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Dwayne Eaddy

Over 20 years ago, Dwayne Eaddy started his martial arts training in Hiep Tinh Mon World Matial Arts with Grandmaster Quoc Dung, Master Nhan Pham, and Master Quoc Phong.  After 2.5 years of training, Mr. Eaddy was afforded the opportunity to test for the coveted 1st dan Black Belt.  In the coming years, Mr. Eaddy would begin his life with a career as a soldier. The Army would send him all over the world. At his first duty station, Ft. Drum NY, he studied Tae Kwon Do under Mr. Decker of Watertown, NY, and trained in JKD with Kevin Seaman. After achieving the rank of red belt in WTF Tae Kwon Do, the time came for him to PCS (Change Stations). Every year he visited his dad and studied with Grandmaster Dung in Washington, DC.  In 1993 GM Dung promoted him to 2nd dan in HTM World Martial Arts.  In the fall of 1994 he arrived in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.  The first thing he did was inquire about  the karate scene.  Meeting local Masters Ron Ponehl,  Marcus DeValentino, and Wally Jay to name a few, the next three years in Hawaii would be excellent training for him, in fact some of the best he has experienced.  During this time, his training and kicking skills would improve as he trained with Tae Kwon Do Champions Darryl Woods and Liz Evans.  Dwayne would return to the mainland in 1997, at which time he would receive the 3rd dan black belt from GM Dung.  Yet another PCS  to FT Campbell, KY would be a challenge for Mr. Eaddy, as the sports office was not supportive and there we no local schools.  After asking and searching, he founded Master Vince Dy and began Dykenjuka  training with Master Dy for about 3 years.  It was great.  They knew some of the same martial artists.  Master Eaddy then made the very difficult decision to venture away from the military return to civilian life in Columbia, SC.  Focusing on his career as a truck driver, he took a little over a year off from martial arts.  Once he completed the training for his second career, he inquired about instructors with whom he briefly trained in high school,  Zach Soikos and Ronny of Genova’s Karate Academy.  He was successful in finding them, but was disappointed in the lack of collegiality and sense of brotherhood he believed to be so important to the martial arts and decided to move on.  The karate landscape had changed yet he continued to train on his own.  He visited other schools and found that Tony’s Family Karate School had Saturday classes, which was great for a truck driver because he was home on the weekends.  He trained there for about a year.  Master Tony ended the weekend classes, which left him in a quandary.  Master Eaddy resumed training on his own. Approximately six years later GM Dung told him it was time for promotion but it would be very costly.  He couldn’t afford that.  It was when he remembered O’Sensei Porter and researched his organization.  Master Eaddy e-mailed him.  In the meantime he searched for a suitable organization but none would honor the rank he had achieved for fear of offending current members.  It was extremely disheartening to find that money was such a strong motivator in determining his worth, quality and ability as a martial artist.  Master Donna Ray offered him refuge in the true martial way.  He then started working on advancing and improving his old organization, renaming it the International Fighting Arts Federation.  Being promoted by one’s own organization is not considered favorable so he continued to train and look for a federation/association within which to promote and provide him guidance and leadership.  O’Sense Porter e-mailed him, setting the standard for him, and he stepped up to the challenge.  The result was him awarding me my 4th and 5th dan black belts; however, he still didn’t have the leadership/fellowship he was looking for.  Master Ray was still his primary TSD instructor and promoted him to 4th dan.  Unfortunately, I was her senior student and there was a lack of other senior black belts with whom to train.  Still searching, he found  GM Patrata at a seminar.  Master Eaddy’s wife, being a great judge of character, loved him and Master Eaddy asked Grand Master Petrata to be his mentor.  He said yes.  Master Eaddy then found GM David Srgo of Fayettville, NC.  He spoke in detail with Grandmaster Srgo, who also knew Master Donna Ray.  Over the next two years he worked on his curriculum, traveled extensively, and journeyed to Washington DC several times.  He found that Grandmaster Quoc Dung was not interested in taking his art to the next level.  Armed with a vision of what martial arts brotherhood could be, and the support of his wife, It was then that he founded the American Hiep Tinh Mon Karate System.  In Master Eaddy’s view, AHTMKS is the most comprehensive martial arts system; it covers every range of martial arts in a very unique way.  The system is but my ideas that he has researched /learned over the years. It is my expectation and vision that my students will continue to develop the system.

Mr. Eaddy enjoyed a long and successful competition career, winning many National/Local Championships, to include but not limited to the President’s Sports Award and the All-American Award.  He was a member of TEAM Hawaii when stationed at Schofield Barracks in October of 1994, a regular on the Karate Stars TV show and was the first to be featured in Master DeValentino’s Instructors’ Corner.  In 1995 Master Eaddy formed Eaddy’s Martial Arts Academy and the Vobinhdinh Hiep Tinh Mon Fighting Arts Federation.  In March 1996, he taught United States Army soldiers in Sinai, Egypt.  Eaddy’s Martial Arts closed in October 1997 and re-opened in 2005 as the World Martial Arts Training Center.  The Federation was renamed the International Fighting Arts Federation (IFAF). 

A member of the United States Martial Arts Association (USMA) under O’Sensei Porter, in which he is a Certified Rank Examiner, Master Eaddy has cross training experience in martial arts as:  American Kenpo; Chuck Norris Tang Soo Do System; Shoalin Wushu; and Dykenjuka.  
Master Eaddy has served as a Combatives Instructor to the soldiers of the United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations unit. He serves his country well, joining the military in 1990 as an infantryman, serving with the 10th Mountain Infantry Division, the 25th Infantry Division, and the 101st Airborne Infantry Division.  He now serves as an instructor for Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations soldiers in Ft. Bragg, NC.
Master Eaddy has had training, classes or seminars with such notables as Grandmaster Wally Jay, Grandmaster Gary Alexander, Grandmaster James Johnson, O’Sensei Phil Porter, Grandmaster Marcus DeValentino, Grandmaster Patrata, Master Ron Pohnel, Grandmaster David Sgro, Instructor Kevin Seaman, and Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan his primary instructor was Master Donna Ray.

FAITH: Baptist

BIRTH DATE: 17 March 1972

OCCUPATION: Truck Driver, US Army Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor

FOUNDER:   International Fighting Arts Federation, American Hiep Tinh Mon Karate

MEMBER:  United States Martial Arts Association, World Martial Arts Federation, International Fighting Arts Federation, World Martial Arts Ranking Association, International Sunja do Association, International Independent Martial Arts Association, International Combat Martial Arts Karate Union, International Combat Martial Arts  Founders Union, World Martial Arts Friendship Society  and Shucker’s Martial Arts Associationz\

TEACHER LINEAGE: Grandmaster Quoc Dung, Master Nhan Pham, Master Quoc Phong, Master Donna Ray

Rank and experience progression since 1990

EDUCATION: Central Texas College 

CONTRIBUTIONS:             Martial Arts Instructor since 1990 


Dan Edwards

5th Dan Combat Kenpo Karate, Head instructor, examiner.

I began studying CKK under Jeff Wilson in 1992 as a sophomore in Highschool, earning my 1st dan before I graduated. 

I have a professional background in law enforcement and medicine.

Currently I am focused on teaching self-defense techniques to blind students around the Seattle area in Washington State. 


Sellame El hajame

Born in Oulad Slama On 01 January 1971. Group in rural Northern Morocco and Modest Family Consisting of nine People.
Started studying in religious schools in the third year of age study the Koran. In the seventh year of age enrolled in primary school. Here started sport in my life.
Sports exercised in my life are: Swimming Equestrian Running Football and Cycling Regular Firearms Boxing Karaté do Full Contact Kicx Thaï Boxing Budokai-do Jukaido Jujutsu Jeet kune do Goshindo Shinkendo Sankukai Nanbudo
Yoseikan Budo Judo Aikido Aïkibukikai Aïkibudo Simmey-do Tai Chi Kempo Kenpokai Kungfu Body Building Fitness Drug Free  Self-Defense Art Martial.

Current Rank.





Représentatives & Membre.




PKKS Pepels Kenpokai Karaté Systems International Association

Polish Fédération of Martial Arts and Défensive Sports

World International Martial Arts Association and Organization


World Severe Assault Martial Art Fédération

Martial Arts Health & Fitness Association e.v.

International America Okinawa Seishinryoku Tai Chi United Sokeship Alliance International

United Warriors Association

World Martial Arts College

Black Tigers International Ninja Society

International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association

International Karaté Association

Wakazamurai Martial Arts Organisation

Association Cultural Deportiva Club Mareca Juaikado Jitsu

Taodo Hou Chuan Society

Jutsu Akademie Harms

German Sakibo Fédération

International Martial Arts Organization

Budo Ryu Kempo

Laofimaa / International Martial Arts Association

World Bredan Fou Martial Arts Fédération


International Tinh Vo Dao Fédération, International Tranjitsu Fédération, Combat Warrior Martial Arts Association, Christ Mission Martial Arts Alliance, International Lu Tran Kung Fu Association

Victory Martial Arts Council


Hossein Ezzati

I am Hossein Ezzati, 32 years old from Iran. I have started practicing Boxing since I was 7 years old. Then I started Muai Thai practicing in Tabriz, Iran with Master Hamid Khani who is training the style in Thailand now. For two years I practiced Full Contact. I have practiced kick Boxing for 3 years after. I have met Master Lee o who was from china and was training in Talegan, Iran. I have practiced Kung Fu for 2 years and I became champion in Kung Fu in Pakistan in 2008. I have got several Muai Thai, Kick Boxing, and Kung Fu Championships in Iran. Since I had a lot of interest in martial arts, I was thinking about creating my style without modifying or copying other styles. Later in 2010 I managed to complete new style and I registered this style in Budokai in Bulgaria under the name Kung Fu Thai Boxing. Naming the style doesn’t mean that techniques are modified from Kung Fu and Thai Boxing Kung but because of my passion for these two styles. Fu Thai Boxing has 99670 unique techniques with 23 combat levels. I have expanded my style in Iranian clubs, up to 10 clubs are working with this style now and 1 Club is working in Turkey. About 1000 individuals are practicing this style now.





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