International Combat Martial Arts Encyclopedia

Who is Who in the International Combat Martial Arts


- K -

Nasrallah Kakavand

8 th dan ju-jitsu

7th dan karate-do (shitoryu)

1. National Champion of All Iran Karate(Individual 11cups)A. Iranian league B. Military cups
2. Karate National Champion ofAll Iran(Team 8cups) A. Tehran's team B. Military team
3. 1st place in the Martial Arts World Championship
1st place in Ireland Championship 2001
1st place in Tehran's International Championship
2nd place in performing kata with Japanese weapons
7. Silver team medal in Hungary 1996
2nd place in kata in Russia world Championships 2003
Head coach of military forcesIran Jujitsu team
10. Coach of National Juniors Karate team
Member of Iran's Karate National team
12. Founder of the Seishinkai Karate in Iran
Head coach of Iran's Seishinkai Karate team
14. Founder of Ju-jitsu in Iran
President of Seishinkai Karate in Iran
President of Iran Ju-jitsu in Association
Head coach of Iran's Jujitsu National team
18. Representive of Seishinkai Karate from Japan in Iran and Middle east
19. The only representive of World Karate Confederation(WKC) in All Iran
20. The only representive of Ju-jitsu International Federation(JJIF) in All Iran
21. Teacher of Karate in Germany by German Federation invitation for Hunborg Coaches On1996
Teacher of Karate in Ireland on 2002
Teacher of Karate in Turkey On Ankara
24. Manager of the PASDARAN CLUB in Tehran


Taxiarhis Karalis

Professor Taxiarhis Karalis, Grand Master, Soke, Founder & Director, United Martial Arts Alliance, Professor,PhD/MS, Master of Martial Science

Professor Taxiarhis Karalis, was born in Athens, Hellas-Greece, in January 18th 1966. He attended public school Academy through 1983 and has graduated of the Athens Theological University.

In 1974 Professor Taxiarhis Karalis started his Martial Arts training with art of Boxing and continued with Kick-Boxing (in that time).

Over the last years, Professor Karalis has studied and earned Black Belt ranks in the arts of Karate, Taekwon-Do, Hapkido, Kick-Boxing, Aiki-Jujitsu,

JuJitsu etc. He has been champion of All-Styles Hellas Karate Championships, under WKF (WUKO'S) regulations. Also he has been member in Hellas All Styles Karate Team with European and Mediterranean participation.

In 2000 Professor Karalis founded the United Martial Arts Alliance. His systems SeiTo Ryu Karate and GoShin SenJutsu Kempo is a mixture of all the arts that he has trained with emphasis on all aspects of Martial Arts and special in street survival. Professor Karalis is available for seminars in various Martial Arts and Pressure Points for Self-Defense.



6th Dan, Free Style Kick-Boxing

6th Dan, Gung-Fu

6th Dan, American San Do Jutsu Kempo

6th Dan, Shotokan Karate Do

7th Dan, Taekwon-Do (WTF & ITF)

7th Dan, Hapkido

6th Dan, Kali / Escrima

6th Dan, Kobudo

8th Dan, JuJitsu

8th Dan, Aiki-Jujitsu

8th Dan, Sungja-Do

8th Dan, GoShin SenJutsu Kempo

GrandMaster in SeiTo Ryu Karate



Life Member, United States Martial Arts Association (USMA)

Life Member, International Society of Combat Martial Artists (ISCMA)

Life Member, United Sokeship Alliance (USA)

Life Member, International Sung Ja Do Association (ISA)

Life Member, International Combat Martial Arts Union Association (ICMAUA)

Life Member, Martial Arts Association - International (MAA-I)

Member, Nippon Traditional Karate Association (NTKA) &

Member, Federation of English Karate Organization (FEKO) &

Member, English Karate Governing Body (EKGB)

Member, Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association (FSKA)

Member, Hellenique Karate Federation (HKGF)

Member, American JKA Association (AJKA)

Member, United States Karate Alliance (USKA)

Member, United States National Taewkwondo Federation (USNTF)

Member, Amateur Martial Associations (AMA)

Representative for Hellas, International Sung Ja Do Association (ISA) & Hellas Director, Hellas Sungja-Do Association (HSA)

Representative for Hellas, International Taekwon-Do and Budosports

Federations (ITBF)

Ambassador for Hellas,  Martial Arts Association - International (MAA-I)



Ex-Champion in National All-Styles Karate Championships

Ex-Member in National Karate Team

Nominated Professor in Martial Arts

Gold Metal in Karate Games

Self-Defense Tactics Instructor

Protection & Security Consultant

Nominated Grand Master in SeiTo Ryu Karate

Certificated Karate Trainer

Certificated Master Instructor

Inductee in United Sokeship Alliance Millenium Hall of Fame

Inductee in United States Martial Arts Association 2001 Hall of Fame

Chairman of United States Martial Arts Association 2001/2002 Hall of Fame for Hellas

Professor Karalis is the Author of Personal Self-Defense Manual

He is National Director for the Hellas SungJa Do Association (HAS) and Founder for the United Martial Arts Alliance (UMAA)

Professor Karalis is one of the USMA International Leaders in Martial Arts


Esmaiel Karimi

1 . Beginning martial arts in1984 with Teakwon do and wushu.

.2  Founder and president of International bodyguard Combat Kong Fu organization (I.B.C.K.A) in 2005.

 .3 Founder and president of International Part bodyguard institute.(I.P.B.I)

7  .4th Dan of bodyguard Combat Kong Fu.

5.  6th Dan of combat martial arts& self Defense.

5   .6th of combat ryu jujutso.

3  . 7th ِDan of wushu.

3  . 8th Dan of hapkido.

3  . 9th Dan of pankration.

.10 Champion of I .R .Iran national martial arts championship (several Times.(

.11 Champion of Greece international 2002 martial arts championship.

 .12Champion of Denmark 2003 martial arts and Self Defense championship.

 .13International Referee of pankration.

.14 National Referee of Wushu ,Kong fu, kick boxing , Hapkido and Hanmu do.

 .15National instructor of Wushu, Kong fu, kick boxing , Hapkido, Jujitsu and Hanmu do

.16 International instructor of combat martial arts& self Defense.

.17 Head instructor of International bodyguard Combat Kong Fu Organization.

18. Head Examiner of International bodyguard Combat Kong Fu Organization.


Aurangzaib Khan


1st Degree Black Sash Wushu

1st Degree Black Belt Kickboxing

1st Dan Black Belt Shotokan Karate



WKN Pakistan Team Member

Light Welterweight Champion All Pakistan Interdivisonal Boxing Championships

Chief Instructor Rawalpindi District Wushu team

Chief instructor Rawalpindi District Boxing & Kickboxing Team

Coach for Fighting Society of Rawalpindi and Eagles Boxers Academy

Also studies: Kickboxing, Karate, Boxing & Mixed Martial Arts


Personal Information:

Sifu Khan have one decade experience in verity of diciplinse, kickboxing sansou, karate,wushu kungfu , Amateur boxing and mixed martial arts and widely respected and twin city acclaimed in the martial arts society and community.

He is one of the most highly decorated martial arts experts in the Rawalpindi district of Pakistan.


Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khan

• Education:


• Master’s of commerce (General Management)

National University Bangladesh


• Master’s of business administration (MBA)

Bangladesh Islami University,


• Certified Professional Forensic Accountant (CPFA)

The Institute of Financial Consultants (IFC) USA,


• Certified Financial Consultant (CFC)

Certified Professional Forensic Accountant (CFA)


• Certified Professional Internal Auditor (CPIA)

Certified Professional Forensic Accountant (CFA)


• Received PhD in PhD in Criminal psychology & Forensic Investigation

California south university


• Professional courses


• Financial literacy & managing your money

• Project management (P.M)

• Managing Supplier Performance (Introduction Part of SPSM)

• Financial literacy (Up to Level 5)


• Review of Additional Educations: 


I think now business is so difficult as a result I attempted to gain knowledge of others elements that I could afford me with the knowledge to be appropriate my profession, customer’s services & business and analytical skills to different business scenarios in this logic. I believe confidently a client relationship, things are always different. I have a responsibility to make your opinion heard, but I also have the responsibility to make a judgment describe about whether or not that opinion should one way or another modify the work being done. In the point of view I have completed sufficient important Diploma courses successfully below Financial Accounting, Auditing, Financial & Economic, Business & Enterprise, English language, Business & enterprise, Digital literacy and Management Accounting, I am sure below awareness will be helpful for any business organizations,


Diploma courses


• Diploma in Statistics

• Diploma in Web Design

• Diploma in Psychology (Certified)

• Diploma in Mathematics (Certified)

• Diploma in Legal Studies (Certified)

• Diploma in Health Studies

• Diploma in Programming C (Certified)

• Diploma in Customer Service (Certified)

• Diploma in Educational Psychology (Certified)

• Diploma in Human Resources

• Diploma in Customer Service (Certified)

• Diploma in Project Management

• Diploma in Social Media Marketing

• Diploma in EU Public Procurement

• Diploma in English Language and Literature

• Diploma in Manufacturing and Product Design (Certified)

• Diploma in Operations Management (Certified)

• Diploma in Sustainable Development

• Diploma in Business and Legal Studies (Certified)

• Diploma in Outdoor and Physical Education Studies

• Diploma in Web Business Development and Marketing

• Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship (Certified)

• Diploma in Human Anatomy and Physiology (Certified)

            • Diploma in Food Safety

            • Diploma in Teaching Skills for Educators

• Diploma in Accounting - Core Practices and Theory (Certified)

• Diploma in Basic English Grammar (Certified)

• Diploma in Business Process Management

• Diploma in Food Safety

• Diploma in Environmental Science



Financial Management certification & Training Courses:


• Strategic Planning

• Managing Cash Flow

• The Balanced Scorecard

• Capital Budgeting Analysis

• The Management of Capital

• Evaluating Financial Performance

• Financial Planning & Forecasting

• Mergers and Acquisitions (Part 1)

• Mergers and Acquisitions (Part 2)

• Creating Value in the Nonprofits & NGO’s

• Creating Value through Financial Management

• Competitive Intelligence (Part 1 Introductory)



• Proof of Additional Proficiency:


I don’t just learn a business, I learn the business world, during this reason I have accomplished satisfactory of training & certification edification. I believe that my studies have brought me confidence and maturity, preparing myself to get the local & International consulting opportunities. Certified financial Consultant (CFC®) is specifically designed to meet the demands of modern accounting professionals. This program combine into its organization of knowledge areas - like •Financial & economic •Management, •Information technology, •Code of ethics, •Business & enterprise •English language and •Personal Development & soft skills, along with the core areas like •auditing, •Taxation •Business law and •Health, Safety & compliance. That provides me with a sense of pride & category, and gives identification to be a very tough contestant “professional” in the modern big business arena.



Financial & economic literacy skills


• Financial Maths

• Financial Funds

• Financial Literacy

• Accounting Theory

• Modern Economics

• Currency Exchange

• Fiscal and Monetary Policies

• Aggregate Supply and demand

• Monopolies in Market Economics

• Introduction to Stocks and Short Selling      

• Introduction to Investment and Taxation

• Understanding the American Financial Credit Crisis

• Understanding Adjustments for Financial Reporting

• How to get Angel Investors Supporting Your Business

• Government Economic Policy

• Fundraising for the Non-Profit

• Trading in a Futures Market

• Inflation in Modern Economies

• Fundamentals of Economics

• Fundamentals of Accounting

• Succeeding as a Venture Capitalist

• Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

• Understanding Monopolies in a market Economy

• Introduction to Arbitraging in Finance

• Introduction to Managing Your Personal Finance Debts

• Laws of Supply and Demand

• Introduction to Gross Domestic Product in Economics

• Understanding Present Value

• Introduction to Venture Capital

• Introduction to Fractional Reserve Banking

• Understanding the Greek Financial Debt Crisis

• Introduction to Simple and Compound Interest

• Recording Business Transactions in Accounting,

            • Completing the Accounting Cycle

            • Introduction to Life Insurance and Retirement Savings

• Introduction to Personal and Corporate Taxes

Business & enterprise skills


• Fundamentals of Corporate Management

• Fundamentals of Operations Management

• Fundamentals of Human Resources

• Fundamentals of Project Management

• Entrepreneurship - Creating the Business

• Customer Service Training

• Leadership Skills in Business

• Growth Strategies for Business

• Preparing to Manage - Skills and Practices

• Key Elements of Entrepreneurial Success

• Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur

• Marketing Success for Your Business

• Creating Business Start-Ups the Kawasaki Way

• What Great Leaders Do

• Rethinking the Product Development Process

• Creating an Entrepreneur's Checklist for Success

• How to Negotiate the Price When Buying a House

• Discovering and Meeting Market Needs

• Introduction to Banking

• Product Design

• Creating Meaning for Employees

• Introduction to Manufacturing Processes

• Developing a Business Model for a Digital Media Company

• Developing a Global Online Enterprise

• Three Facets of Business - The Endeavor Way

• Staying Close to the Customer

• Why Risk is Necessary for Business Growth

• Introducing the Art of Negotiation

• Introduction to Instructional Systems Design

• Understanding the Success of Silicon Valley

• Introduction to Balance Sheets

• Creating a Need for Your Product

• Transferring Big Company Culture to Startups

• Introducing the Five Archetypes of Organizational Culture

• Why Entrepreneurs Should Think Big

• Fundamentals of Incoterms

• Introduction to Valuation and Investing

• Marketing Success for Your Business:

• Developing a Business Model for a Digital Media Company:

• Staying Close to the Customer:

• Introduction to Cash Accounting

• Knowing the Difference between an Idea and an Opportunity

• How Commercial Banking Helps Technology Companies:

• Understanding Your Customers to Drive Sales

• Fundamentals of Marketing Your Business Online:

• Developing Business Ideas the Google Way

• Introduction to Marketing

            • Documenting Business Processes and Information Systems

            • Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Systems

• Understanding Your Audience: Market Segmentation


Digital literacy & it skills

• Systems Engineering

• Web Page Development

• Web Applications for Language teaching 

• Design - Applying Design Principles

• Microsoft Digital Literacy - Productivity Programs

• Microsoft Digital Literacy - IT Basics, Internet & Productivity Programs

• How the Internet Works

• Fundamentals of Human-Computer Information Retrieval

• Fundamentals of Perl Programming

• Protect yourself from Identity Theft

• Microsoft Digital Literacy- Computer Security and Privacy

• Microsoft Digital Literacy- The Internet and the World Wide Web

• Fundamentals of Network Security

• Digital Communication Networks

• Understanding the Computer Game Development Business

• Introduction to Instructional Systems Design

• Introduction to Computer Science:

• Introduction to Information technology

• Programming in C - Understanding Statements and Logic

• Programming in C - Fundamentals of Numbers, Variables and Arrays

• Programming in C - Using Pointers, Constants and Strings in C

• Introduction to Programming in C

• Improving Oral Skills of Students using Voxopop

            • Using Lyrics Training for Language Learning

• Introduction to Moodle Administration

• Developing Critical Skills Needed by Entrepreneurs

            • Introduction to Information Systems

            • Understanding Systems Analysis

            • Fundamentals of Systems Design and Implementation

            • Understanding Cryptography and Its Role in Digital Communications

            • E-Commerce Web Strategy

            • Understanding Information Theory


 English language skills


• English Literature Analysis

• Speaking and Writing English Effectively

• Fundamentals of English Grammar

• English Writing Skills

• Learning English

• Introduction to Conversational English

• Introduction to English Grammar - Vocabulary, Pronunciation and Listening

• Introduction to English Grammar - Tenses and Sentence Structure

Practising English Language Grammar Skills

• Social English Language Skills:

• Introduction to Business and Travel English Language Skills

• Web Applications for Learning English

• English Vocabulary and Pronunciation

• British Council online English Suite-FCE Exam Skills

• British council online English suite-upper-intermediate level -2

• British council online English suite-upper-intermediate level -1

• British council online English suite-intermediate level -01

• British council online English suite-intermediate level -02

• British Council online English Suite-Pre-Intermediate 01

• British Council online English Suite-Pre-Intermediate 02

            • Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language

            • Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers




 Psychological & diagnostic skills


• Research Methods in Psychology

• Memory and Cognition in Psychology

• Biology and Behaviour in Psychology

• Alcohol and Its Effects on Health:

• Understanding Mental Health and Illness

• The Human Nervous System

• Introduction to the Human Muscular System

• Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Anatomy - Head and Neck

• Behavior-Based-Safety Auditor

• Alcohol and Its Effects on Health

• Drug-Free Workplace Auditor

•Understanding Dyslexia

• Practicing Sustainable Development

• Introduction to the Human Respiratory System

• Managing Health and Safety in Healthcare - Psychosocial Hazards

• Mental Health Studies - Understanding Behaviour, Burnout and Depression,

• Introduction to the Human Respiratory System

• Introduction to the Human Reproductive System,

            • Motivating Students to Learn

            • Introduction to the Human Muscular System

            • Mental Health Studies - Suicide, Violent Behavior and Substance Abuse


Health, Safety & compliance skills


• Outdoor Education - Outdoor Recreation and Land Management

• Preparing to Manage - Skills and Practices

• Human Health - Health and Human Development

• Managing Safety and Health in Schools (International)

• Human Health - Diet and Nutrition

• HIV/AIDS - Awareness & Prevention

            • Introduction to Immunology

Arithmetic skills


• Statistics, Correlation and Regression in Mathematics

• Differentiation and Functions in Mathematics

• Mathematics Upper-Secondary 4 - Distributions and Integration

• Advanced Algebraic Concepts and Applications in Mathematics

Maths – Leaving Cert Probability and Statistics Higher Level,

Maths – Leaving Cert Probability and Statistics Ordinary Level

• Probability and Chance in Mathematics

• Algebra - Functions, Expressions and Equations

• Fractions in Mathematics

• Geometry in Mathematics

• Geometry - Angles, Shapes and Area

• Algebra in Mathematics

• Advanced Mathematics 1

• Advanced Mathematics 2

• SAT Math Exam

• ACT Math Exam


Bylaw & Personal Development Skills


• Legal Studies – Bylaw and the Judicial System

• Legal Studies - The Adversary Trial System

• Design - Applying Design Principles

• Basic Study Skills - A Short Guide

• Outdoor Education - Outdoor Recreation and Land Management

            • Construction Safety - The Safety Management Pack

            • Smarter Learning - Improve Your Study Skills and Practices

• Achieving Personal Success

• How to Plan Your Career Path

• Smarter Learning - Improve Your Study Skills and Practices

• Introduction to Contracts in Law

• Law of Agency: Principal-Agency Relationships in Business

• Fundamentals of Business Law

• Introduction to Employee Investigation in the UK

• Introduction to Growing Organic Food Sustainably

• How to Plan Your Career Path


Frequent Science Skills


• Physics - Gravity

• Physics - Motion, Speed and Time

• Physics - Kinematics through Practical Examples

• Physics - Normal and Contact Forces

• Biology - Heredity

• Biology - Evolution, Natural Selection and DNA

• Fundamentals of General Science

• Renewable Energy Sources



Practical & training certifications courses


• Setting prices

• Benets vs. features

• Inventory management

• Unique value proposition

• Finding funding

• Sales forecasting

• Your target audience

• Presenting data

• Selling online

• Managing contacts

• Business email

• Effective business websites


Honors and Awards


• Introduction to ISO 9001:2008

• Introduction to Six sigma

• Internal auditor course

• The Quality Guru

• Introduction to total Quality Management


• Professional Membership:


• Associate Member – Institute of Management Consultants Bangladesh (IMCB)

• Member- Association of Proposal Management Professionals® (APMP®)

• Member – The Next level Purchasing Association.

• Member- The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

• International member of "Amnesty international

• Individual Member -Institute of mathematical Statistics (MIS)

• Member - International Society of Infectious Diseases (ISID)

• Member - The Professional Risk manager’s international Association (PRMIA)

• Affiliate Member- Global Association of Risk Professional (GARP)

• Member - The International Association of Risk and Compliance Professionals (IARCP)

• Lifetime Member - Dragon fire martial arts association “International” (DFMAA)

• Individual Member: License Logic LLC

• Associate Membership - The American Psychological Association (APA)

• Member - The Global Community of Information Professionals

• Member-The National association of personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA)




Shahbaz Ali Khan
Founder And President of Pakistan Martial Arts Federation, World Wide Martial Arts Federation, World Wudo Federation, World Black Belts Federation,

Master Shahbaz Ali Khan Starting Martial Arts Training In 1988 In Gujrat ,Pakistan .

He Also Get Training From Malaysia And China. Also Visit Thai Land,Singapur & Saouth Africa. He Is An Official Instructor Of Gujrat Police Commondos Force .He  Is Founder Of Wudo (The Way Of Combat) Martial Arts System.
Orgnaizational Affiliations:
World United Martial Arts Federation (England), World Board Of Black Belts (England), World Full Contect Karate Federation (Norway), World Black Belts Union (Pakistan), Martial Arts Association International (Germany), All Styles Dragon Dojos International (Germany), International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association (Latvia), Unified Martial Arts Association International (U.S.A), International Martial Arts Association (Iran), Karate International Council Of Kickboxing (Iran), Indo Ryu Karate International (India), United Martial Arts Allince (Greece), National Dragon Council Of Martial Arts (USA) , Internati! onal Allince Of Martial Arts Schools (U.K) , International Combat Aikido & Jujitsu Federation (Puerto Rico ).

Tours & Travels
Singa Pore, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa ,China


About Shahbaz Ali Khan
· Personal Name : Shahbaz Ali Khan
· Father's Name : M. Riaz Khan
· Mother's Name : Rehana
· Previously Known As :Young Master Khan
· Nickname : Billu
· Languages : Urdu, Punjabi, English, Malay
Professional Achievements
· Occupation : Instructor, Actor, Model
· Martial Arts : Tai Chi , Kung-fu, Wu-Shu,Kick Boxing, Karate , TaeKwon Do , Yoga ,Boxing,Ninja,Nagashimatsu-te Aikibudo and improvised KickFighting
10th Dan Black Belt (Wu-Do) Pakistani Martial Arts
5th Degree Black Sash ( Wushu & Kung-Fu ) Chinese Martial Arts
5th Dan Black Belt ( Kick Boxing )
4th Dan Black Belt ( Karate )
4th Degree Black Belt ( Tae Kwon Do ) Korean Martial Arts
4th Dan Black Belt ( Kido ) Korean Martial Arts
3rd Dan Black Belt Nagashimatsu-te AikiBudo
International Kick Boxer & Kickfighter
Certified Master Of Ninjutsu (Ninja)
Certified Master Of Jeet Kune Do
World Master of the Martial Arts Certified of WUMA England
Certified Instructor Gujrat Police Commandos
Certified Instructor & Teacher
( PWUF, Pakistan ) , ( WUMA, England )
Certified Instructor & Teacher ( Wushu ) ,( Tae Kwon Do)
Certified Teacher for Schools & Colleges
( PWUF, Pakistan )
Certified National Referee & Judge
( PWUF, Pakistan )
Certified Shaan -Xi Wushu Association
( Xi - An, China )
International Martial Arts Pasport Holder
Chief Coach : Dragon Martial Arts Academy of Pakistan
Founder : Wudo And Tai Gong Yoga
Founder : World Wudo Federation(WWF)
Founder : Pakistan Martial Arts Federation(PMAF)
Founder: World Wide Martial Arts Federation(WMAF)
Founder :World KickFighting Association(WKA)
Founder :World Black Belts Federation (WBF)
Founder :World All Kickboxing Orgnaization(WAKO)
Founder : Pakistan Yoga Federation (PYF)
Founder :Pakistan KungFu Federation(PKF)
Founder : Gujrat District Wushu Association, Gujrat
Founder : Hafiz Abad District Wushu Association, Hafiz Abad
Organizer : Different all Lavels Wushu , Kung-fu, Karate, Kick Boxing,
Boxing , Tae Kwon Do, Ninja ,Yoga Championsships & Training Camps.
Publisher & Editor : Quarterly "Shahbaz Fighter" Magazine
Kung-Fu, Wushu, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Yoga, Kick Boxing, Tai Chi, Nagashimatso-te Aikido
Ninja Boxing , Kick Fighting, Weapons i.e, Sword, Stick, Spear, Nan-Chaku etc...
Titles & Awards
First Wushu Master of Gujrat
First Yoga Master Of Pakistan
Founder Wudo Martial Arts System
Founder Tai Gong Yoga System
National Wushu Champion 1993
National Kick Boxing Champion 1990-91
Training Pakistani, Korean, Chinese, Malaysian,Amrican ,
Germans & British Masters of Different Martial Arts


Jagdish Singh Khatri

Present Rank:  Ju-Dan/ 10th Dan Black Belt.

Style: Founder Of “Budo-Ninjustu”(Survival Technique) Means The Way To Survive By Using Technique & Goju “Singh-Kai” Karate.

Dojo Founder/President World International Combat Martial Arts Scoeity®.

Head Founder of Nepal Khukuri Martial Arts [India &Nepal]

Position: Grandmaster (Soke)

Titles: Inter College “Gold Medal” In Judo & Wrestling Year _1983/84.

Instructor of The Year _1996. (Honour Award)

Shihan  Year 2002 and Soke  Year 2008.

Experience: 30 Years of Teaching Martial Arts in India & Nepal,

Knowledge: Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Kick-Boxing, Aikido, Kendo, Shorinji-Kempo. 


Alireza Fadaie Khoi

"Alireza Fadaie Khoi is an ambitious young man who wishes to be a new shining star respected throughout the world in all fields of martial arts.Knowing him and having worked with him I am confident he will achieve this and wish him every success." Legendary Joe Lewis, Greatest Karate fighter of All time.

-The first Iranian inductee to The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and World Karate Union Hall of Fame (2003)
-The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Vice chairman
-Renshi 4th Dan in Karate, Certified by Hanshi Montezuma C.Cantu
-4th Dan Double Full Contact Karate,Head of Technical Committee,International Team Coach

-Senior Kickboxing Instructor recognized by many respected associations
-3rd Dan American Karate, Instructor, Examiner, certified by Master Lawrence Valadez
-3rd Dan Pyon Moo Sul instructor, Examiner certified by Master Jurgen Rasmussen
-3rd Dan Full Contact Karate, certified by Grandmaster Bernd Hohle
-3rd Dan Kickboxing, Certified by Master Fereidoun Maleki
-2nd Dan Free Style Karate, Certified by Master Cris Janson-Piers
-Shodan Kyokushin Karate, certified by Shihan Ramin Barazandeh 
-Instructor, 1st dan Balckbelt in Street Combat Karate, certified by Grandmaster Frank M.Schneider
-International Technical Advisor, Board member and Proud Life time member to many respected associations worldwide
 -Contributing Editor, Author and Translator of the best sports magazines of Iran now working with "Razm Avar" the leader martial arts magazine in Middleeast, worked on numerous articles
-Interviewed the greatest men in martial arts exclusively for the first time for a middleeastern publication: Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace, Thom Harinck, Peter Aerts, Dan Severn, Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, Grandmaster Hee Il Cho, Grandmaster Dr.Jerry Beasley, Lance Gibson, Tom Button, Geoff Thompson
-Interviewed for Iranian national TV regarding his activities in martial arts
-The first iranian to write an article for british martial arts magazine,writing for Bogatyr the Quarter magazine of russian martial arts
-Started Karate in 1983 at age 6,learning the principles of Karate in Shotokan and Shito Ryu
-Years of study and research in weight training,nutrition,martial arts styles, psychology and conditioning
-Founder of International Martial Arts Services Company
-Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from one of the best universities of Iran, Member of American Society of Civil Engineers
-Certified swimming instructor and Life Guard


Edward Kinner

Edward Kinner Began learning White Dragon Karate at the age of 4, from Sensai Don Williams! Until Ed's Parents met Mr Randall Steinbeck, an instructor in Wing Chun from the Ip Man/Sam Kwok Lineage! So at the age of 6, Ed started formal training with Master Steinbeck! where over the next 11 years Ed's knowledge and love for the art came to be! After receiving Yellow sash in Wing Chun, Ed decided to learn more and different styles of martial arts! Over the next 25 years Ed received Dan certification (Black Belt) or instructor certification in 7 other Martial arts! His love and dedication f or the Arts is still strong to this day! Mr Kinner Holds Classes 4 times a week! His love for Martial Arts has carried on to his two oldest children! With his Daughter Tiara currently Holding a Yellow belt in Kenpo Karate and His Son Brandon hold a Orange belt in American Cage Combat! this is also a graded form!! Martial Art Developed by GM Ed Kinner called American Cage Combat. It is a combination of Items from each art Mr, Kinner has studied over 30 years, which are very effective in a MMA style competition.


Some GM Edward Kinner credentials and awards

International Combat Taekwondo Union ICMAUA Lifetime Member.

1st Dan TKD, Instructor, Examiner.

International Combat Kenpo Karate Union ICMAUA Lifetime Member.

2nd Dan Kenpo Karate, Instructor, Examiner.

International Combat Wing Chun Union ICMAUA Lifetime Member.

4th Dan Wing Chun, Instructor, Examiner.

International Combat Krav Maga Union ICMAUA Lifetime Member.

4th dan Krav Maga, Instructor, Examiner.

International Combat Jeet Kune Do Union ICMAUA Lifetime Member.

Jeet Kune Do, instructor

International Combat Martial Arts Founders Union ICMAUA Lifetime Member.

American Cage Combat System, Founder, Head Master, Head Instructor, Head Examiner

WIMAAO Director Eastern United States

WIMAAO United States Director

WIMAAO certified Official/Ref

WIMAAO certified Judge

IASBF Representative United States

IASBF Member Founders Council

IASBF Examiner - Wing Chun

IASBF Examiner - Kenpo Karate

IASBF Style Founder Recognition Award - Simplified American Cage Combat -Grand Master

Lifetime Member ICMAUA

ICMAUA representative United States


1988-1989 White Dragon Karate Academy under 13 champion (Albany NY)

1990,91,92 United States Kenpo Karate Academy Grand Champion under 16(albany Ny)

2002 All Metro Jeet Kune Do champ (NY/NJ)

2003 Tri-State Wing chun division Champion (NY/PA/NJ)

2007 1st place New Jersey Karate Expo

2008 took 2nd place at the IKMA tournament (Krav Maga)

2009,2010,and 2011 Eastern NYS Wing Chun Champion 1st place 3 years in a row

2011 Pennsylvania State full Contact Karate tournament Placed 1st place



Jonathan E. Kiser

Founder of Integrated Combative Concepts, Chief Instructor / Sijo
Founder of Kiser Wing Chun System, Chief Instructor / Sijo
Founder of Tzu Jan Gung Fu, Chief Instructor / Sijo
Founder of Personal Defense Solutions, Chief Instructor

Sijo Jonathan E. Kiser, was born in Lubbock, Texas in 1966.  He attended public school in Texas and graduated in Waco, Texas in 1985.  He attended three colleges (McClennan Community College-Waco, Central Texas College-US ARMY correspondance, Miller-Motte Business University).

He began martial arts at the age of 9 under Sifu Thomas Senora, Ho Kuen Ng's only American disciple in Ho Family System Wing Chun.  He remained in study with Sifu Senora to the age of 14 until his Sifu moved to Florida.  Afterwards, Jonathan took up study in USA GOJU with Sensei David Swinson receiving his Shodan level.  He also studied under Shodai George Brock-Martial Arts Founder of Bei-Koku Aibu-Jitsu Ryu-in Wu-Wei Gung Fu (Joe Cowles), Aibu-Jitsu Ryu Jujitsu, Kali-Silat, and Goju Ryu Karate Do receiving his Sifu and Sensei levels.  These studies took place from 1979 to 1987 in Waco, Texas.  He later moved to N. Miami, Ok.  and shared a school with Sa Bum Nim Jeffrey A. Paine (International TaeKwonDo Federation) and began to teach his own blend of martial arts called Kiser Wing Chun System. 

In 1989, Jonathan joined the US ARMY and traveled world-wide studying different systems and sharing insights with other martial artists.  He became a field artillery crew member and then became a special weapons expert (nuclear duty) serving in Turkey as a Senior Custodial Agent and was in charge of security for two years.  Meanwhile he researched, trained, sparred (some real fights, too), and studied martial arts from many different insights, especially Jeet Kune Do Concepts.  He taught extensively at 101st Airborne, 2/320th FA, including many special operations personnel.  In 1992, he began teaching at the Clarksville Martial Arts Academy (Clarksville, Tn) teaching greats such as George Taite and Donald King and launched a combat/reality-based martial arts approach resulting in the Tzu Jan (In and of itself so) Gung Fu system based upon the science of the brain, psychology of the mind, physics and biomechanics of the body, and real confro! ntation; the body's natural reflexes and instinctual defense amplified through proven training methods.  In 1994 he returned back to Texas under Shodai George Brock and began to teach his ideas about combat-reality.  In the same year he opened THE MARTIAL ARTS CENTER and shared the school with other martial artists.  During this time he became under the tutelage of Guro Panong Randy DeLeon in Kali-Silat-Jun Fan Arts Club.  He also trained greats such as Johnny Gallardo, Jon Fry, Laura Fry, and Victor Hallock.  Even for a short time he served as an educational teacher for grades 6-8 at the Hewitt Methodist Montessori School. 

In 1996, he moved to Amarillo, Tx and took up teaching three highly accomplished martial artists-Will Blanscet, Mike Parmley, and Charles Stotts.  After much research and development they all developed the basis for INTEGRATED COMBATIVE CONCEPTS(ICC)and opened a school, The Wing Chun Science Center and ICC Headquarters.  Jonathan E. Kiser became the recognised Head Founder of ICC and established Will, Mike, and Charles as Si-Bai (inner-door students) and Co-Founders.  These men are the top students of Sijo Kiser and all are the uptmost authorities in ICC.  They have hosted seminars publically teaching their theories and training methods.  With the enthusiam of many great students, fighters(Phillip Reese, Cory Love), the ICC system has held its place as a highly effective fighting system.  Also, in 1999 he founded the Kiser Wing Chun Alliance ( a non-political organization dedicated to uniting wing chun enthusiast).

In 2001, Sijo moved to Dallas/Ft Worth Area and began to showcase his system to various martial artists.  He has shared a teaching spot at Stroud's Fitness in Bedord with Karate great Pat Burleson, Jeet Kune Do expert Mitch Maynard, and Jujitsu expert David Ernest.  In 2003, Sijo Kiser also accepted Bryan Beach(student of Will Blanscet for six years) as a Si-Bai and promoted him as Southwestern United States Regional Director of Integrated Combative Concepts.  Due to his dedication Sijo promoted him as additional Co-Founder of ICC. 

To this day Sijo Kiser and the staff continue to teach and develop the system. In 2004, Sijo Kiser began working on THE CAT MAGAZINE (Concepts, Attributes, and Training for Reality-based Martial Artists), several books on ICC, and an impending 40-tape instructional video series. 



Gregory M. Kremer

Rev.Dr. Gregory M. Kremer PhD is a Metaphysician, Parapsychologist, and Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner, and the Director/Owner/Pastor of Kremer Holistics- Human Potentials Research. He is an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Ordained Deliverance Minister and Grandmaster of the Order of the Auric Palm Healing & Deliverance Ministries. He is a Registered Qigong Practitioner, Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor,  Traditional Reiki Master, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Acupresserist and Reflexologist. He is also a Paranormal Investigator engaging in both scientific study and Deliverance Ministry as needed. In addition, since 1986 he has studied a number of martial arts systems including Goshin Jutsu & Aikijutsu with masters Matt Durant & Larry Roiz, Taekwondo with master Mikki Bort, and Escape Artistry with master magician/escape artist Mark Kremer. As a result of holistic studies and martial arts studies, Dr. Kremer synthesized the internal martial art and self defense/protection system Auric Palm Chi Do.








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