagon» (Freefight - Ultimate), San-Paulo Brasil – Krasnodar Russia – Bishkek Kirgizia – Moscow Russia

1999 President of Combat Sambo club «Bars», Moscow Russia

1999-2006 Working as Head specialist in University of improving qualification for law enforcement and military personnel, Defense Ministry Russian Federation

1995-1999 The participant of seminars on preparation of the employees KGB, Minsk, Belarus

2005 till now The vice-president of Association Hapkido Yusul of Russia


Participant of moves and telecasts in Russian Television

1996 «2_2» Channel, transfer «To sity buy face»

1997 Participation in educational film A.Taras «Combat Mashine»

1997-1998 NTV channel, transfer «I am Bodyguard»

Ren-TV channel, transfer «War Secret»:

2001 – Combat Karate

2005 – Hapkido Yusul

2006 – Protaekwondo

2007 – Special Forces Combat Karate

2007 – Krav-maga Liven International

2003 documentary «The Bodyguard», Ren-TV channel

2003 documentary «Special Force», Ren-TV channel

2006 documentary «Affect», ORT channel


Author of the articles and books

The articles «Combat Hand-to-hand fight», «Pankration» Magazine «Sport Life of Russia»

Monographer «Masking For Military Special Force»


Membership, representation

Interregional Euro-Asia Federation ju-jutsu /KAKUTO JU-JUTSU DAIDO-RYU/

Club of Russian martial art "ZASHITA" (trans. DEFENCE), Moscow, Russia

Interregional federation of Russian sportsmen Sho Shin Do Karate, Novorossiysk, Russia

Russian Alliance Bu Juitsy Perm regional federation Ju-jitsu Kogayama Ryu, Perm, Russia

International Alliance of Martial Arts, USA

Hapkido Yusul Association of Russia , RUSSIA / KOREA

World Association of Combat Sambo Clubs ,RUSSIA

World Association of Kobudo WKF, TORONTO, CANADA

World Council of Vale-Tudo, SAN-PAULO, RESIFE, BRAZILl

International Council on Absolute Fighting, MOSCOW, RUSSIA

National Association of the Bodyguards, MOSCOW, RUSSIA

International Federation of Martial Arts (IMAF), GERMANY

Martial Arts Association - International, Germany

Aikido Renmei in Russia, OSAKA, JAPAN



To be, instead of to seem

Absolute ruthlessness in relation to myself



Jean-Francois Le Grand

8th Dan/Degree Black Belt, Head Master, President, Creator & Founder of Lost Legacy≥ Martial Arts/Systems, Inc. & all systems within it, under the direct supervision of Grand Master-Monk Dr. Jude Innocent and Grand Master "Tiger" Paul Innocent.

Black Belts in Karate-Do, Tae Kwon Do, Kodokan Judo, Full Contact Fighting, Gun & Knife Defense/Use, IOMASDA Ryu/Tetsu Tako Do, Ju-Jutsu/Jiu-Jitsu, Ninjutsu/Ninjitsu, Shaolin Kung-Fu & Ultimate Bujutsu System.

Ph D. Martial Arts/Asian Philosophy, Bachelor degree in Psychology.

Certified Nutritionist, Personal & Aerobics Trainer

Instructor & Team Coach

Instructor of Afro-Brazilian form of Capoiera

Instructor of Kobu-Jutsu & Kobudo (art of weaponry)

Instructor of Uke-Jutsu/Ukemi (art of falling)

Instructor and Practitioner of the "Iron Skirt" techniques (strengthening of the body through proper breathing and building of Chi)

Instructor of Weapons Disarming

Instructor of Meditation

Instructor of Ply Metrics

Instructor of Gymnastics

Instructor of Law Enforcement

Instructor of Pressure Point Tactics

Instructor of Women`s Self Defense

Instructor of Unorthodox Boxing & Kick Boxing

Instructor for the Handicap & Disabled

Instructor for Special Needs Children

Instructor for the Elderly

Certified & Licensed Body Guard/Executive Protector

Certified & Licensed Concealed Weapons Carrier

Certified & Licensed Bails Enforcer/Fugitive Recovery Agent

Certified & Licensed Security Officer

Certified Advance CPR, AED, & First Aid for adult and child

Certified Diversity Trainer, Out Reach Worker & Counselor for "At-Risk" youth


Tiger Jude`s Seven Styles Karate Organization

The New Shaolin Boxing Association (N.S.B.A)

International Society of Martial Art Association

World Martial Arts League

Florida & Haiti Representative of World Organization of Mixed Martial Arts

Florida State Director for the United States Martial Artist Association

Florida State President for World Martial Arts Organization Alliance

President of the International Head of Families Association

President of the International Martial Arts Lineage Association

Board Member, Grand Master Council Member, & Florida President of International Black Belt Organization

Board Member for World Christian Taekwondo Federation

World Tae Kwon Do Federation

Registered: Dong Koo Yudo Kwan in Korea

Registered: International Instructor-World Head of Society Japan

Florida Representative for Practical JuJitsu & Practical Martial Arts

American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts

The American Federation of Jujitsu

United States Jiu Jitsu Alliance & World black Belts Alliance International

National Kobudo Federation Pakistan

Taifu Kobudo Kai Association

Karate For Christ International

The Black Tigers International Ninja Society

The United Warriors Association

International Combat Aikido & JuJitsu Federation

IOMASDA Ninja Society/Bushido International

Southard Combat Systems International

World Combat Martial Arts Association

International Combat Martial Arts Union Association

American Aerobic Association International

International Sports Medicine Association

American Council on Exercise

American Heart Association




1999 Black Man of Distinction - City of NY, presented by Senator Marty Markowitz, now Mayor, for service to the youth in the streets of Brooklyn, NY.

1999 Teacher of the Year √ Iron Octopus, presented by Grand Master Sinclair, for the service of Instruction within his organization.

2003 Most Dedicated Martial Artist Award - United States Martial Artist Hall of Fame.

2003 Humanitarian Award - United States Martial Arts International hall of Fame.

2004 Outstanding Contributions to the Martial Arts- Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame.

2004 American Fudoshin Award - World Martial Arts League Hall Of Fame (Germany). *Fudoshin - this is a special award given to a person who shows no fear when faced with danger, aggression or unexpected events. It applies to a warrior who remains calm and imperturbable in all circumstances. This concept was developed by Miyamoto Musashi and given the name "Iwa-no-mi" which means "Body like a rock."

2004 Silver Lifetime Achievement Award- Worldwide Martial Arts Hall of Fame.



1996 ULTIMATE MASTER - Glory Films Production √ played character of "Evil Dreaded Ninja Leader".

1999-2000 Various Martial Arts Training Video series

2001-2002 WCB Entertainment - BKAT cable TV, NY - Host of show; interview well known celebrities.

2002 RICKI LAKE SHOW √ UPN & FOX TV - Demonstrated Martial Arts

2003-present - Varies demonstration and seminars done in South Florida.

2004-2005 LOST LEGACY SYSTEMS: Curriculums, Concepts, & Reality Check Video Series.

2004-2005 URBAN WORKOUT VIDEO - Production series and Video DVD/VHS to be released in spring 2005 and aired on KOMPA TV on Comcast Cable.

2004-2005 HIP-HOP/MARTIAL ARTS Independent Motion Picture to be released in late 2005 (name withheld)-plays "MASTER SHADOW"

(Copy of tapes upon request)



1993-2000 Street Outreach Worker and Counselor - Flatbush Development Corp. Targeted "at-risk" youth ages 13-21. Put them in well-selected programs, activities including Martial Arts, and group discussions. A Mayor Dinkins Program funded by the City of NY.

1996 & 1997 Summer Sports Camp - Brooklyn, NY - wrote proposal and safety plan and presented it to the New York Department of Health. Positions in camp were Executive Director, Camp Director, Sports & Activity Director, and Counselor. Assisted in organizing out-door trips, activities, educational games, and instructing a one hour Karate class. (Copy of proposal & safety plan upon request)

2001-2002 Office of Senator Carl Andrews - City of NY - Involved in Politics. Organized and assisted Senator's committee in city functions. In charge of various colleges involving student election/voting debates. Worked voting polls.

2002 Personal Training & Martial Arts for Kids - New York Sports Club, NYC - Organized and created program for parents to drop off children while they work-out in the gym.

2003-present Team PHOENIX - Cities in Florida - newly formed non-profit program which targets families and communities of youths in FL who can't afford the cost of Martial Arts for their children. It is FREE Martial Art training, training the child for group demonstrations and tournament appearances. In order to qualify for this program, the participant must conclude a list of task in order to show commitment and dedication. It builds troubled and/or interested youths into Instructor Material. It also sponsors all forms of outreach social services, group homes, activities, day cares and camps throughout the cities in FL.

2003-present City of Coconut Creek - Coconut Creek, FL - assisting in organizing recreation programs and activities through out the city.

2003-present Ark Ministry Christian Church - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Assisting in a vision to build a 24 hour prayer and counseling outreach service to anyone; residential facilities for men, women, girls, boys, and senior citizens; a Christian School; a long term facility for troubled youth and Evangelistic Outreach Crusade Teams to reach the lost. This is under the direct supervision of Allen Jackson.

2003-present IMPACT community Services, Inc. - Lauderhill, FL - Volunteering Martial Arts services to this non-profit social services agency for at-risk youths ages 13-18 which all live in a group home facility.

2003-present New Life Ministries - Pompano Beach, FL - Christian Youth Programs, food Assistance, clothing bank, support groups, motivational speaking, referrals, substance abuse, inmate, sports psychologist, counseling, and of course Martial Arts. Under the direct supervision of Rev. Glenn Bosti

2004-present Lost Legacy Children's Foundation - South Florida - Program put together by Black Belts Instructors of Lost Legacy to sponsor children with low income households, single parent homes, group homes, or abusive households.

30+ years Experience


Alvin Tan Oon Lye

GM Alvin Tan Oon Lye is the current Vice President of World Goju Ryu Karate-Do Federation and President of the Asian Goju Ryu Karate-Do Federation. He is the Special Technical Advisor and National Director of the World Sports Karate Confederation. He is also appointed as the Vice President of World Tae Kuk Mu Sul Association. (Korean Martial Arts)


GM Alvin Tan started training karate in 1970 at the age of 14 years old under Sensei Alfred Tan and Chief Instructor Sensei Maekawa of Japan Karate Federation. He took over Queenstown Karate Club in 1976 as the Chief Instructor cum President when his Sensei Alfred Tan retired to venture on his business. In 1986, GM Alvin Tan went to Japan to train under Kaicho Gogen Yamaguchi. Since then he have being attending training in Japan under IKGA. In the same year Kaicho Gogen Yamaguchi accepted him as his direct disciple. In1987, GM Alvin Tan attended the Asia Pacific Karate-Do Championship and Singapore-Japan Goodwill Karate-Do Invitation Tournament as a Referee. In 1989, Queenstown Karate Club (QKC) was changed to Nishiyama Karate-Do Goju Kai. On 1st Jan 1991, his son Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi appointed him as the Singapore Director of IKGA. In 1991, he participated in the Cambridge University CUKC Shotokan Friendly Tournament as the Chief Referee. In 1993, participated in the 1st International Karate-Do Goju Kai Bi-annual World Championship as a referee and Head of Delegate.


In 1998, the Association was no longer affiliated to IKGA, GM Alvin Tan decided to changed the name to Goju Ryu Karate-Do Seiwa Kai Singapore which is an independent Association founded by him. Goju Ryu Karate-Do Seiwa Kai Singapore was affiliated to Singapore Karate-Do Federation and he was appointed as the Vice-President, Board of Examiner and Referee Council member until 2004. GM Alvin Tan attended the 24th Karate-Do Championship as the Referee and 3rd AUKO Junior Championship in Macao as the SKF Official.


In 1999, GM Alvin Tan was appointed the Organizing Chairman for the 1st AKF Championship held in Singapore. He was appointed as the Head of delegate for the XX SEA Games in Brunei and Hayashi-Ha Open Karate Championship in Malaysia.


In 2000, GM Alvin Tan attended the 4th AKF Junior Championship in Macao as the SKF Official and 15th WKF Championship in Munich, Germany as Head of delegate. GM Alvin also attended the Referee Clinic by Sensei Tommy Morris in Malaysia on the WKF New Rules.


In 2001, GM Alvin Tan attended the part time Budo Course by the American College of Martial Science (ACMS) and was awarded the Doctor of Budo by the ACMS in 2002. In 2002, GM Alvin Tan was appointed as the Professor of ACMS. In 2003, GM Alvin Tan was appointed the WOMA Singapore President, Hall of Fame Singapore Chairman and Master Council member. He attended the 1st Malaysia Karate Open Championship as Head of Delegate. He was also appointed the SKF Referee Council Chairman and NCAP Master Course Conductor for two-year term. In 2004, GM Alvin Tan was elected the 1st President of Asian Goju Ryu Karate Federation. Attended the 1st Hayashi-Ha World Open Karate Championship in Malaysia.


In 2005, GM Alvin Tan was registered with the Singapore Sport Council, NROC as the Master Coach in Karate. Received Coach Development Award from Singapore Sport Council. In 2006, he was appointed Special Advisor to World Sport Karate Confederation by Soke Kosai Shishiki (Japan), Technical Director of WSKF. He was also appointed the Vice President of World Tae Kuk Mu Sul Association.


GM Alvin Tan’s Military Achievement:

Commence his National Services from July 1977 to Jan 2000.

Graduated from Officer Cadet School, Armour Officer Course, Armoured Recce Officer Course, Demolition Course, School of Advance Training Officers (SATO), Battalion Tactic Course, and Reservist Staff Course (SCSC). Promoted to Captain in 1st Apr 1984 and Major in 1st Jul 1994.Received 

Certificate of Appreciation in Apr 1995, Letter of Commendation in Nov 1991 and three Good Services Awards.


Voluntary Social Works:

Appointed member of Bishan North, CCC Area Sub Committee doing social works for the Constituency from 1994 to 1998.


GM Alvin Tan’s Credentials:

Diploma in Building in 1977 from Singapore Polytechnic

Diploma in Construction Management in 1984 from IPM

Graduate Diploma in Business Administration in 1988 from SIM

Ph D. MA, in 2002 from American College of Martial Science

Appointed Professor of ACMS in 2002

Hon. Ph D in Asian Martial Arts, in 2004 from World Organizer of Martial Arts.

Hon Ph D of Martial Arts, in 2004 by International University of Martial Arts Sciences.

Hon. Ph D in Martial Arts, in 2004 from National Dragon Council University of Asian Studies.

Hon. Ph D in Martial Arts Science in 2005 from International University of Sports & Martial Arts Science Inc.

Master Project Manager (MPM) in 2006 from American Academy of Project Manager (AAPM)

Certified International Project Manager (CIPM) in 2006 from AAPM

Hon. Ph D in Asian Martial Arts and Sciences in 2006 from Universidade Libre de Terapias Psicobioenergeticas, Salvador-Bahia, Brasil


GM Alvin Tan’s Martial Arts Organization:                                                 

Founder, Goju Ryu Karate-Do Seiwa-Kai (Singapore)

Founder, President/Chief Instructor International Goju Ryu Karate-Do Renmei

Vice President, World Goju Ryu Karate-Do Federation

President, Asian Goju Ryu Karate-Do Federation

Special Advisor & National Director (A-80-2006-0001), World Sport Karate Confederation

Member of Perak Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate-Do Federation, Malaysia

Life Member (IMAA-31135), International Martial Arts Association

Life Member (IHLM-1701-S), World Martial Arts League

Life Member (3534)/ Regional Director, United States Martial Arts Association

Member(102), United States Martial Artist Association

Member/National Representative (0959), Dong Koo Yudo Kwan of Korea

Branch Certificate (0959), Korean Yudo & Hapkido Association, USA

Life Member (0959), World Head of Society

Life Member (1012), World Organizer of Martial Arts

National Director, San Do Jutsu International Martial Arts Association

Life Member (USAISING 1), United Sokeship Alliance International

Vice President (152), World Tae Kuk Mu Sul Association


GM Alvin Tan’s Martial Arts Achievement:

Certificate of Honor cum Ambassador, MAA-I

Inducted into the 2002 World Head of Family Sokeship Council Hall of fame as “Distinguished Master of the Year”

Inducted into the 2002 Hawaii Martial Arts Society Hall of Fame as “Master of the year”

Inducted into 2002 World Martial Arts League Hall of Fame as “Asian Goju Ryu Grand Master of the Year”

Certificate of Appreciation in 2003 from Dong Koo Yudo Kwan of Korea

WOMA Sport Awards in 2003 from World Organizer of Martial Arts

The President Active Lifestyle Award in 2004 by US President George Bush

Presidential Physical Fitness Award in 2004 by US President George Bush

Prince Sports Awards in 2004 by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Prince Special Council

Inducted into 2005 Agni Kempo Organization of Iran Hall of Fame

Coaching Development Award in 2005 from Singapore Sport Council


GM Alvin Tan’s Current Major Martial Ranks:

7th Dan, United States Martial Arts Association

7th Dan, (20017) World Head of Family Sokeship Council

7th Dan / Grandmaster, World Martial Arts League

7th Dan / Professor, International Association of Karate – Kobudo

7th Dan / Supreme Master, United States Martial Artist Association

7th Dan / Professor, Latin American Grandmaster & Soke Council, Inc

7th Dan (0959), World Soke Head Quarter, Kobe, Japan

8th Dan / Soke of Goju Karate, Christian Sokeship Federation  

8th Dan / Professor, Hawaii Martial Arts International Society

8th Dan (0959), Dong Koo Yudo Kwan in Korea

8th Dan / Grandmaster (SBC0605), San Do Jutsu International 

8th Dan (USAISING1), United Sokeship Alliance International

Hanshi, Kokusai Kempo Tokukai

Hanshi, Budo/Bugei Kokusai Renmei






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