International Combat Martial Arts Encyclopedia

Who is Who in the International Combat Martial Arts


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Jeffrey D. Hagan

(as of October 2014)

Belt Rankings:

-7th Dan and Founder/Master of F.I.S.T. (Freestyle Isshin-Street Tactics)

-6th Dan A.S.K. (American Street Karate)

-4th Dan O.F.F.A. (Okinawan Freestyle Fighting Arts)

-2nd Dan Combat Tae Kwon Do

-2016 International Combat Martial Arts Hall of Fame ICMAUA

Martial Arts Styles Studied:

American Street Karate; Okinawan Freestyle Fighting Arts; Combat Tae Kwon Do; Isshin-ryu; Shorin-ryu; Goju-ryu; American Kickboxing; Jeet Kune Do; Aam-Ka-Jutsu; Kajukenbo; Wrestling.


International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association; World Organization of Martial Arts; World International Martial Arts Association and Organization; United States Council of Martial Arts Standards; Martial Arts for Christ International; International Fellowship of Christian Martial Artists; International Warrior Martial Arts Association; The Gospel Martial Arts Union; World Zen Do Ka Karate and Kickboxing Association; The World Kumite Martial Arts Organization; Genesis Martial Arts International; and the World International Combat Martial Arts Society.


-2009 - International Masters Hall of Fame: World Organization of Martial Arts

-2007 - 40 years and older division (Black Lake Open): 1st Place Black Belt Heavyweight Kumite; 1st Place Black Belt Empty Hand Kata

-2004 - Adult Heavyweight (Black Lake Open): 1st Place Black Belt Kumite; 3rd Place Black Belt Empty Hand Kata

-1990 - YMCA Local Isshin-ryu Open Tournament: 1st Place Adult Color Belt Kumite; 1st Place Adult Color Belt Empty Hand Kata

1987/1986/1985/1984 - American Karate Klub Association (Green River Annual Open Tournament): 1st Place each year overall Kumite; 1st Place each year overall Multiple Attacker Defense; 1987 and 1986 2nd Place overall Empty Hand Kata; 1985 and 1984 1st Place Empty Hand Kata.

Educational Degrees:

DCE (Doctor of Christian Education); DMin (Doctor of Ministry); (ThD - Doctor of Theology Candidate); MABS (Master of Arts in Biblical Studies); MCC (Masters in Christian Counseling); BA (Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Biblical Studies and Behavioral Science); Associate level certificates in Bible Teaching, Bible Counseling, Discipleship, and Preaching.

Educational Institutions:

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; Luther Rice Seminary; Northwest University; Missionary Baptist Seminary; True Grace Seminary; Salt Lake Bible College; Tyndale Theological Seminary; Spirit of Truth Institute; Reformation International Seminary; Birmingham Theological Seminary; and Wicket Gate Bible College.


Ordained Christian Minister with approximately 23 years of ministry experience (Associate Pastor, Counselor, Bible College Founder and Professor, Preacher and Teacher).

Also have around 14 years of experience in personal and private protection for local and international celebrities.


Robert Handley

Martial Arts Studied:

·       Saito Ha Shotokan Karate-do ( 1964- Present )

·       Kajukempo (1970 – Present)

·       Bok Lum Pai Kung-fu (1973 – Present ) 

·        Shojukempo (1980 - Present)

·        Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu (2002 - Present ) 

·        Jiryu Jujitsu (Present

·        Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu (2002 - Present )

·       Hei Lin Chi Kung Fu (1970 - Present )

  Martial Arts Ranks

·       10th Degree Black Belt, Saito Ha Shotokan Karate-do

·       10 th Dan Founder Jiryu Jujitsu

·       9th Degree Black Belt, Shojukempo

·       7th Degree Black Belt, Kajukempo

·       7th Level Black Sash, Bok Lum Pai Kung-Fu

·       7th Dan Menkyo Shihan Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu

·       S igung Hei Lin Chi Kung Fu


 Grandmaster Teji Saito, Saito Ha Shotokan Karate-do / Grandmaster William Gregory, Kajukempo, Bok Lum PaiHanshi Larry S.L Martin, Shojukempo
D. Chase, Ph.D. 8th Dan Kaiso Chief Instructor Nihon Goshin Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu


·       Vice President nternational Combat Aiki-jujutsu Federation

·       President/ CEO International Ryu Kyu Kai Karate-Do Association

·       Chairman Board of Director, Co-founder Shojukempo International

·       World Independant Kung Fu Federation , Vice President


                 MA, Human Service Redding University, Redding, California
                 AA, Web Design Interactive Media, Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA


·       Vice President nternational Combat Aiki-jujutsu Federation

·       President/ CEO International Ryu Kyu Kai Karate-Do Association

·       Chairman Board of Director, Co-founder Shojukempo International


·       MA, Human Service Redding University, Redding, California

·       AA, Web Design Interactive Media, Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Personal Accomplishments:

·       1990 Chief Instructor, Employee self-defense Program, Louisville Kentucky Metro Parks.

·       1991 Chief Instructor Defensive Tactic, Jefferson County Kentucky Private Security Authority.

·       1980 Chief Instructor, Karate for Kids Program Mount Hope Neighborhood Association

·       1992 Chief Instructor, Public Safety Department Phoenix Griffin Group Ltd., Providence, Rhode Island

·       1981 Co-Founded Shojukempo Ryu with Hanshi S.L Martin 1990


Marius Codrut Hansu

Date of Birth: 12 August 1975

Adress : Romania, Iasi, str. Bradului 15, Bl. H1, et. 3, ap. 3, cod 700656

Phone: 0040-332-441063

Mobile: 0040-741-794770




Martial Arts Qualifications:

-             5 DAN  Shotokan Karate

-             5 DAN Gôkei Ryu Karate

-             Kapap & Krav Maga Instructor

-             Personal Security System – Senior Instructor

-             Bodybuilding Instructor - B level

Martial Arts History and Experience:

-             1988 – I started to learn Shotokan Karate at the age of 13th.

-             1995 – 1 Dan Shotokan – examiner Shihan Hitoshi Kasuya (8 Dan – Chief Instructor W.S.K.F.)

                                                Certificate no. 100688/26 May 1995

-             1995 – assistant-instructor at Ronin Karate Club, Iasi, Romania

-             1997 – 2 Dan Shotokan – examiner Shihan Mircea Ungurean (5 Dan – Chief Instructor U.S.K.O.) 

                                                Certificate no. 199/09 August 1997

-             1997 – Chief Instructor and President at Genshin Karate Association, Iasi, Romania (authorized 

                   by the Sport Minister of Romania)

-             1997 – National Referee for Kata & Kumite

-             2002 – 3 Dan Shotokan – examiner Shihan Hitoshi Kasuya (8 Dan – Chief Instructor W.S.K.F.)

                                                Certificate no. R30411/05 May 2002

-             2003 – I was trained in Boxing for one year at Sport Club Vointa, Iasi, Romania

-             2005 – International Instructor (C level) – recognized by W.S.K.F. – Certificate of Authority from

                  01 April 2005

-             2005 – International Referee for Kata & Kumite (C level) – recognized by W.S.K.F. - Certificate 

                        of Authority from 01 April 2005

-             2006 – 4 Dan Shotokan – examiner Shihan Takashi Shibuya (8 Dan – Chief Instructor Japan

                                                Karate Tokukai)

-             2008 – Kapap & Krav Maga Chief Instructor at Genshin Karate Association, Iasi, Romania

-             2009 – Personal Security System – Senior Instructor

-             2009 – Bodybuilding Instructor – B level (authorized by the Sport Minister and The Olympic

                  Academy from Romania)

-             2011 – 5 Dan Shotokan – examiner Shihan Takashi Shibuya (8 Dan – Chief Instructor Japan

                                                     Karate Tokukai)

-             2011 – 5 Dan Gôkei Ryu Karate – Chief Instructor at Genshin Karate Association

-             2012 – President and Chief Instructor of Krav Maga Sport Association (authorized  by the Sport 

                  Minister of Romania)

-             2012 – Krav Maga Sport Association is a full member of Martial Arts Association – International

-             2012 – all my grades was also recognized Martial Arts Association – International

-             2012 – Krav Maga Sport Association is a full member of Open Martial Arts Federation

-             2012 – Gokei Ryu Karate and Krav Maga-Personal Security System are recognized by Open

                  Martial Arts Federation (


From 1992 until present, I had participated to numerous seminars and training sessions in Karate (Shotokan, Goju Ryu, Wado Ryu, Shito Ryu, Ashihara, Isshin Ryu), Jiu Jitsu, Kaisendo, Ninjutsu, Kapap, Krav Maga, Escrima, Jeet Kune Do, Kyusho Jitsu, Boxing, MMA.

The seminars was held by Shihan Hitoshi Kasuya 8 Dan Shotokan; Soke Juan Diaz 10 Dan Kaisendo, 10 Dan Karate Jutsu; Shihan Takashi Shibuya 8 dan Shotokan; Shihan Yamakawa Kazutada 8 Dan Shotokan; Shihan Mirio Manini 7 dan Shito ryu; Sensei Gerhard Jedlicka 6 Dan Goju Ryu; Sensei Liviu Danila 2 Dan Judo, 6 Dan Kaisendo; Sensei Claude Boucabeille 8 Dan Shotokan; Sensei Cristian Laiber 5 Dan Ninjutsu Bujinkan and many others.

From 2002, I have taught at national seminars Kata& Kumite (Karate).

From 2009, I have taught at national seminars Kapap-Krav Maga-Personal Security System.

From 2011, I have taught Gokei Ryu Karate. This Karate style is my own fighting system which is based on Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Boxing.


Samuel Lalrozama Hmar

He is from the state of Mizoram in India having 26 years of martial arts experience till the year 2019. He had participated in various national and international tournaments and seminars and has represented the country five times in international tournaments. He is a martial arts lover and promoter and is a Sports Promoter & Contributor Awardee and an International Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee.


His goal is to become a whole martial artist hence his main arts are Muaythai, for stand up and Jiu-Jitsu, for ground. He has attained the title of Kru from Thailand and is a black belt in Japanese Ju Jitsu and a certified instructor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has been training regularly in Thailand to upgrade himself in Muaythai every year since 2015 and has been inviting international Jiu Jitsu masters to his hometown every year since 2016. Besides these, he has a black belt in 8 other styles of martial arts and is an international referee and judge. He was the first Indian to work as a center referee in an MMA world championship (IMMAF, USA). He is currently the technical chairman of MuayThai and MMA Association in his State and is a national Executive board member. He is also the founder, chief instructor and main promoter of Jiu-Jitsu in his state. Till now he is actively practicing and teaching martial arts at his own academy (SPES Martial Arts gym) and used to give state and national seminars plus free coaching to the financially poor martial artists. He is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and a post graduate in Arts, and is currently an employee of the Government of Mizoram.


Roberto Gonzalez Haramboure

Was born in Havana, Cuba, 1970. He has practiced martial arts since he was a child with the best result in Karate-do, winning medal in national and international tournaments.

At the same time he helped in training of his dojo, because he was receiving universitary studies y moden sport training. For that reason we has selected as a Head Coach of the Junior Karate Team of his country. It responsability forced him to stdy more, and we worked for many years improving martial arts sport preparation process. On that direction he joined several bioenergetic eastern contents with modern sport training paraddigms, and designed the Haramboure Strategy. By this work he won all the national and international competitions and implamnted several records still unbroken. Because of this  was also selected as teh best sport trainer in the country several times. Those results was the cause that many martial and sport instititons asked his methodologycal consultanship. And at present more many athletes for different countries (mostly of them with Olympic or World medals) are training under his direction. This was also guarantee wim his doctorate (Ph.D) in Sport Sciences. In received th 6th Dan and the Gran Master (Hanshi) Title. 

Whe has also worked in the process of teacher’s licenses certification, proposing the Haramoure Classifying System. By this he assured to analyze and give 7 teachers categories in an objective and sharp way.

Besides that he has gave lectures to sport trainers, martial arts professores, personla trainers and physiotherapist; into courses of master and doctorate degrees of postgradual studies in universities from different countries. He has also write and publiseh more that 60 articles and 8 books abut those subjects. Also about this, he founded his own institution, SUPERMAGISTER, in wih he work at international level in capciting, updating and improving martial arts proffesors, sport trainers and other personas involved in the sphere.


Hermann Harms

Hermann Harms was born in February 1950 in Gelsenkirchen Buer. In April 1957 his older brother carried him forward for the first time to Judo training. Already after short time it was clear for him, that it concerns more than only sport here.

Martial arts became one of its life contents. He tried different combat art systems. 1971 then finally he examination to the first Dan. Since then he is Jiu Jitsu and other self-defence systems teaching.

Hermann Harms does not have financial interests in martial arts or in  degrees. He found world-wide along human and sporty contacts, relations, friendships and exchange of ideas. His interest in the Asiatic martial arts gave him connection to Asia. He travelled often to Asia. Here he became acquainted with his wife. Since 1984 he is lucky married. Combat art teachers believe often, that the are infallible.

Hermann Harms always learned from his ouwn errors and mistakes. After 50 years practice he knows now, that one never learns to end. Hermann Harms slogan is: "who believes everything to know, has not yet enough learned! “ Hermann Harms is persistent and he acts always with regard to the future and prudently. He says that the human abilities are so different, like humans are different in size, weight or shape. One must understand that, otherwise one remains alone or is alone left. It is large difference between theory and practice. It is not easy to found good and practical realizations from the martial arts for our daily life. Grandmaster Harms does not regard his work in the combat arts as load or trouble.

He experiences constantly peaceful and meaningful with one another with different humans. This creates a good life feeling and serves also the common weal.

The engine in addition probably lies in his Christian basic adjustment to the life. He always had his Financial security in a good occupation. We know that humans never carry his best out under obligation. Interest with joy in the own achievement and iron will each ambitious goal to be reached. This is what Hermann Harms lives. This he shows to his  pupils in all over the world. The way of Hermann Harms from the slim and shy boy to the well known martial arts Grandmaster was long as a  half century. That way to go was worth  for him and his pupils. It brought many people on the correct way of life.

After 35 years as teacher in his spare time, after his daily work, he is today a thru Grandmaster. He did not think that he would come so far. He will works further world-wide as an advisor for organizations, trains its pupils locally and holds European-wide seminars.

His body is now 57 years old however his heart is substantially younger. Hopefully he remains us still for a long time as fantastic teacher  and a fatherly friend (even with strong hand).


Yaakoubd Hassan

member of world kick boxing league,inc and delegate of WKL-ITALY (all rules),for years2010-2011,president of fimt for marche region and member of many international federation chief instructor of yaakoubd accademia del guerriero,5 dan kickboxing ,13 khan muay thai ,combat sport trainer(c.r.s) and shoot boxe instructor


Norman D. Henderson

The WFMA was founded in 1993 by Dr. Norman D. Henderson.  The WFMA represents over 30 countries, styles and systems around the world and U.S.A.

 Dr. Henderson has over 50 years of study, training and teaching many different styles and systems of martial arts starting at the age of 7, 1953 to the present.

Served in the U.S. Air Force Viet Nam Era Veteran 1966-1972

Indiana National Guard 1973 - 1981

Graduate Indian Law Enforcement Academy 1982

Graduate La Salle University

President and Founder, World Federation of Martial Artists, 1993

President and Founder, Hope Martial Arts Championships, 1993

President and Founder, WFMA Hall of Fame, 1993

President and Founder, International Chung Do Kwan Grand Masters Council, 2003

President and Founder, Indiana Martial Arts University, 2004

President and Founder, United States Security Force, 2006

Awards and Titles:

1. Received Certificate of International Rank Recogniton, WOMA 10th Dan        Grandmaster,Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2005

2. Life-Time Membership into the WOMA, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2005

3. Received Doctorate in Asian Martial Arts Science, Doctor of Philosophy from

the International Council of Higher Martial Arts Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2005.

4. Awarded Life-Time Membership into the International Grandmasters Society and title of Honorable Grandmaster by the Kindom of Saudi Arabia, 2005

5. Awarded USHOFMAA Medal of Honor, 2005

6. Awarded International Hall of Honor, Hall of Champions Elite Martial Ars Scholor of Honor, 2005

7. Received European Knighthood, Sir Norman D. Henderson, 2005

8. Awarded Budo Lehrer, Urkunde Teachers Certification, 2004

9. Appointed to Board Korean Mu Do Hapkido Federation, 2004

10. Appointed International Referee, 2004

11. Prince of Saudi Arabia Sports Award, 2004

12. Iron Warrior Award MAA, 2004

13. Appointed Indiana State Director, World Black Belt Union, 2004

14. International Martial Arts Association Pakistan, Ki-Award, 2004

15. Appointed to Executive Advisory Board of Directors, United States Head of Families Martial Arts Association, 2003

16. Appointed to Indiana Martial Arts Association Board, 2003

17. Inducted into Who's Who in Martial Arts, 2003

18. Appointed to the Board of Directors AGNI Kenpo Organization of Iran, 2003

19. Indiana State Director, United States Martial Artists Association, 2003

20. Brazilian Kickboxing Federation Hall of Fame, 2003

21. AGNI Kempo Organization of Iran Hall of Fame, 2003

22. United States Martial Artists Hall of Fame, 1999

23. United Martial Artists Association Hall of Fame, 1999


1. Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwan Do 10th Dan 2.  World Martial Arts Association 10th Dan

3. Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do 10th Dan 4. Arnis-Kali-Escrim Certification

5. Hapkido 10th Dan  6. Kenjutsu Samurai Kenjutsu Federation Intenational 1st Dan

7. Shotokan Karate 9th Dan 8. Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do 10th Dan

9. Kykokushin Kaikan 10th Dan 10. Kempo 10th Dan

11. Sung Ja Do Tae Kwon Do 7th Dan


Larry Hilton

10th degree Black Belt/ Professor 
Professor Larry Hilton is a man who has dedicated his entire life to learning and teaching the art of self defense.His life in the arts started in 1951 when his father began teaching him wrestling. In 1965 Professor Hilton earned his 1st dan Black Belt in Goshin Jutsu under the guidance of his first ju-jitsu instructor Pat Burke, who was also a Self Defense Instructor during World War II.

In 1972 while demonstrating his art in Charleston, South Carolina,Professor Hilton was given the nick name of SNAKE HANDS due to his incredibly awesome hand speed.
In 1987 he was promoted to 8th dan Hanshi in Jujitsu by the Beikoku Shihan Kai Hakutsuryu Jujitsu Board, O Shihan James R. Gaines Chairman. O'Shihan Gaines was a direct student of 3 Grandmasters, Fusei Kise of Okinawa, Rod Sacharnoski of the USA,and Shian Toma of Japan.
In that same year the Professor would visit New York and the world famous Florendo Visitacion founder of Vee-Jitsu Ju jitsu. Prof Vee honored Prof Hilton with a cross grading of 8th dan in Vee Jitsu, and issued him a hand written scroll of promotion to that rank with the elite title of Professor of the arts.
Professor Hilton is a true Pioneer and Legend among his peers worldwide and has been inducted into 6 Int'l Martial Arts Halls of Fame. He is a published author on his own style of JuJitsu and his book has been purchased all over the world. He is a member of Who's Who in American Martial Arts and has received an Honorary Ph.D in Martial Science from the Board of Regents of the American College of Martial Science.
In 1993 he was invited and acknowledged as Grandmaster of his own martial art style of jujitsu by the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL, the worlds largest council of recognized Grandmasters representing all styles of martial arts.
He has instructed over 10,000 students in his career and has been featured in many International martial art magazines including the World's Martial Arts Elite.
Professor Hilton is retired except for his teaching of Self Defense. He also likes traveling the country with his wife on their Gold Wing and boating whenever possible.


Bernd Hohle

- Founder & Chief-Instructor of the “Martial Arts Institut” – established 1992

- Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu – Master & 33th GenerationInheritor & Master-Student & # 1 Disciple of Shaolin-Grandmaster Prof. Gu

Ping/ China

Instructor-Disciple of the Shaolinmonk-Inheritor Grand Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Jao

Student & Friend of the Shaolinmonk Master Shi Xu Ping ( Monastery Henan )

Long time Student of the legendary „Iron Head“ Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Lee 10. Dan.

- Wing Chun Kung Fu – Sifu & 10th Generation Private-Student of Grandmaster V. Kan Wei Kit

( Top 5 Student of the Great Grandmaster Yip Man & Teacher of Bruce Lee )

German Branch Representative (2001-2002) & qualified Instructor of Victor Kan Classical Ving Tsun

# 1 Disciple & Successor of Sifu Badura - Chi Fu Chao ( Shaolin Kung Fu & Wing Chun )

- Budo-Ryu Jiu Jitsu ( Bujutsu ) - Bujutsu Grandmaster Ni-Dai Soke, Successor, 1 Disciple and Close Door Student of the late Grandmaster & Founder Prof. Dr. K. Wagner 10. Dan

Seminar-Disciple of Grandmaster Prof. Keido Yamaue 10. Dan

Pioneer of Bujutsu ( Gendai-Ryu ) in Germany

- Thaiboxing & Kickboxing - Master

Private-Master-Student of Grandmaster Jorg Digulla

- Jeet Kune Do - Trainer

Under the authority of Bruce Leeґs Master-Student Sifu Ted Wong

- Filipino Martial Arts – Guro/ Full-Instructor

Full Instructor of SinaTersiaWali under the authority of Grandmaster Jerson “Nene” Tortal

- over twenty ( 20 ) time Hall of Fame Inductee / Academy Awards of Martial


- World Record Holder in Breaking & World Champion

- Writer  &  Publisher of  Martial Arts Books, Video Tapes & Magazines

- Member/ Director/ Representative of over 30 international Martial Arts


- Headmaster of the Martial Arts Association – International with any hundred Martial Arts Schools and Members in over 60 Countries

- Several Time on TV ( Sport-Shows, Film and Events of Martial Arts )

- Over twenty years experience! Trained in Asian, USA, Africa and Europe


Paul Cartier Holley

Grandmaster Holley began his his Martial Arts journey in March of 1967 and has been a disciple of the journey every since. He was awarded his 1st Black Belt in 1973. Grandmaster Holley started to teach his own students in 1979. He has trained in several styles and systems over the past four decades. He has trained for many years under his hapkido instructor, Dojunim Jae Jeannotte in American Jae Mu Kwan Hapkido. Grandmaster Holley was given the permission and blessing from Dojunim Jae Jeannotte to start his own Self Defense System called Horangikido at the beginning of 2010. It is a practical martial art for todays self defense needs. Grandmaster Holley also founded a new Non-Chinese fitness style of Tai Chi called America Okinawa Seishinryoku Tai Chi and currently has followers worldwide. He also founded an easy Kung Fu style called Shaolin Yangsheng Kung Fu (Shaolin Nourishing Life Skill) and  is certified and Licenced as a Freestyle Instructor by the International Shaolin Yangsheng Fa Association. Grandmaster Holley also Founded the Kung Fu For Christ Outreach Program.

Grandmaster Holley has been inducted in many Halls of Fame including:

"Bronze Life Achievement Award" from the World Martial Arts League and the World Combat Arts Federation.

"Christian Martial Artist Grandmaster of the Year" from the Christ-Mission Martial Arts Alliance.

"Warrior of the Year" from the Combat Warrior Martial Arts Association.

"Grandmaster of the Year" from the Martial Arts Association International.

"Year of the Tiger,Tai Chi Instructor of the Year" from the Martial Arts Health and Fitness Association.

Grandmaster Holley holds several positions in Martial Arts Organizations including:

Founder/Chairman - World Horangikido Self Defense Association

Founder/Chaiman/World Director - United Sokeship Alliance International,

Founder/ Chairman - International Okinawa Seishinryoku Tai Chi Club

USA Vice President - American Jae Mu Kwan Hapkido Association

USA Director - Seishinryoku Karate Do Kobudo Jutsu Renmei

Vice President - World Sokeship Council Seishinryoku Kai

General Secretary - International Okinawa Seishinryoku Karate do Kobudo Association

USA Representative - International Combat Union

New York Director - Universal Ko Shin Kwan Hapkido Federation

New York Director - Mang Ho Martial arts Federation

New York Representative - International Bujutsu Society

New York Representative - US International Grand Masters Sokeship Union

Grandmaster Holley holds the following Ranks:

Dojunim - 9th Degree Black and White Panel Belt /Horangikido

Sijo - 10th Dragon Level / America Okinawa Seishinryoku Tai Chi

Sijo - 9th Duan / Shaolin Yangsheng Kung Fu

Kwanjangnim - 7th Dan / American Jae Mu Kwan Hapkido

Hanshi - 7th Dan / Okinawa Seishinryoku Karate Do Kobudo Jutsu

Shifu - 7th Duan / Shaolin Yangsheng Fa

5th Duan - American Shaolin Fighting Arts

Grandmaster Holley is recognized at several other ranks in many other styles.



Leonard C. Holifield


Chief USD Instructor, U.S. Army Military Police School, Fort  McClellan, AL. 1995

Chief USD Instructor, XVIII Airborne Corp. Military Police (SRT), Ft. Bragg, NC. 1992

Chief CQC Instructor, 5/3rd Field Artillery Regt., Giessen West Germany 1987

Chief CQC Instructor, 5/8th Field Artillery Regt., Ft. Bragg, NC. 1990

Chief CQC Instructor, 2nd Bn. 505th PIR, Ft. Bragg, NC. 1992

Chief CQC Instructor, 1st Bn. 82nd Avn Brigade, Fort. Bragg, NC. 1992

Chief CQC Instructor, 782D MSB, Ft. Bragg, NC. 1993

Chief CQC Instructor, 17th Cav., Air Recon., Simmons AFB, Ft. Bragg, NC. 1993

Chief CQC Instructor, E-Company, 702D MSB, Unit 15412, Ft. Bragg, NC. 1993

Chief CQC Instructor, A-Company, 2nd Engineer Bn, Unit 15043, Ft. Bragg, NC. 1993

Chief CQC Instructor, 2nd Infantry Division, Camp Casey, Korea 1993

Chief CQC Instructor, 2nd Infantry Division Military Police Co. Camp Casey, Korea 1993

Chief CQC Instructor, 3rd Republic of Korea Liaison, U.S. Air Force 1993

Chief CQC Instructor, 142nd Military Police Company, 18th MP Brigade, Korea 1994

Chief CQC Instructor, U.S. Army Field Artillery Training Center, Ft. Sill, OK. 1995

Chief CQC Instructor, 18th Field Artillery Brigade, Ft. Bragg, NC. 1999



Chief Combatives Instructor, United States Army, 1988-1997

Federal Inmate Labor Supervisor, Military Police School, Ft. McClellan, AL. 1996

Military Police, Chief Unarmed Self-Defense Instructor, U.S. Army MP School, 1996

Military Advisor to the Universal Martial Arts Federation, 1996

Women’s Self-Defense Instructor, Crime Stoppers, Montgomery Chapter, 2002

Sikaron Karate Federation, Founder/Owner - Children's Karate Kids Program

Chief Instructor & Owner, Sikaron Karate Federation, Gadsden, AL. 1998 to 2001

Instructor of Martial Science, Gadsden State Community College, 1997 to 1999

Personal Protection and Physical Security Specialist, United States Army, 1990 to 1997

Executive Security Officer / Deputy Marshal,  Alabama Supreme Court, 2000 to Present

ESI-Executive Security International, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Present



A Soldiers Guide To Hand-To-Hand Combat, Paladin Press, 1997

Sometimes The Enemy Is Close Enough To Touch, Army Trainer Magazine, 1992

Hand-to-Hand Combat In Today’s Army, Army Trainer Magazine, 1994

USD - Are You Really Ready?, Military Police Magazine, 1996

Fist of Steel,  KORUS,  Korean Magazine, 1993

Fight, Flight or Freeze (Women’s Self-Defense), HCSI, 1990

CETA, Close-Engagement-Target-Acquisition, IAEPSDT, 2002

Video Artist for Panther Productions, Close Quarter Combat Series, 1995



U.S. Army Military Police Academy Graduate

U.S. Army Instructor Certified “H” Identifier

U.S. Army Combat Lifesaver, CLS Certified

U.S. Army Master Fitness Trainer, MFT Certified

U.S. Army, Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Specialist

U.S. Army Personal Protection Specialist

U.S. Army Physical Security Specialist

U.S. Army Firearms (Expert Level) M16A2/M203/9mm

Firearms Course, Montgomery Police Department

American Red Cross - First Responder, Certified

Judicial Security Protocol & Improvised Explosive Devices

Defensive Tactics Instructor - Executive Security International (ESI)

ESI-Executive Security International - Certified Protection Specialist (CPS) 600 Hrs.



Gulf War, Saudi Arabia 1990 - 1991 (Credited with capturing first Iraqi POW). Associated Press



ESI - Executive Security International, Aspen, Colorado

Principles of Protection

Protective Detail Operations

Stalking & Dangerous Human Behavior

Chemical/Biological Terrorism

Bomb Search & Identification

First Responder / Emergency Medicine

Estate/Residential Security

Unarmed Self Defense

Defensive Driving Tactics

Profiles of Terrorism

Counter Surveillance & Covert Security

Special Event Risk Management

Defensive Shooting (Level I Certified)

Electronic Countermeasures & Security

Social Relations, Etiquette and Manners

Improvised Explosive Devices & Judicial Security

Hate Groups, Extremist Symbols, Logos & Tattoos



Government: Chief Justice Roy Moore - Alabama Supreme Court, January 2002 to (Present)

Music Industry: The Isley Brothers, El DeBarge, Brian O'Neal, Roger Troutman (Zapp)

Military: Army Chief of Staff - Gen. Gordon Sullivan, Sgt Major of the Army - Richard  Kidd



President/Founder, International Academy of Police & Military Self-Defense Tactics

President/Founder, Holifield’s Combat Systems International, Montgomery, AL.

President/Founder, Sikaron Karate Federation, Montgomery, AL.

President, Armed Forces Martial Arts Association 1990 to 1993

Executive Vice President, World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio, 1991 to 2003

Member, ESI - Executive Security International, Alumni Association, Aspen, Colorado

Member, United States Protective Services Association, Washington DC.

Member, NRA - National Rifle Association of America, Fairfax, VA.

Member, American College of Martial Science

Member, United Martial Arts University, Indiana

Member, International Society of Headfounders / Headfamilies

Member, Kokon Ryu Bujutsu Renmei International

Member, International Federation of Armed & Unarmed Combat, (New Zealand)

Member, Police Tactics Instructors Association

Member, Isle of Mann, Karate-Kobudo Federation

Member, North American Combat Academy

Member, American Police Association

Member, Universal Martial Arts Federation

Lifetime Member, Wa No Michi Ryu Karate Association

Member, International Jidokwan Federation

Member, International Union of Martial Arts

Member, Seibukan Bujutsu Kai Isle of Mann (UK)

Member, Dean’s Martial Arts Institute

Member, European Society of Soke (UK)

Member, Society of Black Belts, Isle of Mann, (UK)

Member, United Fighting Systems (Board of Directors)

Member, Nippon Ketsugo Ryu Jitsu Association

Member, World Combat Martial Artist Association

Member, United Christian Church, Gadsden, Alabama.

Member: CrimeStoppers, Advisory Board, Montgomery, Alabama

Member, United Hapkido Council, (Greece)

Member, World Jug Tai Association (Greece)

Member, Tae Han Hapkido Association (Korea)

Member, WMAHOF Sokeship, HeadFounders, HeadFamilies, Grandmasters Council

World Organizer of Martial Arts (Saudi Arabia)

World Soke Head Council of Japan, International Council of Masters & Grandmasters

Member, ICMAUA



Letter from Sergeant Major of the Army, SMA Michael Grinson 2023

World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Instructor of the Year, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000

Award of Excellence - Sergeant Major of the Army, Richard A. Kidd (Ret) 1995

Leadership Award - U.S. Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Gordon Sullivan (Ret) 1993

Army Commendation Medal - Hand-to-Hand Combat Training, 1993

Army Commendation Medal with Valor - POW Capture, Operation Desert Storm, 1991

Army Commendation Medal - Nuclear - Biological - Chemical Operations., 1993, 1994    

Army Commendation Medal - Equal Opportunity Excellence (Best in Army), 1992

Army Commendation Medal - Hand-to-Hand Combat Training, Korea, 1993

Army Commendation Medal - Tac-Fire Operations Specialist, Korea, 1992

Army Achievement Medal - Hand-to-Hand Combat Training, 1995

Army Achievement Medal - Heroic Act, (Saving a Life), 1996

U.S. Army Good Conduct Medal, (Three Knots), 1996

Presidential Sports Award (Karate), President George Bush, 1989

Presidential Sports Award (Physical Fitness), President George Bush, 1989

Executive Award of Valor, World Martial Arts Hall of Fame,1997

Special Recognition Award, Toku-Kai International, 1988, 1989

Humanitarian Award, Nippon Ketsugo Ryu Ju Jitsu Association, 1998

Grand Award of Honor, Wa No Michi Ryu Karate-Kobudo Kai International, 1998

Grandmaster of the Year Award, Wa No Michi Ryu Karate-Kobudo Kai International, 1998

Authorship Achievement Award, U.S. Army (Army Trainer Magazine), 1992 & 1994

Authorship Achievement Award, U.S. Army (Soldiers Magazine), 1990

Honorary Degree Presented By, Universal Martial Arts Federation, 1996

Recognition Award, California State Legislature, (Gulf War), 1991

Recognition Award, California State Senate, Senator Frank Hill, 1991

Recognition Award, Congress of the United States, Congressman David Dreier, 1991

Meritorious Service Award, U.S. Army JROTC, 1995

Honorable Discharge, United States Army, April 20, 1987 to July 25, 1997 (10 Years)

Author of the Month, (A Soldiers Guide To Hand-to-Hand Combat), Paladin Press, 1997

USA vs. World Commando Knockout Challenge, World Champion, 1998

World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Most Outstanding Self-Defense Instructor of the Year, 2000

World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Head Founder Award (Sikaron Karate), 1999

Over 1000 Letters of Commendation for Hand-to-Hand Combat Training, U.S. Army



Soldiers Magazine, U.S. Army (Profile) 1990

Soldiers Magazine (Hand-to-Hand Combat Training), December 1995

Army Trainer Magazine (Sometimes The Enemy Is Close Enough To Touch) 1994

Army Trainer Magazine (Hand-to-Hand Combat In Today’s Army) 1994

Korus Korean Magazine (Fist of Steel) 1993

Military Police Magazine (USD, Are You Really Ready)? 1996

Stars & Stripes (Operation Desert Storm, POW Capture) 1991

Tribune Newspaper, Diamond Bar, California (POW Capture) Gulf War, 1991

New York Times, Associated Press (Operation Desert Storm), 1991

CNN World News Report, Operation Desert Storm, POW Capture, 1991

Paraglide Newspaper (Hand-to-Hand Combat), Fort Bragg, NC.1993

Paraglide Newspaper (Hand-to-Hand Combat), Fort Bragg, NC. 1994

Paraglide Newspaper (Sikaron Karate), Fort Bragg, NC. 1990

Indian Head Newspaper (Hand-to-Hand Combat), Korea, 1993

Indian Head Newspaper (Hand-to-Hand Combat Training), Korea, 1993

Indian Head Newspaper (Military Police Unarmed Self-Defense Training), Korea, 1993

Cannoneer Newspaper (Hand-to-Hand Combat), Fort Sill, OK. 1994

Cannoneer Newspaper (Hand-to-Hand Combat-FATC), Fort Sill, OK. 1995

Fort McClellan Newspaper (Military Police USD Training), Ft. McClellan, AL. 1996

Fort McClellan Newspaper (Women’s Self-Defense), FMC, AL. 1996

Fort McClellan Newspaper (Children’s Karate Program), FMC, AL. 1996

Giessen Courier Newspaper (Hand-to-Hand Combat), Germany, 1990

AFKN (Armed Forces Korean Network), Korea, 1994

Talk Radio Show (Hotline), Fort Bragg, NC., 1990

NBC 13 News Special, Women’s Self-Defense, Gadsden, AL. 1998

NBC 13 News Special, Sikaron Karate Federation, Gadsden, AL. 1999

Gadsden Times Newspaper (Sikaron Karate Federation), Gadsden, AL. 1999

Gadsden Eagle Newspaper (Sikaron Karate Federation), Gadsden, AL. 1999

Gadsden Messenger Newspaper (SKF Grand Opening), Gadsden, AL. 1999

Gadsden Messenger Newspaper (Hall of Fame Induction), Gadsden, AL. 2000

Gadsden Times Newspaper, SKF (2nd Place Winner, Christmas Parade), Gadsden, AL. 2000

WSFA News Report (Women’s Self Defense) Fight-Flight or Freeze, Montgomery, AL. 2001

WSFA News Educational Report (Sikaron Karate School) YMCA, Montgomery, AL. 2002

WSFA News War in Iraq Special Report (Military Training) Montgomery, AL. 2003

WAKA News War in Iraq Special Report (Military Training) Montgomery, AL. 2003

BBC (British Public Broadcasting-UK) Documentary "Simply the Best" New York, 2003

Black Belt Magazine, April/May Issue 2021



Member: Phi Theta Kappa International Scholastic Honor Society, GPA: 3.9

Los Angeles Southwest College, Los Angeles, California, 1978-1979

Mount San Antonio College, Walnut, CA. Associate of Science Degree, 1983

World College of  Martial Science, Professorship, Doctor of Martial Arts 1991

American College of Martial Science , Honorary Doctorate Degree, 2003

Professor of Martial Science, Gadsden State College/Upward Bound 1997-1999

United Martial Arts University, Doctor of (Budo) Martial Science, 2000

Dean of Homeland Security - American College of Martial Science, 2003

Member, Phi Theta Kappa, International Honor Society, 3.9 (GPA)



Years of Experience: Over (55) years experience in the Martial Arts (1967 to Present)



10h Degree Black Belt (Judan), Sikaron Karate, Promoted By,  Dr. E.A. Moore, Ph.D, 10th Dan

6th Degree Black Belt (Rokudan), Hapkido, Instructor: Grandmaster Bill Chang, 9th Dan

3rd Degree Black Belt (Sandan), Judo/Jujitsu, Instructor: Master Ed Rivera, 5th Dan



Received Professorship, Ph.D./MA., 10th Dan (Judan) from Dr. E.A. Moore, Ph.D., President and Founder of The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame & World College of Martial Science.

Received Doctor of Arts Degree from Dr. Jason Hunt - American College of Martial Science.

Received 10th Dan recognition from Prof. M.I. Tianero, Ph.D/MA. WOMA/USA- #0618-648



Cikaron Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido, Hapkido, Combat Karate, Shotokan Karate, Ninjitsu, Hwarang-Do, Advanced Knife Fighting, Boxing, Grappling, Sambo, Northern Style Praying Mantis Kung-Fu, Military Hand-to-Hand Combat, Pressure Points (Dim Mak) and Tameshiwari (Advanced Breaking) Wood, Brick, Concrete, Ice, Coconut, Marble, Granite and Aluminum Penetration.


C.E.T.A. (Close-Engagement-Target-Acquisition) is a combat oriented fighting system which focuses on the immediate destruction of the CNS (Central Nervous System) and motor functions of the human body. This system was developed by Professor Leonard C. Holifield for specific use by Law Enforcement, Military, Security, Corrections, U.S. Marshals, Secret Service, FBI, CIA, HRT, SRT, SWAT, DELTA, and other Special Operation and Response teams.


PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES - Security - Judicial - Martial Arts - Military 

Bob Duggan - President -  Executive Security International, Aspen, CO.

Chief Justice Roy S. Moore - Alabama Supreme Court, Montgomery, AL

Dr. John Rubiano - Chairman, Int'l Society of Headfounders / Headfamilies

Col Dennis Lewis - United States Army - Pentagon



Brandon Holmes


Current Ranks:

·       10th Dan, Seiyô-ryû Aiki Bujutsu (西洋流 合氣武術), Soke, Founder

·       5th Dan, Tae Kwon Do, Master

·       4th Dan, Modern Arnis, Master

·       Assistant Maestro (Blue Shirt), Derobio Eskrima Jungle Style

·       3rd Dan, Hapkido, Instructor

·       2nd Dan, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

·       1st Dan, Daito-Hakko Jujutsu, Instructor

·       1st Dan, San Shu Kai Budo Karate, Instructor

·       Instructor, Muay Thai

·       Instructor, Boxing

·       Instructor, Kickboxing


I started my training in 2001 and achieved my first 1st Dan ranking in Tae Kwon do in 2004. In 2003 I started training in multiple styles at the same time. At the height of my training, I was learning Daito-Hakko Jujutsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, San Shu Kai Budo Karate, Modern Arnis, Derobio Eskrima, Muay Thai, Boxing and Kickboxing at the same time. I started learning Hapkido after having a more extensive training in the other arts.

In 2002 I belonged to two schools, a Karate school, and the Midwest Martial Arts Group where I was an assistant instructor for both schools. After 2006, I had left the Karate school and was already an Instructor with the Midwest Martial Arts Group teaching the aforementioned styles. I eventually worked my way up in the school and was named a Master Instructor and partial owner of the school.


I have studied and continue to study under many instructors. Some more notable ones are Grand Master Remy A Presas Jr. (Modern Arnis), Master Ron England (Derobio Eskrima), and Grand Master Hyun Soo Lim (Hapkido). During my time learning all of these arts I had noticed a continued theme for most of them. With the exception of Modern Arnis, Derobio Eskrima and Hapkido, most of the material did not fulfill the main reason that I had started martial arts to begin with, they did not teach adequately teach self defense combatives. Most of these systems taught principles that could be utilized, but almost none of them focused on what martial arts was originally designed for. During this time, I noticed Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu was going much more sportive than the original intent. Daito-Hakko Jujutsu was classical and got caught up in the Budo side of training more than anything.

I spent the next decade looking at all of the systems that I have trained and started to do the next logical step in my training. I primarily got into martial arts for the self defense aspects of it, so I analyzed all of the systems that I have been training and kept the material was most applicable to self defense and stopped training the other material. In 2015 I had a system that I had created from all of these different styles that I had previously studied that has been continued to be refined to this day. In 2023 I actually named the system and founded it as an official style, known as Seiyô-ryû Aikibujutsu (
西洋流 合氣武術) and published an internet article on the style ( that continues to be updated as needed.


The purpose of Seiyô-ryû Aikibujutsu (西洋流 合氣武術) is to be what martial arts were always intended to be, and what they once were, a combative system that can be utilized in physical engagements, regardless if it’s on a battlefield, on the streets, or in your living room during a domestic battery. Seiyô-ryû Aikibujutsu (西洋流 合氣武術) covers all use of force levels. The system was designed to teach all areas of combatives in a condensed intensive study format.


Some areas of study include but are not limited to:  Kenjutsu (剣術), Sôjutsu (槍術), Tantôjutsu (短刀術). Aikijujutsu (合気柔術), Jujutsu (柔術), Taijutsu (体術), Sôjutsu (槍術), Keibôjutsu (警棒術), and Koppojutsu (骨法術) which was mixed with FMA and Hapkido to teach striking, grappling, and weapons.

The future of Seiyô-ryû Aikibujutsu (西洋流 合氣武術) is to continue to refine they system and make it accessible worldwide to new and veteran martial artists, law enforcement, and military. The goal is not to take away from other current styles, but rather to add to them. A veteran martial artist should be able to pick up Seiyô-ryû Aikibujutsu (西洋流 合氣武術) in a short period of time and be able to effectively utilize the combative methods inside of it; furthermore, Seiyô-ryû Aikibujutsu (西洋流 合氣武術) is intended to remove all politics and rank promotion is solely based upon an individual’s merit and performance, not because of who they are or who they know.


Ahmad Hosseini

Ahmad Hosseini, son of Mohammad, born on February 26, 1970, Iranian citizenship and nationality, who has been in martial arts since 1980.

I started Kung Fu coaching under the tutelage of Professor Mohammad Lou.

1- 1989 Kung Fu Toa coaching

2 - 1987 Champion of Kung Fu Toa National Competition

3 - Champion of several national Hapkido competitions

4- Champion of Hapkido 2000 International Competition

5 - Champion of several national self-defense competitions

6- Traditional Hapkido 1st grade instructor

7 - First class traditional Hapkido referee

8 - Know 5 traditional Hapkido

9 - Representative of Hapkido in Shahriar and Mallard counties

10 - Holds coaching and refereeing certificates from Hapkido from South Korea

11 - Head of combat missions for 8 years (Mallard County)

12 -Wako 1st grade kickboxing coach

13 -Wako 1st degree kickboxing referee

14 - Member of Waco Kickboxing Technical Committee

15 - Representative of kickboxing Waco in Mallard and Shahriar counties

16 - Representative of South Korea Hapkido Yosol in Iran

17 - Founder of Hapkido Yosol in Iran

18 - Founder and President of the World Hapkido Full Contact Organization

19 - Holder of 3-star bodyguard coaching

20- Has a first-class coaching and refereeing of the federation

21 - Has global certificates from reputable organizations in the world

22 - Has a first degree international coaching

23 - Has a global registration of the ICMAUA Martial Arts Association

24 - Holds a doctorate in self-defense from South Korea

Professor Ahmad Hosseini has a knowledge of 10 Hapkido Full Contact disciplines

The membership, members, students, coaches and veterans of Hapkido Full Contact are 7500 people.


Bae Min Hoon

Country: South Korea

Style: tactical combat martial arts

Experience: Korea kickboxing champion

Korea Professional Taekwondo Championship

Eastern Pro gwongyeok also champion

Korea National Wushu -56KG

Kickboxing 5 DAN ,Wushu 5 DAN, Pro Taekwondo 6 DAN, Hapkido 5 DAN

Prefecture) Korea Association Executive private maritime security

Prefecture) Korea Self Defense Academy Director

Korea Marine Corps Special Forces martial arts instructor


Reginald Hoover

EagleTiger Federation Council

Shodai Soke Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu 5 Fist 8 Trigram Cninese Boxing & Poison Fan Women Street Combative Short Forms 1-5

Kenpo Karate, Combat Aiki - Jujitsu, Tanto -Jutsu

Ju Jitsu, Street Combat Karate, Clandestine Black Dragon Kenpo Karatejutsu

Sifu 5 Animal Fist Kung Fu, Combat Aikido

Doctor Of Budo

Director Of Advertisement

North Carolina State Representative CBDKK/BRKJ Of The Dragon Kenpo Karate Consortium


Grandmaster Reginald Hoover Started Offical (1977-Today, 26 Years) Martial Studies in: Basic Kung Fu; 5 Animal Kung Fu; Tai Chi Ch\'uan; Taijutsu;

And Chi Kung Breathing Combat Training Under Sifu Roger Clinard A.K.A. Jimmy Bird (East Coast Grand Champion Kumite & Forms): Previous Studies Also Include Special

Endurance Training; Military Combatives; Combat Judo/Jujitsu; Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu Karate-Do / Kempo; Qi Gong And Iron Fist Training.

05/03/00; Creatively Developed The Brutal Clandestine Black Dragon Kenpo Karatejutsu Comprehensive Substyle Of The Grandmaster Ed. Hutchison Dragon Kenpo Karate System as Prerequisite To Founding The Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu Martial Street Combative System:

23/05/01; Sanctioned As Founder Of Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu By Valadez Kenpo Association N0#: 041701-A:

/06/01; Given The Title Of Shihan By Grandmaster Rodney Lacey 8th Degree Black Belt Dragon Kenpo Karate; 10th Dan Soke Shodai Hap Ki Mu Sul; Director Of Operations / International Dragon Kenpo Association:

05/10/02; Sanctioned & Conferred The Rank Of 10th Degree Black Belt (Judan) & Titles Of Grandmaster; Shodai Soke; Dr. Of Budo Of Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu / Eagle Tiger Federation Sokeship Council:

05/10/02; Santioned & Recognized As 10th Degree Black Belt (Judan) Grandmaster; Soke Shodai Of Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu /Martial Arts Association - International Grandmasters Council:

24/10/02; Sanctioned & Recognized As 10th Degree Black Belt (Judan) Grandmaster; Soke Shodai Of Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu / World Street Combat Systems Organization Sokeship Council:

08/11/02; Sanctioned & Recognized As 10th Degree Black Belt (Judan) Grandmaster; Soke Shodai Of Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu / World Nibuikai Budo Federation Sokeship Council:

08/11/02; Sanctioned & Recognized As 10th Degree Black Belt (Judan) Grandmaster; Soke Shodai Of Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu /World Martial Arts Masters Society Sokeship Council:

07/04/03; Sanctioned & Recognized As 10th Degree Black Belt (Judan) Grandmaster; Soke Shodai Of Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu /International Combat Aikido & Jujitsu Federation Grandmasters Council:

20/04/03; Sanctioned & Recognized As 10th Degree Black Belt (Judan) Grandmaster; Soke Shodai Of Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu /International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association Sokeship Council:

  /05/03; Sanctioned & Recognized As 10th Degree Black Belt (Judan) Grandmaster; Soke Shodai Of Kenpojutsu / Kenpo-jujutsu /American Federation Of Jujitsu Sokeship Council:

26/10/03; Inductee Into The World Union Of Sokes Hall Of Fame As \"MasterOf The Year, Karate\":



10th Dan Butokutsuru Ryu Kenpojutsu

5 Fist 8 Trigram Chinese Boxing & Poison Fan Women\'s Street Combative Short Form Sets 1-5:

Creative Developer Of The Clandestine Black Dragon Kenpo Karatejutsu Dragon Kenpo Substyle;

5th Dan Kenpo Karate;

5th Dan 5 Animal Fist Kung Fu;

5th Dan Combat Aiki- Jujitsu;

5th Dan Tanto Jutsu Kobudo;

4th Dan Ju Jitsu;

4th Dan Combat Aikido;

4th Dan Street Combat Karate;

1st Dan Dragon Kenpo Karate:

Grandmaster Hoover continues to research and train in the martial styles of zen kempo-jitsu , shorin-ryu karate, cheng hsin tui shou, baguazhang, the sabaki method, kokushi ryu jujutsu, daito ryu aiki-jujutsu, yoshin ryu jujitsu and white crane qi gong. Soke Hoover is currently Founder Of The Dragon Kenpo Karate Consortium and Co-Founder Of The International Dragon Kenpo Association.

He is presently a member of the following organizations;

Combat Martial Arts Practitioners Association, (CMPA); Brotherhood Of Martial Artists, (BMA); American Federation Of Jujitsu, (AFJ); International Sung Ja Do Association, (ISA); Valadez Kenpo Association, (VKA); International Dragon Kenpo Association, (IDKA); International Combat Aikido & Jujitsu Federation Of Puerto Rico, (ICAJFPR); Serrada Esckima Society, (SES); Martial Arts Association -International, (MAA-I); International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association, (ICMAUA); International Combat Martial Arts Soke Union, (ICMAUA); International Combat Martial Arts Founders Union, (ICMAUA); International Combat Kenpo Union, (ICMAUA); International Combat Gung Fu Union, (ICMAUA); International Combat Karate Jitsu Union, (ICMAUA); International Combat Martial Arts Organiztaions Union, (ICMAUA); International Combat Martial Arts Military Martial Arts Union, (ICMAUA); International Combat Martial Arts American Martial Arts Union, (ICAUMA); International Conbat Okinawan Martial Arts Union, (ICMAUA);

International Combat Streetfighting Union, (ICMAUA); International Combat Chuan Fa Union, (ICMAUA); World Street Combat Systems Organization, (WSCSO); World Nibuikai Budo Federation, (WNBF); World Martial Arts Masters Society, (WMAMS); World Union Of Sokes, (WUS):


Positions Held:

1. International Dragon Kenpo Association Board Of Directors;

2. International Dragon Kenpo Association Board Secretary;

3. Eagle Tiger Federation Staff;

4. Eagle Tiger Federation Director Of Advertisement;

5. Eagle Tiger Federation Expert Consultant, Kenpo;

6. Eagle Tiger Federation Expert Consultant, Kung Fu;

7. Eagle Tiger Federation North Carolina State Represaentative;

8. International Combat Aikido & Jujitsu Federation Board Of Directors;

9. World Street Combat Systems Organization International Technical Advisor;
10.World Street Combat Systems Organization North Carolina State Director:



Jason A. Hunt

Dr. Jason Hunt is the First Generation Grandmaster - Founder of Submission Kenpo, which is a hybrid style of Kenpo Karate, crossed with several mixed martial arts influences. Dr. Hunt holds Black Belts in Submission Kenpo (Founder), Dragon Kenpo Karate (5th), Ninpo Tai Jutsu (2nd), Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu (1st), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (1st), Aiki Ryu Ju Jitsu (2nd), Kenpo Karate (6th), Combat Hapkido (1st) and JuJitsu (3rd)



Doctor of Philosophy in Martial Science

Doctor of Theology

Master of Science in Exercise Science; University of Berkley

Pursuing Doctor of Science (Sport Science)


Martial Arts Awards and Titles:

Madirigma Kapitiran, “Warrior Brotherhood”, Personal Student of Matas Na Guro Jim Mahan: Wagi Kali~Silat

Founder of the Year 2001: United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Supreme Grandmaster of the Year 2001: United States Martial Artist Association

Sokeship Council: Unified Martial Arts Association International

Board Member: Budokaikan International Federation of Martial Arts

Board Member: National Ju Jitsu Federation of America

In March of 2001 Dr. Hunt founded the American College of Martial Science, a non-resident Christian degree granting college for the martial arts. The ACMS is currently the only accredited Martial Arts College in the United States. The college offers degree programs up to the doctorate level. The web address is:



Rizwan Hussain
My name is Rizwan Hussain. I have been associated with martial arts since 25 years. I am playing many martial arts styles. My first teacher name is SIfu Mubarak Ali Shan (Red Sash). He tech me Choy Lay Fut and Five Animal Kung Fu. My second teacher is Sifu Wing Lam Chan. He teaches me North Wushu Kung Fu, Thi Chi Quoin and Jeet Kune Do fighting styles. I HAVE Stared Black Dragon Chinese Martial Arts Institute Of Pakistan in Rawalpindi.i have Trend Thousand of Martial Arts Students. My Trend Students are in Pakistan Army and Pakistan Police Serving There Country. Some of my important winnings are as under

4 Gold Meddle  in National Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Championship

2 Gold Meddle  in Asia Kung Fu Championship

Master Certificate in World Pangration Athlima Saminar 2004 in Greek

WORLD Pangration Tittle Sheet in World Pangration Athlima Championship 2003 in Greek

Gold Meddle in World North Wushu Kung Fu Championship 2005 in France.


My Titles

Black Belt 8th Degree in Pangration Athlima. 

Back Sash 7th Degree in North Wushu Kung Fu

Master Certificate in Jeet Kune Do.

Black Shash 3rd Degree in Thi Chi Quan Kung Fu.

Black Sash 4th Degree in Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu.

Black Sash 4thDegree in Chen Thi Chi Quain

Black Sash 4th Degree in Toung Young Kung Fu. 

My official career

President  (World Bredan Fou Martial Arts Fedration)

President. Asian Bredan Fou Martial Arts Federation

President ( World Martial Arts Master,s Organization )

Vice President (Asian Sholian Choy Lay Fut Wushu Kung Fu Federation)

Chireman ( Pakistan Bredan Fou Martial Arts Federation )

Representative of International Kenpo Karata Federation

Representative of World Self Defence Federation Germany}

President (Black Dragon Chines Martial Arts Federation of Pakistan)

General Seceratory  (Pakistan Federation of Pangration Athlima) 
10-international representative of internatinal cambat unian.
11-Directore of world self defance organization concil. (itlay)

I have also attended seminars i.e., World Master Seminar 2004 in Spain and World Pangration Athlima Greek Seminar 2004. World Pangration Athlima appointed as General Secretary PFPA in Pakistan.

I have made a new martial arts style “Bredan Fou”. This style includes fighting techniques of Black Panther. It is a swift and powerful martial art style. Finally I made a world class federation known as “World Bredan Fou Martial Arts Federation”. And now it is well known in many countries i.e, Pakistan, USA, China, Poland, Turkey, South Africa, , Egypt, Germany and Zimbabwe.Iran. Nepal .Prue- France - Italy -Serbia- Portugal -Australia-Greek- Argetena



Wayne Hutchings

My name is Wayne Hutchings I was born in 1954 in Canada.Started training I martial arts in 1972 under guidence of Master M.Kelly in Ueichi Ryu Karate until 1980 when I moved to another part of the country.I changed my style to Jujitsu training under Master L. Comeau .In 1984 I became disabled in a auto accident(I use a cane). Since then I've trained in Combat Hapkido, Defense-Ability, Hapkido, Jujitsu, Aikido, Small Circle Jujitsu, Karate,Tai Chi, Cane Masters, Combat Cane, Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, Stick fighting, Gracie jujitsu,NICT adapting every technique availiable to suite my disability and the disabilities of my students. I found Hapkido and Combat Cane to be my style of choice.Although I love all martial arts .I teach mostly students with disabilities .To to see my students both abled bodied and disabled training side by side I find very rewarding. I wish to thank all the Grand Masters ,Masters and Sensai's that have taught me in my 33 years of Martial Arts and hope to continue and pass down their teachings for years to come.

8th Degree Black Belt ,Founder,Head Instructor,Shintai Shogaisha Jujitsu (Disabled Peoples Jujitsu)

8th degree Black Belt , Founder, head Instructor, Broken Dragon Hapkido

3rd Dan Black Belt Hapkido, Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt Combat Hapkido, Instructor

3rd Degree Black Belt Combat Cane,Instructor

Graduate (NICT) Nerve Impact Control Tactics,Instructor

Lifetime member WBBB (World Black Belt Bureau)

Canemaster practitioner





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