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Michael Inzana

Founder and Chief Instructor of the Inzana Martial Arts Academy 
Chief-Instructor Police
6th Dan Chief-Instructor Anti-Terror-Free-Style 
Chief-Instructor Krav Maga 
Instructor Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do 
Instructor Muay Thai 
6th Dan Kickboxing 
1st Dan Karate Jutsu 
Boxing : Italy Junior-Champion (1991) 
Kickboxing Full Contact : 3x Germany Champion (2001-2003) 
Thaiboxing : Masters Open Winner (2004) 
1.Place Super Cup Winner Thaiboxing ( 2004 ) 
Fighter of the Year 2004 
European Champion Full-Contact Kickboxing ( 2005 Rom/Italy ) 
Special Awarded in the I.P.T.A.U.S. International Police Trainer Association 
Uniformed Service 
Representative  for Team IKA ( Italy ) 
Representative  for Karate Jutsu ( Italy ) 
Representative  for Krav Maga ( Italy ) 



Sinisa Ivanji

Grandmaster Sinisa Ivanji was born in Novi Sad in the former Yugoslavia on August 7, 1954 and started training in Judo at the age of 8. He first trained in the “Partizan Club” in Telep (a settlement of Novi Sad) and his first trainer was Slobodan Pilic-Pile.
             After his trainer went abroad, Grandmaster Sinisa Ivanji started to train in Karate and Akido for a short time.  At the beginning of the 1970’s he started training and studying the Chinese Martial Arts. He learned many styles and techniques from several teachers and Grandmasters including Leung Ting, William Cheung, Su Yang Ming, Zhang Ming and Santosa Muliono.
             In 1975, he was tested for Master of the 6th degree in Kung Fu and he received the title of “Sifu”.
             In 1977, he opened the first Kung Fu club in the former Yugoslavia named “Kung Fu Wu Shu Club Novi Sad” and taught students with patience and love. Grandmaster Sinisa Ivanji is the “Father of Yugoslavian Kung Fu”. After a short time, Jotic Miodrag became his student and was later multiple champion of Europe and Champion of the World in Savate and Kickboxing. After a short time Jotic Miodrag became a selector of the Kickboxing representation of former Yugoslavia in various championships.
             In the 1980’s, Grandmaster Sinisa Ivanji was the organizer of the first Kung Fu Championship, at which students and clubs from Zagreb and Belgrade were major participants. After a short time he left his club to his best sudent, Jotic Miodrag and opened “Kung Fu Club Vojvodina”. A couple of years later, he changed the name to “Wu Shu School Vojvodina”.
             At the 1980 Open Championships of Kung Fu, the competition was held using the rules of Kickboxing. Grandmaster Sinisa Ivanji became the “Father of Kickboxing” in the Former Yugoslavia.
From 1980 to 1985 he organized a great number of championships with many clubs from foreign countries.
             In the period from 1985 through 1999, at his invitation, many famous people in the world of Chinese Martial Arts came to visit Novi Sad and the Wu Shu School of Vojvodina. Some of these were: Grandmaster Leung Ting from Hong Kong, Grandmaster William Cheung from Australia (famous for his teaching of Bruce Lee), Grandmaster Pentijak Silat, Santosa Muliono from Indonesia and many others.
             In 1995 he founded the Vojvodina Kung Fu Association together with several clubs from Serbia and Vojvodina.
             In 1997 he was the trainer of the representives of the Kung Fu Association Vojvodina and went with his students to Greece where they won First Place and several other medals.  He was a judge for the 5th Orange City International Martial Arts Championship in Argos, Greece.
             In 1998, Grandmaster Sinisa Ivanji became a lifetime member of the USMA (United States Martial Arts Association).
             In 1999 Grandmaster Sinisa Ivanji again took the initiative and founded in co-operation with several clubs from the former Yugoslavia, the Great Kung Fu Association of Yugoslavia which unfortunately didn’t survive because of the downfall of the former Yugoslavia.
In 2000 he took students from Kung Fu Association of Vojvodina to the 8th Open Championships in Karlsruhe, Germany where they had success similar to the victory in Greece.
In 2002 Grandmaster Sinisa Ivanji wrote a book “The Truth of Kung Fu”.
In 2003, he led a small group of students from Wu Shu School of Vojvodina to the Open Championships in Hanburg, Germany, organized by Grandmaster Al Dacascos. That same year, Grandmaster Sinisa Ivanji and his students performed a demonstration of Hu Shen Fa Kung Fu techniques in Montenegro at the World Martial Arts Festival.
In 2004 by the recommendation of O-Sensei Phillip J. Porter, Father of American Judo, Grandmaster Sinisa Ivanji was inducted into the USMAA Martial Arts Hall of Fame and became a member of the  Directors of the Board of USMAA.  He was named a judge for the Budo-Jitsu Association of Serbia and Montenegro in 2004 and continues to serve in that capacity.
At the International Training Camp for Martial Arts in St. Louis, Missouri in 2004, Grandmaster Sinisa Ivanji was granted a license from the Instructor of Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics from Steven N. Jimerfield, Director of USMAA Law Enforcement Division.  Grandmaster Sinisa Ivanji became the 5th Champion of the World in Universal Fight (Unifight) in Montenegro in that same year.
In 2006 he was awarded 10th Dan (Degree) status from the International Association of Martial Arts in Germany and was also granted international recognition for founding a new Kung Fu style, “Hu Shen Fa Kung Fu”, ( Art of Self Defense ) and was granted a license for Bodyguard & Security Personal Instructor from the International Security Service-Germany.
Grandmaster Sinisa Ivanji has compiled an incomparable background as both a competitor and instructor of the Martial Arts. He is the founder of Hu Shen Fa Kung Fu,the practical and progressive Martial Arts system based on scientific principles. His system provides self defense and health through very simple techniques and exercise.
In 2007, Grandmaster Sinisa Ivanji and his students performed a demonstration of Hu Shen Fa Kung Fu techniques in Montenegro at the 4th World Martial Arts Festival.  He attained the rank of 6th Dan in Ju-jitsu from Sensei Branco "Karson" Savic
Throughout his career, Grandmaster Sinisa Ivanji has trained more than a thousand students.  His most prized acknowledgment was to be named “Ambassador of the Martial Arts” from the International Association of Martial Arts which has members in over 120 countries.



Hari Irawan

               Grade Black belt                  : DAN 8th Black Belt Karatedo


               Experiences Coach                           : 17 Years

               Organization                        :              Chief Instructor OGKF Indonesia

                                                                          Founder Okinawa Goju Ryu Karatedo Renmei (OGKR)

                                                                          Head Club Goju Ryu Kobudo Karatedo Indonesia (GOJUKOKAI)

                                                                          Vice President All Indonesian Goju ryu Karate Kyokai (AIGKK)

                                                                          Website :   

                                                                          Head Instructor Regional Sumatra for Goju Ryu Jujutsu (GOJUINDO)

                                                                          Chief instructor Goju Ryu Iaido Indonesia

                                                                          Founder All Indonesian Martial Arts Association (AIMAS)


               Member                               :              Goju Ryu Shinkokai Indonesia

                                                                          Respectfullness GOKASI – Indonesia (Techinical)

                                                                          All India Karatedo Sport Federation (India)

                                                                          Asian Goju Ryu Karatedo Federation (AGKF)

                                                                          World Goju Ryu Karatedo Federation (WGKF)

                                                                          Martial Arts Association ( MAA )



               Teacher                               :              M. Yusuf Hrp.  /  Jiu Duan – Gold Dragon, Traditional Tai Chi

                                                                          Bob Razali, SH. / DAN 6th Karatedo

                                                                          Hans Wibowo, SH / DAN 7th Karatedo ( Kyokushin Style)

                                                                          Firdaus Alamsyah / DAN 6th Karatedo (Aiki – Jujutsu – Kobudo )

                                                                          Ananthan K. / DAN  8th Karatedo

                                                                          Takahashi Y. / DAN 8thKaratedo

                                                                          Shahzad Aziz / DAN 10th Karatedo




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