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Zarko Jankovic

Zarko Jankovic was born 12.06.1983 in Beran-Montenegro

I practice martial arts thirteen

I am a master of martial veština. karate. jiu jicu, self-defense, kung fu, sambo, budo martial arts.


These are some of my results the last ten years


Cup-Montenegro-Podgorica, Montenegro 2003-third-jiu jicu

Cup-Serbia and Montenegro-Serbian-Sremska Mitrovica 2003-second-jiu jicu

-6 International karate tournament to Belgrade Serbian-2003-third-karate

Karate Cup-Serbia and Montenegro-Serbian Subotica-2003-first-place karate


World-martial-arts festival Podgorica, Montenegro 2004-first place-jiu jicu

Budo-championship-Montenegro Podgorica, Montenegro 2004-first place judo, jiu jicu, selfdefens

Karate-Cup-South-East Europe Belgrade Serbian-2004-third-karate

-Martial Arts Championships Serbia and Montenegro-Serbian NOVI SAD-2004-first place

Karate-world-cup-martial arts bratunac Serbian republic-2004-first place


-Martial Arts Championships Serbia and Montenegro-Serbian NOVI SAD-2005-second

Decision-Budo Association of Montenegro declared the best athlete I have for 2005

Selfdefens championship-Montenegro-Podgorica, Montenegro 2005-first place

Selfdefens-world-championship for seniors Budva-Montenegro-third

-International Cup Olympic martial arts-Podgorica, Montenegro 2005-first place

-World Cup Martial Arts Karate-Subotica-Serbia 2005-second


-Traditional Karate Tournament-king-2006-Serbian first place

-International Championship selfdefens-Podgorica, Montenegro 2006-first place

-International Judo Tournament-Podgorica, Montenegro-2006-third place

-3 Rd World Martial Arts Festival Budva-Montenegro-2006-selfdefens first place and second place sambo

-International Karate Cup-Subotica-Serbia-2006-first place

-World Cup Karate Martial Arts Timisoara-Romania-2006-first place


Self-defense championship-Montenegro-Podgorica, Montenegro-2007-first place

-Decision of Berane declared the best athlete for 2007

Higher-martial-arts-Montenegro berane 2007-first sambo

-Budo Cup Montenegro Podgorica, Montenegro-first place

Traditional karate tournament-king-2007-Serbian first place


Higher-martial-arts-Montenegro berane 2008-first place self-defense

Traditional karate tournament-king-2008-Serbian first place

Internačinalni-karate martial arts tournament-Subotica-Serbia 2008-first place

Budo-championship-Montenegro Podgorica, Montenegro 2008-first place

World-martial-arts festival Budva-Montenegro-2008-first place sambo


-Traditional Karate martial arts lajkovac-Cup-2009-Serbian first place

Self-defense championship-Montenegro-Podgorica, Montenegro 2009-first place

-Budo Martial Arts Championship of Montenegro Podgorica Montenegro-2009-first place

Selfdefens Cup-Montenegro Podgorica Montenegro 2009 first place

-Kung Fu Championships of Montenegro, Podgorica Montenegro 2009 first place


Traditional karate tournament-king-2010-Serbian first place

Single-kung fu championship Montenegro Podgorica Montenegro 2010-first place

Kung fu-team championship Montenegro Podgorica Montenegro 2010-first place

- 45 European Championship traditional martial arts karate Subotica Serbia 2010 first place

-35 European karate martial arts Serbian Backa Topola Cup 2010-first place


-14 Inter national karate martial arts Cup Kragujevac Serbia 2011-first place

-47 Traditional European championship karate martial arts Subotica Serbia 2011 first place

-15 International karate martial arts pale Serbian Cup 2011 first place individual and team first place

Sambo Cup-Montenegro Montenegro berane 2011 first place

-Sambo Championship of Montenegro Podgorica Montenegro 2011 first place


-5 Rally international martial arts king 2012-Serbian self-defense first place and first place sambo

-Sambo Championship of Montenegro Podgorica Montenegro first place

-Open Sambo Championship Bad Kissingen Bavaria Germany 2012-first place Combat sambo

-professional Balkan champion in the discipline of martial arts and combat that I championship belt holder pro champion Balkana

-I won the title on July 20 of 2012 in the state of Montenegro berane.



Mohamed Shareef Jantjies

S.S.A.U.C Atemi Ju-Jitsu

1st Degree Black Belt Sensei

Founder and Chief Instructor of the Southern Suburbs Academy of Unarmed Combat. Co-Founder and affiliated member of the Western Cape Community Sport Association.

He was born on 18th November 1982 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

In 1993, at age 11, he started training with a family friend, Martin C. Bosman, who was a student at the International South African Institute of Unarmed Combat (I.S.A.I.U.C.), under Shihan Thaya Moodaley. Early in 1999, Mohamed left his trainer and joined the I.S.A.I.U.C.

Late in 2004 he had to leave the I.S.A.I.U.C. for recruitment training with the South African Police Service. In May 2008 he was transferred to Cape Town by the S.A.P.S. With the I.S.A.I.U.C only located in Port Elizabeth, and Mohamed now living in Cape Town, he started visiting other dojos and learning their styles.

Early in November 2018, he founded the Southern Suburbs Academy of Unarmed Combat (S.S.A.U.C.), where he started teaching a revised system of Atemi Ju-Jitsu of which he developed over the years.

Late in November 2018, he Co-Founded the Western Cape Community Sport Association (W.C.C.S.A.), South Africa.

In addition, conferred upon him was the rank of Black Belt by the Extreme Kenpo Karate Association, Western Cape. He was also awarded a 1st Degree Black Belt by the Golden Dragon Ninjutsu Ryu, Western Cape.

Sensei Mohamed Shareef has studied numerous martial arts systems for over 25 years and has incorporated elements of those styles into Atemi Ju-Jitsu and further developed it to S.S.A.U.C. Atemi Ju-Jitsu.

Atemi Ju-Jitsu is the original Mixed Martial Art system and is constantly evolving along with the world and society as we know it.

It is applicable in any situation, be it armed or unarmed combat, long range defence, close quarter or grappling.



Dean Jones

Some of Master Jones’ accomplishments are:

*W.I.F. International Certified Master Instructor.

*Inducted into W.I.F.(USA) International Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

*1988 and 1999 Canadian National Team Member.

*Can-Am Games Champion (full contact)

*Yeungs’ Taekwondo Champion (full contact)

*Western Canadian Champion (full contact)

*Rochester Taekwondo Champion (full contact)

*Saskatoon Taekwondo Champion (full contact)

*Canadian Classic Martial Arts Champion (full contact)

*Battle of Champion Taekwondo Champion (full contact)

*Edmonton College Taekwondo Champion (full contact)

*Kangs’ Taekwondo Champion (full contact)

*2002 Manitoba North America Indigenous Games Taekwondo Coach.

*W.I.F.(USA) Instructor course Honor Graduate.

*CPR and First Aid Certified.

*Level 2 NCCP Coach.

*5th Dan Kukkiwon.

*W.I.F. (USA) Dan # CAN/100601/04D

* 4th Dan Black Belt Taekwondo

*Black belt since 1986

*8th Dan Tae-Jitsu Founder, Soke, Head Instructor, Head Examiner. (ICMAUA)

*20 years martial arts experience

*W.I.F.(USA) representative for Manitoba, Canada.

*Member of W.I.F.

*Member of WCMAA.

*Member of J.B.B.C.

*Member of I.C.M.A.U.A.

*Member of International Combat Tae-Jitsu Masters Union

*Dumisani Youth Group Instructor.

*Founder of Jones Martial Arts.

*Founding member of FNCMAC.

*Completed. Karate College Classes.

*Member of W.I.F. Masters Technical Advisory Councils.

*Member of J.B.B.C. Masters Technical Advisory Councils.

*Assistant Instructor at Double Dragon Kick Boxing.

Training internationally Master Jones has experienced training under world famous Instructors and has provided instruction for hundreds of martial arts students. Some of Dean’s Master instructors have been Renzo Gracie, Dr. Jerry Beasley, Joe Lewis, Bill "Superfoot" Walace, Dr. Brent Fuller, Steve Prince, Ken Mckenzie, Joo Kang, Nam Suk Lee, Jerrick Hodge, Munas Brown, Rahaus Reis, Willie "the bam" Johnson, King Yeung and Berry Forbes.


Adam Jurczakowski

Sir Adam Jurczakowski coat of arms Polonus.             

Born on February 5th 1967 in Warsaw.          

Master in Political Science.

Doctor of  Philosophy in Martial Arts.

Member of the Brotherhood of Leaders.

He has been practicing martial arts since 1983.

Holder of master degrees in Ju-Jitsu, Karate Shotokan, Kenpo Karate.

Multiple medalist of the Polish championships.

Founder of Polish Kenpo, soke.

Member of International Combat Martial Arts Union Association,

Advisor of WKKO (,

Member of the Board of Directors of Polish Martial Arts Federation (largest organization in Poland),

President of the Polish Association of Ju-Jitsu and Shotokan Karate,

President of the World Polish Kenpo Organization.









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