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Ben Fajardo

Bio of Professor Ben Fajardo 8th Dan Black/Red Belt Began training in the martial arts in 1973 in Tae Kwon Do, and then changed to Kajukenbo in 1974 under GM Al Dacascos


I have Black Belts/Instructor ship in:

Open hand Styles

Kajukenbo Wun Hop Kuen Do                  8th Dan Professor under GM Al Dacascos

Dacascos Tactical Systems                         Certified Instructor

Chinese Kenpo American Kenpo               7th Dan under GM Tony Martinez

Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do Concepts  Apprentice Instructor Sifu/Guro John Daniels

Jeet Kune Do Concepts                               Associate Instructor Sifu Kai Li

Pentjak Silat Serah                                      Guru under Dr. Conrad Bui

Pentjak Silat Pusaka-Dwipantara                Guru under Masguru Greg Alland

De Thouras Kuntao Silat                              Sifu/Guru under Williem de Thouras

Midori Yama Goshin Jujutsu                       7th Dan Kyoshi Dai under Hanshi Williem Rawls

Combat Goshin-Kenpo Jujitsu                    “Founder”

Nubreed Martial Arts Systems                    “Founder” 



Filipino Stick and Knife Fighting Systems:

Dekiti Tirsia Siradas                                    Lanka Guro GM Jerson Nene Tortal

Kali Charpio Kali-Silat                                Guro under Guro Peter Bruce

World Kali-Silat Society-Pekiti Tirsia Arnis  Guru under Masguru Greg Alland

Filipino Combatives                                     Full Instructor GM Al Dacascos

IMB Arnis Kali Escrima            Apprentice Instructor GM Richard Bustillo Inst. Kai Li

Filipino Boxing Panantukan                         Guro under Utah Kali Association

Filipino Pangamot                                         Guro Utah Kali Association

Filipino Sikaran                                             Guro Utah Kali Association

JKD/Kali Concepts                                        Guro John Daniels

Doce Pares Escrima                                      1st Black Al Dacascos Doce Pares Association

Modern Arnis                                                1st Black GM Rick Alemany & Guro Kai Li

Nubreed Filipino Combatives                       “ Founder”


Experience in:

Villabrille/ Largusa Kali                               GM Greg Lontoyao

Pekiti Tirsia Kali "Original"                         Guro Greg Alland

Pekiti Tirsia Tri-V formula                           Guro Jason Jones

Lameco Eskrima                                              Guro Ron Balicki

International Filipino Combative Arts- Arnis     Guro John daniels

Lacoste/Inosanto Blend Kali                          Guro Ron Balicki / Guro Dan Inosanto

Balintawak Eskrima                                       Guro Dan Inosanto


I have developed my own personal System* Nubreed Martial Arts Systems to study other systems & styles and keep them as they was taught to me. Which covers Boxing, Muay Thai, Filipino Boxing, Kenpo, Combat Jujitsu, Pentjak Silat Serah, Kali-Kuntao-Silat, JKD`Concepts. These system is a way for me to teach the various arts together in phase classes, and cover all the material for teaching and ranking in each art.. also Nubreed Filipino Combatives, and Kenpo Goshin Jujitsu


My Teaching Experience:

1978-1981 Assistant Instructor

1981-1987 Instructor

1987-1993 Chief Instructor

1993-Present Master Instructor

2011- Professor


Other Training:

Certified Oriental Sports Trainer by the Chinese Cultural Center 200hrs

Oriental Sports training, hit medicine and Acupressure points. Herbology, massage, organic function of the human body. Chinese Cultural Center, Wonder Lake, Illinois.

Diploma from I.C.S. School of Fitness and Nutrition home-study course

International Correspondence schools Scranton Penn.

Professional Karate and Fitness Training



Sales Strategy

Instructor Lawrence Earl Arthur Professional Karate and Fitness center.

Independent Funding company Training

Sales- Merchandise

Retention techniques



Tracy's Martial Arts Business Training

How to operate a school


How to keep students

Various internal promotions

Brotherhood of Martial Artists Hall of Fame

No one listed on this hall of fame has paid any money in any way to recieve the below recognition. The following people stand out in our eyes for their outstanding contributions to the martial arts community as well as to the Brotherhood of Martial Artists. The below people get a Hall of Fame certificate for "Outstanding Contribution to the Martial arts


Daniel Beasley - Aberdeen, Mississippi USA

Ben Fajardo - Denver, Colorado USA

Alexander Ganzy - New Bedford, Pennsylvania USA

Herb Paige - Taunton, Massachusetts USA

Joe Rebelo - New Bedford, Massachusetts USA

Brotherhood Of Martial Arts promoted me to 7th Degree Black Belt in my system called Nubreed Martial arts

United States Jiu Jitsu Alliance "2004"

Special Awards and Achievements Recognition Page

2004 Instructor(s) of the year Sensei Ben Fajardo

Here is some of my personal experiences in the Ring,
Competition Record:
1979 Won Colorado state "New Gladiators" Kickboxing Championship Denver Colorado.
1981Rocky Mountain Bantam-weight Regional Champion, Full-Contact Karate Regional Champion with a record of 16-1-1
1989 Utah State Professional Karate Association Full-Contact Champion.
The first Full-Contact Champion in the sport of full contact Karate in the state of Wyoming
Has won or placed in every tournament since 1977, has over 1000 awards and trophy's too many to list.
Has won Grand-Championships in every Rocky Mountain State.
Rocky Mountain "Top Ten" Karate Tournaments
1978-Sparring Competitor of the year
Kata Competitor of the year
Weapons Competitor of the year
Utah United States Karate Association State Champion of Utah

My Boxing:
Won Wyoming Golden Gloves Boxing Championship Titles from 1976-81
4-B Invitational Festival Boxing Champion Id.
Holiday Boxing Festival Champion Casper Wyo.
Community Projects:
Kick-A-Thon for the Childrens discovery foundation raised $1000.00 Dollars for Charity.
Little League T-Ball sponsorship baseball 5-6 year olds
Muscular Dystrophy Kick-A-Thon raised $500.00 Dollars
Rape pre-vention classes for Adult and teen woman offered for free of charge for Y.W.C.A
Community Clean-up drives for the City of Rock Springs

Nikolajs Fjodorovs

He started his martial arts training in 1982 in the Sane Karate.

His first Teacher in Martial Arts is Vasilijs Chernigovs, 6th Dan.

He has 1st Degree Black Belt in the martial arts of Eco Do Kempo Karate.

He works as businessman.

His Hobby: Music, Martial Arts.


Chad Followell

5th Dan Gross-Ryu Jukido.

Head instructor Examiner Master.

Son of founder of Gross-Ryu Jukido.

2nd degree Dan Tae Kwon Do.

3rd degree Dan Jeet Kune Do/Kali.

!st degree Dan Brazilian Jujitsu.

Profession San Shou Competitor.

Teachs at Ringsports Inc in Indianapolis Indiana.

Learned from father at a very early age the disciplines and knowledge of martial arts.

Studied stick fighting through 3 martial art styles and not to limit ones self to one style.


Víctor M. Fontanez


Presidential Sport Award – December 16. 1994, Bill Clinton – President of the United Status of America.

Recognition Award – July 1994, Dr. Yang Ahn, President of the TaeKwonDo Magazine.

Puerto Rico Army National Guard Commendation – June 11, 1991, Mayor General William Miranda Marín & Honorable Governor of Puerto Rico Rafael Hernández Colón.



4TH Dan Master Instructor & Examiner Certificate – US TaeKwonDo Han Moo Kwan Association of the World TaeKwon-Do Federation (WTF).

4TH Dan Master Instructor & Examiner Certificate of the World Martial Arts College – Grand Master Dr. Ibraham Ahmen 8th Dan.

4TH Dan of the International Combat TaeKwonDo Union, International Instructor &  International Examiner.

3RD Dan Joe’s TaeKwonDo Institute Certificate” – Master José R. Trinidad, TaeKwonDo Ji Do Kwan.

3RD Dan TaeKwonDo Ji Do Kwan Certificate of the World Black Belt Bureau - Grand Master Kang Rhee 9th Dan, instructor of the Bill “Superfoot” Wallace.

2ND Dan Instructor Certificate of the World Ji Do Kwan Federation.

1st Dan Korean Hapkido of the American Martial Arts Union and the Koreja-Do Christian Martial Arts Association.



MBA – Human Resources from the University of Phoenix, Arizona USA.

BBA – Accounting from the American University of Puerto Rico, USA.


Dojang: World Martial Arts College – Puerto Rico, President.







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